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A Notification From:

January 10, 2010

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:

Undetected breaches in security of far greater consequence than the one that allowed the Christmas Bomber to board the plane at Amsterdam, have occurred at the White House and remained undetected and unaddressed! Had someone detected them, brought them to your notice, and had you paid them the attention they deserved by acting upon them, you could have averted the Amsterdam incident based on your own assessment of the situation! Before you expect American citizens to make decisions by "joining dots," with all due respect Mr. President, you must do the same and set the example they must follow.

Undetected breaches in security have occurred at the White House on two occasions that I am aware of when I had mailed two letters containing information about a new "Bomb" to the White House by certified forms of mail that have confirmed their delivery. Months have passed and they remain unaddressed. The letters ignored by the White House Machinery, drew your attention to the necessity for you as President of America, to make everyone in the free world aware of the importance of making decisions by "joining dots" and insuring that everyone knew how to do this, before you did another thing including the reformation of health care delivery.

Mr. President, you exhibited an astuteness that was characteristic of Albert Einstein, when you recognized the absolute truth for the second time by arriving at the conclusion that that the Amsterdam incident was the result of the failure of Homeland Security to "join the dots." Your conclusion was scientifically, mathematically and biologically correct and it is therefore the absolute truth. The first time you exhibited Einstein’s astuteness for recognizing the absolute truth was when you recognized the need for making a change in our paradigms of thought and action, and promised to make this "CHANGE," the promise that enabled you to win the election and the promise you have so absolutely not delivered, after your victory!

Thinking by "joining dots" constitutes "Coordinated Thinking." Coordinated thinking is thinking assisted by the use of mathematical coordinates. Coordinated Thinking enables people to define the dots they must find and join, in order to think and act with maximum scientific, mathematical and biological efficiency as they do anything. Coordinated Thinking is what Einstein did as he discovered relativity, Newton used to formulate the laws of nature that bear his name and NASA employed to send a man to the moon and bring him back alive. Surgeons live by the rules of Coordinated Thinking as they perform surgery. Coordinated thinking is the secret of the success of every successful person who has ever succeeded at anything in history and failure to engage in coordinated thinking is the fundamental cause of human fallibility. Coordinated thinking in the past is what made America the most successful nation it is today. Failure to engage in Coordinated Thinking in the past is responsible for all of the troubles of the present. Continued failure to find and connect the dots we must find and connect, as we plan the future, is the only thing could destroy the American Dream for ourselves and for everyone else.

Newton found and connected eight dots and enabled transition from the age of the horse-drawn buggy to the world of the internal combustion engine. Einstein took us into the atomic age by finding and connecting ten dots and made our world a place where information travels at the velocity of light and added artificial forces to the natural ones that could destroy everything we cherish at a moments notice. In such a world, we have no choice but to make "Coordinated Thinking" by joining all ten dots mandatory, especially while dealing with matters where there is no room for error. Two of the most significant of such matters, are Homeland Security and Health Care Delivery.

In my letters, I referred to the process of disseminating information about "Coordinated Thinking" on a universal scale, as "Imploding Einstein’s I-Bomb." My letters stated that you Mr. President must "Implode Einstein’s I-Bomb in America" and make everyone familiar with "ten-dot-thinking" before you did anything else. I even made a video clip on this subject entitled Einstein’s I-Bomb," posted it on You Tube, and alerted Homeland Security about this by e-mail!

I did what I did for two reasons. First, "Imploding Einstein’s I-Bomb" describes what you must do, most accurately and dramatically. Second, I expected a letter addressed to the President of America about detonating a bomb in America, to trigger the prompt and massive response it warrants! My expectation was wrong! Months have passed and I have not heard as much as a squeak from Homeland Security, the White House, or you, Mr. President! If I were an individual, planning to explode a destructive Bomb in America, I could have committed this nefarious act by now! Fortunately, the "Bomb" I want you to implode is not destructive. Au contraire, it is the derivative of relativity that is the opposite extreme of the A-Bomb. The I-Bomb is a concept or "intellectual device," a product of coordinated thinking obtained by joining dots, the only one of its kind, one that has the potential to eliminate the need for using physically destructive devices for resolving human problems associated with life and living. It works by defusing, reversing and remedying explosive situations painlessly at their fundamental sites of origin, in the minds of people rendered desperate by distress! It is unfortunate that you ignore this priceless resource in the pursuit of expensive solutions that have no mathematical chance of success.

As a surgeon who relies on Coordinated Thinking by joining dots to defuse the medically explosive situations caused by illness consistently, I shall end this letter by warning you about a potentially explosive situation that exists in Washington and offer you a humble piece of free Medical Advice regarding the only way you could remedy it.

There is something very sick, at the White House, with Congress, and in America that only you as our leader can and must remedy urgently and with surgical precision. The only way you can discharge this duty is by establishing the process of Coordinated Thinking on a National scale. Please "join the dots," you must join to initiate this process and set the example you must set, before you dismantle Homeland Security or for that matter, our Health Care Delivery System. Whether you admit it or not, Mr. President, you will dismantle Health Care Delivery and everything else Americans cherish, if you sign any sweeping bill on Health Care Delivery without "joining all the dots" you and Congress must join. The only way you are going to be able to do this is by imploding Einstein’s I-Bomb in America and making everyone aware of the technique of engaging in joining dots using Coordinated Thinking, before you do another thing. You should be able to do this yourself simply by following the instructions and joining the dots defined in the ‘I-Bomb letters." If you cannot find them, they are waiting to help you at, and to assist posterity to judge your actions and mine. You will need the assistance of a computer whiz of the caliber of Mr. Bill Gates, the person who used WINDOWS to install computers on the laps of the world, to standardize and finalize the process. Mr. Gates of Microsoft may be the only person who has the attributes required to upgrade WINDOWS to "MINDOWS," windows that will enable computers to "think" like geniuses of Einstein’s caliber by working across the mind/machine barrier using ACTINEMAS, the algorithm for Coordinated Thinking.

Yours sincerely

"The I-Bomber"
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