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What Would Einstein Ask Gov. Romney To Do If He Was Alive Today?

April 24, 2012

History behooves us to ask: “What would Einstein's foresight make him ask Gov. Romney to do if he were alive today?” for the following reason.

In 1939 Albert Einstein had the foresight to ask President Roosevelt to implode the A-Bomb in America before Hitler could do it in Germany. President Roosevelt complied. Thereby, he enabled President Truman to use the A-Bomb to win WW II and it has served as a deterrent to WW III ever since.

In my opinion, Einstein will ask Gov. Romney to implode in America, during his forthcoming campaign, the Intellectual Bomb he imploded in his mind to discover relativity, the conceptual I-Bomb that led to the development of the physical A-Bomb. Here is my justification for saying so.

In the 19th century, physics stopped working for physicists the way our government has stopped working for us. Physics stopped working for physicists for the same reason government has stopped working for us, because physicists had started dealing with velocities approaching the velocity of light and with astronomically large quantities and common sense does not work at such velocities and with such quantities.

Common sense has stopped working for us in everyday life and democratic governance for the same reasons because information now travels at the velocity of light, makes things happen just as fast and the quantities we have to deal with have become astronomically large.

To remedy this problem in physics, Einstein ignored everything based on common sense. When he did this, an Intellectual Bomb (I-Bomb) imploded in his mind. It demolished all the concepts based on common sense in physics but it could not demolish relativity, the opposite of everything based on common sense in physics. Einstein defined the attributes of relativity in physics and used it to make common sense and physics relativistic and work again at the velocity of light and with astronomically large quantities. As a result, he catapulted our nation and our civilization into the digital-atomic age.

Today, in our digital-atomic age, information travels at the velocity of light, things happen just as fast and quantities we have to deal with have become astronomically large both in everyday life and our democratic governance. Common sense will not work under these circumstances. Only relativity will. Therefore, we must make common sense and democratic governance relativistic the way Einstein made physics relativistic by using ACTINEMAS, the algorithm Einstein used to make common sense relativistic and ASET the shortcut for using it in democratic governance. The use of ASET in democratic governance consists of making bipartisanship mandatory in all democratic decision making processes (read ”Open Letter to President Bush”).

Nothing has been working for President Obama for the last three years because he has continued to use common sense to solve the country’s problems in spite of being warned repeatedly that common sense cannot solve such problems. (Read ”Open Letter to President Obama”, ”Einstein’s I-Bomb” and ”Undetected breaches in White House Security”. He has campaigned a lot for bipartisanship, but that is not enough, legislation towards this end is required.

This is why Gov. Romney must implode Einstein’s I-Bomb in America during his forthcoming campaign and make the awareness of this problem public along with knowledge of the algorithm ACTINEMAS that Einstein used to solve it, and ASET the shortcut for making democratic governance relativistic. If he does this, he will initiate the process of making “The Change” in America that President Obama promised to make during his campaign but did not, could not, and would not make, after becoming President and in all probabilities, will never make if re-elected.


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