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Relativity Has Made Our Constitution Obsolete And Non-functional. President Obama Should Have Amended It And Made It Functional Before Enacting Obamacare. We Must Elect As Our Next President, The Candidate Who Promises To Make Our Constitution Functional

August 8, 2016

Our Constitution was authored over two hundred years ago. A lot of things have happened since that have made it outdated if not outright obsolete. Today, we shall examine one of these changes, the advent of relativity.

When Einstein discovered relativity over a hundred years ago, he discovered the fact that the velocity of light does not obey the laws of common sense (Newton's laws of motion), but that it abides by the "rules of relativity" that are the opposite.

For the half century that followed, relativity had no effect on anything outside physics, in everyday life, because nothing in everyday life moved at the speed of light.

Over the next half century, this changed dramatically. Scientists and professional people used relativity to do everything they did. They orchestrated the advent of Information Technology (IT) that made information travel at the speed of light in everyday life, Computer Science (CS) that made processing of large amounts of information possible at that speed, and they developed weapons of mass destruction (WOMD) that enabled explosive destruction to occur at speeds approaching that of light. They extended the effects of relativity to everything in everyday life that moves or occurs at the speed of light. This turned half, if not all of everyday life upside down, relative to the other half!

Our Constitution, that was authored a hundred years before the discovery of relativity, was based on common sense. It essentially became obsolete when Einstein discovered relativity. However, its obsolescence did not make it non-functional until fifty years later, when the effects of relativity had permeated every aspect of everyday life from the endeavors of scientists and professional people.

Fortunately, the simultaneous advent of CS and the near universal availability of lap tops, handhelds, and smart phones, addressed most of the problems associated with the advent of relativity-induced non-functionality of common sense. However, it did nothing to eliminate the effects of the human dysfunctionality it has caused. This dysfunction is responsible for all the "problems that seem insoluble" that have been and are plaguing every aspect of everyday life today, including but not limited to our gridlocked Congress, terrorism, random acts of violence, war and personal issues we are unable to deal with using common sense.

We are not going to be able to solve any of these "problems that seem insoluble" unless and until our President, as the "keeper of the Constitution" does what it takes to amend it and make it functional again in our "digital-atomic age." S/he will have to do this by incorporating the principles dictated by the rules of relativity into it to "bring it up to speed," the speed of light, the speed at which everything happens and/or goes wrong in the world based on relativity that our world has become.

Fortunately, there is a quick fix for this problem. It is based on the fact that algorithms based on common sense that we use to do everything in everyday life, enables us to think and act at the slower "animal speeds" speeds human beings and animals are able to attain physically. As opposed to this, the algorithms Einstein used to discover relativity and professional people have used ever since to change everything in everyday life based on relativity, enable them to think and act literally "at the speed of light." Therefore, simply replacing the slow algorithms based on common sense that we use to do everything we do today, with the super-fast algorithms based on relativity that professional people use, we should be able to correct problems caused by the obsolescence of common sense.

Super-fast professional algorithms function by enabling us to take preemptively action to prevent disasters while promoting desirable outcomes, by simply doing everything we could possibly do every time we do anything, thereby, "engaging in the pursuit of perfection." Common sense, on the other hand, requires us to wait until "evidence" becomes available before taking action," by which time it will be too late when things are happening at the speed of light as it did at Benghazi,

All we have to do, to "do everything we could possibly do," is to replace our use of common sense to do everything we do, with the use of "the mother of all the algorithms" from which professional people derive all the algorithms they use, to do everything they do in our "digital-atomic age." We can obtain this "mother algorithm" easily by making a list of all the things all professional people do and eliminating duplication.

Of all the professional algorithms, the one surgeons are required to use by law and by convention, to "pursue perfection" in the practice of their profession, is the most versatile one that meets all the requirements to be the mother of all algorithms" but one. The only step missing from it is the one of the steps of "Einstein's algorithm." "Einstein's algorithm" is the algorithm Einstein used to discover relativity that I accidentally discovered, is identical to the surgeons' algorithm except for this one missing step. I know because I am a surgeon who has had a lifelong interest in relativity. This missing step can easily be added to the surgeons' algorithm the way I have described, to obtain ACTINEMAS™ and the shortcut for using it ASET, algorithms that I had described for President Obama in detail in my "Letter to the President". This "missing step" is really a step our brains and our minds take automatically as we think. The only time we have to take it actively, is in extreme situations where we have to discover something new like relativity!

I, and all surgeons, use this "surgeons' algorithm" to do everything we do and failure to take a single step of this algorithm will result in a malpractice suit or loss of license if an undesirable outcome ensues. I had proposed this to President Obama that he should use these algorithms to replace conventional wisdom and common sense respectively, first to President Bush and Candidate Obama, and later to President Obama when he assumed office, in numerous "The Letters" but he ignored all of them and went full steam ahead with enaction of Obamacare with the disastrous results that I had predicted would ensue.

I would like to repeat this proposal to President Obama and request him to make this change in his lame duck session and extend this request to our current Presidential Candidates, and request that they debate and explore how they can implement this change as it is the only scientific one available that will solve our problems constructively, instead of engaging in the farce that they are engaging in, at present, in the name of democracy. It is time that "we the people" demand that they do this and our news media help them get results in this endeavor!

We must vote for the Candidate who promises to make our Constitution Functional again first, as s/he will not be able to deliver on any of their promises if they don't. In this regard, Mr. Trump has the upper hand as he is not shackled to President Obama the way Sec. Clinton has committed herself. In addition, he has the audacity to do what it takes to solve "problems that seem insoluble" like making "politically incorrect statements and flip-flopping, the first two steps of the THE ABC's for making such statements while solving "problems that seem insoluble, instead of doing nothing and hoping that things will take care of themselves, the way President Obama has written about in his book and does.


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