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Mr. President, Gun Legislation Will Not Control Gun Violence, Universal Knowledge Of How To Think Faster Than A Speeding Bullet Will!

October 2, 2015

Dear Mr. President:

I was wondering how many more episodes of mass murder had to occur before you took a stand and said the things you said after the yesterday’s shooting in Oregon. `

In regard to your statements, I am sorry to inform you Sir, that gun control will not eliminate gun violence but national awareness of how to think faster than a speeding bullet is the only thing that will.

Unfortunately, no one has yet determined how one can think faster than a speeding bullet but Einstein has gone one step further! He has figured out how one could think at the speed of light. What is better, he has described exactly how he did it and left instructions on how anyone could learn his method by looking at what he did…by expressing his steps as an algorithm and using it.

When Einstein used his method, the first thing that happened in his mind was that he set off an implosion (a controlled explosion) of what I have named Einstein’s Intellectual Bomb (Einstein’s I-Bomb, or simply, the I-Bomb). That controlled explosion did three things. It blew away everything (thoughts) that stood in the way of his thinking at the sped of light, illuminated what was happening and gave him a glimpse of what lay ahead, and did all this literally in a jiffy. In other words, it enabled him to understand what was going on and to predict the immediate future as to what was going to happen as fast as it is humanly possible to get this information.

This is the information one needs before one pulls any trigger. Those who know how to get this information, will not pull any trigger unless there is no other option. Those who do not know how to obtain it, will pull the trigger first, figure out what happened and then determine how to deal with the disaster after it is too late. This is exactly what is happening in this country and everywhere else.

Soon after Einstein discovered relativity, someone should have described Einstein’s discoveries and his methods in language a child could understand, and added it as the fourth “r” for “rational thinking (the relativity of thinking)” after reading, “riting,” and “rithmetic,” but no one did. Everyone was busy trying to prove Einstein wrong. Twenty five years later, when all the predictions he made based on his way of thinking had come true and proved him right, no one bothered to make knowledge of his discovery and his method of thinking universal knowledge.

If you, Sir want to prevent gun violence, the first thing you must do next is to "Implode Einstein’s I-Bomb in America” and insure that every man, woman and child living in this country knows how to engage in “rational thinking” at the speed of light while solving “problems that seem insoluble” any other way. If you do that, you will be able to put a gun in the hand of every man woman and child who has learned this lesson and be confident that none of them will pull a trigger without adequate reason to do so.

Legislating gun control will not make awareness of rational thinking universal. Only legislation of the need for possessing this knowledge will. Of course, this does not mean that there is no need for gun laws. All it means in that the kind of irrational usage of guns will be all but eliminated.

In this regard, I suggest you take another look at the YouTube video titled “Einstein’s I-Bomb” that I had posted when you Sir, were busy pushing Obamacare through Congress, and please do what it recommended. It had asked you to deliver on your promise of “making a change in America” that helped get you elected and deliver on that promise.

In that video, I had requested you Sir, to do precisely what I have just asked you to do.

ALL the predictions I had made in that clip that I said would happen if you Sir, ignored its recommendation, have since all come true.

When all or most of the predictions made based on a concept come true, it means that that concept must be considered valid until proven otherwise.

Therefore, Mr. President Sir, I implore you, please deliver on your promise. Make the paradigm shift in the way we think in America as we solve our “problems that seem insoluble.” Please take the executive action required to orchestrate the constitutional Amendment to mandate the use of “rational thinking” as enabled by the use of the algorithms used by Einstein, surgeons, and all professional people, while solving “problems that seem insoluble” mandatory while solving problems, especially those that seem insoluble any other way. Then, you Sir, will be able to set in motion the process that will enable Americans not to just solve the problem of gun violence, but to solve all the “problems that seem insoluble” confronting us at this time.


In case you have not noticed, the Dream Team that you authorized to “catalyze this paradigm shift” at the cost of a hundred million dollar a year for the next ten years has abandoned you in this endeavor. You are on your own! So, please do it while you still can and make it your legacy.


Ajitkumar Trivikram, MD FACS

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