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Abstract Of Open Letter To President Obama That He Should Not Have Ignored But He Did!

September 26, 2012

On September 26, 2009, I send President Obama a letter by registered mail, return receipt requested because his actions had imposed upon me as an American surgeon, a moral and legal obligation that left me no choice but to give him the warning and the message that someone should have given him at that point, but no one did. This is a summary of that letter.

The warning someone should have given to President Obama, and through him to all Americans, was the fact that any attempt on his part to reform health care delivery in America using common sense, without first eliminating fallibility from it, as “the Change” he had promised to make during his campaign, (the promise he forgot all about after being elected,) would be detrimental to the health of every American, for scientific and mathematical reasons, and that it would make all other matters infinitely worse in all respects.

The message someone should have given President Obama but no one did, was the fact that Einstein has provided us with all the information about the fallibility of common sense anyone needs to be able to eliminate it from all areas of human interest, and that this is the only information in existence that could help deliver America from all her predicaments, because all of them were, and are, the outcomes of the failure of common sense.

President Obama ignored this letter and as a result, he also ignored the following facts;
• Common sense, the plan-of-action we use to do everything we do, is fallible and all plans-of-action based on common sense will eventually fail every time we use it;
• The failure of common sense is the cause for the development of problems that seem to defy solution using conventional wisdom like the problems associated with health care delivery in America and all the other major problems that were confronting America then and continue to confront us today;
• Continued attempts to solve such problems using common sense after repeated attempts to solve them using it have failed, will transform ordinary problems into predicaments from which escape could become impossible;
• Such problems (that seem to defy solution using common sense) can be solved using plans-of-action based on relativity which is essentially the opposite of everything based on conventional wisdom (the most sophisticated version of common sense) working with conventional wisdom in unison and/or in sequence.
• Einstein had to overcame the fallibility of common sense in physics in order to discover relativity and he did this by following the steps of the algorithm I have named ACTINEMAS, an algorithm everyone can use to eliminate the fallibility of common sense from everything.
• Einstein started the process of eliminating the fallibility of common sense from physics by imploding (exploding under controlled circumstances) everything based on common sense (all the complex thoughts) stored in his memory as his knowledge and experience), into its basic component thoughts (a process I have named the implosion of Einstein’s Intellectual Bomb or I-Bomb), a process that eliminated the fallibility of common sense ffrom these concepts. Then he unified the resulting components of common sense with relativity, essentially the opposite of everything based on common sense, using pathways provided by the facts common to both that all things in nature (including opposites like conventional wisdom and relativity) obey, the laws of physics, as a shared commonality. Then, he made new plans-of-action to do everything in which common sense and relativity worked together (in unison and in the only way they could work together, sequentially). This jump-started his mind which had stalled from the continued use of common sense after it had stopped working, and enabled it to work again with enhanced vigor and maximized efficiency, to attain the best goal that was possible under the circumstances, the discovery of relativity.
ASET is the shortcut for using ACTINEMAS (and is an algorithm that consists of recognizing the opposing factors and forces working against each other in a given situation to produce the problem that seems to defy solution, and making them work together towards attainment of the best goal possible under the circumstances, using the laws of nature as the common pathways along which this can be accomplished).
• If President Obama wanted to reform health care delivery in America and make it the best it could be, and if he wanted to solve the problems facing America that seemed to defy solution by his predecessors, without making matters worse, he should have gone to and made himself familiar with ACTINEMAS and ASET the algorithms for using Einstein’s philosophy for elimination of fallibility from common sense. Then he should have made every American familiar this information by “imploding Einstein’s I-Bomb in America” and disseminating information as to how everyone can eliminate fallibility from common sense in all areas of human interest using ACTINEMAS and ASET.America is a democracy and the only way democracy will work is if every citizen knows how to make it work. For democracy work, every citizen must know how to eliminate fallibility from it and from common sense.

President Obama ignored this letter and what happened is history that is proving the validity of the prediction made in that letter as every day passes, the prediction that failure to eliminate fallibility from common sense before using it to reform health care delivery in America will make matters worse, result in development of predicaments that could eventually bankrupt the country and prevent us from solving all other problems in all other areas of human interest.


NB. Everything I have said here, everything I have said in the past and everything I shall say in the future has been and will be derived from the “Intellectual Universe of the Human Mind” using the mind as a computer and ACTINEMAS as the algorithm for extracting information from the mind that cannot be obtained any other way. This is how Einstein used the same algorithm to extract relativity from his mind. This material and all original ideas expressed at this website are copyright and may not be quoted without acknowledgement or reproduced without permission for commercial purposes. ACTINEMAS™ is a trademark in the process of being registered.


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