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The Algorithms the human brain uses to think at Warp Speed with Peak Efficiency

The algorithms Einstein used to do everything he did, and surgeons use to do everything they do!

or a better alternative of your suggestion.
The breakthrough program that will enable you to do your best every time you do anything. When you were a child, your were taught to walk and talk, sing and dance, but no one taught you to think. Learn how to use the concepts of ASET and ACTINEMAS to think like Einstein without being a genius, and perform like a surgeon without even being a doctor.
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What Is Actinemas?

Frequently Asked Questions about

Q. 1: What is ACTINEMAS?A. 1: ACTINEMAS is the acronym for Algorithm for Coordinated Thinking, Intellectual Navigation, (Intellectual) Engineering, (Intellectual) Medicine And (Intellectual) Surgery.

ACTINEMAS is an algorithm or pathway of ten steps that you must take every time you think about anything or do anything if you want to maximize your chance of succeeding at whatever you are doing.

If you take the ten steps of ACTINEMAS, you would have used all ten fundamental faculties or attributes possessed by the human body and mind.

If you take all the steps of ACTINEMAS, it will enable you to engage in coordinated thinking, thinking using the principle of Cartesian coordinates to coordinate all your faculties and maximize their ability to enable you to think to the best of your ability.

It will enable you to navigate your way along the highways and the byways of your mind as you think using the principle of Cartesian Coordinates the way a GPS device helps you navigate your way through the highways and the byways of the world as you drive.

It will enable you to abide by all the laws of nature as you engage in “Intellectual Engineering” the art and science of taking down problems into their fundamental conceptual components, understanding them, and building the new concepts required for solving the problems you are dealing with. This will ensure that the plans-of-action you make will have the greatest chance of success in the world outside your mind, a world in which everything abides by the laws of nature implicitly.

When things go wrong with your thought processes, it will enable you to use Intellectual Medicine, to diagnose what went wrong the way doctors diagnose what went wrong with their patients’ bodies and to use Intellectual Surgery to remedy such malfunctions with the diligence of a surgeon without actually being one.

In one sentence, ACTINEMAS consists of asking and answering three questions in three different ways at three ascending levels of sophistication.

The three questions are, what does it look like, what does it sound like and what does it feel like, where “it” stands for what you are dealing with.

The three increasing levels of sophistication at which you must ask and answer them are as follows;

At the first level, you must use your raw, unaided senses of perception;

At the second level, you must use instruments that augment the ability of your sense organs to perceive;

And at the third level, you must use your mind as an organ of perception to perceive matters that you cannot perceive any other way.

To use your mind as an organ of perception, you must ask and answer the questions ... what will it look like, sound like and feel like ... if I were able to see, hear and feel things I am not able to see, hear and feel.

While answering the above questions, you must remember that things you cannot perceive will have attributes opposite to those of things you are able to perceive.

If you ask and answer these nine questions, your mind will take over and unify all your answers into a concept that will enable you to understand what you are dealing with and prompt you the best plan-of-action for dealing with it.

If your mind does not unify the answers to the nine questions for you by finding the commonality shared by all of them, you will have to do it yourself by using the laws of nature as commonalities because the laws of nature together constitute the universal commonalty shared by everything in existence.

I have published this piece where anyone and everyone can read it because I think it is important for every man woman and child to know what ACTINEMAS is.

Knowledge of ACTINEMAS is the only thing that can unify everyone and motivate them to solve problems that threaten everything we cherish, problems we must solve at this point in the evolution of our civilization if we are to preserve it the way we know it to be for posterity.

If you are not convinced or cannot understand how and why you must use ACTINEMAS every time you think about anything or do anything after you have read this piece, you should read my e-book “My Journey to ASET,” in which I have described how I arrived at these conclusions and why I am saying the things I am saying.

Q. 2: What can ACTINEMAS do for me?

A. 2: If you take the ten steps of ACTINEMAS the way you should take them, every time you think about anything or do anything, it will maximize your chances of being able to do the following ten things:

• To do everything you could have possibly done under the circumstances.

• To do the best you could have done under the circumstances.

• To not having to say, “I wish I had thought of that or done that” after the event.

• To do things you are unable to do at present provided it is within your ability to accomplish it

• To succeed at things at which you are unable to succeed today provided it is within your ability to accomplish.

• To understand things you are unable to understand today, provided it is within your ability to comprehend.

• To recognize and define all the choices you have, and determining what the best one is when you do not seem to have choices or are unable to decide what the best one is.

• To create choices where obvious choices do not exist.

• To predict the immediate future by determining what is going on in the present with maximum efficiency, defining the immediate past accurately and extrapolating it into the future.

• To coordinate all your faculties and your resources and enable yourself to function at peak efficiency consistently every time you do anything.

Q.3: How does ACTINEMAS work?

A. 3: ACTINEMAS works by enabling you to do the following:

• ACTINEMAS enables you to draw upon the totality of your personal attributes, all the knowledge, experience and enterprise you possesses (the totality of your personal experience), every time you think about anything or do anything
• When the totality of your personal experience does not enable you to concepts that tell you what needs to be done, ACTINEMAS will enable you to intellectually create dummy concepts that will work as well as, if not better than, the real concepts that you can use until you can find real concepts to take over.

Q. 4: If ACTINEMAS is so great, why has no one discovered it until now and why does no one know about it?

A.4: Many people know about ACTINEMAS and many have discovered and used it on individual occasions, but no one has recognized it as the common entity that enables success, or given it a name, until I did these things at my website

Scientists use it every time they make a great new discovery.

Newton used it to formulate his laws of motion and Einstein used it to discover relativity.

Doctors use it all the time to diagnose and treat their patients.

The Navigators of the Huston Space Program used it to send a man to the moon and bring him back alive.

My familiarity with Einstein’s work enabled me to recognize the similarities between the algorithm I use to diagnose and treat my patients and the algorithm Einstein used to discover relativity! It also enabled me to realize that ACTINEMAS enables me to succeed every time I use it and I run into problems every time I deviate from its protocol, trouble I can get out of simply by taking the steps I had failed to take the first time around.

Then I realized that Einstein’s progress ended as soon as he stopped using ACTINEMAS! My discovery of ACTINEMAS was an accident of fate precipitated by the fact that I am a surgeon who had a great interest in Einstein’s work, his success, and his failure to go beyond where he had gone.

Q. 5: How can I learn to use ACTINEMAS?

A. 4: At this time, all the information about ACTINEMAS exists only ay my website at and in my e-book, "My Journey to ASET" available at my website. At present, this website contains for perusal free of charge, letters to President Bush, President Obama, and all Americans, letters in which I have presented ACTINEMAS and ASET, its shortcut, in ways that were appropriate when I wrote those letters. ACTINEMAS is a difficult concept to present and I believe that presenting it in the context of known events is the best way of presenting it.

As time passes, and history evolves, the significance and consequences of President Bush and President Obama ignoring the concept of ACTINEMAS will become so obvious that hopefully, one of them or one of their successors will take heed and follow its dictates before we pass the point of no return.

This is unfortunately something only a sitting American President can do and must do for reasons I have enumerated in my letter to President Obama. In the future,

I shall blog about different aspects of ACTINEMAS and describe how we could use it to do things in physics, medicine, and religion that we are unable to do today using conventional problem solving methods.

Examples of such matters are, unification of Newtonian physics and relativity into a bio-physical theory of everything, transforming democracy from the most inefficient form of governance into the most efficient one, a concept I have already dealt with in my letter to President Bush.

Then, I shall deal with the development of an ideal system of health care delivery, and unification of religions into one best religion common to everyone based on metaphysics. In the future, the following books by my father, Dr. T.K.N.Trivikram will also become available at my website:

• “The Happiness of Mankind.” A book on the unification of the best in all forms of governance to define the best form of government.

• “Zero BC” a book on the unification of Christianity and Hinduism based on metaphysics

• The Devine Yoga of the Soul” a book on the metaphysical basis of the Vedas and Hinduism.

• “Trivikram, An Album of Word Pictures,” an album of paintings by Dr. T. K. N. Trivikram.


There is no guarantee implicit or explicit in ACTINEMAS and AET. Your chances of success will depend on the effort you put in to understand these algorithms completely and use them diligently. If these algorithms do not work for you in a given situation, it is because you did not take into account one or more of the ten things you should have taken into account as required by ACTINEMAS or because success was humanly impossible to accomplish under those circumstances.


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