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Obamagate, The Story

May 21, 2014

In 2008, when President Obama was still a Candidate, and on seven occasions during his the first half of his first term, I wrote eight "Letters to the President" or "The Letters" in which I used ACTINMAS™, the algorithm surgeons like myself use to diagnose and treat "what ails our patients," to derive for him the answer to two questions; "What ails Washington" that is making him and Congress dysfunctional to the point of being non-functional? and "What would I prescribe for 'what ails Washington'" using the algorithm I and other surgeons use to dermine what we would prescribe for our patients.

President Obama ignored all these "Letters," the "Concepts" they described and the "Recommendations" they made. He did not even have the courtesy to acknowledge receipt of those "Letters" even though he had received them as evidenced by tracking.

Over the next four years, all but one of the consequences of ignoring "The Concepts" and "The Recommendations" I had predicted would occur in "The Letters," materialized and proved the validity of the "Information" they described. As this started to happen President Obama began making statements that were near-verbatim quotations of statements I had made in "The Letters." He did this without, once again, acknowledging receipt of "The Letters" or recognizing or crediting the original authors of "The Concepts" he was quoting, concepts that had been described in "The Letters' and no where else!

Then, after all but one of the predicted consequences of ignoring "The Concept" and "The Recommendations" of "The Letters" had materialized and proved their veracity towards the end of his first term, President Obama suddenly decried the fundamental components of "The Information" contained in "The Letters" as one of the first thing he did in his second term. He did his during his 2013 "State of The Union Address" by making three statements that decried three of the fundamental components of "The Concept" and "The Recommendations" of The Letters" and said that they would not work! He did not give any reason as to why he was making these remarks, or what he intended to do about the problems he had just recognized. Once again, he did not acknowledge receipt of "The Letters," the only known place where "The Concepts" he was denigrating had ever been documented and conveyed to him. Again, he did not recognize or credit the original authors of these concepts.

Two months later, in April of 2013, President Obama announced that he had appointed a "Dream Team" of "University Professors" and authorized the implementation of a "BRAIN-Mapping Initiative" to "determine the pathways along which millions of brain cells communicate as they work and enable us to think, understand, and remember" and said that this information, when available, would enable Americans to become more innovative, entrepreneurial, and think of things before others can think about them, He said that this would stimulate the economy, create jobs and turn the country around." He compared this "Initiative" to the Human Genome Project and predicted that it would have an impact as great as, if not greater, than that of its predecessor.

Unfortunately, there are two problems with President Obama's grandiose "Initiative." The first is the fact that its fundamental components are uncannily identical to the fundamental components of "The Concept" and "The Recommendations" of "The Letters" that President Obama received years earlier but yet has not acknowledged, recognized or credited, making this "Initiative" a blatant act of plagiarism. The second problem is the fact that "The Initiative" and "The Concept" of "The Letters" are mirror-image opposites of one another, a switch that no one familiar with the required information would have made, but it is nevertheless one that transforms the dynamic scientific "Concept" described in "The Letters" into a "Catch 22" fiasco that has no chance of ever working!"

More about this in my next blog on "Obamagate, The Allegation" that will appear here next week. Make sure you do not miss it!


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