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Fauci-ism Is Medical Malpractice Res Ipsa Loquitur And Over Twenty Pieces Of Evidence To Prove It

August 22. 2021

Fauci-ism, Gov. DeSantis’ term for Dr. Anthony Fauci’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic has not worked and will never work because it is a text-book case of medical malpractice.

We must recognize Fauci-ism to be what it is, medical malpractice, because that is the only way Americans can get rid of bad doctors who caused pain, suffering, and injury by doing things they should not have done and/or by not doing things they should have done.

It is the only way we can gain the best control possible over the delta variant of COVD 19 that is wreaking havoc because of his negligence.

Doctors guilty of crimes often get away with it because criminal law considers them innocent until proven guilty. Doctors guilty of malpractice cannot get away with anything because tort law and malpractice lawyers presume them guilty, and they must prove their innocence. All we have to do, is present scientific evidence of malpractice.

So, here are twenty plus pieces of incontrovertible scientific evidence based on fundamental principles of surgery, that Fauci-ism was, is and always will be surgical malpractice.

I have been saying this for over a year, but the media will not publish this surgical information and twitter will not allow me to promote it because it is contrary to the dictates of conventional wisdom. But surgery is contrary to everything dictated by conventional wisdom, and surgery is what doctors resort to when the conventional wisdom of medicine fails … and Fauci-ism has failed miserably.

Malpractice lawyers have a name for Dr. Fauci’s malpractice. They call it “the failure to obtain a surgical consultation is a timely manner.” It is the commonest mistake medical doctors make.

The injury Dr. Fauci’s malpractice has caused, is the “pain, suffering, and irrevocable losses” suffered by nearly every American, resulting from his failure to provide information required to prevent them.

“Medical doctors,” or “physicians,” like Dr. Fauci, are doctors who treat patients using medicines and “non-surgical” methods. There is a limit to what physicians could do using non-surgical methods.

Surgeons are doctors who do things medical doctors cannot do. They can prevent, compensate for and/or reverse undesirable effects and limitations of medical treatment. In addition, they can prevent, and reverse disasters and mistakes of physicians, provided physicians “request their consultation in a timely manner” i.e., before those mistakes have caused irreversible damage. Failure to do this, is considered “res ipsa loquitur” evidence of malpractice. It is evidence that so compelling that it “speaks for itself” and needs no further proof.

When the COVID 19 pandemic struck and President Trump requested Dr. Fauci to manage America’s response to it, Dr. Fauci had no test to detect it, no vaccine to prevent it, and no drug to treat it. The only thing he could do was to physically (mechanically) contain the virus and prevent new infections until tests, vaccines, and medicines became available, and/or herd immunity overcame the epidemic.

The physical (mechanical) containment of infections is the domain of surgeons. It is what they do 24/7 before during and after they do anything else as they practice surgery. Failure to do so, will result in infections of every kind, every time. It will cause untold amounts of pain, suffering, disability, death and loses of every kind. Allegations of indefensible malpractice “res ipsa loquitur,” will follow and cost surgeons everything.

Surgeons establish immediate and total physical control over infections of all kinds at warp speed with 100% success in the operating room (OR) by using a set of three simple steps anyone could duplicate. These steps constitute “surgical universal precautions” for the containment/prevention of all infections at warp speed. They were the steps Dr. Fauci should have instituted and required everyone to follow with surgical (military) discipline.
To physically contain a viral epidemic, one must consider the world as an operating room and everyone must think and act as surgeons by following simple but mandatory algorithms surgeons have established.

Fauci-ism was not even the medical doctors’ version of “universal precautions.” These precautions were recommended to Dr. Fauci and summarized in the “Great Barrington Report” submitted to him Fauci-ism did not work the first time around.

As is typical of all negligent physicians, Dr. Fauci ignored that report. Fauci-ism was whatever Dr. Fauci concocted the night before and he changed its details every day as his recommendations “du jour” failed.

Trial lawyers consider the following characteristics of Fauci-ism as “res ipsa loquitur” evidence of malpractice …

• The doctor changes his narrative with each new development … evidence that s/he did not know what s/he was saying and doing …

• Every “new fact” the physician pontificated about after the event, was known to surgeons for ever before …

• All his/her predictions prove to be wrong …

• All his/her recommendations yield results opposite to the desirable ones s/he expected, predicted and/or promised.

• S/he refuses to acknowledge, address, or correct his/her mistakes despite having his/her attention drawn to them by others as qualified as, if not more qualified and experienced than s/he …

• S/he has lied repeatedly to justify fake and ever-changing narratives.

Lying is the ultimate “res ipsa loquitur” hall mark evidence of and test for malpractice. Evidence of lying ends all malpractice litigation immediately in favor of the plaintiff. Dr. Fauci has told many lies.

1. The first blatant lie of Fauci-ism was that … “Masks are useless and need not be worn.”

This was a lie because surgeons do not wear masks to prevent viral infections. They do so to prevent infections caused by organisms contained in droplets.

Droplets are tiny drops of water exhaled in human breath. They contain live, active, disease-causing bacteria and viruses. Ordinary surgical masks trap most droplets and prevent most droplet infections.

Viruses that masks cannot stop, are dry, inactive and/or dead. They are unlikely to cause serious harm. They are beneficial because they help development of the herd immunity that ultimately kills all epidemics.

As infections soared, Dr. Fauci confessed to his lie. He justified it by saying that it was a white lie he told to prevent hysterical overuse of N 95 anti-viral masks resulting in their shortage for health care workers. White lies are lies nevertheless and telling them without immediate clarification, was malpractice.

When he realized his blunder, he reversed his stand and said that everyone must wear masks while in crowds and/or indoors, to prevent droplet infections! By then, he had already done irreversible damage by starting the never-ending mask debates and controversies.

As infections continued unabated, he said everyone should wear two masks! That was malpractice for the following reason that made it and his second recommendation ... that of “frequent handwashing” ... malpractice.

When surgeons use masks and handwashing to physically contain infections, masks become surgical instruments and handwashing becomes a surgical procedure.

For surgical instruments and procedures to work, they must be used following steps surgeons have instituted to make them work. Telling people to use masks and wash hands without telling them how to make them work, was malpractice of the kind lawyers call “the failure to inform.” It was professional misconduct because he failed to provide information required to make his advice work.

Advising people who did not know how to use one mask effectively, to use two, was malpractice because it will not halve the infections, it will double the number of mistakes people make and double the infections they cause.

Here is the advice about masks Dr. Fauci failed to give that made people who use masks following his incomplete instruction, and him, super-spreaders of infection.

a. Using masks is how surgeons eliminate the need for social distancing.

b. The terms social distancing, work stoppage, “hunkering down” and hiding, do not exist in the surgeons’ vocabulary or armamentarium. They prevent surgeons and everyone else from doing the things everyone must do to win wars against invisible enemies like viruses. Such wars are won by everyone working as hard as one could and doing everything one could possibly do and doing them with perfection i.e., making no mistakes … not by hiding and making every mistake in the book as often as one could … the way Fauci-ism makes people do!

c. For masks to work, everyone must wear them continuously for the duration of the epidemic while in public and in private … if there are immune-compromised people within arms-length of their faces. Masks may be moved when needed for … eating, drinking, bathing/grooming and when “alone” … defined by the fact that there is no one within arms-length of ones face.

d. Once worn, its “business area,” the up-front fabric, must never be touched. All viruses the mask has protected one from, will be trapped on this surface. Grabbing it will contaminate one’s fingers. If one then picks one’s nose, rubs it, rubs one’s eyes, eats finger foods, or licks ones fingers without washing ones hands, one will infect oneself. If one touches the nose, mouth, eyes, or food of an immune compromised relative or care recipient, without washing ones hands, or kisses such a relative/friend, one will infect them. Therefore …

e. Everyone must wash/sanitize one’s hands just before touching anyone’s face during an epidemic. People must not touch/kiss anyone’s face without washing/sanitizing hands and/or washing their faces. Viruses enter our bodies through our noses, mouths, and eyes via droplets, or are introduced physically through them by contaminated fingers … one’s own, or those of family members, care givers, children, and by pets the way butterflies and bees pollinate flowers.

f. Washing ones hands “frequently,” as Dr. Fauci advised, does nothing, unless one washes them before touching peoples’ faces.

g. Masks must be moved when needed, to below the chin if soft, or up over the forehead if stiff, by holding its strings or edges. It must never be grabbed by its front fabric, be crumbled, put in the pocket, or anywhere else the way President Biden does every time he promotes mask use on TV because Dr. Fauci had not warned them not to do this. President Biden must fire Dr. Fauci, if not for any reason other than the fact that he made the American President look like a surgical ignoramus who did not know that he was not supposed to touch his mask once it was in place.

h. Disposable masks must be discarded on removal. Non-disposable ones must be laundered or sanitized after each use.

i. Those who do not wear prescription glasses must wear goggles to prevent droplet infection enabling viruses to enter the body through the eyes via the nasolacrimal ducts

j. Small children and adults incapable of following mask-etiquette must not be forced to wear them. Fidgeting with masks by anyone will make them super-spreaders. They will be protected, and we will be protected from them if everyone capable of following instructions, uses masks and washes hands per surgical protocol.

k. Failure to observe the above protocols, makes masks and their misusers, and mistiming handwashers, super-spreaders of infection.

l. All adults must be reassured that the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks and advised to get vaccinated ASAP. Those who have had COID 19 must be tested for antibodies and vaccinated if they test negative. Those who do not get vaccinated pose no greater risk to themselves or others than those who get vaccinated provided everyone follows universal surgical precautions.

m. Children who respond to coronavirus with Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) must not be vaccinated unless immune-compromised until it has been established that the vaccine will not induce MIS-C. It is malpractice to vaccinate children without proving this first.
Failure to give the above instructions made Dr. Fauci, Fauci-ism, and their No. 1 promoter President Biden, the greatest super-spreaders of them all … the people responsible for the present pathetic situation!

Details of the above recommendations must be changed if trends indicate it. Fundamental principles of surgical universal precautions always remain the same.

2. The second lie of Fauci-ism was that “there is no such thing as “herd Immunity!” it was an oxymoronic lie because herd immunity is mother nature’s way of vaccinating us for free. Vaccination works by promoting and augmenting herd immunity. Denying its existence was arrogance. The institution of trillion of dollars-worth of draconian measures that did nothing but make matters worse, was criminal. Thus, Dr. Fauci did nothing, allowed no one else to do anything, and squandered every opportunity he had of controlling the epidemic, prevented herd immunity from developing, and caused the maximum injury he could inflict on the maximum number of Americans.

Worse, he initiated mask and vaccine controversy and hesitancy. If he had said that vaccination helps augment natural herd immunity instead of denying its existence, and that its benefits far outweigh its risks, every reasonable person would have accepted vaccination.

3. The third and deadliest lie of Fauci-ism was his statement that vaccinated people are protected from mutants, cannot infect others, and need not practice universal precautions or wear masks!

These statements constituted scientific misinformation, because they were contrary to the fundamental assumptions of “surgical universal precautions” that work 100% of the time.

“Surgical universal precautions” considers everyone and every surface in the world as "contaminated" with every deadly organism in existence and prevents cross infections during surgery, by observance of universal precautions. This assumption eliminates the need for testing, contact tracing, and the hysterical cleansing/disinfection of surfaces, their uncertainties, and their logistical impossibilities.

This assumption has helped surgeons and their patients survive epidemics like AIDS and hepatitis without any exchange of infections occurring.
Contaminated” people have infectious organisms ON their body surfaces … on their fingers from touching contaminated surfaces and in their breath from inhaling droplets. They may or may not have viruses in the nostrils. They may/may not test positive. They are asymptomatic but can contaminate/infect others via droplets and/or by touching peoples’ faces without washing hands … the way bees and butterflies pollinate flowers.

Infected people have viruses IN their tissues. They will be sick with symptoms and will test positive. They can infect others and need to be quarantined until recovered.

Dr. Fauci’s failure to recognize the difference between “contaminated” and “infected” or his ignorance of it, was his deadliest negligence. It skewered statistics. maximized infection rates and death rates by considering contaminated people who were harmless provided they followed surgical precautions as "infected “cases of COVID 19.” It allowed vaccinated people who must be considered contaminated per surgical protocol, to roam free and act as super-spreaders and contaminate/infect others without giving them the instructions they needed to keep themselves and others safe.

He caused mass hysteria by inflating case numbers and mortality statistics by considering contaminated people and terminally ill people as people who died as “cases of COVID 19.”

My aim was to prove that Fauci-ism was criminal malpractice and to provide the information he did not provide. I have accomplished that.

There is no guarantee that surgical universal precautions will contain the epidemic, but it will give us and everyone else the best chance at controlling it.

Fauci-ism is all optics, no substance. Universal surgical precautions is all substance, the optics resides in the discipline with which surgeons enforce it.

As stated earlier, a single lie is enough to prove malpractice res ipsa loquitur and end a malpractice suit. Three lies could end a doctor's career. The three lies described above, and eighteen secondary lies he was forced to tell, ought to serve as the three strikes that get Dr. Fauci out and a surgeon who knows how to physically control infections in the driver’s seat of our efforts to control the delta variant and other future mutants of COVID 19!

Dr. Fauci must disprove the above statements. or concede negligence. If he cannot or will not, he must resign, or be fired by President Biden or Prof. Collins, Head of the NIH.


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