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Common Sense Does Not Work In The Age Of The Computer & Causes Human Dysfunction Preventable Using Relativistic Sense

by Ajitkumar Trivikram

July 27, 2016

INTRODUCTION: Common sense does not work in our digital-atomic age, the age of the electronic computer.

The universal use of common sense in this setting is the fundamental cause for all correctable instances of human dysfunction occurring in our computer era.

DISCUSSION: Common sense does not work in the computer era because computers work at the speed of light.

The speed of light does not obey the laws of common sense, but they abide by the rules of relativity that are their opposites, whereas common sense works at animal speeds, speeds that are infinitesimally small compared to the speed of light.

In the computer age, everything starts out at "animal speeds," then things speeds up to speeds approaching the speed of light assisted by computer involvement.

As soon as problems are solved, things ebb back to animal speeds again before they end!

Anyone unaware of this fact or how to compensate for its effects, will be thrown into a tail spin every time one is not in sync with what is going on.

If computers cannot solve problems for any reason, it becomes human responsibility to solve them immediately and those who do not know how to go back and forth between working at common sense speeds and relativistic speeds, like most people at this time. Such individuals could become dysfunctional without notice. This will happen unless computer generated intervention, ingenuity or luck prevents it.

Einstein nipped this problem in the bud as it started developing in physics. He did this at a time when he did not have the kind of monitors, computers and/or instruments we have today.

Einstein did it by using his brain and his mind as a monitor, instrument and computer to do things monitors, instruments and computers still cannot do and the validity of what he did a hundred years ago, still holds true.

The fact is that it is possible for anyone and everyone to do what Einstein did in ones own life by asking and answering the same general questions he asked and answered that enabled him to use "relativistic sense."

Relativistic sense is common sense coupled with (piggybacked on) "relativity," the opposite of common sense. Using relativistic sense is what ASET, the Algorithm for success at Every Thing, is and enables one to do.

Finally, and most importantly, relativistic sense will provide the most desirable intellectual solution for all problems that are humanly possible to solve, at speeds approaching that of light, at a moment's notice.

As opposed to this, common sense will provide a solution that will never be the best one possible, only thirty percent of the time, at animal speeds and provide solutions that could take forever to implement and still not work.

JUSTIFICATION: The reasons justifying all the statements just made are documented at


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