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Ajit Trivikram M.D., F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S.
General Surgery and Vascular Surgery
151 Buffalo Ave, Niagara Fally N.Y. 14303

September 26, 2009

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:

Sub: If you want to succeed at reforming health care delivery in America and make it the best it could be, or succeed at anything else you are trying to do, you must implode in America the "I-Bomb" Einstein imploded in Physics, eradicate fallibility from Common Sense and make "The "Change" you promised to make, before you do anything else!

I am writing this letter to you because I am a Doctor and the law of the land and Medical Ethics, the way Society expects Doctors to behave, dictate that I do so.

As an attorney Mr. President, you know that the law of the land requires me, as a Doctor, to warn my patients or their guardians by sending them a letter "by registered mail return receipt requested," when they or their guardians do anything that is likely to be detrimental to their wellbeing.

I am sending this letter to you "by registered mail return receipt requested," because you are the guardian of the health of all Americans and you are about to do something that is going to be detrimental to the health of every American patient and force every American Doctor to do things that are contrary the dictates of Medical Ethics!

Medical Ethics requires me to give you Mr. President, this warning because anyone who tries to reform health care delivery in America using Common Sense or Science, the best of everything Common Sense has to offer, is going to fail in ones endeavor and make matters infinitely worse! This will happen because there is a fundamental problem associated with the use of Common Sense (including Science) that makes it fail prematurely every time we use it, before we have had a chance to finish what we are doing with absolute finality. Common sense and even Science will get us into predicaments every time we use it to do anything. Albert Einstein recognized this problem associated with the use of Common Sense and the Science of Newtonian Physics to be the cause of predicaments Physicists were getting into in Physics and defined the plan-of-action he had to use to remedy this problem with scientific accuracy and mathematical precision. Einstein’s Philosophy, the plan-of-action Einstein discovered and used, enabled him to overcome the fallibility of Common Sense and Science in Physics, deliver Physicists from their predicament, and to do all the incredible things he did.

By his thoughts and actions, Einstein demonstrated the importance of asking and answering the question as to why one is getting into predicaments repeatedly and defining the pathway one must take to get out of predicaments and stay out of them in general before attempting to get out of individual predicaments in specific areas of human interest.

Einstein eliminated fallibility from Common Sense in Physics by shifting the paradigm of thought and action Physicists were using to do every thing, from one based on Common Sense and Science to one based on the "Totality of the Human Experience." "The Totality of the human Experience being the body of knowledge consisting of Common Sense and Science piggybacked on the opposite if everything based on Common Sense and Science. If we want to duplicate Einstein’s success in all areas of human interest, enable doctors to abide by all the dictates of Medical Ethics instead of going against them, and make health care delivery in America the best it could be, we must do one thing before we do anything else. We must orchestrate in our everyday life in America, the "paradigm shift" Einstein orchestrated in the world of Physics. We must change our paradigms of thought and action in everything we do in everyday life from one based on Common Sense and Science to one based on "the Totality of the Human Experience." If we accomplish this, we will also reduce our fallibility at doing everything we must do to live our lives to the best of our abilities and maximize the efficiency of everything we do and minimize the effects of the fallibility of Common Sense from all areas of human interest with absolute finality. If we orchestrate this paradigm shift in everyday life and Democratic Governance, there is no reason why we should not be able to duplicate in everyday life, the success Einstein enjoyed in Physics and transform all our predicaments into the greatest opportunities for success available under the circumstances.

Based on Einstein’s discoveries about Common Sense, anyone who forces modification of physician behavior using Common Sense or any system other than "the Totality of the Human Experience" will negate the fundamental thrust of Medical Ethics and precipitate the very catastrophes in Medical Practice that Medical Ethics and all our other efforts aim at preventing. All the disasters associated with health care delivery we are experiencing in America such as escalating cost, deficiencies in quality, discrepancies in availability, and the nightmares of medical malpractice, have resulted from societal modification of physician behavior by expectations, and other factors and forces that are contrary to the dictates of "The Totality of the Human Experience."

It is for the reasons just enumerated that Medical Ethics has always required Doctors to base everything they do as they practice Medicine on the "Totality of the Human Experience," and not on Common Sense alone. Medical Ethics has done this long before Einstein did what he did. Medical Ethics has had this constraint on Doctors because Common Sense always lacks one or more of the fundamental components of "the Totality of the Human Experience." Einstein recognized the component of "the totality of the human experience" consistently missing from Common Sense, to be "the opposite of everything based on Common Sense and Science."

Medical Ethics forbids me from guaranteeing anything to anyone as I practice Medicine with one exception. It requires me to guarantee anyone who goes against the dictates of Medical Ethics, will end up doing harm to one-self, and to others who depend on one for help. For this reason, and because Einstein’s discoveries about Common Sense are universal, I must guarantee you the same. I must guarantee you that if you, Mr. President, continue to use Common Sense to do everything you are going to do, the way you have professed you are going to do, ignoring the fundamental problem associated with the use of Common Sense that Einstein recognized and remedied in Physics beyond doubt, there is only one thing that can happen. You are going to fail in all your endeavors, accomplish the opposite of everything you set out to accomplish and make matters infinitely worse! If we continue to use Common Sense to do everything we must do, to get out of all our predicaments, we will deplete our resources and get into a predicament from which there may be no way out. This is the only scientifically correct mathematically accurate outcome possible under those circumstances! The question is not whether this will happen, but when it will happen.

Einstein’s experience also prompts that all the difficulties we are facing today in all areas of human interest, occur because we base our expectations upon Common Sense, regulate human behavior in general and legislate the conduct of professionals using Common Sense-based Common Law. The discrepancies between human expectations based on Common Sense, the dictates of Common Sense-based Common Law, and the unyielding and unforgiving realities of life defined by the Totality of the Human Experience, eventually lead to gridlocks every time we attempt to do anything using Common Sense, the plan-of-action we use to do everything we do. Continued reliance on Common Sense to extricate ourselves from gridlocks that have occurred because Common Sense has stopped working in the first place, will transform such gridlocks into predicaments from which escape will be impossible using plans-of-action based on Common Sense. Einstein’s accomplishment proves that escape from such predicaments is possible with spectacular success by simply shifting ones paradigm of thought and action from one based on Common Sense to one based on Einstein’s Philosophy, a philosophy based on everything that is the opposite of everything based on Common Sense. For this reason, we must extend the use of Einstein’s Philosophy to everything in life by extending the paradigm shift Einstein orchestrated in Physics to all areas of human interest before we do anything else.

The best way I can graphically describe what Einstein did in the world of Physics is by saying that he orchestrated a paradigm shift in the world of Physics by "imploding an "I-Bomb" (Intellectual Bomb) in his mind and in the minds of Physicists and eliminating fallibility of Common Sense from the world of Physics! If we want to duplicate Einstein’s success in our world of everyday life in America, we must implode the same I-Bomb in our minds, in the minds of every man, woman and child living in this country and on this planet, and eliminate the fallibility of Common Sense from everything in life in the world outside the world of Physics.

The I-Bomb Einstein imploded in his mind was, in all respects, the opposite of the A-Bomb that Einstein’s discoveries led to, in the Physical world. The I-Bomb Einstein imploded in his mind was as constructive as the A-Bomb is destructive in the physical world in which we live. Imploding the I-Bomb in his mind enabled Einstein to demolish under the controlled circumstances prevailing therein, the hologram of the world based on Common Sense that existed there and to rebuild from the "intellectual rubble," a new hologram of the world, one based on the totality of the human experience. In that world, Einstein was able to do everything he had to do but could not do in the real world. Then Einstein translated his thoughts and his new experiences into actions in the physical world and gained the ability to do all the incredible things he did. Einstein’s thoughts and actions enabled him to eliminate fallibility from Common Sense in his mind and define the pathway he had to take to eliminate fallibility of Common Sense from Physics and led to all his successes including those that led to the development of nuclear fission and eventually, to the development of the A-Bomb.

Then, Einstein wrote to President Roosevelt and advised him use the outcome of his work to develop the A-Bomb to address predicaments that could result from overwhelming attacks by overpowering enemies. President Roosevelt heeded Einstein’s advice and President Truman, even though what he had to do was most unfortunate, was able to deliver the free world from a predicament caused by precisely such an attack. The question you, Mr. President, must ask and answer today is; "What would Einstein have told you to do if he was alive?" I hope this letter will answer this question for you.

Getting back to what Einstein did, the new intellectual world Einstein created in his mind, was bizarre by Common Sense standards but it was one in which he could do everything he had to do that he was unable to do in the world based on Common Sense, the things he had to do to get out of predicaments. By his thoughts, Einstein gained the ability to do things he could not do any other way. Then he translated his experiences in the new world in his mind into actions in the real world outside, actions that propelled him out of the predicament he was in with explosive force and provided him with the resources he needed to do all the amazing things he did. After he had done everything he could do using the opposite of everything based on Common Sense, he realized that Common Sense still worked ninety percent of the time in everyday life and Science. Therefore, he conceded this fact, acknowledged the positive accomplishments of Common Sense, and parachuted back to the safety of the world of everyday life based on Common Sense. In the process, Einstein eliminated the effects of the fallibility of Common Sense from the world of Theoretical Physics and did all the incredible things he had accomplished and laid the foundations for the development of atomic energy in the real world.

Finally, Einstein disseminated information about his thoughts, actions and accomplishments in the world of Physics and thereby "Imploded the I-Bomb" he had imploded in his mind, in the minds of all Physicists. Thus, Einstein imploded the I-Bomb in the world of Physics. By his actions, Einstein enabled Physicists to deliver themselves from their predicament by shifting their paradigms of thought and action from the fallible Common Sense to the near-infallible "Totality of the Human Experience" that works ninety-nine percent of the time. The one percent failure rate of the "Totality of the Human Experience" is the inevitable failure rate of everything in life, the end that must precede all new beginnings.

"Imploding an I-Bomb" in a population in distress from a predicament, consists of disseminating in that population, the information its members need to implode the I-Bomb, eliminate fallibility from Common Sense, and thereby enabling them to deliver themselves from their predicament.

If you want to implode the I-Bomb in everyday life in America and in Democratic Governance, you must initiate a bipartisan Congressional enquiry into the fallibility of Common Sense and make the changes necessary to incorporate Einstein’s contributions towards elimination of this defect from Common Sense into Democratic Governance. You Mr. President must do this before you do anything else because nothing else you do is going to work until you have done this. Only when you make this change, will you deliver on the election-winning campaign promise you made America, the promise to "make a Change," the big Change that was going to deliver her from her current and future predicaments!

Space will not allow me to tell you what the "I-Bomb" is, how we could "build" and "implode" it in our minds and in our world of everyday life in America or to justify anything I have said in this letter. However, I have said everything I must say at my website at The purpose of this letter is to draw your attention to this website and implore you to please to go there as soon as you read this letter and read everything I have said there about the concepts of ACTINEMAS and ASET until they make sense to you. ACTINEMAS is the algorithm of ten steps that defines the pathway Einstein took to "implode the I-Bomb" in his mind and to eliminate the effects of the fallibility of Common Sense from the world of Theoretical Physics. ACTINEMAS expresses this algorithm in its simplest terms, terms a child could understand and use. ASET is the three-step shortcut for using ACTINEMAS that will accomplish the same end provided one goes on repeating it ad infinitum every time one thinks about anything or does anything as one lives ones life. This presentation and the one at my web site are long, not because I am verbose, but because I have expressed the same fundamental concept in ten different ways in at least ten different and fundamental areas of human interest. I had to do this to meet the fundamental requirement of "The Law of Ten," the Law of Nature" that determines when success will occur, that I have described in my sequel to this letter that I have posted at my website. It is my hope that such repetition will trigger comprehension of ACTINEMAS, because it is a concept that is at once the simplest but the most elusive concept one that one must understand if one wants to get out of the predicaments of life and living and stay out of them.

In conclusion, ACTINEMAS is the algorithm Einstein used to invoke the "Totality of the Human Experience" to eliminate the fallibility of Common Sense from Physics. If you want to seal the successes you have enjoyed in the past and enjoy unequivocal and absolute success of "Einsteinian" proportions with absolute finality, at every thing you are doing now and are going to do in the future, you must make yourself familiar with ACTINEMAS and ASET. As you become familiar with them, you will realize that every explosion of success you have enjoyed in the past, including your victory at the election, occurred when you took all the ten steps of ACTINEMAS one way or another. You will also realize that every failure you have endured in the past had resulted from your failure to take one or more of the ten steps of ACTINEMAS. As soon as you grasp the fundamental concept of ACTINEMAS and its components, its rhythm will begin to reverberate in your mind, and the I-Bomb Einstein imploded in his mind will implode in yours! Everything that did not make sense in the past will suddenly make explosive sense! When that happens, your mind will begin to automatically prompt to you the ten steps you must take and go on taking, to do everything you must do in the future with maximum efficiency, and consistently enjoy the best of outcomes possible in everything life has to offer with absolute finality. ACTINEMAS will become a part of your persona and you will gain the ability to get out of predicaments (trouble) and stay out of them with the ease with which people get into predicaments using Common Sense! You will be able to do this for yourself and set the example you must set to enable everyone else without exception, to do the same. When you set that example and make the awareness of the concept of ACTINEMAS universal, you will have imploded the I-Bomb not just in America, but also in the whole world. You would have taken the first step towards getting us out of our current predicaments (trouble) and keeping us out of predicaments (trouble) in the future, reformed health care delivery and made it the best it could be! All these problems will solve themselves once you eliminate fallibility from Common Sense, the plan-of-action we use to do everything we do and you will have done everything most effectively and with absolute finality.

To borrow and modify a phrase from an old song, the day you implode the I-Bomb in the world, you will "teach the world to think in perfect harmony." This is what someone should have done as soon as Einstein had done what he did in the world of Physics a hundred years ago. This is what someone must do at this point in the evolution of this civilization, to enable it to steer itself out of trouble and stay out of trouble on all occasions in which it is humanly possible to do so. It will enable everyone to enjoy maximum success and enjoy the best of everything life has to offer at no cost. If we do not do this, or do anything else, it will eventually cost us everything we have, everything we have cherished in the past and everything we hope for in the future. It will cost us the American Dream!

At my website at, you will find the following:
  • A copy of this letter archived so that everyone may have the opportunity to read it;
  • A second letter addressed to you Mr. President and all Americans describing "the Law of Ten" and using it to justify with absolute finality, why every American must collaborate with you in the endeavor of "imploding the I-Bomb" and telling you why you are the only person in the world today who has what it takes to implode the I-Bomb.
  • A copy of a letter I wrote addressed to President Bush, to you and Sen. McCain when you were Candidates, and to all Americans beseeching President Bush to hitch a piggyback ride on Einstein’s Philosophy, take the first real step to win the war on terror and transform himself into the greatest leader the free world has seen. President Bush chose to ignore my letters and Einstein’s Philosophy and ended his Presidency as a contender for the unenviable title of the President with the lowest popularity rating in the history of this nation and having a shoe hurled at him as the crowning event of his presidency.
  • A copy of the advertisement I had inserted in the Washington Post as a last minute attempt before the last election to draw every ones attention to Einstein’s work and the importance of incorporating Einstein’s Philosophy into all the decision-making processes of Democratic Governance before the last Presidential election.
  • My autobiography entitled "My Journey to ASET" which describes the events in my life that make me say the things I have said and do the things I have done, the experiences that have culminated in my setting up my website. There is a nominal fee for accessing and downloading this section but it does not contain any information that I have not divulged for free elsewhere at this site. The purpose of this section is to describe the experiences that made me draw the conclusions I have arrived at beginning with "Father’s Advice" and culminating in ASET the shortcut for using ACTINEMAS, the ten-step pathway for using Einstein’s Philosophy for eliminating fallibility from Common Sense. If, after reading the story of my life, you conclude that you would have done what I have done had you been in my shoes I shall consider my effort to have been successful. It is my intent to use the profits from this venture to finance an effort to insure that every father will be able to give every child the advice my father gave me. I want to enable "Father’s Advice" to do for every child what it did for me and enable every child to make life on earth the best it could be.
Yours sincerely

Ajit Trivikram MD, FACS, FICS.
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