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Information Dr. Fauci Failed To Give All Americans About Coronavitus

November 23, 2020

In my last blog titled ”The Mistake Dr. Fauci Made”, I said that Dr. Fauci’s mistake was “the failure to obtain a surgical consultation in a timely manner” before recommending Universal Lockdown of the country.

Had he obtained such a consultation from a surgeon who deals with deadly infections for a living, he would have been advised that the surgical approach to an epidemic like the coronavirus pandemic, would have been to institute Universal Precautions, not Universal lockdown.

That would have allowed the country to remain functional as healthy adults fought the war the virus had waged upon us by acquiring herd immunity as we protected the vulnerable ... the old and the immune-compromised ... to the best of our abilities ... as our scientists developed vaccines and cures.

I ended that blog with a promise to enumerate the things Dr. Fauci as a Medical Doctor had failed to inform all Americans that a surgeon in his place would have. Therefore, I shall do that in this blog and recognize the undesirable consequences of these omissions. then, i shall consider how he could reverse them and/or how we must reverse them even if he does not.

Before I say another word, I must make the following disclaimers. My last two blogs are not attempts at Monday morning quarterbacking aimed at getting Dr. Fauci in trouble. They are my “say-something-when-you-see/hear-something-statements I feel obligated to make on witnessing what Dr. Fauci has said and done. Someone needs to say what I am going to say. Since no one is doing it I am going to do it.

President Trump has said that he is thinking of firing Dr. Fauci after the election. Therefore, I wanted to get in my two cent's worth before he does that, I want to request to him not to fire Dr. Fauci because everyone deserves a second chance to right any wrong they may have done when it is pointed out to them. I want to give Prof. Fauci that chance. I hope I have given him ideas about the pathway along which he can do this best. He is welcome to improve upon my suggestions if he can.

Vice President Biden has said that he would "listen to the experts" if elected and Dr. Fauci has already said that there would be no more lockdowns. In a way, he has already admitted that the initial lockdown was a mistake he was not going to commit again. Therefore' all he has to do is to transition into the fundamentals of Universal Precautions and I hope I have provided him with the pathway to do that that a surgeon who does it all the time uses.

Without further ado, here is the list of things Dr. Fauci and our next President whoever s/he might be, must tell all Americans and unify them in all our efforts ... not just to fight coronavirus but in everything else that lies beyond.

It behooves those who take it upon themselves to advise us, to provide the information we need to make the decisions we have to make. These principles apply when a doctor treats a patient in America. They must apply when an expert advises our President and our Congress about our care. They are the principles we must use to ensure we are not being lied to or taken advantage of by anyone as to how he must deal with health problems that affect us as a country.

As a surgeon, if I did not provide my patients with this information, I would be guilty of and sued for “failing to obtain an informed consent” and my patients would win their lawsuits hands down. Dr. Fauci did not tell us we had an option. Granted this was an emergency and there was no time to debate the issue. In such a situation, he should have told us our options, discussed the risks and benefits of each, decided what he was going to do and the reasons why he made that choice all in one sitting before acting upon his recommendation.

Here are the pieces of information Dr. Fauci should have considered and shared with us. They are a couple of dozen pieces of information that Dr Fauci should have given us to justify what he was going to do. They are pieces of information that might have dissuaded Dr. Fauci from opting for Universal lockdown in favor of Universal Precautions in the first place had he gone through the motions of obtaining a surgeon’s opinion as the first thing he did.

1. TESTING. Dr. Fauci said “Testing is everything” and that we must base all our decisions on the results of testing because that is what the his medical algorithm based on common sense and conventional wisdom told him to say and do.

At that point, he should have informed everyone of the problems associated with testing. He should have informed everyone that testing is an invasive physical procedure. It is a minor operation in its own rights. The problem with “minor operations” is that there is no such thing as a “minor operation!” There are only minor surgeons! Experienced surgeons know that the most “minor” of operations can have deadliest of consequences and testing is no exception to this rule especially when it is done unnecessarily.

Testing must be performed only when medically indicated. It must not be performed on everyone and certainly not done based on arbitrary routines or just because it is available. It must not be used to determine when to do something that has not been proven to work … like quarantining asymptomatic people or a whole population. It must not be done to make everyone happy or to make anyone “look good” and having been thorough or any other cliché du jour.

Unnecessary or inappropriate testing can precipitate chain reactions that could be as problematic as unnecessary surgeries as our shut-down his proved. They lead to more unnecessary tests and procedures that have undesirable consequences and unwanted complications of their own.

Focused testing for decision-making by limiting its usage for dealing with symptomatic people who need treatment, and/or for research purposes maximizes the value of testing while minimizing waste of time, resources and effort in unproductive activities.

2. Inappropriate testing done to provide “peace of mind” and to “make things look good” through an abundance of caution … will in addition to the above, prevent normalization when otherwise appropriate. It will require shutdowns in response to people testing positive ... something that we must expect to happen inevitably until herd immunity eliminates the virus or it attenuates on its own. These cases will be addressed by Universal Precautions and that should make repeated lock downs unnecessary.

3. “Abundance of caution” is as toxic as the lack of caution. It generates its own set of problems that must be solved before the original problem can even be addressed. It causes problems that should never have arisen in the first place!

4. Universal precautions can be sustained indefinitely, universal lock down is unsustainable.

5. Universal quarantine, like testing, is a physical procedure associated with its own unacceptable levels of inefficiency, risks, complications and cost that not only far outweigh the benefits ... it has no benefits!

6. Universal quarantine has not been proven to work by double-blind studies like the ones Dr. Fauci insists on before recommending or using any treatment modality and such studies are impossible. It has not been justified by evidence … even “anecdotal evidence” … other than stories from totalitarian countries where this method works because those who do not comply are imprisoned or may even be shot!

7. Universal precautions focuses on protecting the vulnerable with maximum efficiency instead of forcing inefficient preventive measures on people who are not sick, do not need it, do not want it, have not asked for it or given consent for it. In addition, it cost trillions of dollars. It disrupts everything and destroys everything and accomplishes nothing. It is an exercise in futility if there ever ws one. Therefore, it is unacceptable by any standards.

8. Universal precautions protects those who are at risk of death or unacceptable levels of morbidity if infection occurs … with surgical precision and perfection. It accomplishes these ends by education of those who need it and those who care for such people. Such instructions must be issued by surgically trained personnel. Everyone must be warned that a single break in technique could result in an infection, serious disability and even death. Those at risk know who they are. They have a vested interest and need no additional incentive to comply. Those who are not vulnerable may not comply but that should not matter if everyone practices Universal Precautions.

9. Universal precautions isolates the sick and quarantines the vulnerable by requiring them and their caregivers to engage in the use of masks and hand hygiene with surgical diligence. Everyone else must be allowed to go about ones business as usual after being advised about SURGICALLY PRECISE use of masks and hand-washing. If they do not use this information, it is their problem. Society has the obligation to provide everyone with the information they need. Those who do not use it do so at their own risk. Universal Precautions protect the rest. Infection is an equal opportunity killer. It does not discriminate between a highly skilled surgeon or an intellectually challenged person. Anyone who breaks technique will suffer the consequences of their infraction.

10. Universal Precautions recognizes the fact that epidemics may not subside until herd immunity has been established by exposure of most if not all people in a population to the virus naturally or by vaccination. If we assume otherwise, we will be the losers. By the time we realize we were wrong, it will be too late. Until herd immunity is established and working, universal precautions must continue and life must go on as otherwise normal. The effort should be to allow natural immunization to occur safely … not to prevent it at all costs. The statement by vaccine developers that herd immunity does not exist is oxymoronic and smacks of vested interest because the aim of vaccination is the establishment of herd immunity artificially!

11. Quarantining the non-vulnerable, only delays the development of herd immunity. It gives the virus more time to mutate and become more virulent. It makes things go wrong that could and would never have gone wrong and it creates and opens cans of worms no one needs.

12. Hospitalizations must be reduced, and the hump of spread of the virus must be flattened by preventing spread of infection amongst the vulnerable population by focusing all our energies towards implementation of preventive measures with surgical precision by proper mass instruction. These resources must not be wasted to prevent hospitalization of those whose chances of being hospitalized are miniscule to begin with.

13. The efficiency of basic practices must be maximized by mass education of the public aimed at teaching every man, woman and child surgically proper usage of masks and hand hygiene by surgically trained personnel. Quarantining the healthy without providing anyone with the information everyone needs is totally counterproductive. This is what Dr. Fauci or the mystery surgeon and other “experts” who were “in the room” and advised him and President Trump should have done during the initial shutdown. That should have served as the TIME OUT taken to RESET everyones brains from using algorithms based on common sense and conventional wisdom to using algorithms surgeons and super-successful people use to solve problems that cannot be solved using common sense and conventional wisdom.

14. Algorithms for solving problems conventional wisdom cannot solve are very simple. All they require is for one to do the opposite of everything common sense dictates to get back to square one. Then, one must do EVERYTHING common sense dictates as fast as it is possible to do them in rapid succession and as perfectly as one could do them. Problems that cannot be solved using common sense and conventional wisdom occur because we do not take those steps with the speed, the perfection, and the totality with which we must take them for any one of them to succeed and we must take all of them ... omission of a single thing could end in failure. It will become the hole in the bucket that will drain the bucket or the pin hole in the balloon that will make it explode. When it comes to solving seemingly insoluble problems, there is no room for opinions, uncertainties, arguments or discussions. We simply have to do everything that is humanly possible to do … we have to take ALL opinions into account. The only way e could do that is by unifying and each of us acting upon our opinion or perspective to/ the best of our ability as everyone else enables us to attain our dreams. And that brings us to …

15. KISSING. Last but not least … Kissing susceptible people like elderly parents, grandparents and immune-compromised relatives and friends of all ages on the lips during epidemics must stop. It is all right for healthy young people who are not immune-deficient to kiss all thy want. They could get exposed, develop immunity, and go on with their lives. But no one including grand children must kiss elderly parents and grandparents and immune compromised people on their lips during an epidemic … it could lead to infections with devastating consequences. Children and pets may not get infected themselves, but they can transmit infection mechanically the way bees pollinate flowers by touching contaminated surfaces and touching susceptible people’s faces and objects they use. Dr. Fauci must not wait for a double-blind study to prove this and other concepts described here before implementing them. It is information that will benefit children for life and reduce the incidence of childhood infections in the process if not anything else.

16. Dr. Fauci must make the public aware of the following facts that are “common knowledge” amongst doctors that the public is unaware of at this time. People must become aware of these facts if they are to make informed decisions that are scientifically correct. These are not matters of opinion.

a. Just because a swab from ones nose reveals novel coronavirus, it does not mean that one is “infected and has become a “case of COVID 19.” All it means is that one is “contaminated” i.e. the virus is present on our sking and has nort entered under the skin into our body. If the virus has broken through our outer skin … one is then infected, and has become a case of COVID 19. Then, one will experience one or more of the following symptoms or signs of an infection like a fever, new cough or a cold, loss of smell and/or taste, red eye, aches and pains and/or diarrhea of recent onset. A contaminated person could spread the virus to others but that risk must be eliminated by observation of universal precautions … by everyone wearing masks and practicing hand hygiene perfectly … not by quarantining people who test positive or quarantining people who happened to have crossed paths with someone who “tested positive” imperfectly.
Testing and quarantining everyone who tests positive is a hysterical reaction that will postpone development of herd immunity and resumption of normalcy for a very long time if not forever.

b. Reporting every person who “tests positive” as “infected” is a disservice because it gives a falsely inflated “case count.” The scientific fact is until all healthy adults or 70% of the total population tests positive, gets infected and recovers, or gets vaccinated, we are not going to acquire the herd immunity that will allow us to resume normalcy. Many will refuse vaccination when it becomes available. The earlier this population acquires natural immunity, the better. They could cause waves of resurgence when lockdowns are ended. Therefore, increase in positive tests is not necessarily bad. Two hundred million people need to acquire immunity. Only six million have so far been exposed.

Two hundred thousand have been reported as having died of coronavirus. We cannot draw any valid conclusions unless we are told how many were “infected and symptomatic and how many were just “contaminated” not infected, and died of other natural causes. Two extreme examples would be a person who of injuries from an automobile accident and another one who was dying from terminal cancer and had nasal swabs done as a routine on admission or after death for statistical purposes and being considered COVID 19 deaths!

c. Dr, Fauci should have made the following fallacies of data collection, testing, and interpretation of information public knowledge. People must be warned about data being skewed by mistakes made unknowingly by incompetent data collectors and those made deliberately by people with vested interests. To say that data never lies and that testing, testing, testing is everything are themselves lies Professors of conventional wisdom have convinced themselves to be truths.

d. Statistics and Data must become just one of at least three other independent considerations one uses to make decisions ... not the only consideration or the last one. “Crunching numbers must not become the last word in any decision-making process otherwise, those numbers will crunch us as coronavirus has proved.

e. Conclusions arrived at using the human brain as a living thinking computer that enables coordinated rational thinking the way Einstein and professional problem-solvers have done … must become the last word.

17. Dr. Fauci must make himself and everyone else familiar with the following facts about dealing with invisible enemies … that Einstein and professional problem-solvers have established over the last hundred years. I say this as a surgeon who has dealt with invisible enemies all my professional and personal life using the surgeons’ algorithm that is identical to the algorithm Einstein and all other professional problem-solvers use.

a. The first thing one must do is do not panic. If one panics, one will lose the war before it has started nd the invisible enemy will consume us alive.

There is only one way to avoid panicking and getting on the right track. And that is hitting the RESET button of ones brain and mind the moment one realizes one is dealing with a seemingly insoluble problem caused by an invisible enemy and one is going to panic. Then, one must switch from whatever method one had been using and switch to using the steps of the algorithm for solving problems that cannot be solved using common sense and conventional wisdom like Einstein’s algorithm or one of the algorithms used by professional problem-solvers like surgeons, engineers, navigators or super-successful people from all walks of life and start “thinking outside the box.”

All those algorithms consist of thinking, saying and doing the opposite of everything common sense dictates followed by doing everything common sense dictates as fast s one could do them and as well s one could do them. If one has a plan-of-action in place to use in such situations, one will not panic and will do the right things and get out of trouble if it is at all possible to do so.

Problems that seem insoluble using conventional wisdom … like the ones surgeons solve all the time and medical doctors call in surgeons whenever they run into one … can only be solved only by using military disciple because they could explode and destroy everything the moment one makes mistake . There is is no room for hysteria, panic, political correctness, personal opinions or finger-pointing. There will be no time to think. One must follow a pre-established protocol as if it was a karate dance at all times. We must establish the steps of that protocol beforehand, not when the problem has exploded upon us. In this regard, this protocol has been established by Einstein and professional problem-solvers of the four main areas of human interest, navigators, engineers, and in medical practice by the surgeons … who solve problems in life and death situations that no one else can solve making their algorithm the most versatile one known to man for answering seemingly unanswerable questions and solving seemingly insoluble problems.

On March 11. 2020, two days before President Trump announced Dr. Fauci’s recommendations on March 13, 2020, I posted a blog titled “”The Coronavirus, Common Sense and Einstein”. In that blog, I said “following the dictates of common sense and testing everyone every day and quarantining everyone until the epidemic has run its course … would be ASINIE at best and INSANE by any definition. I used such strong language because I never thought anyone would recommend universal lock-down but since Dr. Fauci has already done that, I shall let my words stand. The aim of that blog was to establish the fact that Einstein’s algorithm and the surgeons’ algorithm that are the same, can predict the best method for doing anything in any situation. In that blog, I had predicted what would happen if someone did use common sense and conventional wisdom to solve a problem like COVID 19 caused by an invisible enemy.
Everything I said in that blog has materialized and confirmed the validity of the algorithm I used to make those predictions.
Two months after the undesirable outcomes of Dr. Fauci’s recommendations have become clear, an international group of Specialists came up with the “Great Barrington Declaration”. that recommended mostly what I had said in my blog!

Therefore, Dr. Fauci must disprove what has been said in my blogs or switch to using the fundamental steps of Universal Precautions exercised with the perfection required to make them work as described in these blogs.


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