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The Truth About Obama And Trump That Everyone Must Know

November 2, 2022

This blog was inspired by a recent HuffPost article titled “Barack Obama Mocks Herschel Walker With A Thought Experiment.”

That article described how “former President Barak Obama joked about Hershel Walker, the GOP nominee for U.S. Senate seat in Georgia, with a “thought experiment” that highlighted the Republican candidate’s lack of experience for the political role.”

President Obama's thought experiment reveals a fundamental truth about him, rather than any deficiency of Herscel Wlker's, that all Americans must know before believing a word of what he says on his campaign trails, and especially before allowing those words to influence their vote at the upcoming election!

in addition, this fundamental truth about President Obama that his experiment reveals, is one that the January 6th Commission must know about President Obama before making any decisions as to who caused the January 6th insurrection. Therefore, here is that fundamental truth.

The fundamental truth everyone must know about President Obama and his thought experiments, is that he would not have mocked Hershel Walker if he knew how to perform thought experiments the way they ought to be performed, the way Einstein, the father of thought experimentation performed them.

Herschel Walker is a football player who knows how to get from point A to point B on the football field with precision and perfection,

President Obama's mockery of Mr. Walker, draws attention to the fact that he was a President who was unable to get from point A to point B in anything he attempted!

He always lost his way, made matters worse, created multitudes of new problems instead of solving a single one of them. He caused gridlocks, explosions, and disasters, and blamed President Trump and everyone else for the consequences of his mistakes!

If he knew how to perform thought experiments correctly, he would have been a Republican or a moderate Democrat like Tulsi Gabbard, not the far-left activist he has become If he knew how to perform thought experiments correctly, and scientifically, he would not have caused the insanity that is consuming Americans, Democrats and Republicans alike, today!

If he knew how to perform thought experiments correctly, he would not have endorsed his V.P. Biden’s nomination. Nor would he have campaigned for him after the perceptible decline in his faculties that he himself perceived and acknowledged by pleading with him on hot mic by saying, “Joe, Joe, you do not have to do this!”

And most certainly, if he knew how to perform thought experiments correctly, he would not have been campaigning for other candidates with similar problems the way he is doing now.

That raises the question as to why President Obama is trying to perform Einsteinian thought experiments if he has no clue as to how they must be performed?

The answer is, he is doing it because he considers himself an “Einsteinian scholar,” a FAKE persona he cultivated during his 2008 campaign.

in real life, Preident Obama is a plagiarist who happens to be an exceptional orator who got elected by founding his campaign and his Presidency on a FAKE “Einstein’s definition of insanity” that he had plagiarized from the internet. It was the opposite of what it should and would have been, had Einstein really authored it. Nevertheless, he used his oratorial skills to effectively dupe his unsuspecting constituents into thinking he was an Einsteinian scholar and a genius who was going to solve the country’s seemingly insoluble problems brilliantly the way Einstein did.

Thus, he convinced his trusting followers into voting him into the Presidency during the 2008 Presidential election making him the first American President to steal an election under false pretenses!

In addition, he justified dishonesty, plagiarism, and fraud, during election campaigns and in everything else in America, and set the precedent for his ailing Vice Present to follow suit and steal the 2020 election preemptively BEFORE it took place!

Therefore, V.P. Joe Biden may be right in claiming to have more popular votes, but that claim becomes moot and nullified by the scientific fact that he obtained most, if not all, his votes, fraudulently, under false pretenses.

His pretenses were false, because he and social media sites that favored him, had deprived voters of the information the y needed to make the right decisions under the circumstances.

This fact has been proven by the regrets expressed by many voters who have said they would not have voted for him if the information that became available after the election, had been available to them before they had voted. This information had ben dismissed by people who did not know how to perform thought experiments, as "conspiracy theories."

Then, when he realized his blunder by thefailue of everything he attempted, President Obama covered up his REAL Crime by appointing a Dream Team of University Professors indebted to him for favors received. He commissioned them to perform a FAKE experiment that Einstein's Algorithm predicted, had no chance of ever working. The aim of his experiment was to discover the algorithm the brain uses to thnk, and prove it was the algorithm he had plagiarized, reversed and used as the foundation of his Presidency. When his experiment failed as predicted by Einstein's algorithm, the leaders of his Dream Team blamed Einstein's Algorithm for he failure of his experiment, and dumped it as "a red herring."

Thus, President Obama had the algorithm Einstein used to solve "seemingly insoluble problems" with mind-boggling success. the algorithm Einstein used to perform all his thought experiments, down the drain as if it were dead fish. And that was how President Obama' perpetrated the REAL Obamagate Hoax!

The algorithm President Obama had caused to be dumped, was the algorithm voters needed to perform thought experiments for themselves, and make the best decisions possible every time they make decisions such as ho is teling the truth and who is not..

Additionally, President Obama sabotaged the ability of his successor President Trump to defend himself, justify his actions, and/or to reverse the insanity the Obama Presidency had unleashed upon us. He did it all, by plagiarizing, castrating, substituting, and reversing the only method or algorithm (Einstein’s Algorithm) in existence that President Trump could have used to justify himself and scientifically reverse the damage Obama had done.

I have described precisely how President Obama committed his REAL Crime and covered it up by perpetrating the REAL Obamagate Hoax, in my upcoming book on the subject that I shall publish imminently. An abstract of it can be viewed in my Blog titled The REAL Obama Crime And The REAL Obamagate Hoax.

The REAL Obama Crime was the founding of his 2008 Campaign and his Presidency on a FAKE “Einstein’s definition of insanity” that he plagiarized from the internet and used without confirming its validity. That was something he should have done, if he were the honest and upright candidate he would like Americans to believe he was.

The problem with the definition of insanity Obama plagiarized and used, was the fact that it was the opposite of what it should and would have been, had Einstein really authored it using the REAL concepts of physics and relativity!

Einstein discovered relativity from his mind-bogglingly successful effort to eliminate insanity that he foresaw, was developing in theoretical physics. It was an insanity caused by the development of “seemingly insoluble problems” in physics that his predecessors could solve using common sese and conventional wisdom.

"Seemingly insoluble problems" are problems no one can solve using common sense and conventional wisdom, the methods that everyone uses to solve all problems.

Obama’s reversal of Einstein’s method for solving “seemingly insoluble problems” and elimination of the insanity they cause in physics, and the use of the FAKE products of his plagiarism, to solve the country's “seemingly insoluble problems," caused an equally mind-boggling insanity to explode in America the day his Presidency ended.

Rep. Maxine Waters blamed this insanity on President Trump the day he got elected before he could say or do a thing! She promised to get him impeached for it, and she did. Not once, but twice!

That is the scientific reason why President Trump must be considered to have been impeached twice for a crime committed by President Obama!

The saga Rep. Waters set in motion continued unabated throughout the Trump Presidency, in which President Trump got accused of having caused the January 6th insurrection. But the scientific fact is, the January 6th "insurrection" occurred for
the January 6th investigation because the so-called “January 6th Insurrection” occurred for one reason, one scientific reason alone.

The January 6th “insurrection” occurred because President Obama and his supporters in the media had deprived President Trump and his followers and all Americans, of the only algorithm they had, to prove that fraud had occurred during the campaign BEFORE the voting began. That made the actual number of votes cast i.e., “the popular vote,” immaterial, because it is impossible to determine after the event, how many of those votes had been procured under false pretenses.

Our Founding Fathers had not envisioned crimes or hoaxes of the kind President Obama had committed and perpetrated. But they had provided for such eventualities by including safeguards to prevent them such as the incorporation in the decision-making process, of filters like the Electoral College, certification by the Vice President, and the Supreme Court, and if all of them failed, by having the President invoke his/her oath
of office, to “Uphold the Constitution of the United States ‘to the best of my abilities!’”

“Engaging in the pursuit of perfection,” defined as “doing things to the best of ones abilities,” is what they used to do in those days to prevent “seemingly insoluble problems” from developing because Einstein had not yet discovered and developed his Algorithm or method.

In the case of the REAL Obama Crime, President Obama abrogated his oath before taking it by committing the crime himself during his campaign. In addition, he abrogated it in real time, by covering up his REAL Crime, by perpetrating the REAL Obamagate Hoax.

Since the electoral College, Vice President Pence, and he Chief Justice failed to appreciate and address the consequences of President Obama's crimes that were obvious to President Trump’s sixth sense and to those of his protesting supporters, he was justified in not asking them to go home until the process was over.

Besides, President Trump had envisioned a riot outside the Capitol regardless of who had won the election. If he had won, there would have been a riot by the Democrats that would have beebn as bad as, if not worse than the one that took place. In anticipation, he had offered the protection of the National Guard preemptively, but this was declined by Speaker Pelosi, and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser who seem to lack the ability to predict and prevent disasters required to survive in a Digitized, Computerized, Nuclear World of today, a world in which disasters strike at warp speed and and have deadly consequences, and need to be addressed preemptively, not after they have occurred.

President Trump had done what his oath of office required him to do. The person who abrogated that oath was President Obama and therefore, he, President Obama, is the one who should be held responsible for everything that went wrong in America since his Presidency ended, and that includes the January 6th riot!

President Obama cannot claim ignorance of Einstein’s Algorithm because he was informed about it and warned of the consequences of using the wrong definition of insanity he had used. He was informed as to what the right definition was, what Einstein’s Algorithm is, and how he could have used it to solve the country’s seemingly insoluble problems at warp speed and with perfection. This was done by yours truly, soon after President Obama had committed his blunder of adopting his FAKE definition as the foundation of his Presidency as described in my book. An abstract of it can be viewed at Therefore, I shall not repeat it here.

I think I have disclosed more than enough information from my book to justify my statement that Americans must have this information before voting at the next election and that the January 6th Committee must have this information before convicting President Trump of a crime committed by President Obama.

I am willing to testify under oath to everything I have said here, and at my website, and to produce documented evidence to substantiate my statements whenever possible. I said whenever possible because it is humanly impossible to produce “evidence” to prove the validity of algorithms that predict the future like Einstein’ Algorithm and my derivatives of it, ACTINEMAS and ASET.

The validity of such algorithms can and must be established by the materializations of their predictions. Algorithms that solve seemingly insoluble problems do so by predicting their occurrence and preventing them. Therefore, their validity cannot be determined by using common sense and conventional wisdom based “evidence” that will only become available AFTER the event/disaster has occurred. This is the fundamental fallacy of President Obama’s philosophy. It was responsible for all his failures.

President Trump overcame the obstacles placed in his way by the Obama Presidency by using his gut sense and his super-successful businessmen’s algorithm known as “the hostile take-over of failing businesses to make them work and be super successful.”

I challenge President Obama to refute anything I have said here, in my book, and in my blogs. I challenge him to debate me anywhere, anytime, anyway, and refute my statements, provided he agrees to confess and right the wrong he has done if he loses that debate.

It would be better still, for hm, to just confess and redeem himself and do the right thing that Einstein’s Algorithm requires him to do. If he does that, he would have created a legacy he could be somewhat proud of, that of the President who made a mistake, owned up to it, corrected it, and helped solve all the seemingly insoluble problems his predecessors could not solve.

Otherwise, Einstein's Algorithm predicts that he will go down in history as a garden variety plagiarist who ruined his country and his civilization and no prediction made by using Einstein's Algorithm correctly, had been proven wrong yet.

I shall conclude by saying that the January 6th Committee must depose President Obama, Francis Collins, and Prof. Bargmann, the Leaders of his B.R.A.I.N. Mapping Initiative who flushed Einstein’s Algorithm down the drain as ‘a red herring” to cover up the REAL Obama CRIME, and your truly, before it makes any decision about President Trump.


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