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Romney Has A Scientific Chance Of Being A Successful President, Obama Has Only Luck On His Side

November 3, 2012

Gov. Romney has a scientific, mathematical and biological chance of being a successful President based on Einstein's Philosophy for Success because he promises to strive for bipartisanship whereas President Obama has only luck on his side because he has given up on the concept as evidenced by the facts that he has not mentioned the word during this campaign and that he failed to accomplish it during his first term.

Einstein’s Philosophy for success at solving problems consisted of recognizing opposing factors and forces and unifying them using shared commonalities. In democratic governance the shortcut for using Einstein’s Philosophy is bipartisanship.

Einstein’s Philosophy consisted of asking and answering three questions “What does it look like? What does it sound like? and What does it feel like? using ones senses, instruments and mathematics and unifying the nine answers using the laws of physics as shared commonalities. The answers to the “look like?” and the “feel like?” questions provide the opposites and he answers to the “sound like?” question provides the commonalities.

Einstein realized that the pillars of conventional wisdom, common sense in everyday life, Newton’s physics in science and Euclid’s geometry in mathematics always fail eventually and that this can be remedied by taking the opposites of these factors into account in decision-making by the unification process he defined. These considerations give Gov. Romney a mathematical scientific and biological chance for success whereas President Obama has only luck on his side!

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