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The State Of The Union Demands A Constitutional Ammendment To Make Bipartisanship Mandatory In Democratic Governance

In his State of the Union Address, President Obama complimented the armed forces on its unity and its efficiency and lamented the fact that we are unable, as a nation, to unify and attain the same degree of efficiency while solving our problems. My question to President Obama is, “How can a country divided into two parties that engage in an intellectual mortal combat at every debate, ever unite to do anything, except by accidents of fate? Instead of lamenting our predicament, President Obama must accept responsibility for this state of affairs because it is his inaction in making “the change” he promised to make that is responsible for this state of our Union. He must do what it takes to remedy the situation in the time he has left if he wants to redeem himself.

However, President Obama deserves credit for having rightly recognized the fundamental reason for all our difficulties as being our inability to engage in bipartisanship while addressing matters of vital importance.

The only way this state of affairs will ever change is if an American President orchestrates a constitutional amendment that makes bipartisanship mandatory as the final step of all democratic decision making processes, once the debating phase is over. This will make debating what it should be, the discovery phase of decision-making and problem-solving, not their executive phase. Once all the facts that deserve to be taken into account have been discovered by debating, the problem must be solved by joint multi-partisan effort in a constructive atmosphere of discipline governed only by the laws of nature, not in the destructive atmosphere of chaos and raw emotion that prevail during a debate. (

Our Constitution was written by our founding fathers at a time when information travelled at the velocity of the pony and everything happened very slowly. Consequently, our forefathers had the luxury of taking their time while making their decisions. Now, in our digital age, information travels at the velocity of light and everything happens very fast. We have to make decisions at lightning speed just to avoid disasters but we have not yet compensated for this fact intellectually as we live our everyday lives and solve our problems. Failure to do this is the fundamental cause for all our current difficulties. ( The only way we can remedy this situation is by amending the constitution to address this deficiency.

The transformation from the age of the horse, buggy and the Pony Express to the digital age of the internet was initiated by Einstein who imploded the physics of his time (Newtonian Physics) when it stopped working and rebuilt a revitalized far more potent next-generation version of it (relativity) by recognizing the role of the velocity of light in physics that Newton had ignored. Einstein’s work propelled civilization to its current level of scientific development, that of the digital age. The problem is that no one has effected this transition in the world outside the world of physics by duplicating in our world of everyday life the change Einstein effected in the world of physics. It is the job of the American President, as the leader of the free world, to recognize this problem and remedy it by imploding in our world of everyday life, the intellectual bomb Einstein imploded
Einstein’s I-Bomb) and reorganize democracy, the physics of problem-solving in the everyday life of democratic governance. This will propel Democratic governance into the digital age and maximize the efficiency of democratic problem-solving and decision-making. It is the only thing that will deliver us from our current impasse (

Such an Amendment to our Constitution is “The Change” President Obama should have made as the first thing he did after getting elected, the change he promised to make, the change he has not even talked about after his victory. (

We are a democracy, a government of the people for the people by the people, and the only way an American President is ever going to make such a change is if and when we Americans recognize the need for it and demand that our President make it. We Americans must recognize this need now and demand this change of our next President as the requirement for him to get elected because this is the only time an American President will ever listen to ordinary citizens.

In my opinion, President Obama does not deserve to be re-elected because he recognized the need for making a change and promised to make it but failed to deliver on his promise. His transgression would have been forgivable if he did not know what the change was and had initiated a debate to define it. The fact that he ignored multiple efforts ( to draw his attention to Einstein’s scientific and mathematical solution to the problem, the only one in existence that he could have implemented with surgical precision, is unpardonable. Mr. Obama, if he wants to get re-elected, must tell us how he plans to deliver on the promise that got him elected in the first place by initiating this process in the time he has left. If he does not get re-elected as a result of this, at least, he can have the consolation of being the greatest one-term President, the President who had courage to do the one thing a world leader had to do but no one had the guts or the gumption to do it! If he does not deliver on the promise that got him elected last time, how can we believe anything he promises in his re-election campaign?

The Republican candidates must agree to make the same change if elected and tell us during the remaining debates how they are going to use their entrepreneurial ingenuity, the driving force of their party, to improve upon the concept of bipartisanship and how they are going to implement it to maximize governmental efficiency in the future instead of dwelling on the past and destroying one another’s reputation and credibility. It is impossible to cut taxes and reduce the size of the government by simply slashing taxes and reducing the size of the government without making the fundamental change in philosophy required to make it work. Republicans must stop insulting the intelligence of the American people and their own intelligence by telling everyone that simply reducing the size of the government and slashing taxes will make everything else take care of itself and believing this concept themselves. The days when this would happen are long gone. If we want to reduce the size of our government and cut its cost effectively, we must make the fundamental change in philosophy that Einstein made and maximize the efficiency of the way we think and do everything. The moment we do this, the need for government will decrease and the cost of doing business will also decrease. Then, and only then, will we be able to shrink the size of the government and reduce taxes safely, effectively and permanently. If we do anything else, the need for governmental control and taxes will only increase. The only way a Republican President will be able to maximize the efficiency of our government will be by making bipartisanship mandatory in all democratic decision-making processes and the candidate who wins the Republican nomination must sell this idea to the American People using his salesmanship skills in the debates that remain.

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