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All The Experimental And Phenomenological Evidence Validating Relativity, From The Michelson-morley Experiment To E=mc², Accounted For Based On Newtonian Physics, Actinemas And The Ubiquitous Occurrence Of Black Holes

October 3, 2011


Summary: This is the third letter in the series of four hypothetical letters Newton would have written to Einstein if they had met and discussed relativity on a previous occasion. In this letter, “Newton” will account for all the evidence that confirms the validity of relativity from the Michelson-Morley Experiment to e=mc² based on Newtonian Physics, black holes and white holes, and the constancy of the velocity of time. In his first letter, “Newton” unified relativity with Newtonian physics using the velocity of time as the unifying commonality. In his second letter, “Newton” accounted for black holes, white holes and wormholes of astronomy based on Newtonian Physics, the experiences of everyday life and the constancy of the velocity of time. In this letter, “Newton” will account for all remaining phenomena considered as evidence of the validity of relativity, based on the Newtonian physics explanation for black holes and white holes and the fact that they are ubiquitous in their occurrence.

Dear Professor Einstein;

In my last letter, I accounted for white holes, black holes and wormholes based on Newtonian Physics and the experiences of everyday life. In that letter, I agreed with Trivikram’s contention that white holes are images of stars dissociated from their sources and “Dopplerized” and enlarged due to blurring, and that black holes are Dopplerized images of dark bodies of stars, dissociated from their images and rendered visible by background illumination provided by white holes of more distant stars. We did what we did in the last letter by taking the first six steps ofACTINEMAS. In this letter, we shall account for all the evidence that supports the validity of special relativity, from the null result of the Michelson-Morley Experiment to e=mc², based on Newtonian Physics, black holes and white holes, by taking the remaining four steps of ACTINEMAS beginning with Step No. 7.

Step No. 7: The seventh step of ACTINEMAS requires us to look at relativity with our minds’ eyes. We must do this by asking and answering the question; “What would we see, if we could see everything that was going on in the phenomena that confirm the validity of relativity that we cannot see at present?”

We shall begin to do this by “looking” at the Michelson-Morley Experiment, its null result and the atomic clock and the “loss of time” by such clocks in motion at high velocities, with our minds’ eyes. These two experiments provide the most conclusive experimental evidence for the Lorentz contraction/transformation and time dilation, two of the fundamental postulates of the theory of relativity. This will also reveal how we could do the same for the rest of relativity.

Towards this end, we must recognize a fundamental difference between instruments that use beams of light as monitoring agents such as interferometers and Atomic clocks, and instruments that do not use beams of light as monitoring agents such as rulers and Swiss movement watches. In the latter, all the components of the instrument including all moving parts remain anchored to the base of the instrument or to one another at least at one point, all the time. This insures that all components of the instrument move as a whole when the instrument moves. In the former, the monitoring components, the beams of light, are free floating. There is no fixation of any kind between them and the base of the instrument and/or its frame. As a result, when such an instrument moves, the solid components move with the base leaving the beams of light behind. This results in a physical disruption of the instrument, a separation or “dissociation” between the “hardware” of the instrument, its solid components, and its “software,” its monitoring components, the beams of light. This phenomenon is identical to the dissociation of the dark bodies of stars from their white holes. Such “dissociation,” transforms the beams of light and the interference fringes in instruments like the Michelson interferometer in the Michelson Morley Experiment, into free-floating “white holes.” The hardware of the interferometer becomes a moving mass of “dark matter.” Since the velocity of the interferometer is small, compared to the velocity of light, the displacement of the body of the interferometer relative to its white hole will be small. Most of the body of the interferometer will continue to share space with its white hole as a relatively large wormhole and deceive the unsuspecting observer into believing that the instrument is still intact and functional. However, the ends of the interferometer pointing in the direction of motion, where the reflecting mirrors are, will “protrude” beyond the white hole into what is functionally an observational black hole and these ends will escape monitoring by the white hole. Any displacements of the reflecting mirrors caused by the motion of the earth and the turning of the instrument will go undetected as they occur within the observational black hole of the moving interferometer.

The set of fringes that the observer sees is 2d/c sec old where d is the length of each limb of the interferometer and c is the velocity of light. These fringes tell the observer what went on 2d/c sec ago in the past, the way things were before the interferometer started moving with the earth’s motion and before the experimenters started turning the instrument, not what is going to happen to the interferometer and its fringes after it has turned which is what the experimenters wanted to know. Mathematically, this is equivalent to the duration 2d/c being fixed as a constant secondarily by the primary constancy of the velocity of time. One could hypothetically accomplish the same end mathematically by considering the velocity of light to be constant, as you did, but then one will have to resort to creatively inventing phenomena as you did when you creatively invented the concepts such as the Lorentz contraction and dilation of time, phenomena for which there are no mechanical explanations. If we consider the velocity of time as the primary constant, we will not have to make any assumptions or creatively invent any concepts except to say that Michelson and Morley should never have expected to see a fringe displacement from their experiment in the first place. If the Michelson interferometer were to be travelling at a very high velocity, it would fly away from its white hole like the supersonic plane that flies away from its sound and what we have just said would become obvious.

Likewise, the loss of time by the atomic clock in motion occurs because motion of the clock causes its “software” the monitoring beam of light, to dissociate from its hardware, the gas chamber containing the vibrating particles of cesium or ammonia. This makes the monitoring beam of light a white hole, and the chamber and its particles of gas, a body of dark matter. The white hole will continue to monitor the part of the black body of the chamber that continues to share space with it but the white hole will not be able to monitor the part of the chamber projecting beyond the white hole in the direction of motion into the observational black hole. It would be as though the chamber had contracted by an amount given by the Lorentz transformation. At the other end of the clock, the white hole will project beyond the confines of the chamber where it will have nothing to monitor, making the white hole act as though it had “dilated.” The monitoring beam of light will interpret these changes to mean that a contraction in the length of the chamber had occurred along with, a reduction in the number of monitored particles. The displacement of the white hole relative to each particle will seem to the monitoring white hole, to be a relative increase in the measured amplitude of the particles and a relative decrease in the frequency of their vibration. The net result of all these changes is that the atomic clock will loose time by the amount correctly predicted by your mathematics.

Hypothetically, if we could make a Swiss movement clock that could measure nanoseconds, it will not loose time no matter how fast it travelled. Likewise, the biological clock of people moving at high velocities, will not loose time and there is no biological reason to assume that their owners will age more slowly with motion as predicted by the mathematics of relativity.

In the Fizeau experiment, the moment the Fizeau made the water flow, he caused a dissociation of his refractometer into its three basic components, a monitoring white hole, a dark body monitored by it, and a black hole into which a part of the dark body of the refractometer protruded. This immediately compromised the ability of the white hole to monitor the part of the dark body that was in the observational black hole thereby reducing the observed fringe displacement by the amount accurately assessed by your mathematical estimation.

The red shift of spectral lines of elements seen in spectra of light from distant stars occurs because light from these stars is pre-Dopplerized, as the Doppler Effect has already altered it and white holes are essentially blurred composite images of stars spread out in the direction of relative motion between the earth and the star. This “Dopplerization” will result in an apparent increase in the amplitude of the vibrations of particles of elements and a corresponding decrease in their frequencies similar to what happens in an atomic clock. Dopplerization of the source of a spectrum will therefore manifest itself as a red shift of its spectral lines.

Step 8: The eighth step of ACTINEMAS requires us to listen to relativity using our mind’s ears. You have already done this using mathematics to listen to what you could not hear with your ears and discovered the relativistic Doppler Effect confirming the fact that relativity is a manifestation of the Doppler Effect as it affects perception of light from distant sources and when there is relative motion between sources, observers and monitors.

Step 9: The ninth step of ACTINEMAS requires us to feel relativity with our minds. We have to do this by asking and answering the question; “What would the things we see, feel like if we were able to feel them? To meet the requirements of this step, we must “feel” white holes, dark matter and black holes with our minds. We have already done this in our last letter when we “felt” white holes, dark matter, and black holes with our minds assisted by using gravity by recognizing the fact that gravity can act like a long stick and function as an extension of our fingers.

To complete the process of feeling relativity with the fingers of our minds, we must “feel” one more entity and that is “a beam of light.” That brings me to the one question of ACTINEMAS that you did not ask and answer that you should have asked and answered. Asking and answering that question is the next thing we must do at this point in the evolution of relativity. I shall deal with that question and its answer in my next letter. In this letter, I shall complete the process of accounting for the remaining phenomena that confirm the validity of relativity based on Newtonian Physics and the ubiquitous occurrence of black holes and white holes.

The Advancement of the Perihelion of Mercury: The observed advancement of the perihelion of Mercury in its orbit is due to fact that the “dark body” of Mercury is always ahead of its white hole. This becomes obvious with the use a more reliable method of detecting the exact location of the dark body of the planet. Such methods consist of using a tactile method involving direct contact via a probing satellite, or by detection of gravity. These methods tell us where the dark body of Mercury is, as opposed to visual methods that tell us where its white hole is located.

The ‘increase in the mass” of particles with motion: The increase in the mass of particles in motion at high velocities observed in linear accelerators is a manifestation of the fact that white holes of the particles in motion will always seem to be larger than the tangible sizes of the particles themselves because of “Dopplerization.” The increase in weight is what this apparent increase in size will apparently feel like.

The visualization of stars behind the sun during solar eclipse occurs because the “Dopplerization” of the white hole of the sun makes it larger than its dark matter and causes it to eclipse the stars behind it. During the solar eclipse, when the white hole disappears, the stars behind it become visible.

The apparent increase in the lifetime of muons in motion could be a manifestation of the fact that the dark bodies of muons are always ahead of where their white holes seem to be. As a result, a muon count using an electromagnetic method of counting white holes from a distance will give a lower count than that given by tangible method of counting their dark bodies, the latter being more reliable and giving a more accurate count that will be larger count than the former. The recent detection of neutrinos travelling at velocities greater than that of light may offer another explanation for this phenomenon. If it is possible for neutrinos to travel faster than light, there is no reason why muons cannot do the same and if muons can travel faster than light, it will explain why more muons make it to the earth in their short lifetimes.

E=mc² represents the maximized Dopplerization of heat and light emitted by subatomic particles travelling at velocities approaching the velocity of light. It is to light and electromagnetic transmission of energy, what the sonic boom is to sound transmission and the sonic boom of the supersonic plane. It is a Dopplerized manifestation of a “photo-thermal flash.”

Step 10: At this point, to take the tenth step of ACTINEMAS requires us to unify all the information we have obtained by taking the last nine steps using one or more commonalities shared by all of them. Those constants are the constant invariant inertial velocity of time or the velocity of time, and the laws of physics and biology. These commonalities are common to everything in existence from relativity to Newtonian Physics and the experiences of everyday life and biology. The velocity of time makes all other constants of Newtonian Physics and relativity constant secondary to it. The constant invariant velocity of time makes the velocity of light (and sound) constant in situations where light (and sound) signals transmit information between inertial frames. It works by fixing as a constant the duration required for signals travelling with inertial velocities between inertial frames of reference and thereby causes disassociation of signals from their sources followed by their “Dopplerization” when the sources of the signals move with their own inertial velocities. This in turn, is responsible for the development of observational white holes, black holes and wormholes when objects that emit light travel at high velocities and/or are at located at great distances from the observer. As all these events occur, they do so in accordance with the laws of physics and biology, laws that are the same everywhere and for everything. Since we have accounted for all of relativity based on these commonalities, we must consider relativity unified with the rest of human knowledge and experience.

That concludes my unification of Relativity with Newtonian Physics and everything else in life.

I shall tell you where I think we must go from here and my thoughts concerning the ninth step of ACTINEMAS in my next letter.

I am in the hypotheses of science and life,

Yours sincerely

“Isaac Newton.”

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