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Impeachment Of Trump By House Is Scientific Insanity

DECEMBER 19, 2019

If Einstein were alive today, he would say, “The Impeachment of President Trump by the House of Representatives was scientific INSANITY!"

Here are the ten reasons why he would say so;

1. President Trump is the only one in the world who is trying to do the one thing someone must do at this point in the evolution of our Democracy, our country, and our civilization and that is to make in America the paradigm shift Einstein made in physics.

2. Einstein made his paradigm shift to nip in the bud, reverse, and eliminate INSANITY that was beginning to develop in physics and prevent it from ever recurring, the best kept secret University Professors of conventional thinking have concealed from the world.

3. INSANITY is consuming every aspect of life in America and the world today and nothing anyone is doing is making any difference. Therefore, if anyone is ever to reverse and eliminate this INSANITY and prevent it from recurring, someone must make in America the paradigm shift Einstein made in physics. It is the only method known, for reversing, eliminating and preventing INSANITY with near-total success, and to do it scientifically.

4. Ex-President Obama, when he was Candidate Obama, was smart enough to realize the above fact and its three components; (a) That INSANITY would supervene if the next President (he) did not solve the “problems his predecessors had been unable to solve using conventional thinking for decades.” (b) That the problems he would have to solve if elected, were identical to the problems Einstein solved in that they were all “problems their predecessors had been unable to solve for decades, using conventional thinking.” (c) That he would have to make a paradigm shift in America to solve the “problems that seem insoluble” he would have to solve. He stated this fact when he said and promised “we have to change the way we did business in America.”

5. Unfortunately, President Obama was, is a die-hard plagiarist to the core who lives, breathes and spews plagiarism. If he was the honest man with impeccable character he pretends to be, he would have given Einstein credit for having discovered and developed “Einstein’s Algorithm” for making paradigm shifts, answering unanswerable questions, solving seemingly insoluble problems and reversing and preventing INSANITY. These are things nothing else can do. If he was an honest man with impeccable character, he would have used Einstein’s algorithm legitimately. He would have duplicated Einstein’s paradigm shift in America. He would have solved the country’s “problems that had seemed insoluble to his predecessors for decades” as the first thing he did upon assuming office. He would have nipped in the bud and reversed the INSANITY that was beginning to develop in America at that time, reversed it, prevented it from blossoming into the current INSANITY and from ever recurring. And he would have duplicated Einstein’s success in America.

6. The plagiarist in Obama made him do what all plagiarists do. They plagiarize and destroy everything they touch. It made him plagiarize everything that appealed to him beginning with the ten brilliant steps of the algorithm Einstein used to make his paradigm shift and ending with the plagiarism and destruction by reversal of algorithm itself. President Obama modified all the ideas he stole from Einstein (plagiarism is theft of words and ideas) and made them conform to and justify his personal opinions, hopes, desires and political needs. In the process, he transformed Einstein’s brilliant concepts into “catch 22” propositions that could only spin out of control and cause INSANITY if anyone acted upon them. Then, he acted upon those concepts upon getting elected. Thus, he made in America, a FAKE version of Einstein’s paradigm shift that was the opposite of the one he would have made had he used Einstein’s original algorithm. Acting upon his scientifically FAKE, “catch-22” propositions in his efforts to solve the country’s seemingly insoluble problems, sent everything he touched into a tailspin to failure, disaster, and INSANITY. And that is how President Obama caused the INSANITY that prevailed the moment he left office. This is the INSANITY for which the Democratic Party wanted to impeach President Trump the moment he got elected. It is the INSANITY for which they have just impeached him in the House!

7. When President Obama realized his blunder, towards the end of his first term, he realized had to cover-up his criminal act of plagiarism and reversal of a scientific concepts for personal and political benefit that had gone seriously wrong. He had to reverse the damage he had done. He had to get someone to make the paradigm shift he had promised to make but was incapable of making. He had no legacy to leave for posterity as he had accomplished nothing worthy of note! He killed all these birds with one stone in his first act of his second term. He commissioned, sponsored, financed and authorized Prof. Cori Bargmann of Rockefeller, to perform an experiment “to discover the algorithm the brain uses to think, and use it to catalyze a paradigm shift in America that would turn the country around.” If her experiment worked, it would prove the FAKE algorithm he had used to solve the country’s problems was right because it was also the algorithm she had used as the foundation of her experiment. Unfortunately for President Obama, her experiment failed as Einstein’s algorithm predicted it would. It proved the veracity of Einstein’s Algorithm and the fallacy of his!

8. When her experiment failed, Prof. Bargmann should have blown the whistle on President Obama’s criminal act of plagiarism and reversal of scientific concepts for personal and political benefit, the REAL Obama Crime. She should have required him to confess to his crime and redeem himself by affording to Einstein’s Algorithm the recognition it deserved as the algorithm used by the brain of a genius to think at peak efficiency to do things no one else has been able to duplicate for decades. She should have insisted Obama use Einstein’s algorithm to reverse the damage he had done. If he refused, as a University Professor of repute, she should have recommended his impeachment for his criminal act of plagiarism and modification of a scientific concept for personal and political benefit at the expense of everything and everyone else. Instead, she blamed the failure of her experiment on Einstein’s algorithm and flushed it down the drain as a “red herring!” Thus, she deprived President Trump, us and the world of the algorithm we need to reverse the INSANITY President Obama has unleashed on us!

9. President Trump does not have Einstein’s algorithm at his disposal for use to reverse the INSANITY Obama has caused because its parts lie buried at the bottom of the swamps of Washington and the Sewers of New York where President Obama and Prof. Bargmann have dumped them.

10. If President Trump had Einstein’s algorithm at his disposal, all he would have to say, to justify everything he has said and done so far scientifically, using his gut sense, and end the impeachment trial before it begins, is to say that everything he has said and done so far is justified by the fact that they are what Einstein’s algorithm for solving problems that seem insoluble required him to say and do. No one is above the laws and rules of science and that includes Nancy Pelosi and everyone else who opposes President Trump and supports his impeachment.

President Obama said correctly when he was still a candidate; “We must change the way we do business in America if we are to solve our seemingly insoluble problems.” President Trump is trying to do what President Obama promised to do but did not do. He is trying to make an Einsteinian paradigm shift in the way we do business in America. And that includes the way we supply aid to foreign countries, and the way we deal with character flaws like plagiarism and nepotism personified by himself and his plagiarist-nepotist Vice-President who have in addition, a total disregard for laws and rules of all kinds, those of nature and those made by people. This is why the impeachment of President Trump by the Democratic Party is scientific INSANITY.

The above is based on information contained in my book titled “The REAL Obama Crime.” that is in the process of being published and will be released imminently.

I am releasing this information at this time with the hope that it will help eliminate any chance there may be of the impeachment of President Trump at the Senate trial as that would be the greatest tragedy that could befall this country.

Until my book is published, those who want to review ALL the evidence supporting ALL the statements made above, can find it archived as a blog titled “Obamagate, The Evidence” at


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