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We Must Not Repeal Obama Care, We Must Implode It Using Einstein’s I-bomb And Make It Maximally Efficient Using Actinemas

Gov. Mitt Romney, or the next Republican President of America, and all Americans who think rationally, must not work towards repealing the health care law (Obama Care). We have expended too much time, effort and resources to enact it and held the health of Americans hostage long enough waiting for health care reform. Instead, we must amend it and make it the best it could be. To do this, we must first implode President Obama’s one thousand-page Health Care Law that is doomed to be maximally inefficient and fail eventually, using the Intellectual Bomb that Einstein used to implode physics when it stopped working and failed (Einstein’s I-Bomb). Then we must rebuild it as a single page “Health Care Bill of Rights” using the ten steps of ACTINEMAS, the algorithm that Einstein used to rebuild physics in the form of relativity, the one line version of physics that worked with explosive efficiency.

The next Republican President of America will have to do this because the chances that President Obama will take this step if re-elected is nil as he had the opportunity to do it in the last three years, was informed of the importance of doing it repeatedly but chose not to do it every time.

If we do with health care delivery what Einstein did with physics, we will get a “Health Care Bill of Rights.” This Bill will consist of ten particulars that will address issues and solve problems in health care delivery with the maximum efficiency that is humanly possible to attain. Such a “Health Care Bill of Rights,” will make health care delivery in America as efficient as it is humanly possible to make it by insuring that everyone who has anything to do with health care will ask and answer the same ten questions of ACTINEMAS that doctors must ask and answer every time they make a decision to do anything as they deliver health care.

The Health Care Bill of Rights will serve as a classical example of minimum governance being maximally efficient at least in one area of human interest, that of health care delivery, a concept the Republican Party has touted as long as I can remember but has not been able to deliver in a single instance as yet. It could serve as an example for future legislation.

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