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The Real Obama Crime And The Real Obamagate Hoax

August 29, 2022

This is a preview of a book titled “The Real Obama Crime” that I shall be publishing imminently. It is an updated version of the preview I posted on September 26, 2018, when the Kavanaugh hearings were going on. In that, I had said I would publish my book “imminently” too, but I could not because of continued developments that warranted updating of my book.

The REAL Obama Crime has done all the damage it could, and my book is almost ready for publication, and I shall be really publishing it soon.

I am releasing this new preview because the January 6th Committee must have the following information from my book, to prevent them from indicting and punishing President Trump for a crime committed by Sen. Obama, during the 2008 Presidential election that enabled him additionally, to steal the 2008 Presidential election from Sen McCain, cover up his REAL Crime by perpetrating a scientific hoax during his second term and return after retirement to give an encore performance that enabled his ailing V.P. Joe Biden to steal the 2020 Presidential Election by sabotaging President Trump’s ability to defend himself. Additionally, he enabled his ailing Vice President by blaming President Trump as if he were the perpetrator!

Here is the story the January 6th Committee, all Americans, and Rep. Liz Cheney, leaders of that Committee, must know to prevent a gross miscarriage of justice from happening All the required details are in my book, but I am willing to testify under oath if asked to do so as to the veracity of everything I shall say here, i have said in my book, and at my website and produce the required documentation whenever it is available.

I have named this crime of Obama’s, as the REAL Obama Crime to distinguish it from the many others he has been accused of having committed that have not been proven with scientific evidence the way I have proven this one in my book.

Ironically, he has not been charged with having committed his REAL Crime even though it has destroyed everything that was desirable about America and made everything undesirable about it, explode exponentially.

I have named the hoax he perpetrated to cover up his REAL Crime as the “REAL Obamagate Hoax” to distinguish it from the other Obamagates he has been accused of having perpetrated.

The REAL Obama Crime was the founding of his 2008 Campaign and his prospective Presidency if elected, upon a FAKE “Einstein’s definition of insanity” that Einstein never authored. It was the opposite of what it would have been, had Einstein really authored it using the REAL concepts of his theory of relativity (TOR).

This blunder of his, forced Obama to plagiarize and reverse all ten of the brilliant concepts Einstein used as the steps of “Einstein’s Algorithm,” the method, Einstein used to do all the incredible things he did.

That raises the question as to how a person who did not know the difference between Einstein’s REAL definition of insanity and its FAKE version that he plagiarized from the internet, plagiarize all the remaining concepts of Einstein’s to perpetrate such a perfect scientific hoax?

That is where the REAL Obama Crime becomes a personal crime against yours truly, me! It is what makes my book a real-life “#MeToo” report of a non-sexual nature, a criminal misuse of power by the most powerful person on planet earth, a sitting American President, against a defenseless American citizen.

Here is how it happened, and its irrefutable scientific evidence, is what my book is all about. Here is my story, “in a nutshell.”

As Sen. Obama was committing his REAL Crime in broad daylight, on the stage of the 2008 Democrat Party Convention at Denver CO., while accepting his Party’s nomination for the upcoming Presidential election, I happened to be listening.

I was a surgeon who had acquired a working knowledge of Einstein’s theory of relativity (TOR) and Einstein’s Algorithm before becomming a surgeon. Einstein’s Algorithm was the set of steps or method that Einstein used and/or took, to solve all the “seemingly insoluble problems” the geniuses who preceded him could not solve using conventional thinking for decades.

Conventional thinking was and remains the method everyone uses to solve all problems.

My familiarity with Einstein’s Algorithm, and the surgeons’ Algorithm, the method surgeons use to do everything they do as they solve the seemingly insoluble problems of surgical practice, had made me realize that the two algorithms are the same. There were minor differences that I eliminated by unifying the two and eliminating duplication. Thus I had obtained a ten-step algorithm I called ACTINEMAS, and its four step shortcut I had named ASET! Additionally, I had trademarked ACTINEMAS before talking about it openly to prevent plagiarism.

My discovery had made me realize that Einstein, surgeons, and the American President have one thing in common. All the problems they must solve, will always be problems no one else can solve using conventional thinking!

It followed logically, that American Presidents should be able to solve all the seemingly insoluble problems they have to solve, like winning the war on terrorism, fostering by partisanship in Congress and solving the medical malpractice crisis to make health care delivery in America the best it could be, using Einstein’s Algorithm. Since that is the same as my Surgeons’ Algorithm, I felt most qualified to give President Bush a crash course on how he could use Einstein’s Algorithm vicariously by using my Surgeons Algorithm to think like a genius and act with the diligence of a surgeon while solving the country’s seemingly insoluble problems and give results that ought to be as stunning as the ones Einstein gave us in science!

I was in the process of writing an open letter to President G.W. Bush giving him the above information when I heard Obama committing his REAL crime in real time!

It was for me, a “say something when you see/hear something” moment.

I had just seen and heard Candidate Obama promising to do something I knew, Einstein had predicted, would cause insanity, i.e., he was promising to use common sense to solve problems conventional thinking could not solve!

Einstein made the above statement when he discovered that “seemingly insoluble problems are caused by things (factors and forces) that are imperceptible to our senses i.e., we cannot see, hear, or feel them. That, Einstein realized, makes the information required to solve seemingly insoluble problems to be missing from common sense and conventional thinking because they are made up 100% of information we have obtained in the past using our senses of perception.

Einstein went on to discover that the attributes of the imperceptible are opposite to the attributes of the perceptible. That made it easy to determine the attributes of the imperceptible and gave Einstein the information he needed to discover his TOR and give us his Algorithm for solving seemingly insoluble problems at warp speed and with perfection.

Einstein’s Algorithm consisted of thinking, saying, and doing the opposite of everything dictated by common sense to solve all seemingly insoluble problems, followed by doing everything common sense dictates at warp speed with perfection to prevent all kinds of problems from recurring or developing, and repeating the process continuously as a slow “karate dance” of sorts. to go on succeeding in life And that, is Einstein’s Algorithm in a nut-shell.

Einstein defined common sense and the twentieth century conventional thinking of his time, as a collection of prejudices i.e., judgments and/or decisions made using incomplete information, dumped them they way all prejudice must be dumped and switched (made a paradigm shift) to using his Algorithm for solving all problems.

By plagiarizing the seps of Einstein’s Algorithm and reversing them, Obama made a paradigm shift that went in the opposite direction to Einstein’s. He went from using twenty-first century conventional thinking that everyone but politicians and lawyers like him, had upgraded using Einstein’s Algorithm, dumping it, and switching to using common sense that Einstein had dumped as prejudice! And that, in a nutshell, is how Obama caused prejudice and insanity to explode in America the day his Presidency ended.

Therefore, I added the names of Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain, to the letter I was writing to President Bush, gave the three of them a crash course on Einstein’s Algorithm, what its REAL steps were, and how the American President could use it to solve the country’s seemingly insoluble problems at warp speed and with perfection … like winning the war on terrorism, fostering bipartisanship in Congress on demand, and making American health care delivery, the best it could be..

I published my letter in newspapers and mailed copies to my addresses and archived it at my website where it can be viewed at

Obama did not respond to my letter, but I knew he had received and read it because he began plagiarizing, reversing, and using original ideas of Einstein’s and mine that existed only in my letter, almost verbatim, in his campaign speeches, from that point on!

On Oct 27, 2009, since President Obama was trying to ram Obamacare through a gridlocked Congress, instead of making the “BIG CHANGE” or Einsteinian paradigm shift, he had promised to make to get elected, I posted a video clip on YouTube titled “Einstein’s Bomb.”

My video did not deserve any awards for artistry as it was a selfie-video I made hastily, long before cell phones became available, but it scored a perfect 100% for having correctly predicted all the consequences of the “The REAL Obama Crime” and those of ramming Obamacare through a non-functional, dysfunctional, gridlocking Congress.

In that clip I requested President Obama to “Implode Einstein’s Intellectual Bomb (“Einstein’s I-Bomb”) In America” before reforming our health care delivery.

By that, I told him, I meant that he should make himself and every man, woman and child living in America, aware of Einstein’s work, and how he had solved seemingly insoluble problems that no one else could solve using common sense and conventional thinking, by using Einstein’s Algorithm, the method Einstein had used to do everything he did.

I warned him that failure to do this will make him fail at everything he attempted and convert the American Dream into an American nightmare for everyone. Obama ignored this recommendation, rammed Obamacare through Congress with the help of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and the American Dream has become the American nightmare I had predicted it would become not just in America, but in the whole world!

Obama did not respond to my video or to any of my follow-up letters.

I wrote him five more letters during his first term. He treated them same way he did the first one

Then, on April 3, 2010, as the first thing he did in his second term, President Obama announced he had appointed a “DREAM TEAM of University Professors and authorized the implementation of what he called his B.R.A.I.N. Mapping Initiative that we shall refer to simply as “BRAIN.”

All his “DREAM TEAM” members had one thing in common. They were people indebted to him for favors received! They were Prof. Francis Collins, his appointee as Head of the N.I.H., and Professors Cori Bargmann of Rockefeller, and William Newsom of Stanford, researchers whose work he promised to sponsor with hundreds of millions of dollars in public funds.

As I listened to Obama and the leaders of his DREAM TEAM describe his Initiative, I realized that they had plagiarized and modified and/or reversed, ALL thirty-five concepts of Einstein’s and mine that I had given Obama in my letters, while designing their “Initiative.”

The most convincing argument that proves that BRAIN was a plagiarized, bastardized, reversed, and substituted version of the fundamental recommendation of my “Letters” that had in addition, been castrated, and had had its active component (Einstein’s Algorithm) substituted with a dummy concept (Obama’s personal theory of common sense-baed-opinions) will become obvious on comparing Obama’s stated aim of BRAIN with the fundamental recommendation of all my letters.

The stated aim of BRAIN was “For Prof. Bargmann to ‘map the human brain as it functions (thinks) using the latest of technologies, for Prof. Collins to read Bargmann’s maps and ‘crack the code’ of the human brain and find the algorithm the brain uses to think “at the speed of thinking,” the way he had famously cracked the human genetic code. Then, Prof. Newsom was expected to ‘catalyze a paradigm shift in the way Americans thought and acted” as they did everything. That Obama said, would make Americans maximally efficient, innovative, and productive, stimulate the economy, create jobs, and making the American Dream come true for everyone. (N.Y. Times Report dated April 2, 2013, titled “Obama Unveils Brain Mapping Project”)

My recommendation to Obama in all my “Letters” was as follows: “Einstein’s Algorithm is the method the brain of a genius like Einstein, used to solve problems that had seemed insoluble to everyone else using conventional thinking. Therefore, we must consider it to be the algorithm the human brain uses to think at peak efficiency and at maximum speed. Therefore, I said the American President must make in America, the paradigm shift Einstein made in science and replace the use of conventional thinking for solving all problems, with the use of Einstein’s Algorithm. That I said, would enable all Americans to think like geniuses and act with the diligence of surgeons as they did everything. It would maximize their efficiencies, entrepreneurial spirits, enable everyone to succeed at everything at which success is possible and make the American Dream come true for everyone.

Comparing the two reveals that the former is a plagiarized, modified, bastardized, castrated, and substituted version of the latter as I have alleged.

Obama was cock sure Bargmann’s experiment would generate maps of the brain thinking, and that Collins would “discover” an algorithm that would justify his common-sense-based algorithm, but there were two problems with Obama’s grandiose scheme!

First was the fact that Einstein’s Algorithm predicted his Initiative had no chance of working because it was the contrary to everything dictated by his TOR., that determines the outcomes of everything in our DCN World.

Second was the fact that their Initiative was a trade-mark violation!

Unbeknownst to Obama and his DREAM TEAM, I had trademarked the algorithm I had described for Obama in my letters as ACTINEMASTM to prevent him from plagiarizing my ideas! That had made my letter, a sting operation, and he and his DREAM TEAM had just walked into the trap my letters had set for them!

Since I could not afford to sue the American President, the head of the NIH., for violting my trademark, I wrote a “cease and desist” request/order/petition titled “Obamagate, the Evidence” that can be viewed at

In it, I drew their attention to their trade-mark violation and requested them to cease and desist from trying to reinvent what Einstein had discovered and I had improved upon, credit Einstein, myself, and my father for teaching me the children’s version of the TOR, for what we had done, and right the wrong Obama had done and redeem themselves by making the correct paradigm shift in America.

Obama and the leaders of his DREAM TEAM did not respond but I never heard them mention anything about their Initiative until September 2015 by which time, a gridlocked Congress had denied funding Obama’s BRAIN Initiative. On that day, Prof. Bargmann called a private press conference that Cornelia Dreyfus reported on that can be viewed at Cori Bargmann Puts Her Mind to How the Brain Works - The New York Times (

At that press conference, Bargmann announced from the privacy of her home, on a weekend evening, that she had dumped Obama’s Initiative as “a red herring.” What she did not mention were the facts that a Congress, gridlocked from Obama’s failure to make the paradigm shift that would have prevented it, had failed to approve the funds Obama promised for her research. Nor did she mention the threat of legal action for trade-mark violation from yours truly.

The problem with what she did was that she had dumped Einstein’s Algorithm along with Obama’s FAKE Initiative as if it were dead fish!

Thus, she helped President Obama cover up “The REAL Obama Crime” but made its effects permanent by flushing down the drain as “a red herring,” the REAL algorithm Einstein used to prevent INSANITY in physics … the one President Trump, the FBI, the DOJ and all Americans, needed and need … to reverse the INSANITY created by President Obama and prevent it from recurring. We are not going to ever regain our sanity and indomitable drive to succeed as Americans, until we unify and reverse the disastrous consequences of “The REAL Obama Crime.”

As I was thinking about what to do next, Donald Trump showed up and started using his gut sense and his super-successful businessmen’s algorithm. He started to think, say and do things Einstein’s Algorithm required him to think say and do. He was able to start solving seemingly insoluble problems with remarkable successes, but he was unable to complete any of the things he started because he needed Einstein’s Algorithm and did not have it. I tried to convey this information to him through tweets and blogs but he did not respond.

My book traces the REAL Obama Crime from the time he committed his first blunder to the time he returned from retirement to help President Biden steal the 2022 election from President Trump and commit his latest blunder.

Before I recognize Obama’s latest and deadliest blunder of all, I must make the following disclaimer.

I have nothing against common sense, conventional thinking, opinions, beliefs, religions, or theories like political theories and especially, the Systemic Race Theory. They are all fact-finding algorithms or methods. They are NOT problem-solving tools. The problem with our world today is that everyone is using fact-finding or information gathering methods as problem-solving methods. Einstein’s Algorithm is the only problem-solving method/tool known to the human brain because it is the method our brains themselves use to solve problems. Using information gathering algorithms will go on adding more and more information until information overload occurs and smothers us. Einstein’s Algorithm will make all unnecessary information disappear in a flash, and then RESET the computers in our heads that our brains are to us and our bodies and solve our problems at warp speed and with perfection.

And that brings us to Obama’s last blunder. It was that of endorsing Biden’s paradigm shift of using the Systemic Race Theory for solving all problems. It was a blunder because the SRT is not a problem-solving tool, it is an information gathering tool that like all information gathering tools is a problem-creating tool. If it s the intent of the leaders of the woke generation, to wake their kids up and succeed in life, they must make an Einsteinian paradigm shift, not one to “wokism” because Einstein was the first woke kid on the block who was smarter that geniuses and shifting to his algorithm is what he did to make his world and ours the best it could be.

That is the information the January 6th Committee must have to prevent a miscarriage of justice.

As I have said earlier, I am willing to testify under oath to anything and everything I have said here, anywhere and everywhere, and produce documented evidence whenever it is available.

I shall conclude by saying that the January 6th Committee must depose President Obama, Francis Collins, and Prof. Bargmann and your truly, before I makes any decision about President Trump.


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