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It Does Not Matter Who The Next American President Is Going To Be, He Will Deliver The Third And Final Strike Against The American Dream!

September 7, 2012

After watching the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, I have come to the conclusion that it does not really matter who the next American President is going to be because he will deliver the third and final strike against the American Dream, unless something happens between now and Election Day.

We shall try to make that something happen at this website.

President George W. Bush delivered the first strike, President Obama the second one and either he or Gov. Romney will deliver the final blow for the following reason.

During their speeches, Gov. Romney and Rep Ryan described in absolute detail, everything that President Obama and the Democrats have done wrong. President Clinton and President Obama told us just as meticulously, everything that President Bush and the Republicans have done wrong. Then, both parties promised to do in the next four years, the things they have been doing since time immemorial, things that are wrong in the opinion of half the country!

I strained my ears as hard as I could to hear if anyone said any of the things someone must say before we can solve any of the problems that are threatening to destroy everything we cherish. No one mentioned them because all they are “politically incorrect” to say.

I stained my ears as hard as I could to hear if either candidate mentioned the one thing he must do to turn things around upon getting elected. I did not hear that either, because it is contrary to what conventional wisdom dictates.

“Conventional wisdom” is the “wisdom” that got us into trouble in the first place and continued use of it is what is preventing us from getting out of our predicaments, those caused by the continued use of Conventional wisdom after it has stopped working.

I came to this country so that my children and their children may enjoy the American dream and I do not want Gov. Romney or President Obama to ruin that for me and the next generation. Therefore, I am going to do what it takes to prevent it from happening. Towards this end, every day beginning tomorrow, I shall post a statement at this website in which I shall say things that someone must say but no one will because it is politically incorrect or because it is contrary to what “conventional wisdom” dictates. So, please pass these thoughts on to as many people as you can. survival of the American Dream for us and the generations to come, depends upon it.

I shall begin tomorrow by describing what the next American President must promise to do during the remaining campaign and do as the first thing he does upon getting elected, if he is ever going to turn the country around. If he does not do this one thing, nothing else he does will matter because the plans of action espoused by the two candidates have no chance of succeeding in the long run because they are contrary to the laws of nature that everything successful in existence obeys implicitly. These plans cannot work and will collapse in the near future the way they collapsed in the recent past and if we do not prevent that, we will not be able to bail ourselves out like President Obama did, and no one else will be able to bail us out because no one can afford it and the great American Dream will become the great American Nightmare.

Everything I have said here, everything I have said in the past and everything I shall say in the future has been and will be derived from the “Intellectual Universe of the Human Mind” using the mind as a computer and ACTINEMAS as the algorithm for extracting information from the mind that cannot be obtained any other way. This is how Einstein used the same algorithm to extract relativity from his mind. This material and all original ideas expressed at this website are copyright and may not be quoted without acknowledgement or reproduced without permission for commercial purposes. ACTINEMAS™ is a trademark in the process of being registered.

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