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Einstein’s Greatest But Unknown Accomplishment

I just read “Albert Einstein: The Hero Synonymous With Genius” in “Heroes: What They Do and Why We Need Them.” The following is a transcript of the comment I posted. Please read original article before you read my comment.

Einstein’s greatest contribution to the advancement of human knowledge was not any of the things for which he is famous. It was his recognition of the fact that common sense and Newtonian Physics, the two problem-solving tools we use to do everything we do in everyday life, are unreliable and fallible and his unconscious discovery of the algorithm for eliminating fallibility from both of them. Einstein took the steps of this algorithm and did things no one else could do using common sense and Newtonian Physics.

After doing what he had done, Einstein realized that the next thing he had to do was to go back to common sense and Newtonian Physics and use his method to eliminate their fallibility. Had Einstein done this, he would have unified all the knowledge and experience we possess into a single infallible theory that would enable us to eliminate fallibility from everything in life to the best of our abilities. Unfortunately, he was unable to do this.

Einstein was unable to do what he realized he had to do because his plan-of-action had stalled and stopped working, the way all our plans-of-action are wont to do, the way common sense and Newtonian Physics had done before.

Unfortunately, Einstein was unable to determine why his philosophy had stopped working. More importantly, he did not realize that all he had to do to make it work again, was to use his algorithm one more time to jump-start his failing plan-of-action. Had he done this, he would have taken his theories to their next level of evolution, and made life on earth the best it could be.

Why do I say this? I say this because I am a surgeon and Einstein’s accomplishments enamored me. I wanted to know if there was something, I could learn from the way Einstein did things that could enable me to do things I was not able to do in surgery. Therefore, I studied Einstein’s account of what he had done and wrote down the steps he had taken as an algorithm hoping to use it to do things to address the fallibility of common sense and science in surgery. To my surprise, I found that the steps of Einstein’s algorithm were fundamentally identical to the steps my Medical School Professors had taught me to use and go on repeating, to diagnose and treat my patients! This also made me realize that all Einstein had to do to jump start his algorithm and make it work again, was to go on repeating the steps he had taken the way surgeons go on repeating these steps as they care for their patients! I have named this algorithm ACTINEMAS.

Why am I posting this here? I have been trying to convey this message to theoretical physicists for the last forty years but none of the many I have contacted even bothered to listen to me. It is unfortunate Einstein is not alive today. If he were, it would have taken him less than a minute to appreciate ACTINEMAS, the way he was able to appreciate what Bose had to say about the BCE (Bose-Einstein Condensation) after all other theoretical physicists had ignored it.

I have posted everything I have to say on the subject of ACTINEMAS at my website and blog about it every opportunity I get. I hope that some one who thinks Einstein is a hero will help me resurrect him and give him a chance to be a hero again by using his philosophy and ACTINEMAS, to jump-start all our stalled plans-of-actions and get us out of the mess we are in today, something only Einstein’s algorithm will help us do. It is also the only way, Einstein can help address the problems created by the atom bomb he helped develop.

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