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Theoretical Physics And The Fundamental Problem With It, And How To Fix It

There is a fundamental problem with Theoretical Physics. It is the fact that Theoretical Physicists beginning with Einstein have ignored the role of biology of perception on the outcome of experiments and observations of phenomena, especially those of relativity. This is something that only a biologically oriented person with an extraordinarily keen interest in the biology of perception and theoretical physics will be able to discern. Unfortunately, there is no one other than yours truly that I know of who fits this description.

One example of such a discrepancy is that there is a biological cause for the apparent constancy of the velocity of light that physicists are unaware of today. If a physicist bothers to make himself/herself familiar with this cause, it will become obvious to him/her that there is no reason why something cannot travel faster than light. There will be only problem with something travelling faster than light. Physicists will not be able to study it using light or any other system of signals that travels at or below the velocity of light. They will need some tangible method of study, a method that relies on touch, contact or gravity.

There are discrepancies between accepted physical concepts and biological facts-of-life too numerous to mention here. If one takes these facts into account, many if not all the paradoxes, uncertainties and discrepancies in theoretical physics and between it and Newtonian physics and everyday life will simply disappear.

What theoretical physicists must do next is to unify Newtonian Physics with Relativity using the biology of perception as the unifying factor/force.

Those who want to follow this line of thought will find all the information they need by looking up ACTINEMAS, the bio-physical algorithm for doing things that seem impossible to do any other way. To me, it is irrelevant if a neutrino travelled faster than light. What is relevant is that this observation provides an opportunity to study the role of the biology of perception in this experiment.

If there was an error in the experiment in which neutrinos were found to travel faster than light, ACTINEMAS will find it and reveal how we could fix it in a matter of minutes.

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