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The Corona Virus Epidemic, Common Sense And Einstein

March 11, 2020

Einstein was unquestionably one of the most intelligent of men to have ever walked on this planet. He defined common sense as “a collection of prejudices acquired by age nineteen” a hundred years ago and ignored it and discarded it as such when he realized that it was lacking in information required to make it complete! When he did that, he ignored as prejudice, all the information people had amassed using conventional thinking until then, information we now consider to be “conventional wisdom!

However, the moment he did that, he was able to discover his theory of relativity as being the factor missing from conventional wisdom that was making it incomplete. He went on to use "relativity" to solve ALL problems in science that no one else could solve using conventional thinking for decades and proved that relativity was the concept missing from conventional thinking required to solve problems conventional thinking and common sense cannot solve.

Einstein went on to prove and predict that using common sense to solve problems conventional thinking cannot solve, will make people do things that will be “meaningless” i.e., things that will not make sense to anyone. Doing things that make sense to no one while trying to solve problems that seem insoluble, is quixotic. It is INSANITY by definition! Therefore, we can conclude that Einstein has proved and predicted scientifically, that using common sense to solve problems conventional thinking cannot solve, will end in INSANITY.

No prediction of Einstein’s has proved wrong yet. Therefore, we must consider the INSANITY prevailing in America today as having been caused scientifically by our use of common sense to solve problems like the Corona Virus epidemic, that cannot be solved using the conventional thinking we are using in our attempts to solve it.

In one sentence, Einstein proved that "relativity" can, for all practical purposes, solve all problems that seem insoluble using conventional thinking that are humanly possible to solve, rapidly, repeatedly and consistently with mind-boggling success by thinking, saying and doing things that are the opposite of everything dictated by common sense! in addition, he proved that after such problems have been solved, one must immediately revert to using common sense followed by conventional thinking because they will begin working again at this point and work extremely well, until the next problem/s that seem insoluble develop/s, when the process must be repeated.

Therefore, if Einstein were alive today, he would say that our use of common-sense-based methods to deal with the Corona Virus epidemic, a problem that cannot be solved using conventional thinking, is the latest proof of his prediction to come true.

The scientific fact is that everything we are doing today in response to this epidemic will accomplish nothing. they will destroy everything we have accomplished tat we cherish. It will deplete all our resources. It will cause INSANITY. This INSANITY will be the one Prometheus said the Gods would unleash upon those they want to destroy, the way the prevailing INSANITY is destroying us right now. The difference is that we, not any of the Gods, have unleashed it upon ourselves and we are doing a better job of destroying ourselves in the name of democracy and freedom, than what all the Gods and our enemies combined could have ever hope to have accomplished!

The following scientific considerations provide evidence to justify the above statement. In addition, they will suggest the only remedy we have that could remedy and reverse the damage we have already done.

The Corona virus causes an infection for which we do not have a cure, but we do have a test.
Common sense dictates we must do this test on everyone every time we suspect anyone of having contracted this infection so that we may quarantine those who test positive and prevent them from spreading the infection to others.

The problem with the above common-sense based assumption is that it is logistically impossible to implement it, making it INSANITY by definition to even attempt it.

People who test negative today could become positive tomorrow. It will therefore allow them to go around spreading the virus and doin the opposite of what we want to accomplish! therefore, if we are to follow the dictates of common sense, we must test everyone every day and quarantine everyone until the epidemic has run its course as we do not have a cure for it. That would be asinine at best and INSANE by any definition because we simply do not have the resources to do that. It would make the world come to a standstill. It will waste and deplete our resources doing things that will not do anyone any good while preventing us from using them to deal with other problems we can solve, before they get out of hand and become insoluble themselves. It is a lose-lose proposition on all fronts.

We do not have a cure for diseases like the one caused by the Corona Virus. The only method we have for dealing with such diseases, is to vaccinate everyone before they contract the disease. But we do not have a vaccine yet. By the time we have one, this epidemic would have run its course and may never recur.

When healthy people contract an infectious disease like the one caused by this virus, they experience ‘flu like symptoms that they could experience after any inoculation. They will develop an immunity that could last a lifetime and prevent them from contacting the disease later when they are old or sick for other reasons and do a better job than any inoculation could accomplish.

Therefore, contracting the disease when young and healthy is nature’s way of inoculating people for free! We are wasting resources doing something all the money in the world cannot buy that Mother Nature is trying to do for us for us for nothing!

The only people who could suffer dire consequences of contacting corona virus disease or any contagious disease, are the elderly and the immune compromised. They know who they and are therefore the people who can and must practice the fundamentals of self-quarantine at all times to prevent any known or unknown infection from harming them. They must do this more rigorously during epidemics but current methods are allowing them to mingle freely with carriers we cannot identify using common sense methods. Thus, they are exposing themselves to harm that could be prevented by doing the opposite of what common sense dictates. But no one can say this at present because it is politically incorrect to say anything that is scientifically correct at this time because it might offend someones sensitivity.

The politically incorrect but scientifically correct provisions we must follow under the present circumstances to protect those who might be offended in the process or die otherwise, are as follows. These steps are fundamental steps everyone must take all the time to prevent such epidemics from ever occurring or recurring.

These steps are simple and cost next to nothing. they consist of hand washing or wiping hands with alcohol-based antiseptics after touching contaminated surfaces before touching ones face or handling food, and reasonably avoiding unnecessary personal contact with others at all times.

All other measures, like wearing masks, gloves and gowns, and wiping/spraying antiseptics everywhere, and using antibiotics as prophylaxis, do nothing but cause the emergence of super-bugs that are resistant to everything and create a whole new spectrum of truly insoluble problems.

Wearing masks and gloves and even hazmat suits are worthless unless one washes ones hands after removing those garments, because touching ones nose/mouth after an inadvertent hand contact with the outside of those garments could result in contracting the disease one is trying to prevent. This is how and why health care professionals contract diseases like Ebola despite using hazmat suits.

If Einstein were alive today, he would recommend we do what his theory of relativity recommends, viz., think, say and do the opposite of everything common sense dictates until all problems that seem insoluble using conventional thinking like the ones caused by the things we are doing now, have been eliminated. This will happen the moment we stop doing using common sense to solve problems conventional thinking cannot solve. When that happens, we must start and continue doing everything common sense dictates to prevent such problems from recurring BEFORE the next seemingly insoluble problem develops, not to cure any existing incurable condition.

That brings us to the question as to what else we must do next to address our current predicament.

First, we must stop panicking and doing all the INSANELY ineffective, prohibitively expensive, totally non-productive things we are doing at present in the name of common sense and political correctness because our scientifically incorrect actions are destroying everything we have accomplished until now and everything we cherish.

Second, we must teach those who are susceptible, how to practice self-quarantine and take reasonable measures to ensure they do it. This is not political incorrectness but it is scientific INSANITY not to do so.

Third, we must test only those who are not getting better after being symptomatic for forty-eight hours so that we may follow them more closely and give them the supportive care they may need when that need develops.

Fourth, everyone must wash their hands or use alcohol based sterile wipes after touching any surface exposed to the public and avoid unnecessary personal contact to prevent avoidable disease. They must go on with business as otherwise usual. Only those who have symptoms that last longer than forty-eight hours or are getting worse symptomatically, must be tested, followed and helped as needed. Random testing must continue but only for data collection for research purposes.

We must be constantly alert to any changes that require us to rethink our protocol and make these changes as and when indicated.

We must use Einstein’s method for making all determinations and decisions because it is what determines the outcomes of everything that happens in our Digitized, Computerized, Nuclear (DCN) World. We must do this because our DCN World is one that was created by professional problem-solvers using Einstein’s method to solve all problems they cold not solve using common sense and conventional thinking.

Form what has been said, it is obvious that President Trump has been doing what Einstein’s theory says he must do, based on relativity, but he has been doing these things using his gut sense.

President Trump has been forced to use gut sense because he does not have Einstein’s method at his disposal at present for reasons we shall not go into here. I shall discuss it in my book titled 'The Real Obama Crime" that I shall published before the Democratic Party's Convention. All I shall say here is that his opponents must stop hindering his every move and start helping him by making themselves aware of Einstein’s method for solving problems that cannot be solved any other way dictated by conventional thinking. They must help him lay the foundation for make the paradigm shift in the way we think and act as we solve all our problems that he is struggling to accomplish, because all the problems we have to solve, are all problems no one has been able to solve for decades using common sense and conventional thinking. This is the only way we are going to solve the problems confronting us because they are all problems Einstein has proved, can only be solved using his method based on relativity.


First posted on March 11, 2020.

Addendum posted on 10/20/2020

In this blog, I have said the use of masks is useless. because improper use could cause infections that might not have occurred otherwise and preventing subclinical infections in healthy adults only delays development of herd immunity.

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