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Definition Of Terror, War, Friends And Foes For The Digital-atomic Age

September 23, 2010

In this bog, we shall try to redefine terror, terrorism, friend and foe as it applies to our digital-atomic age because our current definitions of these entities were established long before Einstein discovered relativity. Einstein’s discovery of relativity changed the world and made everything in the digital-atomic age of today, the opposite of everything the way it was in the Newtonian era that preceded it. Our definitions must reflect these changes if we are to be functional in our current digital-atomic age and solve problems characteristic of this age. In the pre-Einstein era, information travelled slowly. Things happened just as slowly. Our ability to cause destruction was limited. People could take their time to understand things, make decisions and take action. Now, information travels at the speed of light. Things happen very fast. Our ability to cause destruction is unlimited. We do not have the luxury of taking our time to understand things, make decisions and act and upon them. Mistakes are expensive if not deadly. Our inability to win the war on terror or to solve the problems that seem impossible to solve today is due to the discrepancy between our definitions and the realities we have to deal with.

Terror, terrorism, war and the existence of enemies are problems we have not been able to solve since the beginning of time. They are therefore “problems that seem to defy solution" by definition. According to Einstein’s philosophy, problems that seem to defy solution by conventional problem-solving methods are caused by the failure of conventional wisdom (common sense, Newtonian physics and Euclidean geometry). They are therefore not amenable to solution using conventional wisdom also, by definition. They can only be solved by using Einstein’s Philosophy, a plan-of-action based on thinking thoughts and doing things that are opposite of thoughts and actions dictated by conventional wisdom.

Terror, terrorism and war are the final end-products of the repeated failure of plans-of-action based on conventional wisdom. They occur when conventional wisdom fails to solve problems people must solve to live their lives. When this happens repeatedly, ordinary problems become problems that seem to defy solution. When problems that seem to defy solution increase in numbers and magnitude, people become terrified. Terrified people terrorize others because conventional wisdom gives them three options, give up, self-destruct or destroy others who are successful and forcibly obtain solutions to unsolvable problems from them.

The option of imploding one’s non-functional or dysfunctional philosophy, reconstructing it based on Einstein’s philosophy and then putting it to work to solve such problems is an option that did not exist in the pre-Einstein era. It remains unknown in the post Einstein era because neither Einstein, nor the physicists who followed, made this concept and the method of using it in everyday life public knowledge, simply because they did not think of it!
When one group of people terrorizes another, the latter will consider the former their enemy, declare war on them, and try to annihilate them, to prevent themselves from being annihilated. This sets in motion a vicious cycle that will escalate and make matters worse with the passage of time. This strategy does not work for either party because it does not address the fundamental cause for terror which is the failure of conventional wisdom to solve the problems people must solve to live their lives. If people knew how to solve problems that seem to defy solution using conventional wisdom, they would not get terrified in the first place. If those who are attacked by terrorists knew how to do this, they would tell their attackers how to solve such problems at the first chance they get instead of declaring war on them and killing every last one of them.

The only way anyone can reverse this process is by making knowledge of Einstein’s Philosophy universal. This was not possible until now because the algorithm for using Einstein’s Philosophy in everyday life and the method of disseminating such information universally did not exist. Today this information exists in the form of ACTINEMAS, ASET, and the Surgeons’ Algorithm, the algorithms for using Einstein’s philosophy in everyday life and surgery and the information technology needed to disseminate this information rapidly, also exists now. All it takes is for this to happen is for everyone to set aside the prejudices that prevent acknowledgment of these facts, recognize them, and disseminate them to every man, woman and child living on this planet. The President of America as the leader of the free world must do everything required to set this process in motion if he wants to win the war on terror and end the need for war and destruction for solving problems that seem to defy solution.

I am going to end this blog with the following ten additional thoughts about friends and foes and the definition of these terms in the digital-atomic age;
1. Those who are successful at solving problems using conventional wisdom must realize that conventional wisdom will fail eventually. When that happens, they will themselves become victims of terror. They will become terrorized by their own failures with the passage of time, if they do not take precautions to prevent this by making themselves familiar with Einstein’s Philosophy and the algorithms for using them.
2. Based on conventional wisdom, friends are people who share ones views on everything including methods for solving problems and enemies are people who think and act differently to the point of thinking thoughts and doing things that are the opposite to one’s own thoughts and actions. When conventional wisdom fails and problems that seem to defy solution develop and multiply, Einstein’s philosophy will require one to think thoughts and do things that are opposite to one’s own thoughts and actions. It is difficult if not impossible for one to think thoughts and do things that are opposite to what one has been doing all of one’s life but ones enemies are used to doing this and excel at it. If one’s enemies are one’s friends, they will take over when one runs into problems that seem to defy solution and one can reciprocate the favor when one’s enemies run into similar problems. Friends and enemies working together and alternately to take over as each other’s plans-of-action fail can together become a problem solving machine that goes on solving all kinds of problems successfully ad infinitum.
3. Killing enemies makes friends and families of enemies our enemies and increases the number of our enemies in geometric proportion. When enemies die as enemies, the enmity lasts forever and is passed on from one generation to generation.
4. The most efficient method of getting rid of enemies is to make them friends and allies by realizing, and making them realize that problems that seem to defy solution can only be solved by enemies becoming allies and working together towards attainment of the best goal possible under the circumstances.
5. When we convert our enemies into friends, friends and families of our enemies will become our friends and the number of our friends will increase geometrically. When friends die as friends the friendship lasts forever.
6. Einstein’s Philosophy, ACTINEMAS and ASET, and all methods of solving problems that seem to defy solution have one thing in common. They require one to recognize opposing factors and forces, unify them using the laws of nature and make them work together towards attainment of the common, most desirable goal possible under the circumstances.
7. Enemies control the factors and forces that are opposite to our own factors and forces. Their factors and forces are therefore the factors and forces we need to find and unify with, if we want to solve our own problems that seem to defy solution. The same holds true for our enemies.
8. Enemies provide us with the factors and forces we need to balance our own factors and forces, keep them under control and keep them manageable. If we destroy our enemies, we will lose this equilibrating system. We will lose control of our factors and forces which will topple us or turn on us and destroy us.
9. Other people are not our enemies. Our real enemies are problems that seem to defy solution, natural disasters, weather changes, the risk of running out of resources, and the unknown. Einstein’s philosophy enables us to predict the immediate future, deduce attributes of the unknown, and tells us that we must unify opposing factors and forces if we want to solve the problems of the digital-atomic age that seem impossible to solve using conventional wisdom.
10. Our enemies are our greatest assets in the war against problems that seem to defy solution and against the unknown that we must fight and win to survive on this planet as a civilization. Neither we, nor our enemies can win this war alone, or by squandering lives and resources fighting one another. The earlier the American President realizes this, the earlier s/he makes every American and every citizen of the free world aware of what Einstein’s philosophy is, the earlier we will solve the problems that seem to defy solution in the post relativistic world we live in and the earlier we will win the war on terror and terrorism and the war on war itself. Imploding the I-Bomb in America and the world and making everyone aware of Einstein’s Philosophy is the only thing that will defuse the Nuclear Bomb forever.

For a complete consideration of all the concepts contained in this blog, please read Open Letter to President Bush etc.

NB. Everything I have said here, everything I have said in the past and everything I shall say in the future has been and will be derived from the “Intellectual Universe of the Human Mind” using the mind as a computer and ACTINEMAS as the algorithm for extracting information from the mind that cannot be obtained any other way. This is how Einstein used the same algorithm to extract relativity from his mind. This material and all original ideas expressed at this website are copyright and may not be quoted without acknowledgement or reproduced without permission for commercial purposes. ACTINEMAS™ is a trademark in the process of being registered.


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