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Trump’s Actions In Ukraine A Case Of “res Ipsa Loquitur” In His Favor, Not “quid Pro Quo!”

November 2, 2019

It is the constitutional duty of the sitting American President to investigate any crime allegedly committed by anyone, especially a prospective Candidate for the Presidency. S/he must do it irrespective of all other considerations. It is simply a matter of exercising “due diligence.”

Therefore, President Trump’s actions in the Ukraine are a case of “res ipsa loquitur,” Latin for “his actions speak for themselves" in his favor. They are not a matter of “quid pro quo” of anything.

What President Trump did was what he should have done. To do otherwise would have been negligence on his part.

The methods we use to conduct business in America will not work in foreign countries. As a matter of fact, they do not even work I our own country!

Failure on the part of President Trump to investigate any crime allegedly committed by anyone, that has been brought to his attention, would be negligence on his part.

Failure to investigate a crime allegedly committed by V.P. Joe Biden because he was a candidate for the Presidency could result in another four years of a Muller-type fiasco if V.P. Joe Biden, God forbid, got elected.

The Republicans would launch such an investigation as they must. Problems threatening the country’s very existence, will then remain unaddressed for God knows how long.

While dealing with foreign countries, we must assume the worst. We must assume that nothing we are trying to do is going to work. We must assume that everything that could go wrong will go wrong. Therefore, we must do EVERYTHING we could possibly do to prevent failure. This might be unpalatable to those who should not be doing this kind of work. But for those entrusted with such a job, people like President Trump, it is a matter of do or die. Failure will not be rewarded with a second chance. And consequences of failure could be irreversible and disastrous.

President Trump’s asking the Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, “could you do me a favor” was a matter of courtesy. Unfortunately, courtesy has become a dying attribute in America. Rudeness has replaced it as the norm. President Trump's request was just a manner of speaking. It was good English. It was “quid pro quo” of nothing
One does not tell a foreign leader “do this or else…” the way V.P. Joe Biden did. That was a matter of “quid pro quo.”

Having made such a request, due diligence required President Trump to do everything he could possibly have done to ensure that his request was handled appropriately and nothing was going to go wrong.

Insisting that President Zelensky answer his call personally and refusing to talk to anyone else was a matter of exercising “due diligence.” It was not coercion; arm-twisting or disrespect the way it has been made out to be by arm-chair critics who have no idea as to how such matters must be handled to prevent disasters. it is what responsible professional problem-solvers do.

Talking to President Zelensky himself, ensured that the message had been given to the person for whom it was intended. Talking to anyone else and assuming that the message will be conveyed to the one to whom it was intended would have been negligence on President Trump’s part. It could have been an invitation for disaster. Responsible and successful people simply do not do things that way.

Trying to impeach President Trump for doing what the constitution required him to do and doing it to the best of his ability as the Constitution demands, is unconstitutional. Congress must cease and desist from continuing in this endeavor because that is what is unconstitutional.


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