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The Real Obama Crime

September 26, 2018

This is a preview of a book titled “The Real Obama Crime” that I shall be publishing imminently.

I am posting a preview of ten facts from this book because they are facts that President Trump and all Americans must know immediately …

... preferably before the Kavanaugh Hearings are over and

… definitely before the upcoming mid-terms … for three reasons …

1. The shenanigans that are going on in the name of “confirmation hearings” for Judge Kavanaugh … are occurring for one reason and one reason only … because Congress is trying to deal with problems that cannot be solved using common sense … using common sense that caused it in the first place,

this has happened … because President Obama did not fix this problem when he recognized it … at the outset of his Presidency … but chose instead to commit “The REAL Obama Crime” of plagiarizing and destroying the concepts (Einstein’s) required for dealing with and preventing such problems.

2. The world “laughed at President Trump” when he addressed the United Nations … the way the leftist media have joyfully put it … not because there was something funny or wrong about what he said … but because “The Real Obama Crime” had deprived President Trump of the concepts he needed (Einstein’s) to justify himself … and the world needed to understand what President Trump was struggling to do using his gut sense … things that happened because President Obama and his cohort Prof. Bargmann of Rockefeller … have flushed Einstein’s algorithm, the algorithm everyone needs to understand and solve problems like the ones President Trump is trying to solve … down the drain … as “a red herring”

3. President Obama has emerged from retirement … and is poised to give us an encore performance of “The REAL Obama crime … as evidenced by statements he has made that have been dealt with in this book.

Here are the ten facts from this book that must become public knowledge immediately so that we may reverse the damage done by “The REAL Obama Crime” and prevent it from getting worse …

1. “The REAL Obama Crime” was the “founding his Presidency on a plagiarized, FAKE “Einstein’s definition of INSANITY” that Einstein never authored … a definition that was the opposite of what it would have been scientifically, had Einstein authored it using his REAL theory of relativity.

“The REAL Obama Crime” made everything he said and did in his entire Presidency … the opposite of everything he should have said and done based on the dictates of Einstein’s REAL theory of relativity, the rules of which determine the outcomes of everything that happens in our Digitized, Computerized Nuclear (DCN) World. It made everything he said and did FAKE and ineffective and caused the prevailing INSANITY!

2. On Oct 27, 2009, nine years ago … when President Obama was trying to ram Obamacare through a gridlocked Congress …

…I posted a video clip on YouTube titled “Einstein’s Bomb” … that did not deserve any awards for artistry, but scored a perfect 100% for having correctly predicted all the consequences of the “The REAL Obama Crime,”

In that clip …

… I requested President Obama to “Implode Einstein’s Intellectual Bomb (“Einstein’s I-Bomb”) In America,” … meaning thereby … that he should make himself and every man, woman and child living in America aware of Einstein’s work

… his discovery that “problems that our predecessors could not solve using conventional thinking” were problems common sense cannot solve

… that we will not be able to solve them using common sense no matter how long or had we may try ...

… that such problems can be solved using the method (algorithm) Einstein used … that of using relativity (the opposite of common sense) to solve problems common sense cannot solve,

… followed by reverting to the use of common sense to solve problems common sense can solve.

… He was requested to make this information public knowledge by “Imploding Einstein’s I-Bomb” BEFORE enforcing the enaction of Obamacare.

… Failing to make everyone familiar with Einstein's work before reforming health care delivery in America … he was warned … would cause “Einstein Intellectual bomb to explode uncontrollably in America, destroy our ability to think with the efficiency required to survive in our Digitized, Computerized, Nuclear (DCN) World … destroy everything we cherish … and cause INSANITY … like the one prevailing in America today!

President Obama ignored the above warning and rammed Obamacare through Congress … without “making the paradigm shift in America" that Einstein made in physics as “The Change he had promised to make, and caused the predicted INSANITY to materialize.

Every prediction I made in that video has since materialized.

3. Founding his Presidency on a FAKE definition of INSANITY that made him use common sense to solve problems common sense cannot solve … made everything he said during his campaigns and did during his Presidency scientifically FAKE … and … the opposite of what they should have been. It made everything in America FAKE … and caused the prevailing INSANITY that supervened the moment he left office … because he was not there to maintain a FAKE aura of sanity by executive action.

4. Prof. Cori Bargmann, Lead Investigator of President Obama’s “BRAIN Initiative … helped President Obama cover up “The REAL Obama Crime” and made it permanent by flushing down the drain a “red herring,” the REAL algorithm Einstein used to prevent INSANITY in physics … the one President Trump, the FBI, the DOJ and all Americans, needed and need … to reverse the INSANITY created by President Obama and prevent it from recurring … and we cannot get it back until we unify and reverse the effects of “he REAL Obama Crime.”

5. The Muller Investigation must stop investigating President Trump and “The Russian meddling in our elections” … immediately … and start investigating “The REAL Obama Crime” … because … IT is what allowed every Tom, Dick, Harry, and Jane Doe to interfere with not just our elections … but with every aspect of our Democracy … and caused the prevailing INSANITY … not anything President Trump said or did.

6. Everything President Trump has said and done so far … using his gut sense with a couple of exceptions … is scientifically correct based on “relativity.”

President Trump sounds gross and unpresidential to the half of the country that hates him, the left-wing media, most celebrities and the few billionaires who oppose him … because they are abjectly ignorant of the fundamentals of relativity required to understand President Trump and to survive in our DCN World … and …

… because they do not have the gut sense to figure out for themselves what President Trump has figured out and is using to solve the country’s problems successfully that no one has been able to solve so far! Everyone must, in ones own interests … make oneself familiar with these fundamentals if one wants to continue to survive and thrive in ones DCN World.

7. Einstein defined common sense as a prejudice … because it is lacking in the concepts of “relativity” required to make it whole, wholesome and functional in a DCN World …

… therefore he ignored it as prejudice … whereas

… President Obama reverted to using common sense to solve the kind of problems Einstein proved, common sense cannot solve … the blunder of gargantuan proportions … that cause the prevailing INSANITY!

8. Einstein proved that the repeated use of common sense to solve all problems will lead to emergence of “last questions” that will be unanswerable using common sense, If one answers such questions using common sense … one will get answers that will be meaningless if used to solve problems … and will, if acted upon, lead to situations that “will not make sense” i.e. will cause INSANITY … like the one prevailing in American politics today!

9. President Obama has, unbeknownst to himself, confessed to having committed this crime in recent campaign statements and this book will reveal where and how he did it subconsciously. in addition … it will give thirty-five pieces of evidence, in President Obama’s own words of plagiarism, obtained from his campaign speeches, that will prove that he, not President Trump, is responsible for the INSANITY and the FAKENESS prevailing in America today.

1. This preview is not an attempt to demean, denigrate or disparage anyone including President Obama, Prof. Bargmann, or #MeToo complainants … it is meant to draw attention to the fact that we are all victims of “The REAL Obama Crime” … and are using common sense to solve problems common sense cannot solve and adding to the prevailing INSANITY.

We must change the way we do business in America and change the way we do EVERYTYHING by making the paradigm shift in America that Einstein made in physics … in our everyday lives and in our democratic governance … by making the Constitutional amendment that will attain this end.

We went into a constitutional crisis the first time we had a gridlocked congress. We have been gridlocked ever since.

The only way we can reverse this is by making a constitutional amendment that will make the use of Einstein’s algorithms mandatory in all democratic decision-making processes especially those directed at solving “problems that seem insoluble using conventional thinking” … as a people, as a country, and as a civilization.

Einstein’s algorithm works by unification of everything … including opposing factors, forces, opinions and people … to solve all problems that are humanly possible to solve.

As opposed to this, … Common sense works by dividing and re-dividing everything and pitting everything against everything else until everything is destroyed.

There is no way anyone can find common ground using common sense. The only way we can find common ground for anything and everything is by using the algorithm Einstein used to discover relativity.

This is why we must switch to using relativistic sense from this point on.

2. This preview is being posted with hope that President Obama and Prof. Bargmann will avail themselves of this last chance to redeem themselves by responding to the allegations made here that were made first in my blog titled “Obamagate, The Evidence,” … and …

… to give Prof. Bargmann a last chance to join the “#MeToo” movement and blow the whistle on President Obama for “Intellectual Abuse” of forcing her to do something she should not have done … before this book is published, and/or the Mueller Investigation turns its focus on them … by which time, it will be too late

3. It is being posted to prevent President Obama from giving us an encore performance of the REAL Obama Crime which is precisely what he is trying to do as this book will prove using his own words! President Obama must be silenced by ostracization for criminal plagiarism if he does not voluntarily agree to redeem himself by confessing to having committed “the REAL Obama Crime” and agreeing to reverse it by himself.

My book is a summarization of information contained in blogs I have posted at my blog site.

My blogs were verbose, and I have not talked about my ideas because I suffer from a severe case of “foot in mouth disease” … a condition in which people who hear me feel compelled to put their feet (both) in my mouth every time I open it … it makes verbal communication difficult if not impossible! Blogging lets me say everything I must say every time I say anything … but it makes my posts verbose.

“The REAL Obama Crime” is a precise listing of facts. Those who want a rebuttal to every objection they can think of, … will find all of them in following postings …

1. Summaries of My “Open Letters” to Presidents Bush and Obama” that … can be found at

2. My blog titled> “Sec. Clinton blew the whistle on herself, President Obama and all the Candidates etc., that reviews everything that happened up to the 2016 campaign using Einstein’s method and made predictions about ALL the Candidates that have ALL since come true.

3. “Obamagate the evidence” was my “cease and desist order/request to President Obama and the leaders of his DREAM TEAM” to stop attempting to violate my copyright and trade mark rights by plagiarizing my ideas and trying to discover the algorithm the brain uses to think that I had described in my “Letters” to him. It was my first attempt to abort the second act of “The REAL Obama crime” that did not work because he and his DREAM TEAM ignored it and I did not have the resources to sue the President, The NIH, Rockefeller and Stanford.

My book will end by listing everything President Trump, President Obama, Prof. Bargmann, Mr. Mueller, The FBI and every American must to do based on Einstein’s rules and algorithms of relativity, to reverse the prevailing INSANITY and prevent it from ever recurring … using the algorithms Einstein used to reverse and prevent the INSANITY that was developing in physics by nipping it in the bud … with the most sensational success anyone has attained in modern history.

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