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The Real Cause For Carson’s Success, Is Obama’s Brain 2025, A Catch 22 Proposition That Will Make Him Fail If He Does Not Fix It Now!

September 22, 2015

The real cause of Dr. Ben Carson’s unexpected success at the popularity polls in his bid for the Republican Party’s nomination for President is President Obama’s “BRAIN 2025 Initiative” and statements he and the leaders of his Dream Team made while announcing it.

Those statements essentially said that the ultimate goal of “BRAIN 2025 Initiative” is to determine experimentally, the algorithm the brain and its cells use to communicate as they function and help us think. They added that public awareness of this information would help “catalyze a paradigm shift” in the way we think based on “an understanding of how our brains work as we think.” This information will, they said, if the Initiative is successful, enable all Americans to think most efficiently, excel at everything we do, solve “problems that seem insoluble” and turn the country around.”

They anticipated accomplishing this goal in five years, by year 2025.

It is reasonable to conclude, in view of the fanfare with which President Obama introduced his “Initiative,” that this public announcement is what planted in the minds of Dr. Carson and his supporters, the concept that his knowledge of brain function required for him to solve “problems that seem insoluble” in neurosurgery, will somehow enable him to solve the country’s “problems that seem insoluble” too.

Another fact in support of this conclusion is that this thought did not exist in the minds of people before President Obama’s announcement.

Whereas the above concept is absolutely true, the reality is that his ability to solve “problems that seem insoluble” in the OR does not automatically bestow upon him the ability to do the same outside the confines of his practice. One reason is the fact that no one will allow Dr. Carson to do any of the things his neurosurgical brain tells him to do outside the domain of neurosurgery if he gets elected. This is because everything surgeons and all professional people do as they solve “problems that seem insoluble” in their chosen professions, is contrary to the dictates of common sense and conventional wisdom. In addition, common sense and conventional wisdom actually forbid anyone from doing any of these things outside the domains of the professions, under penalty of the law.

As a vascular surgeon I can attest to the fact that if Dr. Carson or I do any of the things our surgical brains tell us to do in our OR’s and our practices, in the world outside, we will lose our licenses, be subjected to the equivalent of an inquisition, and a lynching even in this day and age!

Further proof that his training and experience as a surgeon have not endowed him with the ability to solve “problems that seem insoluble” outside his OR is his recent statement about Muslims! The surgeons’ algorithm for solving “problems that seem insoluble” in surgery would have required Dr. Carson to treat all people as if they were his patients, with equality, respect, compassion and concern for nothing else but what is most desirable as determined by the algorithms he used to use to help him abide by the due diligence demanded by the oath of the surgeon. Those algorithms include fundamental principles common to all religions that help address the unknown and the unknowable but not the specifics of any particular religion.

Besides, conventional religion is the number one cause for the “problems that seem insoluble” plaguing our country and our world today. As President, Dr. Carson should be able to solve such problems, not add fuel to the fire. In a way, I am glad he made this gaff. It gives him an opportunity to show that he knows how to use the surgeons’ algorithm to recover from it. If he does not know how to do this, yours truly will be more than happy to tell him how! All he has to do is ask!

If Dr. Carson wants to use his ability to solve “problems that seem insoluble” in neurosurgery, to solve the country’s “problems that seem insoluble” as the next President, he will have to actively orchestrate the paradigm shift the Leaders of President Obama’s BRAIN 2025 Initiative are hoping "to catalyze" passively by the year 2025. He must orchestrate this shift beginning now and complete the process before the Republican National Convention! Neither he, nor the nation can afford to wait ten years for this paradigm shift because it is needed now before things blow up and take us beyond a point of no return.

If he does not pull this off in a hurry, his lead and his chances could fizzle away as they, maybe, should. The latest polls seem to suggest that this may already be happening as he has slipped from second to third place already. I hope this drop in popularity scares Dr. Carson straight. In this writer’s view, he is the only one running who has what it takes to pull off what ought to be the greatest American recovery in history.

If Dr. Carson is to orchestrate this renaissance, he must conduct the rest of his campaign on his correct assumption and contention that he is the only person running who is formally trained and qualified to solve “problems that seem insoluble” under the most challenging of circumstances, brain surgery. He must demonstrate his ability to adapt and adopt the algorithms he used to use to solve the “problems that seemed insoluble” in his practice for use in solving such problems confronting the country.

Dr. Carson must not stoop to name calling or engage in any of the other political campaigning tactics aimed at securing a couple of votes or dollars for his campaign that he will be dragged into, because they belie an inability to advance reasonable scientific arguments in support of his contentions. Besides they are unbecoming of a surgeon.

Dr. Carson should be able to use the surgeons’ algorithm to find the best answers to such questions and best solutions to “problems that seem insoluble.”

Therefore, in essence, Dr. Carson must promise to make the change in Washington President Obama promised to make but did not and could not. He must work in that direction during the rest of his campaign. The people want a government that functions and they are not going to get it unless someone makes the paradigm shift in the way we think required to accomplish this end. Working towards this end will get him elected and enable him to become a successful President.

If Dr. Carson does not get elected, he would still have done more good than all the other candidates put together if his campaign makes the country aware of how the mind of a surgeon works because that is the piece of information this country and this world need to get rid of the “intellectual cancer” that is devouring everything, and recover.

There is only one way Dr. Carson can orchestrate the paradigm shift he must orchestrate and enable everyone to be able to join in the endeavor to solve the “problems that seem insoluble” that confront us as a nation, based on the knowledge of how our brains function as we think, and do it immediately. He must provide irrefutable scientific evidence to support the concepts he must use and the steps he must take, the ones that made him a successful neurosurgeon.

In this regard, there is fortunately only one piece of irrefutable evidence in existence that Dr. Carson could use to make the required paradigm shift at a moment’s notice. It is the one he would have used to turn a catastrophic surgical emergency around if it was possible to do so, because the algorithm he will have to use is the same in both instances. It is the algorithm Einstein used to solve the first “problem that seemed insoluble” in physics with an explosive success when he discovered relativity. It is what all professional people, surgeons in particular, people who have ever solved such problems in the past have developed and used subsequently but less dramatically and continue to do, as they solve “problems that seem insoluble” in the pursuit of their professions.

There is one insurmountable obstacle preventing Dr. Carson from orchestrating the paradigm shift that he must make. That obstacle is President Obama’s BRAIN 2025 Initiative, an intellectual behemoth that “hopes” to catalyze this shift passively and slowly, in ten years if ever, at a cost of a hundred million dollars a year of public funds!

In Dr. Carson’s favor, there is one piece of information Dr. Carson could use to get this obstacle out of the way instantaneously. It is the fact that President Obama’s BRAIN Initiative is a “catch 22” proposition that has no logistical chance of ever working that he came up with based upon an act of plagiarism that he botched up like he has botched up everything he has done!

The absolutely indisputable evidence that the BRAIN 2025 Initiative is a “catch 22” proposition is contained in one statement by the leaders of the Dream Team documented in the last paragraph of the “Executive Summary” of “BRAIN 2025 A Scientific Vision,” in its Working Group’s “Report to the Advisory Committee to the Director, NIH” on page 5 of that report, archived at BRAIN 2025 A Scientific Vision.

In that crucial statement, the Dream Team admits that: “It requires an understanding of the algorithms that govern information processing within a circuit and within interacting circuits in the brain as a whole” where “it” means “truly understanding a circuit” by experimentally mapping the brain as it functions as it enables us to think. Translated into simple English, this statement is a confession that the Dream Team cannot design or perform the experiment required to discover the algorithm the brain uses to think without first knowing what the algorithm is that they are trying to discover! This is a classic example of a “catch 22” proposition that has no logistical chance of ever working as one can find. It is equivalent to the problem of answering the seemingly unanswerable question as to what came first, the chicken or the egg with the difference that the latter is answerable using the brain as a computer.

Likewise, discovering the algorithm the brain and its cells use to communicate with one another experimentally is the ultimate “problem that seems insoluble” because thoughts and thinking are entities and processes that are imperceptible to our senses, undetectable with our instruments, cannot be tracked or processed with our GPS devices or our computers. They are, however, perceptible to our brains providing us with the only instrument, a living one at that that we could use to solve this ultimate “problem that seems insoluble.” We have to learn how to use the human brain as an instrument/monitor/GPS device/computer rolled into one the way Einstein did to discover relativity and surgeons and all other professional people do to practice their professions. It was the way we did everything we could not do any other way before the advent of these gadgets. It is the only way we can answer the chicken or egg question!

In this regard, the good news is that Einstein has already told us precisely how we could learn do what he did.

The bad news is that this information was given to President Obama when he was still a Candidate and repeated many times, many ways, during his first term, but he did not acknowledge receipt in spite of having received it as evidenced by tracking. Instead, he plagiarized the information, used fragments of it as rhetoric in his speeches but did not act upon any of them.

Finally when all the predicted consequences of not acting upon those recommendations materialized, he realized the importance of making the recommended paradigm shift in the way we think based on an understanding of how our brains work as we think.

Then, he appointed and authorized a group of the only people in the world who cannot logistically make a paradigm shift, University Professors, to make it for him!

He did this in spite of being warned that “University Professors” are logistically incapable of making paradigm shifts because they involve thinking thoughts, saying and doing things that are contrary to the dictates of conventional wisdom that they have professed, preached and practiced their entire adult lives. In addition, the constraints of conventional wisdom forbid them under penalty of ostrasization to think, say or do anything contrary to the dictates of conventional wisdom. Paradigm shits are traditionally made by leaders of the people, civil, military or religious, who have the intelligence, the courage of their convictions and the physical means to orchestrate such shifts. President Obama had been advised that he would have to make this shift by executive action aimed at making a constitutional amendment but he ignored this recommendation.

To unmask President Obama’s plagiarism, prove that his BRAIN Initiative and his Presidency are “catch 22” propositions resulting from his botching up of this act, and to fix the ensuing problems, Dr. Carson needs the answers to the following questions;

1. Question. What precisely, are the concepts the President plagiarized and botched up and precisely how did he botch them up?

Answer: The concepts in question were given to him when he was still a candidate in an “Open Letter,” the first of many yours truly wrote to him during his first term. They consisted of the following four relatively original ideas;

1.a. That all the problems he would have to solve, if elected, were always going to be “problems that seem to defy solution,” problems that the Dream Team have referred to as “problems that seem insoluble.” (I have used this term since the Dream Team started using it and shall continue to use it here and in the future.)

1.b. That Einstein solved the first “problem that seemed insoluble” in physics, described how he did it and how anyone could learn his method

1.c. That I did what Einstein said I should do to learn his method. I looked at what he had done, made a list of the steps he took, and expressed them as an algorithm that I could use anywhere. I got an algorithm of ten steps that I named ACTINEMAS. Then I realized that it had a shortcut for using it that I named ASET

1.d. Finally, I realized that ACINEMAS and ASET are identical to the algorithms I use as a surgeon, to diagnose and treat my patients, and that they are also essentially identical to the algorithms used by all professional people like engineers and navigators to do everything they do.

1.e. That “Einstein’s Philosophy” and the algorithms used by Einstein and others to solve “problems that seem insoluble” are based on Einstein’s discovery that “problems that seem insoluble” are caused by the failures of common sense and conventional wisdom and can be solved by thinking thoughts, saying and doing things that are the opposite of everything based on common sense and conventional wisdom until the “problems that seem insoluble” are solved, and then reverting back to using common sense and conventional wisdom until the next “problem that seems insoluble” develops.

2. Question: What were the recommendations given to President Obama that he and his Dream Team plagiarized and botched up into “catch 22” propositions?

Answer: Those recommendations were ones I had given him based on the five concepts enumerated above. They were essentially as follows;

2.a. That he should, if elected, “make a change in America”

2.b. That this change should be to “replace our use of common sense and conventional wisdom that we have been using to solve all problems, with the concept of using Einstein’s Philosophy for solving “problems that seem insoluble” using conventional wisdom,

2.c. That the algorithms for using Einstein’s Philosophy are ACTINEMAS and ASET, the shortcut for using it;

2.d. That, since ACTINEMAS and ASET represent the steps taken by Einstein and all professional people to discover solutions to “problems that defy solution” any other way and to answer “questions that defy answering any other way,” these algorithms must be considered the algorithms defining the pathways the brain uses as it enables us to think, and for all its other communication needs

3. Question: What were the physical document/s President Obama plagiarized?

Answer: The plagiarized documents were as follows:
3.a. The first document was the first, original letter written by yours truly to the President when he was still a Candidate titled “Open Letter to President Bush, The Candidates and All Americans on how to win the war on terror…by using…Einstein’s Philosophy …etc…” It is archived at
3.b. All the follow up letters and other communications are archived at the website set up specifically for archiving them, discouraging plagiarism and making them easily accessible to the public and to posterity at

The complete list of all twenty five original statements and concepts that were plagiarized and botched up by President Obama from the time he was a candidate, to his announcement of his BRAIN Initiative, and all relevant details are documented as a letter/manifesto/bill of particulars and a blog at my blog site at The title of this document is: Twenty five Facts Supporting the Allegation that President Obama’s ‘Brain-Mapping Initiative Is An Act Of Government-Sponsored Plagiarism, Cover-Up of this Fact, a ‘Catch 22’ Proposition and the Scientific, Precedent-based evidence That President Obama Has not Abided by His Oath of Office.”

Copies of this was mailed to and received by the President and the leaders of his Dream Team as evidenced by tracking but they have not bothered to reply yet.

4. Question: What did Candidate Obama and later, President Obama and the leaders of his Dream Team do with the information given to the President in “The Letters to the President” to botch them up?”

4.a. Candidate Obama adopted the first fragment of the first recommendation that “he should make a change in America if elected” as his election winning battle cry that got him elected and won him a Nobel Peace Prize in the bargain without ever having done anything to earn it!

4.b. After getting elected, President Obama dropped the fragment that said he had to do “the opposite of everything” from the segment that advised him “to do the opposite of everything conventional wisdom dictated” to solve “problems that seemed to defy solution.” He came up with the concept that he had to “do everything conventional wisdom" (his brand of it) "dictated” to solve the country’s problems. Based on this thought, he embarked on a crusade to solve all the “problems that seemed insoluble” confronting the country using the conventional wisdom that had failed and caused them in the first place! The outcomes as predicted in “The Letters,” resulted in Obamacare, inability to foster bipartisanship in Congress, the Wall Street collapse, Benghazi the government shut down, the Iran deal, escalation and metastasis of terrorism abroad and at home, and finally his BRAIN 2025 Initiative, and now, the refugee problem in Europe that seems to have no solution in sight, and further, new evidence keeps pouring in every day. All his solutions to all the problems he has addressed, have been “catch 22” propositions that never had any logistical chance of ever working or solving any of the problems they were purported to solve.

4.c. In his second term, when all the predicted consequences of ignoring the recommendations of the letters had materialized and proved their veracity, President Obama thought that he had realized the need for “making a change in the way we think (make a paradigm shift) based on the (his) understanding of how our brains work” but botched up the real concept by omitting the part that said he was supposed to make this change “based on Einstein’s Philosophy!” Thereby, he essentially decapitated the concept given to him before implementing it! He converted what was potentially the most explosively successful solution for the country’s “problems that seemed insoluble” and made his Initiative, a headless “catch 22” proposition that was DOA. He made no reference to “The Letters” or Einstein’s Philosophy because that would expose his plagiarism and incriminate him retrospectively for having ignored information that he should not have ignored and botching it up when he did finally act upon it.

4.d. Finally, he appointed and authorized the leaders of his Dream Team to implement his BRAIN Initiative based on concepts he his Dream Team had derived from the original concepts described in the letters, that he and they had fragmented, modified and rearranged and botched up to meet their personal needs, beliefs and rhetoric, without acting upon any of them as recommended.

4.e. By failing to credit Einstein for solving the first “problem that seemed insoluble” with incredible success, President Obama deprived his Initiative of the authenticity Einstein’s reputation and accomplishments would have given it and the only chance it had to be accepted and to work. By failing to give credit to surgeons and all the professional people who have solved and have been solving “problems that seemed insoluble” for over a hundred years using the same algorithm, he deprived his Initiative of the large volume of “evidence” required to make it “evidence based,” and acceptable to “University Professors,” the people whose responsibility it is to approve new developments, accept them as new components of conventional wisdom and release them for general use by everyone. Failing to give credit to yours truly for formulating the common algorithm used by everyone who has ever solved “problems that seem insoluble” and recognizing it to be the algorithm the brain uses for all its communication needs and to enable us to think, President Obama deprived his Initiative of the algorithms it needs to design and perform experiments required to confirm it.

Therefore, in conclusion, if Dr. Carson wants to justify, preserve and build upon his popularity and make his wave of success crest and ride it to the nomination, the Presidency and an explosion of success thereafter, he must do the following;
1. He must call President Obama’s bluff

2. Expose his botched up act of plagiarism using the information provided here.

3. Then he must render a second opinion regarding the advice and recommendations given to President Obama in “The Letter/s To the President” listed above.

4. If he does not concur with this opinion, he must explain why he does not agree and offer a viable alternative that he must be able to defend.

5. If he concurs, he must perform the recommended “Intellectual Surgery” on "BRAIN 2025," and re-implant Einstein’s Philosophy that President Obama unceremoniously removed from it as its brain, heart and pacemaker.

6. He must resuscitate BRAIN that was DOA as a result of President Obama’s ill-advised alterations and make it functional and use it to win the election and succeed thereafter.

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