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If Newton And Einstein Were To Meet Today

On July 13, 2011, Daniel Honan, Editor, Big Think posted an announcement that Stephen Hawking was Big Think’s Idea Competition Winner in response to a question he had asked in a previous posting; “Stephen Hawking, Ray Kurzweil, Michio Kaku, “Whose idea will impact our world the most?” In response to that question, I posted a comment. My comment caught Mr. Honan’s attention and he posted it as the “top blog” after his announcement. You should go to that posting and follow through with the ideas referred to in that posting. They are very thought provoking and relevant to what is happening today, will happen tomorrow. We have to be aware of these developments to be able to do what we must all do to make things the best it could be in our world for everyone.

In my comment, I said that the idea that would impact our world the most was the one that would unify Newton’s Physics with Einstein’s relativity. I said what I said because this is the idea that will enable us to extend the unlimited problem-solving potential of Einstein’s Ideas to everything in life, the one thing we must do before we can even begin to think about implementing any of the ideas Hawking and the others are talking about, in everyday life.

Mr. Honan entitled my blog, “Einstein, Meet Newton; Newton, Meet Einstein.” This title inspired me to ask myself; "What would Newton have told Einstein if they were to meet and Einstein was to tell Newton about his discovery of relativity? I concluded, for reasons I have enumerated in my next posting, that Newton would have written four letters to Einstein. In his first letter, he would have unified his Newtonian Physics with Einstein’s relativity; in the second one, he would have accounted for black holes in terms of his Newtonian Physics thereby enabling him to account for all of relativity based on his explanation of the black hole phenomenon. In his third letter, he would follow through and account for all of relativity based on his explanation of the black hole phenomenon. In his fourth letter, he would describe to Einstein how all these thoughts would enable physicists and everyone else to do things today that they are unable to do, based on the fact that the black hole phenomenon occurs in particle physics and everyday life situations.

In my next blog, I shall post a transcript of the first letter I think Newton would have written to Einstein if they were to meet today and discuss relativity and the problems facing physicists today.

I have submitted this letter to Big Think but I do not know if the Editors will post it, when they will post it, or if they will ever post it. Since it is important that everyone becomes aware of these ideas as soon as possible, I shall be posting them here at fortnightly intervals, beginning with the first one as the next posting.

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