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“obama Can Learn A Lot From The Falls”

This is a transcript of an invitation that was extended to President Obama by mail and as a letter to the Editor published in the Niagara Gazette on April 3, 2010 titled "Obama can learn a lot from the Falls." I extended the invitation was to President Obama because the city of Niagara Falls is a model of a city that holds the answers to questions President Obama should have asked and answered before he set out to solve the country's problems.

I am posting this letter now at this site because I intend to refer to it in future blogs. In addition, retrospectively, it is obvious that President Obama would have fared a lot better had he accepted this invitation and visited the Falls.

Here is that letter:

The Editor,
The Niagara Gazette,
Niagara Falls NY.


We, the citizens of Niagara Falls must request our Mayor The hon. Paul Dyster to invite President Obama for a Town Hall meeting at Niagara Falls before The President takes another step for the following five urgent reasons:

1.President Obama must see the Robert Moses Parkway before he constructs the high-speed railroad across America he has been talking about with the idea of stimulating our economy and creating jobs. Creating jobs and stimulating local economies were Mr. Moses’ philosophical objectives when he advocated construction of Parkways in cities struggling to survive, projects that ended up having precisely the opposite effect, wherever anyone executed his plan. The Moses Parkway is an example in concrete, of what will happen if one attempts to solve a problem mechanically, without addressing the fundamental intellectual flaw in Philosophy that caused it in the first place. The current state of the Moses Parkway, its impact on our local economy and the outcome of President Obama’s attempt at Health Care Reform, must convince him and all Americans that the economy, like Health Care Delivery, is something one cannot stimulate intellectually by legislation, manipulate physically by constructing parkways, or accelerate by using fast machines. One can only accomplish these objectives by addressing the primary flaw in Philosophy that exists in the minds of people that caused these problems in the first place and by addressing it with scientific, mathematical and biological precision.

2.Niagara Falls is the home of, the website I have established to define ASET and ACTINEMAS, the algorithms for coordinated thinking, the method of thinking that enables people to think with scientific, mathematical and surgical precision without being scientists, mathematicians or surgeons. ACTINEMAS is the scientific, mathematical and biological secret of the successes of Einstein, Newton, Christiaan Barnard, Lincoln, Gandhi, and King, the algorithm that enables anyone to overcome failure and enjoy success whenever it is humanly possible to succeed.

3.Robert Moses Parkway will take him to the Robert Moses Power Project, the largest Pumped-Storage Hydroelectric power project in the world. It is an unrecognized example of Einstein’s Philosophy at work in everyday life, a plant that works using opposite principles alternately to go on working perpetually. We can only hope and pray that seeing our power plant will inspire President Obama to build more such projects wherever we can pump and store water on high land. In addition to creating jobs during construction, such projects will divert water from the melting polar ice caps and thereby reduce the amount of water available for causing flooding elsewhere. The increased supply of hydroelectric power will reduce our dependence of fossil fuels, reduce the greenhouse effect, restore the ozone cap, decrease global warming and further reduce global flooding. Global flooding is a problem environmental scientists have not recognized yet. It is a threat to our security they must recognize and one of the dots they must connect, before we can address it. I can think of no way to address this problem other than pumping water into reservoirs and recycling it to produce cheap, clean and unlimited amounts of energy!

4.Robert Moses Parkway leads to Niagara Falls, the Honeymoon Capital of the world. The secret of Einstein’s success and the secret of coordinated thinking was, and is, his discovery of the fact that unification of opposing forces and making them work (honeymoon) together as equals, can cause explosions of success when everything else fails and nothing seems to work. We can only hope that a visit to the Honeymoon Capital of the World will inspire President Obama, to engage in bipartisanship based on unification, the political equivalent of “honeymooning,” as the final and mandatory step to take in all democratic decision-making and problem-solving processes the moment non-collaborative methods involving compromise, begin to fail. (Collaboration maximizes the chance of success, compromising compromises it and always ends in failure)

5.Robert Moses Parkway will take him to Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center, the Hospital that has proved its ability to survive and excel under impossible circumstances spawned by insults inflicted on it by a Society bankrupt for ideas and going nowhere running on Common Sense. This makes Memorial the ideal place to plan recovery from impossible situations, and to reform health care delivery in America, a job that seems impossible to do. Such a plan would be one based on laws of nature that always work as opposed to the current plan, one based on man-made laws, hopes, fears and emotions, haste and hysteria, plans that never work, cost fortunes, make matters worse and create situations impossible to deal with the way things are today.

Robert Moses Parkway, our great city of Niagara Falls and our resilient Medical Center have all the information President Obama needs to turbo charge our Philosophy for doing everything by piggybacking all plans of action on Einstein’s Philosophy for success based on unification and collaboration. Besides, changing the Philosophy we use to do everything we do is essentially “the Change” President Obama promised to make, the promise that helped him win the election, the promise he has yet to deliver. Someone must convince President Obama that we will be squandering our resources if we attempt to revive our economy and optimize our health care delivery systems using plans of action based on Common Sense, because Einstein has proved that all such plans are doomed to failure. If a visit to our city succeeds in this endeavor, it would have done the one thing someone or something must do at this point in the evolution of our civilization.

If you can orchestrate a visit to Niagara Falls by our President, Mr. Mayor, you will give Robert Moses Parkway, our highway to nowhere, to become the intellectual highway to everywhere America must go and give her the most efficient plan for health care delivery in the process!

Yours sincerely,

Ajit Trivikram, MD.

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