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If Only President Obama Had Imploded Einstein’s I-bomb!

Einstein’s I-bomb is the “intellectual bomb” Albert Einstein imploded in his mind before he discovered relativity. It enabled him to demolish all the non-functional concepts that had accumulated in his mind enabling him to use the “intellectual energy” liberated, to convert the “intellectual rubble” left by the implosion, into the new “intellectual empire” of Relativity that continues to rule today.

On September 26, 2009, I wrote a letter to President Obama. In that letter, I requested President Obama to keep the promise he had made to the American People during his campaign by making “The Change” he said he would make, and that the only way he could make this “Change” was by “Imploding Einstein’s I-Bomb” in America.

Had President Obama heeded my letter, he would have helped replace concepts that have stopped working with concepts that work. We would have had the best Health Care delivery System in the world and a Government that works. Instead, we have a health Care Delivery System that has created more problems than it has solved, will do more damage in the future, and we have the mess we have today in everything else.

As I had expected, President Obama did not reply. Had president Obama paid the concept of Einstein’s I-Bomb the attention it deserved, we would not be in the stalemate we are in today. Einstein’s I-Bomb is he only concept that can prevent stalemates and predicaments from occurring and convert those that have already occurred into stepping stones for the greatest success possible under the circumstances. If President Obama continues to ignore this concept, I will have no choice but to remind him every time we get into a new stalemate or a predicament in the future, to implode Einstein’s I-bomb at that time.

On October 27, 2009, I posted a video on You Tube entitled Einstein’s I-bomb. In that video, I said that President Obama must implode Einstein’s I-bomb in America before he reformed American Health Care delivery, or did any of the other things he had to do, to get us out of our current and future predicaments, and that all Americans must help him in this endeavor. My video was probably one of the worst made videos on You Tube, but its message was, is, and will be timeless.

If you have not viewed this video, may I request you to do so today and then, if you agree with me, would you please write, e-mail, or call President Obama and request him to do the same?

If you do not agree with me, tell me why. I may not respond to your comments individually, but I shall try my best to respond to valid objections and concepts in future blogs.

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