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Eight Scientific Facts That Absolve Trump Of All Wrongdoing And Prove Obama Caused Everything That Went Wrong In America Since His Presidency

September 23, 2022

“Trumpism,” everything controversial that President Trump has said and done during his Presidency and on January 6th, 2022, was justified by eight incontrovertible, scientific facts. These facts will absolve him of ALL wrongdoing and prove that President Obama was responsible for EVERYTHING that has gone wrong in America since his Presidency, including the January 6th riot! Here are those facts:

1. President Trump was forced to say and do everything he said and did, because of a crime, “The REAL Obama Crime,” committed by "Candidate" Obama during his 2007/8 campaign, a crime that he covered up during his second term by perpetrating a scientific hoax he called his “B.R.A.I.N. Mapping Initiative!”

2. “The REAL Obama Crime” was the plagiarism and reversal of the steps of “Einstein’s Algorithm,” that he used as rhetoric, to dupe Americans into voting him into the Presidency thinking he was an Einsteinian scholar who was going to solve the country’s "seemingly insoluble problems" brilliantly like Einstein. Therefore, it can be said that Obama "stole" the 2008 election and converted his Party into an election stealing machine instead of one that solves the peoples' problems!

When his plagiarized, reversed, algorithm failed, Obama covered up his blunder by commissioning a DREAM TEAM of University Professors and having them perform a FAKE experiment he called his B.R.A.I.N. Mapping Initiative, or “BRAIN” that he hoped would prove him right. What he did not tell anyone was the fact that all these "Professors" were indebted to him for favors received, and that his expriment had zero scientific chance of success.

The Professors he commissioned, were Francis Collins, whom he had just appointed to head of the N.I.H., Cori Bargmann, and William Newsom, whose research he had just sponsored with hundreds of millions of dollars in public funds.

Einstein’s Algorithm predicted that the Obama-Bargmann experiment could never work. That made B.R.A.I.N., a scientific hoax! When their experiment failed as predicted, Prof. Bargmann blamed Einstein’s Algorithm for the failure of their experiment, denigrated it by calling it a red herring, and flushed it down the drain as if it were dead golf fish. Along with it, she dumped Einstein’s Algorithm, and Obama’s Initiative. and covered up the REAL Obama Crime and their's.

To justify everything I have just, I would have to write a book and I have. It is titled “The REAL Obama Crime” and will be published soon. An abstract of the story it tells, containing all the information not mentioned here, can be viewed at

Einstein’s Algorithm was the set of steps or method that Einstein used to solve “seemingly insoluble problems.” “Seemingly insoluble problems” are problems no one can solve using common sense, conventional thinking, and conventional wisdom that everyone used and uses to solve all problems. Einstein discovered and solved all “seemingly insoluble problems” he could find, at warp speed, and with a success that was as stunning as it was perfect and everlasting by using his Algorithm.

“Einstein’s Algorithm” was what President Trump needed to scientifically rebut all the unscientific allegations made against him by V.P. Joe Biden during the 2020 Presidential Campaign and its debates. Presidnt Trump could not use it because Obama had stolen (plagiarism is theft of another person’s intellectual property), denigrated, and had Bargmann dump it like dead fish!

Therefore, President Trump was scientifically justified in saying that the 2020 election was stolen from him! It was stolen by Obama, not by Biden!

3. All problems all American Presidents must solve, will always be “seemingly INSOLUBLE problems” because all “seemingly SOLUBLE problems” would have been solved by others.

Therefore, Einstein’s Algorithm was what President Trump needed to solve the country’s seemingly insoluble problems that President Obama could not solve because he had flushed Einstein’s Algorithm down the drain instead of using it.

Since he did not have Einstein’s Algorithm, President Trump was forced to improvise. He did that by using his gut sense, and the algorithm super-successful businessmen use to salvage seemingly unsalvageable businesses known as “hostile take-over.” The method was “hostile” by definition, but it worked because, unbeknownst to everyone, it required him to say and do the things Einstein’s Algorithm required him to say and do!

That scientifically, is why everything President Trump said and did was hostile and “unpresidential” but super-successful, whereas everything Obama and Biden, have said and done has been “friendly” and “presidential,” and disastrous!

4. Einstein developed his algorithm to nip in the bud, reverse, eliminate, and prevent, insanity that he realized, was developing in physics. (Relativity” by Einstein, Crown Publications).

By plagiarizing and reversing Einstein’s Algorithm, and using his scientifically FAKE, algorithm, Obama caused the insanity Einstein eliminated from physics to explode in America the day his Presidency ended!

That was the insanity Rep. Maxine Waters (D) blamed on President Trump the day he got elected. It was the insanity for which she promised to get him impeached and she did it not once, but twice! Therefore, the insanity the Democrats impeached President Trump for twice, was scientifically caused by Obama!

5. Einstein’s Algorithm requires one to think, say and do the opposite of everything dictated by common sense and conventional thinking to solve “seemingly insoluble problems.” That must be followed rapidly by saying and doing EVERYTHING dictated by common sense and conventional thinking at warp speed and with perfection, to prevent “seemingly insoluble problems” from recurring, and new and preventable (solvable) problems of all kinds from occurring.

All the allegations made against President Trump, and all the evidence presented by all the witnesses, experts, Professors, and whistle blowers, during ALL investigations including the Muller investigation, the Impeachment Committee hearings, and the January 6th Committee hearings, have one thing in common. They accuse President Trump of saying and doing things that were the opposite of everything dictated by common sense and conventional thinking! That was precisely what Einstein’s Algorithm required him to say, and do SCIENTIFICALLY, to solve “the seemingly insoluble problems” he had to solve. They do not constitute evidence of guilt of any kind. They constitute the scientific evidence that scientifically justified everything he said and did!

6. Einstein’s Algorithm requires one to predict that “seemingly insoluble problems” will always develop as the last event whenever we solve problems using conventional thinking. It requires one to solve them preemptively BEFORE they cause damage. Using conventional thinking to determine why such problems occurred AFTER they have occurred and destroyed everything and then, blaming and punishing scapegoats, will create new problems. That is what everyone is doing thanks to the Obama paradigm shift that took America and Americans in the direction opposite to the one Einstein went! It will not solve any problems. it will cause new and worse ones no ne wil be able to solve.

President Trump predicted and took preemptive action every time he solved any problem. All his predictions came true, and all his actions were remarkably successful.

As opposed to this, all predictions made by Obama, Biden, and their Administrations, have proven false and caused more damage, destruction, and deaths.

7. Einstein’s Algorithm required President Obama to amend our Constitution to reflect the fact that Einstein had changed the way the world did business a hundred years AFTER our Founding Fathers had authored it, but no one had amended it to reflect this fact. The required amendment would have replaced the use of common sense and conventional thinking for solving all problems with the use of Einstein’s Algorithm for doing the same.

Had Obama made the paradigm shift in American democratic governance he was scientifically required to make, all Americans, the Electoral College, Vice President Pence, and all the Justices who ruled against President Trump, would have been using Einstein’s Algorithm to make all decisions. They would have acted as the safeguards our Founding fathers intended them to be and prevented an obviously impaired person like President Biden, from becoming President.

President Biden was able to bypass all these constitutional safeguards because Obama had flushed them down the drain. Therefore, it was Obama who destroyed our Democracy by failing to update our Constitution when it was needed and as his Oath of Office required him to make!

8. President Trump used his gut sense and his businessman’s algorithm to correctly predict that rioting would occur on January 6th by supporters of the loser and he offered preemptive deployment of the National Guard. Speaker Pelosi and the Mayor Bowser declined because they were not thinking using Einstein’s Algorithm for thinking at peak efficiency! Therefore, they, and President Obama, must be blamed scientifically, for the January 6th riot, not President Trump.

Therefore, the January 6th Committee must depose President Obama and Professors Collins and Bargmann, before indicting President Trump for a crime committed by them. I am willing to testify under oath and present documented evidence attesting to the veracity of the above statements

I challenge President Obama, Professors Collins and Bargmann to refute any of the allegations I have made here! If they cannot do that, they must confess publicly and agree to right the wrong they have done.


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