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The Next American President Must Be Functional In The Digital-atomic Age

The fundamental reason why we are in trouble today as a country is because our last two Presidents were non-functional in our digital-atomic. When I say that they were non-functional, I mean they were unable to perform at peak efficiency rapidly, repeatedly and consistently, to do what they were called upon to do, in the best interests of the country and its people every time. Therefore, if we want to get out of our current predicaments without getting into new ones, we must insure that the next American President we elect will be functional under the conditions that characterize our digital-atomic age.

We are well into the digital-atomic age and we are well into the process of electing our next President. Everyone is concerned about everything else but no one seems concerned about the issue of the functionality of the American President under the circumstances that characterize our current times. This is an issue we must settle before Election Day if our efforts to accomplish anything in our country are to be of any consequence. Towards this end, I am going to say here the things someone must say before that day that no one has said so far and no one will, unless I do it here and now. Please forgive my bluntness. I do not have the time, or the luxury of sugar coating what needs to be said to convey the message that must be conveyed at this time nor do you. Please also excuse the length of this presentation. I cannot make it any shorter without losing sense.

Our last two Presidents, one a Democrat and one a Republican were non-functional even when they had the backing of Congressional majority. This proves that party affiliations and personal beliefs, religious or otherwise, have little to no influence on the functionality of the American President.

The only factor that determines a person’s functionality is the speed with which that person can think and act efficiently on a consistent basis. In order to be functional at any given time, a person must be able to think and act as fast as, if not faster than the speed at which information travels, and things happen, at that time and do it efficiently. Nothing else matters in reality.

We got into the trouble we are in as a country in the first place, because our country was founded, our Constitution was framed and our fundamental laws were enacted by our founding fathers, at a time when information travelled at the speed of the pony, things happened slowly and the information load people had to deal with was small. Our forefathers had all the time in the world to think and act. These were conditions under which common sense was functional. Therefore, our forefathers were able to be functional as they did everything they had to do using common sense. As opposed to this, in our digital-atomic age, information travels at the velocity of light, disasters of epic proportions can occur in infinitesimally small amounts of time and the information load we have to deal with has become astronomically large. These are conditions under which Einstein has proved, common sense stops working, becomes non-functional, and makes those who rely upon it under these circumstances, non-functional too. Einstein discovered this fact by observing what happened to the physicists of his time when they started dealing with things happening at the velocity of light using common sense. Einstein defined the the algorithm that enabled him to think and act at the speed of light and to do things he could not do any other way in his mind, and used it to discover relativity. He found relativity to be essentially the opposite of everything common sense dictated, but he was able to account for everything that happens under these circumstances (when things were moving at light velocity and common sense was not working) that he was unable to account for any other way. He proved conclusively, scientifically, mathematically and philosophically, that using relativity instead of common sense under these circumstances could deliver the physicists of his time, out of the predicament in which their non-functionality, caused by using common sense, had gotten them into, and make them functional again. There is no reason why Einstein’s Philosophy should not do the same for us since we are in trouble in all areas of human interest for the same reason. In fact, it is the only philosophy in existence that can do this for us (The Debate on Health Care Reform).

Even though Einstein has proved beyond doubt that common sense does not work under the circumstances that prevail in our digital-atomic age, we and our Presidents have continued to use it to do everything we do. This is because theoretical physicists have not warned us of this problem yet and have not adapted Einstein’s Philosophy for use in everyday life even though Einstein discovered relativity a hundred years ago. This is the penultimate reason why we and our Presidents are in trouble in all areas of human interest today.

When Einstein discovered relativity, it had no effect on everyday life, he had no idea what effects it would have on it in the future and one did not have to deal with velocities as great as that of light in ordinary situations. These are the reasons why he said that relativity has no effect on matters of everyday life. Today, information travels at the velocity of light in everyday life, and the nuclear bomb could cause massive destruction in an infinitesimally small amount of time, both developments enabled by the discovery of relativity that have changed every aspect of everyday life. Consequently relativity has now a role to play in every aspect of everyday life in our digital-atomic age.

The most dramatic example of the effect relativity has had in making our everyday lives most functional in the digital/atomic age is the GPS device. This device helps us navigate our way from where we are to where we want to be, as we drive merrily along with no idea as to where our physical destination is, and it works based on relativity. What the GPS device does for us physically in everyday life, Einstein’s Philosophy will do for us and our President, intellectually, as we think and act in the digital-atomic age, provided we allow it to do so by using it to replace common sense. It could, when expressed as an algorithm, function as an intellectual GPS device that will help us engage in Intellectual Navigation and find our way as we think and make plans to act, in our effort to get from where we are today (in trouble) to where we want to be in the future (out of trouble and on the way to enduring success). In addition, Einstein’s Algorithm will enable us and our Presidents to travel at the velocity of light in our minds as we think, rapidly, repeatedly and consistently, the way it enabled Einstein to do the same while discovering relativity. That brings me back to the statement that we must be able to think and act as fast as, if not faster than, the velocity with which information travels if we want to be functional in our times. If we want to be functional in our digital-atomic age in which information travels at the velocity of light, all of us and our Presidents must gain the ability to think and (plan to) act as fast as light travels. To do anything rapidly, repeatedly and consistently to the best of our ability, we have to express the pathway for doing it as an algorithm and use it. The only way we can think rapidly and repeatedly at the velocity of light and do it consistently to the best of our ability every time is by using the Algorithm for doing these things that Einstein discovered and used. We should not have to rediscover it every time we have to discover something or get out of trouble the way we have to do today.

Therefore, to insure that our next President will be functional in the digital age, we must insure and insist that s/he is aware of the algorithm Einstein used to make the physicists of his time functional after they, like us, had become non-functional from using common sense after it had stopped working when they started dealing with matters involving the velocity of light.

It is unreasonable for us to expect our Presidents who are not theoretical physicists, mathematicians, or scientists to know about how Einstein restored functionality in physicists, and use his method to restore functionality in our government, in our country and in our world. However, if they ignore this information when it is presented to them in a form they could use, that would he unconscionable on their part. Unfortunately, this is precisely what our last two Presidents have done and the American Public must know this before it chooses its next President in our digital-atomic age, especially since one of them is running for re-election. The information in question was delivered to our last two Presidents on multiple occasions in letters that were mailed to them by registered mail return receipt requested by yours truly so there is evidence to prove that they received them but chose to ignore them. Transcripts of these letters have been archived for everyone to read at and include the following:
• A transcript of an Open letter to President Bush dated Sept 17, 2007 that was published in the Niagara Gazette and mailed to him during the “lame duck” session of his Presidency, describing how he could have used Einstein’s Philosophy to redeem himself for not being functional during his Presidency by initiating the process that would accomplish this end, as his last act as President. All he had to do to make this happen was to take the one scientific, mathematical, biological and reasonable step dictated by Einstein’s Philosophy that would have made all future American Presidents and world leaders functional in the digital/atomic age, viz., make bipartisanship mandatory in all democratic decision-making processes of consequence. Had President Bush not ignored this letter and initiated the process that had the potential to steer our civilization towards healing of its wounds, he would have been hailed as a hero instead of having suffered the indignation of having a shoe thrown at him during his last trip abroad as President. This letter contains all the information the next American President and all Americans need, to insure that they will become functional and remain functional in the digital-atomic age and for all time.
• A transcript of an advertisement in the Washington Post that was published on 10/22/2008, before the last Presidential election, addressed to President Bush, and all the Presidential candidates including Candidate Obama, drawing their attention to the letter to President Bush and the fundamental concepts contained in it. All the candidates ignored it.
• Transcripts of three letters addressed to President Obama drawing his attention to the Letter to President Bush and its contents with updates and simplifications, and mailed to him by registered mail, return receipt requested. The first letter was dated September 9, 2009 soon after he was elected. The second letter was dated January 10, 2010 and was sent to him after the underwear bomber incident. The third letter was published in the Niagara Gazette on April 3, 2010 and a copy was mailed to him after the mangled health care bill had been enacted into law without meeting any of the fundamental requirements needed to make it functional in our digital-atomic age. President Obama chose to ignore all three letters. President Obama also ignored the following;
A letter addressed to President Obama dated September 9, 2009 that he could have used to describe to all Americans what they could do to become functional in the digital/atomic age by using Einstein’s philosophy, as individuals, as a nation and as a civilization, and assist President Obama to become functional and make America functional again.
• A video entitled “Einstein’s I-Bomb” posted before the health care debate started, drawing President Obama’s attention to the importance of making himself and all Americans aware of how they could use Einstein’s philosophy to make themselves functional in the digital/atomic age and that they had to do this before reforming health care delivery or anything else of importance.

Even though I am a registered Republican, I concede that President Obama deserved to be elected last time because he seemed astute enough to recognize the need for a change in the way things were being done in Washington. However, after the election, the fact that he has not said a word about this change leaves us no choice but to conclude that his promise was election-rhetoric and that he had no idea as to what that change was or how to make it, something one may consider excusable if one chose to look the other way. What is inexcusable to the point of being unconscionable is the fact that he ignored the information that could have enabled him to transform the concept he had stumbled upon as an election gimmick into the right thing to do to restore functionality to the American Presidency and Democratic Governance on numerous occasions. For this reason, we must consider President Obama as having forfeited his moral right to expect to be re-elected, unless he redeems himself by acknowledging the information (Einstein’s Philosophy) he has ignored so far and uses it to make himself, the Democratic Party and our government functional in the digital-atomic age between now and Election Day. To do this, he will have to do, in what could be his lame duck session,>what President Bush should have done during the same period of his Presidency.

As far as the Republican Party and its candidates are concerned, I have to state that I am a registered Republican for one reason and one reason only. The Republican Party promotes entrepreneurial pursuit of perfection and success by individuals, and entrepreneurial pursuit of perfection and success is what made America what it is. It is the fundamental force that will make America what she must be in the future. I am not a Democrat for one reason and one reason only. The Democratic Party does everything it can to stifle entrepreneurial pursuit of perfection and success by individuals by doling out the fruits of success without demanding that recipients of its largesse gain the ability to pursue perfection and success by entrepreneurial means by education. Einstein discovered the algorithm that could enable anyone to be an entrepreneur and pursue success by pursuing perfection, took it to its next level of development and obtained the algorithm for doing all these things, the algorithm that I have named ACTINEMAS,. Then, he used it to discover relativity. Einstein’s philosophy for entrepreneurial pursuit of perfection, crystallized in this algorithm is the most fundamental and conservative philosophy (pathway) for living successfully, solving problems, getting out of trouble and staying out of it that there is in existence. Einstein’s philosophy and ACTINEMAS are based upon the laws of nature that predated all man-made laws, the laws of any of the religions in existence, and the concepts of conservatism and liberalism themselves. The Republican Party must adopt this algorithm as its pathway towards the attainment of Conservatism in the true sense of the word, and use it to make themselves and their candidates maximally functional in the digital-atomic age. This is the minimum they must do, if they want to defeat President Obama, regain control of the American Government and retain it until this country and its people are out of the trouble into which common-sense-based conservative and liberal policies of the past have gotten us. They must abandon the destructive, mudslinging, horse-trading, axe-swinging, money-splurging-bailing-out methods of the Republican and Democratic Parties that worked with questionable efficiency even in the horse and buggy days of the past and develop constructive bi-partisan, evidence-based methods for solving problems based on all the fundamental laws of nature known to man and that includes relativity. Relativity is a concept that has become a part of conservative scientific thought after our country was founded. Republican Policies involving unbridled cutting of government size, taxes and expenses using our legislature as hatchets, will not work in the digital/atomic age and will, if attempted, cause disasters of biblical proportions, far worse than the current problems caused by the equally unbridled liberal money-splurging bail-outs of the Democrats that do not require algorithmic pursuit of perfection and success from beneficiaries in return. Reduction in government size, expenses and taxes cannot be accomplished by legislation. To be durable, we must accomplish them by maximizing efficiency of governance and people and we can accomplish this only by educational popularization of an algorithmic behavior that enables people to think and act at the speed at which information travels, which, in our digital-atomic age, consists of doing these things at the velocity of light using ACTINEMAS, the algorithm surgeons use to strive for perfection in the practice of surgery which also happens to be the algorithm Einstein used to think and act at the speed of light to discover relativity. Government must accomplish this end by education, setting the example that requires its citizens to follow suit. Only then will it accomplish desirable outcomes that will be enduring.

After reading this, please go to my website, study the information there and ask the Presidential candidates to do the same. The earlier we stop using common sense and replace it with ACTINEMAS to think about everything and make all our plans to do everything we do, the earlier we will we become functional, make our country and our government functional and the earlier we will be able to resume our role as the leader of enterprise in an entrepreneurial free world.

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