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Winner Of The 2012 Presidential Campaign Based On Einstein's Philosophy For Success Is Gov. Romney!

October 29, 2012

The 2012 Presidential debates are over and one week is left before the election. It is time to determine the winner of the entire campaign and identify the candidate who has the better chance of being successful based on the scientific, mathematical and biological basis of Einstein’s Philosophy for success for four reasons.
1. Einstein’s Philosophy for success enabled Einstein to discover relativity and make America and the world what they are today.
2. It is the only scientifically, mathematically and biologically proven philosophy for success in existence that has succeeded when decision-making and problem-solving using conventional wisdom has failed.
3. It is the only philosophy that will enable future American Presidents to solve the kind of problems that seem impossible to solve like the ones that confront us now and will confront us in the future, with the degree of finality required for us to survive, preserve the American dream, and remain the effective leader of the free world.
4. Last but not least, irrespective of who wins, this is another opportunity to evaluate the validity of predictions based ACTINEMAS and ASET, the algorithms for using Einstein’s Philosophyfor making predictions.

We shall determine the winner of the 2012 Presidential campaign based upon Einstein’s Philosophy for success by asking and answering repeatedly, the three questions required by ASET), the algorithmic short cut for using Einstein’s Philosophy in ten different situations and obtain ten criteria for making this determination. The three fundamental questions ASET requires us to ask and answer repeatedly, as they apply to the Presidential candidates are:
1. “What does he look like?”
2. “What does he sound like?” and
3. “What does he feel like?”

The answer to the first question is as it applies to President Obama and Gov. Romney is that both of them look equally Presidential. The answer to the second question, obtained by listening to what the candidates have had to say so far, has left the country equally divided in favor of each candidate as evidenced by the tied results of all the opinion polls. Therefore, the final determination as to who has met the criteria set by Einstein’s Philosophy for success rests upon the answer to the third question “What does he (the things he has said and done) feel like?” The answer to this question reveals the winner to be Gov. Mitt Romney based on what the candidates’ actions “feel like” under ten different sets of circumstances. The first five circumstances clearly favor Gov. Romney over President Obama. The second set of five circumstances are unfavorable to President Obama because, even though he has all the attributes required to successful by these criteria, he failed to use them in his first term and has shown no indication that he will use them in his second term if re-elected. For these reasons, Gov. Romney, even though he does not have all the attributes required to succeed based on Einstein’s Philosophy, is still the clear winner because of the attributes he has and promises to use if elected. The ten answers to the third question of ASET and the attributes they define are as follows:
1. Bipartisanship is to democratic governance what relativity is to physics, the method of eliminating errors associated with the use of conventional wisdom, mainly common sense and science to answer questions and solve problems. Gov. Romney is the winner of this criterion because he is the only candidate who has referred to “bipartisanship” in this entire campaign. He has promised to strive for it the way he had successfully done during his governorship of Massachusetts. Bipartisanship is the unification of opposing opinions, factors and forces by the recognition of shared commonalities. It is the secret of the success of Einstein’s Philosophy as it applies to democratic governance. Bipartisanship is the only thing that will enable the next President to enable Congress to become functional again and turn the country around by solving the seemingly insurmountable problems confronting the nation today without making matters worse. In contrast, President Obama did not mention bipartisanship a single time during the entire campaign. He seems to have given up on bipartisanship because he was unable to accomplish it in his first term during which he used campaigning to accomplish it. The only thing he accomplished was to prove that campaigning is the most ineffective way of striving for bipartisanship. If President Obama has given up on bipartisanship, he is not going to accomplish anything of consequence in his second term if re-elected. His second term will be a waste of every ones time and resources, a prediction made based on scientific, mathematical, biological and rational reasons. Any success he may enjoy will be a matter of luck and circumstances resulting from the natural progression of events.
2. Killing, its futility as a means to win the war on terror: Gov. Romney’s statement that “we cannot kill our way through this (the war on terror)” reveals his understanding of the cold hard mathematical fact based on Einstein’s Philosophy that, “killing enemies increases the number of our enemies in geometric proportions” and “the most effective way of eliminating enemies forever is to make them friends and allies” by recognizing the universal commonalities we share as human beings. President Obama is still on a crusade to kill every last enemy. This is impossible and undesirable because it will eventually lead to self-destruction if accomplished. We need enemies (opposing factors and forces) for scientific and mathematical reasons, to define who we are, to provide the resistance to our power and force required to make us functional, and to prevent our own forces from overpowering us and destroying us. The killing must stop at some point for victory to occur. We have to take the initiative if our enemy will not. The secret of ending a war on a note of victory requires forgiveness while ahead, at the height of victory. Beyond that point, forgiving loses its significance progressively.
3. Opposing views, factors and forces, their validity and the need for their acceptance: During the last debate, Gov. Romney acknowledged everything he found acceptable about President Obama’s past. While many considered this a weakness and a loss of the debate, in reality, it was an indication of intellectual heroism and a big win for Gov. Romney. It was the first step someone had to take to prevent the inevitable slide towards disaster that will follow naturally and maintain progress towards a state of continuous victory we refer to as success. For us to be successful in the future, we must make democratic debating what it should be, a fact-finding, brain-storming process aimed at recognizing all the factors and forces that must be taken into account to solve problems that must be solved most efficiently to insure continuing success. Democratic debating must cease to be the finger-pointing, mud-slinging, name-calling ego trips and slug fests aimed at demolishing the opponents’ ideas and credibility even when they are valid and reasonable. President Obama, instead of reciprocating the gesture, has continued to ferociously denounce everything about the Gov. Romney and the Republicans including fundamental truths of physics, mathematics, biology and common sense that no one can dispute legitimately.
4. Changing ones mind, and the courage, ability and fortitude to do it when circumstances demand: During the debates, President Obama accused Gov. Romney of “changing his mind” and “being all over the place.” According to Einstein’s Philosophy for success, the only thing that will work when nothing else works, is changing ones mind when ones ideas stop working, and “being all over the place” when “staying put” does not work. One MUST change one’s mind as soon as one realizes that one’s ideas and plans-of-action have stopped working and/or are making matters worse. All ideas and plans, including the most successful ones, WILL stop working eventually and make matters worse. Continuing to adhere to plans-of-action that have stopped working is the height of incompetence. It will make matters explosively worse. It is the fundamental cause for all our difficulties, failures and disasters. The secret to changing ones mind successfully, safely and effectively is by adhering to the steps of the algorithm (ACTINEMAS) that Einstein used to successfully do make such a change (a paradigm shift) in the way everyone thought in physics.
5. “Political Incorrectness” and the courage, ability, fortitude and need to be Politically Incorrect when required to meet the unforgiving scientific, mathematical and biological requirements of Einstein’s Philosophy to answer the first question of ASET (“What does it, the problem to be solved, sound like?”). The first thing one must do to solve any problem is to answer the question; “What does it sound like?” The answer recognizes the existence of the problem and defines the first attribute of the problem. The need to be politically correct under these circumstances makes it impossible to ever solve the problem. No problem can ever be solved if it is politically incorrect to state it publically in its fundamental form. It is a violation of one’s first amendment right to freedom of speech, negates the intent of that amendment and is most detrimental to the interests of those it is purported to protect. President Obama has been politically correct all the time. While this will protect his own interest and insure that he gets the votes of those he professes to serve, the mathematical and scientific probability that he will serve their best interests is nil while the possibility that he will hurt them in the long run is unequivocal.

Now let us consider the following reasons why President Obama has lost the campaign vis-à-vis the requirements of Einstein’s Philosophy for success because, even though he possesses the required attributes, he failed to use them in his first term and shows no inclination to use then if re-elected.
1. Failure to use all his faculties: President Obama’s greatest asset is that he has Einstein’s acuity to hone in on the fundamental cause of problems that seem impossible to solve. Unfortunately, this ability is offset by an equally great handicap, his inability to appreciate Einstein’s Philosophy for solving such problems even when it is literally handed to him on a proverbial “silver platter.” This is evidenced by the fact that he ignored the following three letters containing this information that were mailed to him by registered mail, return receipt requested, received at the white house as evidenced by the returned receipts and ignored by him and his staff. This is, in effect, a security leak at the White House through which valuable information sent there evaporates without receiving the attention it deserves. The three letters were;
a. ”An Open Letter To President Obama” that was mailed to him soon after he was elected, introducing to him and justifying the concept that “making bipartisanship mandatory in democratic decision-making processes” was “the Change” he had to make, based on Einstein’s Philosophy for success, to keep the promise he made to win the last election. That letter was long but a summary of that letter is also available for perusal at my web site.
b. “Einstein’s I-Bomb, a video posted on You Tube, as an obligatory notification to President Obama from a board certified surgeon that reforming health care delivery without first reforming Congressional Decision-making to require mandatory bipartisanship in all democratic decision-making processes of consequence, would be detrimental to the health of all Americans and will make matters infinitely worse in all areas of human interest. This video was posted on You-Tube when President Obama introduced the Health Care Bill in Congress without first making “the Change” he had promised to make. He was notified of this video by mail. He ignored it.
c. ”Undetected Breaches in White house security”. This letter was written under the pseudonym of “The I-Bomber,” with the hope that it would trigger the safety mechanism a letter written to the White House by someone calling himself a “bomber” should have triggered. It did not elicit even a squeak from the White House, proving the fundamental premise of the letter to be true. This letter was sent to President Obama when he correctly recognized the reason why the “underwear bomber” was able to board the Detroit-bound flight at Amsterdam, was the fact that security personnel were unable “to join the dots.” Having identified the cause for the problem with Einstein’s acuity, President Obama did nothing to rectify it. This was truly a golden opportunity to tell for everyone that the secret of Einstein’s success was the fact that he had figured out how to find all the ten dots one must find and join to use Einstein’s Philosophy to solve problems that cannot be solved any other way with absolute finality and that everyone must start doing this everywhere. This problem has still not been addressed as evidenced by the failure of the White House to join the dots required to respond appropriately to the Benghazi event.
2. Failure to keep up with the times in spite of having his attention drawn to the need for doing so by a letter entitled ”A Lesson to be learned from the Health Care fiasco” that was published in The Niagara Gazette entitled “The Debate On Health Care Reform” on December 10, 2009. A copy was sent to President Obama. It was written in response to a comment by a Congressman that “a lot of horse-trading” was going to occur during the health care reforming process. It was aimed at drawing President Obama’s attention to the fact that all our troubles are caused by our Congress using “horse-trading methods” belonging to an era in the past when our body of knowledge was small, information travelled slowly at the speed of the pony, and our ability to destroy ourselves was limited, to solve problems of our current digital-atomic age in which our body of knowledge has increased astronomically, information travels at the speed of light, and our ability to destroy ourselves at a moment’s notice is a real. This letter was aimed at drawing President Obama’s attention to the need for maximizing the efficiency of Congressional decision-making process and making it meet the standards set by Einstein’s Philosophy and the attributes of the digital-atomic age, before continuing to use Congress to solve digital-atomic age problems. This letter was published in the Niagara Gazette on and a copy of it was forwarded to the White House where it was ignored.
3. Failure to confront reality when invited to do so: A letter entitled ”Obama can Learn a Lot from The Falls.” was published as a Guest Editorial in the Niagara Gazette on April 3, 2010 and forwarded to the White House, inviting President Obama to visit Niagara Falls because it was a living example of a city in which everything that could go wrong from continued use of conventional wisdom to solve problems after it had stopped working, had gone wrong. Niagara Falls was a city that was struggling to recover from the failures of conventional wisdom using Einstein’s Philosophy but was finding it difficult to do so due to the lack of the required environment only governmental support could provide. President Obama visited a plant twenty miles away in Buffalo that was doing well on its own and did not require any attention from him, but he did not bother to visit the Falls twenty miles away where he could have observed first hand, problems that he could help solve by creating the catalytic environment required. In the Falls, he could have developed a universal plan of action to solve problems all over the country and set an example the rest of the world could follow!
4. Failure to appreciate the fact that the laws of nature supersede man-made laws: Gov. Romney has been telling President Obama that the rules of success are the same for everyone everywhere and for America to become successful again, the law of the land must parallel the laws of nature that determine the rules for success everyone must follow to insure success. Einstein has proved scientifically and mathematically by his Theory of General Relativity that the laws of nature are the same everywhere. They are the laws that everything in existence obeys implicitly. They are the rules everyone must abide by to enjoy success at everything at which success is humanly possible to attain and that includes legislators legislating man-made laws. President Obama has been unable to appreciate this concept and continues to call Gov. Romney a liar.
5. Failure to concede indisputable facts: Mud-slinging, name calling, loosing ones temper and raising ones voice are manifestations of ones inability to come up with reasonable arguments to support ones thoughts and actions. While such methods may be necessary to counteract irrational behavior on the part of others, initiation of such behavior indicates inability to advance rational arguments. In the digital-atomic age, these methods cannot be justified or condoned and must be abandoned.

It was Einstein’s philosophy and his ability to unify opposing factors and forces and make them work together towards attainment of the most desirable goal possible under the circumstances that was responsible for his stunning success at solving the problems he had to solve to get the world out of the predicaments of the Newtonian era and propel it into the successes of the digital atomic age of today. Our current predicaments are caused by continued usage of horse-trading tactics of the pre-Einstein era to solve problems of the post Einstein digital-atomic age by Congress.

In view of everything that has been said, if Gov. Romney is elected, he will be more likely to be successful in turning the country around. His entrepreneurial spirit will make him abide by the natural laws of success while his promise to strive for bipartisanship will give his endeavors a greater chance of success in Congress. Since President Obama has neither of these recipes for success to offer, if he is re-elected, if we are all so lucky, we will survive until he or one of his successors makes bipartisanship mandatory and changes the law of the land and makes them parallel the laws of nature and resets the country on the road to perpetual success.

Key Words: Presidential Debates, Success, Einstein’s Philosophy, Constitutional Amendment, Bipartisanship, Congress, Democracy, Governor Mitt Romney, President Obama, Einstein’s I-Bomb,

NB. Everything I have said here, everything I have said in the past and everything I shall say in the future has been and will be derived from the “Intellectual Universe of the Human Mind” using the mind as a computer and ACTINEMAS as the algorithm for extracting information from the mind that cannot be obtained any other way. This is how Einstein used the same algorithm to extract relativity from his mind. This material and all original ideas expressed at this website are copyright and may not be quoted without acknowledgement or reproduced without written permission for commercial purposes. ACTINEMAS™ is a trademark in the process of being registered.

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