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Unification Of Relativity With Newtonian Physics

In my last blog, I had mentioned that had Newton and Einstein met and discussed relativity, Newton would have written four letters to Einstein. In the first of those letters, I said, Newton would have unified his “Newtonian Physics” with Einstein’s relativity. Here is a transcript of that letter the way ACTINEMAS tells me Newton would have written it. In this letter, Newton unifies his “Newtonian Physics” with relativity using the constancy of the velocity of time as the unifying commonality.

My Dear Prof. Einstein:

Your discovery of relativity was incredible. However, you should not have settled for simply “reconciling” your “Relativity” with my “Newtonian Physics.” You should have unified the two. Without unifying Newtonian Physics with relativity, meaningful progress in physics in particular, and science in general, cannot occur.

It is easy to unify Relativity with Newtonian Physics. All one has to do is to recognize the commonality shared by the two and use it to unify them the way you used special relativity as a commonality to unify all the diverse experiences that constitute relativity, into your theories of relativity. This commonality, like special relativity, will have to be a constant, invariant inertial velocity, one that affects everything in existence, Newtonian Physics, relativity and everything else in life, uniformly. Such a commonality will act as a primary constant and it will make special relativity constant and invariant secondary to it. It will also be the primary constant responsible for making all the constants of Newtonian Physics constant, while enabling the variables to remain variable. I had recognized this velocity when I expressed my conception of time by saying:

“Absolute, True, and Mathematical Time, of itself, and from its own nature flows equably without regard to anything external, and by other name is called Duration:

The fact that time “flows,” means there has to be a velocity with which it flows. Since time flows equably without regard to anything external, this velocity has to be constant, invariant and inertial. Since the flow of time affects everything in existence uniformly, time velocity meets all the requirements for being the all-pervasive commonality that could unify your theory of special relativity with my Newtonian Physics and with everything else while preserving the mathematical integrity of our current knowledge intact.

I did not develop the concept of the velocity of time further at that time as it was a commonality shared by all the primary first generation phenomena of Newtonian Physics and everyday life that I was dealing with and affected them uniformly. Therefore, I could afford to ignore it with impunity. You could not afford to ignore it, because the phenomena and experiences of relativity you were dealing with were secondary or “second generation” phenomena in which first generation phenomena interacted with one another. In the Michelson-Morley Experiment for example, the experimenters used a phenomenon of the first generation that of interference between two beams of light, to monitor another first generation phenomenon, the alterations in the paths of two beams of light caused by the interaction of two velocities. In such situations, the constancy of the velocity of time ceases to be the common denominator and becomes part of the nominator. It will then become something variable, something you could not ignore, and something you just had to “take into account.” Ignoring it would lead to events that simply could not happen. You overcame this problem temporarily and vicariously in relativity by fixing the velocity of light as the constant-invariant that prevented things that could not happen from happening. The price you had to pay for doing this was to compromise all the concepts of Newtonian Physics and everyday life. To overcome this problem permanently in all areas of human interest, without compromising anything, my Newtonian Physics or your relativity, we have to acknowledge the fact that the apparent constancy and invariance of the velocity of light in relativity, is secondary to the primary constancy of another more pervasive constant invariant inertial velocity common to everything. Then, this velocity will become the one that makes all constants constant and all variables variable. The only velocity that meets all the requirements of such a velocity is the velocity with which time flows.

In the early 1980’s an accident of fate made Trivikram, a surgeon seeking solutions to problems in surgery he could not solve any other way, recognize the constant invariant inertial velocity with which time flows as the constant that could unify relativity with Newtonian Physics, the experiences of everyday life, and his experiences in the practice of surgery. He felt that such unification would eventually help him solve problems in the “mechanics” of surgery he could not solve any other way. He named it the “Velocity of Time.” He wrote a paper entitled “The Paradoxes of Relativistic Mechanics Explained without Introducing New Paradoxes, On the Basis of a Simple Law of Nature, the Constancy of the (Inertial) Velocity of Time.”

In his paper, Trivikram accounted for relativity using the fact that “time flows everywhere in space in all directions, along all axes of all coordinates systems, all the time, with a constant invariant inertial velocity of one unit of time per unit of time, the velocity with which time flows” or “the velocity of time.” Thereby he gave time an infinite number of dimensions instead of the one dimension Minkowski and you, gave it.

Trivikram recognized the fact that we can divide all our experiences into two broad categories, experimental observations and phenomenological experiences and that there are three types of durations involved in all our experiences. These durations are; “the duration of the event (experiment or phenomenon),” or “event duration;” “the duration of observation,” and ‘the duration of transmission.” He defined “event duration” as the time required for an event to occur (for an experiment or a phenomenon to progress from onset to termination).” He defined “the duration of observation” as the time required by instruments like interferometers and atomic clocks that use beams of light as monitoring agents to make one measurement in an experiment and/or the duration required by an observer to make one observation of an event, experiment or phenomenon. He defined the duration of transmission as the time required by signals (of any kind, light, sound, touch) to convey information from events to observers. Then he recognized the fact that the velocity of time works by fixing the values of these three durations as constants specific for each event/signal transference/observation complex.

He concluded that the constancy of the velocity of time discharges its role as a primary constant, by doling out time at a constant rate of one unit of time per unit of time to everything in existence. It doles out time to events, so that they may occur; to observations, so that observers may observe events from beginning to end; and to signals as durations of transmission, to enable them to convey information from events to observers.

In Newtonian Physics, proximity of events to observers all but eliminates the duration of transmission and its effects. Most accurately, these durations are negligible. Consequently, in Newtonian Physics and everyday life, there are only event durations and durations of observation and in addition, these durations overlap. The velocity of time fixes these durations as primary constants equal to one another, making the constancy of absolute time of Newtonian Physics as the absolute/invariant it already is. All other constants and variables of Newtonian Physics remain free to be constants and variables the way they are in Newtonian Physics for the durations of events and observations.

In the secondary experiences, experiments and phenomenological observations of relativity the interposition of the duration of transmission between the duration of the event and the duration of observation/measurement causes the duration of observation/measurement to run out of time before signals have the opportunity to convey all the information about the event to the observer. It will be as though time had expired on the observer/instrument and truncated his/her observation before it was complete the way time would expire on a coin-operated machine, before the observer had a chance to witness the whole event (experiment/phenomenon). In addition, the duration of transmission causes information to age during the transfer process adding further to the unreliability of the information especially when the distances are large as in astronomy. Unfortunately, we have no mathematical way of knowing that these changes have happened. We can only appreciate them by using inference and our intellect.

You were able to estimate the extent to which the velocity of time disrupts the experimental and the phenomenological observations of relativity accurately by mathematically considering the velocity of light as a constant because the velocity of light is the velocity with which information travels in optical instruments, and when observers make visual observations of the optical phenomena of relativity. The velocity of time exerts its influence by doling out time at its constant rate to the velocity of light, thereby fixing the velocity of light as constant, invariant and inertial as a secondary phenomenon. It would probably be more correct to say that both these velocities are co-constants with the difference that the velocity of time is all-pervasive the velocity of light is not, being limited in its pervasiveness to phenomena and observations in which light is involved. If we were bats and relied on sound for obtaining information, the constant invariant velocity we would be dealing with would have been the velocity of sound and the velocity of time!

Editors of physics journals refused to publish Trivikram’s paper for reasons other than the validity of his observations, reasons such as the fact that it did not meet their literary standards and the fact that he had not expressed his concepts and deductions mathematically. He could not convince them that the velocity of time is a concept that defies expression mathematically because time flows in all possible directions, forwards into the future, backwards into the past and laterally into the present, in the same place at the same time, all the time and does this everywhere in space. This is a concept we cannot discover, express or comprehend mathematically. It is a concept that we can discover and comprehend using our minds as organs for discovery and comprehension and express only in languages we use to communicate with one another. We cannot express it using mathematics, the language of physics, because mathematics does not have the versatility (yet) to do what only living human minds and algorithmic tools like ACTINEMAS and ASET can do such as, think, make decisions, and most importantly, do the opposite of what mathematics dictates when mathematics stops working and/or fails.

Praveczi, in an article entitled “A New Theory of Time, Space and Relativity” (Physics Essays, Vol. 3, Number 3, 1990, p. 224) recognized “duration” as the primary universal constant without being more specific. He did not recognize the constancy of duration as being secondary to the primary constancy of the velocity of time. His rebuilt a new theory of relativity around his concept, a theory that has no advantage over yours since it still contained indefinite concepts expressed by his statements that “the velocity of light is infinitely large and that “time is absolute.” He did not recognize the velocity of time as the universal primary constant. He did not unify relativity with everything else.

By recognizing event duration as a separate entity from absolute and relative duration and assigning constancy to it, Trivikram preserved the integrity of my Newtonian Physics the way it was. By making special relativity secondary to the primary constancy of the velocity of time, he preserved the integrity of the mathematical accomplishments of your theories of relativity. By unifying the two using the velocity of time as the shared commonality that doles out durations to events, observations and signals at a constant rate and fixes them and the laws of nature, relativity and biology as constants, Trivikram has made only one drastic change. He has made it possible to account for relativity based on Newtonian Physics, and enabled recognition of manifestations of relativity in Newtonian Physics and everyday life, as we shall see in my future letters! This is the change, Prof. Dirac cautioned about, in his speech on “Relativity and Quantum Mechanics” given at the symposium on “The Past Decade in Particle Physics (Gordon and Breach London, 1973.), when he said…

“One shouldn’t build up one’s whole philosophy as though this present quantum mechanics were the last word. If one does that, one is on very uncertain ground and one will in some future time, have to change one’s standpoint entirely.”

What Prof. Dirac said about quantum mechanics is true for the philosophy of modern theoretical physics too.

I agree with everything Trivikram had said in his unpublished paper. His paper is essentially a discourse on how physicists could use biology as an instrument, and the mind as an organ for perception, discovery and comprehension of matters we cannot perceive, discover or comprehend using physical experimentation and/or mathematics. I am going to conclude this letter with another prophetic statement Prof. Dirac made in the same speech on “Relativity and Quantum Mechanics:”

“I think that the great new idea which will be needed to solve the difficulties of present day atomic physics will come about not by people who are seeking directly this idea but by people who are following some path which will lead them in a round about way to the great goal…”

The path Trivikram, a surgeon, had taken in his pursuit of “something else,” has led him “in a round about way” to the goal we have been seeking but have not found using mathematics and the time has come to acknowledge this fact and we must do it now.

Considering special relativity as secondary to the primary constancy of the velocity of time, will enable us to eliminate the inadequacies of mathematics and the infinities that Prof. Dirac recognized with the following statement in the same speech.

“They have set up equations which we call right…but when we try to solve these equations one finds that they have no solutions…” and “Your equations give you infinities and the infinities ought not to be there…”

Professor Dirac’s statements recognized the fact that mathematics of special relativity had taken the physicists of his time as far as it could take them, had stopped working and started to give results that were obviously unacceptable the way my Newtonian Physics had stopped working and become problematic towards the middle of the eighteenth century. Things have not changed much since then and mathematics of special relativity still has not taken physicists very far. Prof. Dirac was right when he said; “there are very profound changes which will have to be made.” Considering the constancy of the velocity of light as being secondary to the constancy of the velocity of time is, in my opinion, the first of such profound changes. The second profound change we must make is to use ACTINEMAS to replace our current investigative algorithms because it will enable us to get rid of infinities because it mandates the biological steps of going backwards and recycling before going forwards again, when continuous forward progress leads to inefficiencies, infinities and other events that that simply cannot occur. Mathematics cannot unify opposites to yield viable products that are functional. Only biology can, as we shall see in my subsequent letters. In the mean time, I want you and your followers to think about what I have said and prove me wrong if they can. We can proceed further only if you and your followers agree with me so far unequivocally. If I do not hear from you or your followers in two weeks, I shall send you my second letter. In that letter, I shall account for black holes, white holes and wormholes based on Newtonian Physics, the experiences of everyday life and the constancy of the velocity of time.

With kind personal regards,

I remain,

Yours hypothetically


DISCUSSION: I composed this series of letters using ACTINEMAS and its shortcut ASET (the acronym for Algorithm for Success at Every Thing). These algorithms are bio-physical algorithms that enable perpetual success at everything at which success is humanly possible to accomplish. ACTINEMAS enables one to predict, with a reasonably high degree of expectation for success, what a person (who may no longer be alive), would say and do in given situations, based upon the fundamental things they have said and done in the past.

The inspiration for these letters came from Neil deGrasse Tyson’s piece entitled “My Man, Sir Isaac Newton,” in which he refers to the story of how Newton discovered calculus to answer his friend’s question as to why the orbits of planets were elliptical. Based on this behavior, had Einstein and Newton met and discussed relativity, ACTINEMAS prompts that he would have repeated his past performance and “gotten back” to Einstein after analyzing relativity using ACTINEMAS. ACTINEMAS is the algorithm I got each time when I expressed as an algorithm, the steps Newton had taken to discover the laws of nature that bear his name, and Einstein took to discover relativity.

The letter you have just read is what ACTINEMAS prompts that Newton would have said to Einstein in a first hypothetical letter he would have written to Einstein! ACTINEMAS prompts that Newton would write the following letters to Einstein after his first one:
• In his second letter, “Newton” will account for black holes, white holes and wormholes based on Newtonian Physics, the experiences of everyday life and the constancy of the velocity of time, the second natural step in this thought sequence;
• In his third letter, Newton will account for all the experimental and phenomenological evidence of the validity special relativity from the Michelson-Morley Experiment to e = mc² based on black holes, white holes and wormholes, the third natural step in this progression of thoughts;
• In his fourth letter, he will unify relativity with quantum mechanics and eliminate uncertainty and paradox as much as it is humanly possible to accomplish from theoretical physics.
In the process, “Newton” will keep “Newtonian Physics” intact the way it was and the mathematics of relativity and modern theoretical physics intact the way it is. “Newton” will space these letters out two weeks apart, to allow “Einstein” and his followers to offer rebuttals.

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