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By thinking like geniuses and acting with the diligence of surgeons without being either



The Algorithms the human brain uses to think at Warp Speed with Peak Efficiency

The algorithms Einstein used to do everything he did, and surgeons use to do everything they do!

or a better alternative of your suggestion.
The breakthrough program that will enable you to do your best every time you do anything. When you were a child, your were taught to walk and talk, sing and dance, but no one taught you to think. Learn how to use the concepts of ASET and ACTINEMAS to think like Einstein without being a genius, and perform like a surgeon without even being a doctor.
Do your best every time
you do
anything and
pursue excellence 24/7.

What Is Aset?

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about ASET.

Q. 1: What is ASET?

A. 1: ASET is an algorithm or pathway of four steps. It is the shortcut for using ACTINEMAS.
ASET is the acronym for Algorithm for Success at Every Thing.

In one sentence, ASET consists of asking and answering three questions, what does “it” look like, what does “it” sound like and what does “it” feel like where “it” stands for what one is dealing with.

The fourth step of ASET consists of unifying the answers to the first three questions by finding the commonality/commonalities shared by them.

If you take the first three steps of ASET, there is a seventy-five percent chance that your mind will take the fourth step of ASET for you by finding the commonality/commonalities required and unifying your answers into the concept you need to take the next step.

If your mind does not take the fourth step for you, you can do one of two things.

You can go on repeating the steps of ASET every way you can think of until you trip your mind to take the fourth step and accomplish your goal, or you can take the fourth step yourself by taking the remaining six steps of ACTINEMAS and completing the process by yourself.

Q. 2: What can ASET do for me?

A. 2: ASET can do for you everything ACTINEMAS can do for you.

Q. 3: How does ASET work?

A. 3: The first three steps of ASET are identical to the first three steps of ACTINEMAS.

Mother Nature has programmed your mind to take the fourth step of ASET as soon as you provide your mind with the answers to the first three questions and tell you what is the best thing you can do next, which is to take the remaining steps of ACTINEMAS one by one.

If ASET does not do this for you, all you have to do is to go on repeating the steps of ASET with increasing levels of sophistication by using instruments, mathematics and finally by using your mind as an organ/instrument of/for perception.

When you take these steps, you will essentially complete the steps of ACTINEMAS.

Q. 4: How can I learn to use ASET?

A. 4: At present, all the information about ASET exists in the letter I wrote to President Bush dated September 15, 2008 that I have archived at my website.

If, after reading this letter you are still unable to understand and use ASET, you will find a description of the precise process that led me to ASET and ACTINEMAS in my book “My Journey to ASET’ available for purchase at my website.


There is no guarantee implicit or explicit in ASET and ACTINEMAS. Your chances of success will depend on the effort you have put in to understand these algorithms completely and use them diligently. If these algorithms do not work for you in a given situation, it is because you did not take into account one or more of the ten things you should have taken into account as required by ACTINEMAS or because success was humanly impossible to accomplish under those circumstances.


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