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Who Is The Presidential Candidate Most Likely To Be Functional In The Digital-atomic Age?

In my last blog, I said that “The Next American President Must Be Functional in The Digital-Atomic Age” if he is to solve any of the problems that confront us, address any of the issues or deliver on any of his promises with any degree of success in our digital-atomic age. In this blog, I shall predict how functional each of the current Presidential candidates would be in our digital-atomic age if elected. I shall make these predictions based on ACTINEMAS, the only algorithm in existence that can enable anyone to be functional under the conditions that characterize the digital-atomic age, and ASET, and the shortcut for using it. Towards this end, for each candidate, I shall first recognize the greatest attribute he possesses that could enable him to be functional at any time including the digital-atomic age.( Sorry ladies, I said “he” because all candidates are men at this time). Then I shall identify his greatest liability that could render him non-functional at a moment’s notice in extreme situations. Third I shall define the question each candidate must answer before the Election Day to prove his ability to use his greatest asset to overcome his potentially catastrophic liability and maximize his potential to be functional and successful consistently, if elected. Finally I shall discuss what he must promise to do before the election, and do if elected, to make himself and Congress maximally functional in the digital-atomic age and beyond so that he may solve our problems without making matters worse, or creating predicaments.

Governor Mitt Romney’s greatest attribute is the fact that he has been a “successful businessman” who has succeeded at everything he has attempted in the past. This is his greatest attribute because our next and subsequent Presidents must be successful at whatever they attempt to do to make our country functional and remain functional because the cost of failure in the digital-atomic age is something no one can afford.

Gov. Romney’s greatest liability is also the fact that he has been successful at everything he has attempted in the past using common sense! Repeated success using common sense in the past will become a liability eventually as predicted by ACTINEMAS, the algorithm that enabled Einstein to make all the incredible predictions he made. According toACTINEMAS, a history of multiple successes in the past using common sense becomes a harbinger of an imminent, catastrophic and explosive failure after one has used it successfully on eight occasions. ACTINEMAS makes this prediction because everything in nature must come to an end and this will happen in an explosive fashion on the ninth occasion. At that point, everything in nature must end or go back to the beginning and start a new cycle as a mathematical requirement of Newton’s third law of motion that requires every action to have an equal and opposite reaction. This prediction is confirmed by the experience of all the intelligent, highly educated, trained and successful people like Newton, Einstein and the practitioners of the professions like physicists and surgeons in all areas of human interest as documented at Governance is no exemption. By now, Gov. Romney should have enjoyed the eight successes he is entitled to using his brand of common sense and this makes an explosive failure what he must anticipate and plan for next, if not in the near future. ACTINEMASpredicts that this explosive failure will occur the moment he becomes President and is called upon to deal with the American Congress, the nemesis of all recent past-Presidents. The American Congress works on common sense, making it doomed to fail eventually at everything it attempts based on Einstein’s prediction. Since it has no built-in provision to prevent or address this inevitable failure, it will never allow any American President to succeed at anything of consequence for any length of time and hand him the string of failures future Presidents must endure if no one does anything about it. The only way future American Presidents can address this problem is for all of them to insure that they are intellectually equipped to be functional in our digital-atomic age and one of them, preferably the next one, does what it takes to make Congress functional in our digital-atomic age too. There are only two ways s/he will be able to do these two things. The first is educationally, by imploding Einstein’s I-bomb in America and making all Americans aware of how Einstein eliminated the fallibility of common sense from physics. The second way is by a Constitutional Amendment that would make bipartisanship mandatory in all democratic decision-making processes of any consequence over which s/he will preside and eliminating the fallibility of common sense from Congressional proceedings before s/he tries to do anything else.

The question Gov. Romney must answer is how he is going to deal with the imminent and inevitable catastrophic failure that will occur when he locks horns with Congress as soon as he assumes office. Gov. Romney must answer this question because he has resuscitated businesses that have failed under conditions in which everything was working in his favor. He has never failed personally and has not had the opportunity to demonstrate his ability to rebound from personal failure when everything else is working against him as it will if he becomes President and confronts Congress.

The answer Gov. Romney must give to the question he must answer based on science, mathematics and ACTINEMAS, is that he will do what ASET, the shortcut for using ACTINEMAS, the algorithm for overcoming the fallibility of common sense and becoming functional in the digital-atomic age dictates he must do. He must make bipartisanship mandatory at all democratic decision-making processes of consequence by “imploding Einstein’s I-bomb in America” or physically by orchestrating a constitutional amendment. Preferably, he must be most effective and do both.
Discussion. Making a Constitutional amendment is a drastic step. However, it could be the only way our next President could address the greater problem that could destroy everything we cherish. This is so because the world our next President will inherit will be one in which successful businesses run on the Republican Party’s philosophy based on conservative common sense have failed en masse and bailing them out using the Democratic Party’s philosophy based on liberal common sense is bankrupting the nation financially and intellectually. Our digital-atomic age is one in which businesses like General Motors, the American Banking Industry and all the other iconic institutions that we never thought could ever fail, have actually failed. The question is not, if our next President is going to fail, but when he will fail, and the problem is that the next and subsequent failures will occur faster and more catastrophically in the digital-atomic age than in past ages. Gov. Romney will succeed at eking out a questionable success or two like the one President Obama eked one out when he got Congress to enact the health care law. Gov. Romney may be the most electable of the Republican candidates, but electability and even a major success like the passage of the health care bill by President Obama after election, will not translate into functionality beyond that point unless he takes measures to insure continuous functionality by insuring that he will have bipartisan support at all democratic decision-making processes of consequence in the future. In my opinion, President Obama has proved this fact beyond all doubt as I had predicted in a letter I had written to President Obama that he chose to ignore.

Sen. Rick Santorum Santorum’s greatest attribute, based on ACTINEMAS is the fact that he is a religious person! Personally, I do not believe in anything people say and do in the name of religion, but ASET and its parent ACTINEMAS, the algorithms that I believe in, the algorithms Einstein believed in and used to discover relativity and professional people believe in and use to practice the professions, dictate that we must recognize religiousness as the greatest asset of all religious people, irrespective of what their individual beliefs may be as explained in the next paragraph.

Discussion: Religiousness is the greatest attribute of the religious because it enables religious people to recognize and address the fact-of-life that common sense and science do not enable us to deal with the unknown, and with matters we cannot deal with using common sense and/or science. Everyone must have a method (their own version of metaphysics) for dealing with the unknown and with matters one cannot deal with any other way in order to be functional at all times and live life most effectively, especially in our digital-atomic age in which this inability could be fatal instantaneously. Religion and its substitutes provide its followers with a method for dealing with the unknown and with everything else they do not know how to deal with, rapidly, repeatedly, consistently and with a degree of effectiveness one would not have if one did not have such a plan-of-action. ACTINEMAS is the scientific and mathematical algorithm that Einstein used to deal with the unknown and with things he could not deal with any other way in physics as he discovered relativity. Surgeons, navigators, engineers and other professional people have discovered, formulated and used the same algorithm to deal with the unknown and with matters they cannot deal with any other way in the practice of their professions without realizing that this is what they have done. It is the most effective algorithm known to mankind for dealing with the unknown and with matters we do not know how to deal with any other way. Until an American President makes knowledge of ACTINEMAS universal by (imploding Einstein’s I-bomb in America), or a better method becomes available, religion and its substitutes will have to serve as the only method for dealing with the unknown and with matters no one knows how to deal with, for most people.

The fundamental liability Sen. Santorum shares in common with religious people, irrespective of what religion they believe in, is the fact that religious people believe that God’s will is the cause for everything in existence, but they do not accept everything in existence as being God’s will. The list of the most important examples of such matters must begin with the Devil, and encompass everything else from scientific discoveries, and other religions and include enemies.

The rhetorical question Sen. Santorum and those who believe in any religion must answer is as follows. If God’s will is responsible for everything, why does it allow, the Ungodly to exist, occur, increase in number, frequency and force the way it has been happening since the beginning of time?”

The Answer to the rhetorical question Sen. Santorum must answer is one he does not have to answer in reality because Einstein, the surgeons and the professional people of the world, and ACTINEMAS have answered it for him (God has already made them answer it). These people have studied everything in existence (God has made them study all of God’s creations) and answered this question (God has made them answer this question) by defining the laws of nature (God’s laws,) that everything in existence obeys (God makes them obey) implicitly. These studies reveal that opposites or opposing factors and forces (the Godly and the Ungodly in all religions, the positive and the negative in all the sciences) exist (God created them and allows them to exist) so that they may balance one another and remain functional in states of rest and inertial motion when there are no changes occurring, and follow one another sequentially to make things happen when there is change. (It is God’s Law) that one cannot exist, occur or function without the other (the law of conservation) and that they must follow one another (and make action and reaction equal and opposite) when things happen. Destruction of one will make the other one non-functional or dysfunctional and lead to its self-destruction from lack of constructive opposition and/or support. Unification of these two opposing fundamental factors and forces using the only commonalty they share, the laws of nature, will make both functional and make them work together or separately towards attainment of the common, most desirable goal possible under the circumstances. This is the fundamental principle of General relativity according to which the laws of nature (God’s laws) are the same for everything everywhere. It is also the fundamental principle of ASET that essentially extends the laws of nature to thinking while solving problems. It is what demands bipartisanship in democratic governance for it to work (it is the reason why God made the person who thought of bipartisanship, think of it). (It is God’s will that) the fundamental principle of ASET consists of finding opposing factors and forces, and unifying them by recognizing and using the only commonalities they share, (the only commonalities opposing factors and forces share is the fact that they abide by the laws of nature [God’s laws] implicitly). Unifying opposing factors and forces using shared commonalities makes them work together towards the attainment of the most desirable goal possible under the circumstances (and makes God’s will come true upon the earth as it is in heaven, the ideal place for living life).

The Promise Sen. Santorum must make before the election is therefore the same as the one Gov. Romney must make, that he will, if elected President, do what it takes to make knowledge of ACTINEMAS and ASET universal (that he will implode Einstein’s I-Bomb in America) and make bipartisanship mandatory in all democratic decision making processes and extend the spirit of bipartisanship (that will make all of God’s creations work together) to deliberations and decision-making involving religious matters.

Discussion: Sen. Santorum cannot become a functional President of America, a secular nation that has become what it is based on science and mathematics of the digital-atomic age, by blaming everything undesirable on Satan. If he becomes President, he must recognize the scientific and mathematical role of Satan (the negative factor/force) in life in the digital-atomic age and unify it with God (the positive factor/force) responsible for everything else that is desirable and make them work together in harmony or separately in sequence. Positive and negative factors and forces must pull/push in harmony to support one another at rest and alternately in sequence to make things happen. The only way Sen. Santorum can accomplish this end (get rid of Satan) is by harnessing the power of the negative and make it work for everyone by making bipartisanship mandatory in all democratic decision-making processes including those that involve religion. He must make opposing factors and forces in congress and in religion work together or alternately in harmony for attainment of the best outcomes possible under the circumstances (Unify Satan with God and make him/her Devine!). The President of America in the digital-atomic age, must get out of the blame-game and that includes the blaming the opposition parties and Satan for everything undesirable that happens. To be functional in the digital-atomic age, s/he must be able to take situations as they are, find the positive (Godly) and negative (Ungodly) factors responsible for the situation, recognize the commonalities shared by them (the laws of nature) and use the commonalities to unify these factors and forces and get the job done (unify the solution with the problem). To do otherwise will have only one consequence in the digital-atomic age, apocalyptic disaster.

Speaker Newt Ginrich’s greatest attribute is the fact that he has experienced failures in the past and has bounced back from them. This is his greatest attribute because the most important attribute our next President must possess is the ability to bounce back from failures of all kinds.

Mr. Ginrich’s greatest liability is also the fact that he has failed in the past.

The question Mr. Ginrich must answer is will he be able to translate the experience he has gained from bouncing back from his failures into an algorithm he could use to enable America and Americans to bounce back from the failures of conventional wisdom contained in the common-sense-based philosophies of the Republican and Democratic parties in our digital-atomic age? Or, Mr. Ginrich can adopt the algorithm Einstein and all the professions have developed for use to do the same in physics and the professions, and promise to do what it dictates in governance, viz., make bipartisanship mandatory in all democratic decision making processes as the first thing he will do if he is elected.

Discussion: The only way Speaker Ginrich could make himself eligible for nomination as the Republican candidate at this point is if he can convince everyone that he can make himself and Congress functional in the digital-atomic age by doing what has just been outlined and he emerges as the only person who promises to do this at the time of the Republican Convention. Or, he can run as an independent candidate.

Congressman Dr. Paul’s greatest attribute is the fact that he is a gynecologist. As a surgically oriented physician, he has used ACTINEMAS the algorithm for eliminating fallibility from common sense and making himself functional at all times and under all circumstances (including the digital-atomic age) all his life in the practice of his profession.

Dr. Paul’s greatest liability is the fact that surgeons abandon the use ACTINEMAS once they leave the arena of surgical practice and revert to using common sense in everyday life because theoretical physicists have not adapted Einstein’s algorithm (ACTINEMAS) for use in everyday life, defined the role of Relativity in it and made this knowledge public, something they should have done a hundred years ago.

The question Dr. Paul must answer is if he is willing and able to make our Congress and our country functional in the digital-atomic age by adapting the use of ACTINEMAS, the algorithm surgeons use to remain functional under all circumstances, for use by the American Congress in Democratic governance.

The promise Dr. Paul must make is the same as the one all the other candidates must make, that he will adapt the use of ACTINEMAS in democratic governance and make bipartisanship mandatory in all democratic decision making processes as the first thing he will do if he becomes our next President.

Discussion: Being s surgeon, Dr. Paul could be the most functional President provided he promises to use the algorithm of surgical practice, ACTINEMAS to infuse the diligence and functionality of surgery into Congressional proceedings. If he does this, ACTINEMAS predicts that he will maximize the efficiency of the government eliminate the need for big government and high taxes and enable reduction of both. If he is going to reduce the size of the government and cut taxes using the Republican Party’s conservative philosophy of common sense as an axe to cut government size and taxes the way he promises to do, ACTINEMAS predicts that he will make matters infinitely worse.

President Barak Obama’s greatest asset is the fact that he has all the assets required to make himself and America maximally functional in the digital-atomic age as described in the open letter I had written to President Obama in which I have also described how he could have used them at the outset of his Presidency to make the country functional.

Mr. Obama’s greatest liability is the fact that he has squandered the greatest opportunity anyone ever had to make the one change someone had to make, to make America functional and he does not seem to have any intention of making this change any time in the future.

The question President Obama must answer is why he did not make “The Change” he promised to make during his campaign and why he ignored information concerning how he could have made it when it was presented to him on multiple occasions. By now, it must be obvious to everyone that, had President Obama made bipartisanship mandatory during all democratic decision-making processes of consequence as required of him by ACTINEMAS and ASET, as the first thing he did before attempting to reform health care delivery in America, he would have made himself, Congress and the country functional in the digital-atomic age three years ago. He would have accomplished more than anything any President has accomplished or will ever accomplish. The health care law would have been a model everyone will want to emulate while enacting future laws instead being of a piece of legislation that more than half the country considers bad to the point of wanting to repeal it.

The Answer President Obama must give if he wants to redeem himself, is that he will make the change he promised to make the first time around in his “lame duck” second term by imploding Einstein’s I-bomb in America and making bipartisanship mandatory in all democratic decision-making processes. We will have to go with him if the Republican candidates do not convince us that they can do a better job of delivering on this promise.

In conclusion, none of the candidates have what it takes to be functional in the digital-atomic age the way things are today. Therefore, in the days that remain before Election Day, we must demand that they promise to do what it takes to make themselves, congress and America functional in the digital-atomic age as the first thing they will do upon getting elected before they attempt to do anything else and vote for the candidate who convinces us that he is the one who can do this best or find another candidate who will.

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