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Mr. President, Please Absolve Yourself Of Plagiarism, Earn Your Nobel & Win The War On Terror Or Be Ostrasized By Posterity!

This is a copy of the letter mailed and e-mailed to President Obama today as he has failed to respond to the allegations of plagiarism and bastardization of the only scientific concept that could enable us to win the war on terrorism, the war on war itself, and the war on "problems that seem insoluble" made in my last blog on Obamagate, The Evidence within the stipulated period of six weeks.

October 14, 2014

Dear Mr. President;

With all due respect, Mr. President, I had accused you of having plagiarized my website at and alleged that your "BRAIN-Mapping Initiative" is a "bastardized, catch-22" proposition aimed at rediscovering and/or reinventing the trade-marked concept of my website, ACTINEMAS™, the algorithm the brain and mind use for all their communication needs, and stated that your Initiative has no logistical chance of ever working." I made these allegations in "Blog No. 100" posted at my website more than six weeks ago and in the letter informing you about the posting of that blog, I had requested you to visit it and respond by refuting my allegations or accepting the veracity of my statements in six weeks. Six weeks have passed and you Sir, have not responded. This request was made on the internet and by certified mail return receipt requested and received by you as evidenced by the signed and returned receipt. As a surgeon, failure to respond to such an allegation of negligence on my part would be considered admission of liability by the prevailing Laws of Tort and I would face the consequences.

Since you Sir, did not include tort reform as a part of Obamacare as doctors have been pleading for years, this rule still holds and applies to you in this instance. You have left me no choice but to consider your failure to respond within the stipulated period, as admission of negligence with regard to all the charges made in "Blog No. 100".

I know there are problems with mail handling and security at the White House that you will allege as being responsible for your failure to respond in time but this is not an acceptable excuse because I had warned you about the existence of these problems and advised you on how you and everyone else concerned could have remedied them by "joining the dots" required to do so using ACTINEMAS, which is also the algorithm for finding all the dots one must find and join to solve "problems that seem insoluble" like breaks in White House security in "Letter No 6" titled "Breaches in White House Security" mailed to you four years ago as described in paragraph 6.6 in "Blog No. 100"."

At this point, Mr. President, you have three options.

Option No. 1. You could opt to absolve yourself of the charges of plagiarism and bastardization of ACTINEMAS, the trade-marked hallmark concept of my website. To do this, you Sir, must accept responsibility for your actions and inactions and those of the members of your "Dream Team" that have resulted in these charges, and for the resultant failure to eliminate the need for people to resort to terrorism and war for solving "problems that seem insoluble" any other way using conventional problem-solving methods. You will have to acknowledge the veracity of ACTINEMAS, the algorithm everyone from Einstein to surgeons, all professional people, innovators, entrepreneurs and perfectionists who have ever solved such problems in the past have used to solve them successfully, and inform everyone about it as being the only concept known to man that has been proved to solve "problems that seem insoluble" in all areas of human concern. Opting for this option will automatically entitle you to Option No. 2.

Option No. 2: Opting for Option No. 1 will automatically enable you to earn the Nobel Peace Prize the world bestowed upon you for nothing before you had done anything to promote peace, something you have not done anything about yet. You Sir, were honored just because you promised "to make a change" if elected, a concept you and/or your speech writers plagiarized from the first letter I sent you when you were still a Candidate, a request that was posted in addition, as an advertisement in The Washington Post as described in Paragraph No. 5.12 in "Blog No. 100") before you Sir, started using your election-winning slogan most aggressively. Please excuse me for claiming that your election-winning war cry was plagiarized from my letter, because that is exactly what I had asked you to do in that letter, viz., "To make a Change (paradigm shift) In Washington" and you have not refuted my charge that this is where you got this idea from! Opting for Option No. 1 will, as described in my letter, enable you to "make the change" you promised to make, the change that will eliminate the need for people to engage in terrorism and war for solving "problems that seem insoluble" any other way by giving them a scientific, effective and civilized alternative that will work as long as the problem is humanly possible to solve (Paragraph 6.1 in "Blog No. 100").

Option No. 3: You could opt to do nothing and hope no one will notice the allegations of plagiarism of a seemingly obscure web site. Unfortunately, Mr. President, plagiarism in our "digital-atomic age," is like posting a nude picture of oneself on the internet! It is just a question of time before it surfaces when the light of day will trigger the explosion of "The Intellectual Bomb" one has created by ones actions and lighting its fuse. In this case, you created your Intellectual Bomb by using conventional wisdom to solve problems conventional wisdom cannot solve and lit its fuse when you went on using it after being warned about the predictable outcome that would develop, explode and demolish everything you have accomplished, in "Letter No 3" described in Paragraph 6.3 in "Blog No. 100".

Once the "I-Bomb" explodes, you Mr. President, will not be able to do anything about it because all thirty statements listed in Section 5 of "Blog No. 100" as being alleged products of plagiarism by you and the leaders of your "Dream Team," have been archived and published at numerous sites on the internet and elsewhere as are all "The Letters" I have sent you that contain the original statements allegedly plagiarized by these statements made by you and members of your Dream Team.

The die has been cast and the fuse has been lit, Mr. President, My humble advise to you Sir, is to extinguish this fire proactively by "Imploding The I(Intellectual)-Bomb" yourself before it explodes spontaneously. This will enable you to do the damage control, reconstruction and restitution the way these things must be done, the way Einstein and others who have solved "problems that seem insoluble" have done as described in the "Letter No. 5," Paragraph 6.5 of "Blog No. 100". It will not erase what you have done, but it will give you one last chance to redeem yourself by righting any "wrong" you may have done, by yourself and on your terms. If you allow this explosion to occur spontaneously, you will have no control over what happens next.

So, Mr. President, do yourself and everyone else a favor. Implode the I-Bomb before it explodes while you still can, and redeem yourself. Earn your Nobel Prize in the process and win the war on terror, all in one stroke. Make your legacy the fact that you helped eliminate the need for terrorism and war as "problem solving tools" for solving "problems that seem insoluble" any other way by informing the word of the most desirable alternative for solving such problems, the algorithm I have named ACTINMAS. You have my permission to use my trade-marked concept as long as you acknowledge its source and use it as is, because any modification of it will render it non-functional. It is the "intellectual worm-hole you must crawl through to solve all "problems that seem insoluble."

Believe it or not, Mr. President, your plagiarism did indeed have a silver lining! It is the fact that it accomplished something I thought was logistically impossible to do! It made a "Professor of Conventional Wisdom," like Prof, Newsome, one of the leaders of your "Dream Team," actually agree to "try to catalyze a paradigm shift" for you (Statement No. 6 described in Section 5.6 in
"Blog No. 100") and it convinced another such Professor, Prof. Collins, to admit that "the time has come for something like this" and consent to head this endeavor. However, you cannot afford to rest on these laurels and be lulled into complacency by their promises and agreements to deliver your request in five to ten years because "making a (true) paradigm shift" is still something they simply cannot do logistically and will remain so forever, no matter how hard they may want to and try to do, for the logistical reasons enumerated in Section 3 paragraph 3.6 of "Blog No. 100" and in my "Obamagate, The Allegation." They will not be able to make a paradigm shift until you Mr. President make it legitimate for them to do so by giving an executive order issued because you recognize it to be what must be done post haste, on a war footing, in the defense of the country in its war to prevent metastatic terrorism from occurring on the homeland for the scientific reasons, listed in "Letter No. 7 described in Paragraph 6.7 in "Blog No. 100"". You Sir, will have to issue this executive order in your lame duck session, or it is never going to happen.

Mr. President, Please excuse me for saying this but you Sir, have blown every other opportunity to turn this country around by settling for feeble ineffective, "cash-for-klunkers" type of alternatives that have no chance of success in the long run, of which your "BRAIN Initiative is another example as time will prove. Please do not blow this opportunity because it is the real thing and the last chance you will get and possibly the last chance anyone may get to make the change of the century that some one must make to launch everyone as a country and as a civilization onto a path of success in the digital-atomic age as functional citizens.

Please pardon my candor and my audacity, Mr. President. Someone who loves this country more than he fears the consequences of making such "politically incorrect" statements had to tell it as it is. I love my country and am concerned more about the future of my grandchildren than I am concerned about hurting your feelings and the repercussions my words could have on myself. So here it is in the raw. I am wiling and ready to face the music for my thoughts, so let it begin. This is a song redemption, innovation and success that you have to start singing and if and when you do, the world will join you. If you don't, posterity will ostracize you for your plagiarism that you cannot disprove if your life depended on it for the thirty reasons listed in "Blog No. 100".

Yours sincerely

Ajit Trivikram, MD

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