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Are You Really Functi Onal In The Digital Atomic Age?

There is one question everyone living in our current difficult, if not impossible times that characterize our digital-atomic age, must ask and answer before doing anything else. That question is; “Am I really functional in the digital-atomic age in which I live?” Human ego makes us all think we are functional (right) all the time. Those of us, who are successful in the traditional sense of the word, are probably convinced that we are functional and would feel insulted if anyone insinuated otherwise, but we must think again. The significance of this question will become obvious to you as it did to me if you ask yourself the following three questions that I asked myself;
• If my world were to suddenly collapse around me, and I had no one and nowhere to turn to, would I know what the best thing is that I could do in this situation?
• If I was suddenly confronted with information that I did not know how to deal with and had to deal with it right away with no help, would I be able to make the best decision possible under the circumstances?
• Do I know how to deal with the unknown and the unknowable with any degree of effectiveness?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it does not matter who you are or how functional (successful) you may be now, you could become non-functional at a moment’s notice in our digital-atomic age. The bad news is that in our digital-atomic age, one or more of these eventualities will happen and make you non-functional the way they have made me non-functional on many occasions. The good news is that you can convert each of these disasters into the greatest opportunities for success, provided you know the algorithm (the steps you must take) that will enable you to become functional and remain functional under these circumstances.

Albert Einstein found himself and his colleagues, the theoretical physicists of his time, in such a situation of gargantuan proportions a hundred years ago and discovered and used this algorithm (pathway) to deliver himself and his colleagues out of their predicament. Einstein did this when he realized that he and his colleagues had become non-functional at what was going to become the beginning of the digital-atomic age. He rescued himself from his predicament by discovering relativity and made predictions of things that were going to happen with the passage of time. His colleagues, the Physicists of his time, did not believe him for twenty-five years. Then the predictions he made came true and physicists had no choice but to accept everything Einstein had said and done. Unfortunately, neither Einstein nor his colleagues appreciated the fact that the steps Einstein had taken, expressed in their simplest terms, could deliver anyone and everyone out of any and all predicaments all the time.

As these developments were occurring in the world of physics, professional people like engineers, navigators, physicians and surgeons developed their own methods (algorithms, pathways or plans-of-action) and used them to deliver themselves from the predicaments of their lives and professions and managed to remain functional as the digital-atomic age evolved, progressed and threatened to make them non-functional from time to time. They did this insidiously, individually and independently. Inadvertently, they too did not realize that all the algorithms each of them had developed independently were identical to one another and to the one Einstein had developed. In addition, no one recognized the fact that the algorithm all these professional people had developed and used was one ordinary people could use to become functional and remain functional in their everyday lives as the digital-atomic age advanced and threatened to make them non-functional or actually made them non-functional. That algorithm is ACTINEMAS.

Briefly, ACTINEMAS consists of taking three fundamental steps (asking and answering three fundamental questions) and repeating them in three different ways (for a total of nine steps) and unifying the nine pieces of information obtained (the answers to the nine questions) into a single concept at the tenth step using the Laws of nature and relativity as unifying factors. Translating that concept into a plan-of-action and executing it, will enable one to become functional and remain functional every time circumstances threaten to make one non-functional or actually makes one non-functional.

If you are not familiar with ACTINEMAS or if you answered “no” to any of the three questions asked at the outset, you should make yourself familiar with the concept of ACTINEMAS and insure that you will be able to remain functional at all times in our digital-atomic age, before you do anything else! Even if you answered “yes” to all three questions, you should insure that you are not living a delusion and could find yourself non-functional as you will eventually do, if you are an ambitious, adventurous, or entrepreneurial person in the pursuit of perfection at whatever you want to do in life and push your abilities to their limits.

ACTINEMAS is a fact of life. There is no guarantee explicit or implicit in anything I have said about using it to attain your goals. Your chances of success at becoming functional and remaining functional under a given set of circumstances using ACTINEMAS will depend entirely on the diligence and effort you have put in continuously and consistently to understand and use ACTINEMAS and your own personal ability to do the things you must do to implement it. If ACTINEMAS does not work for you in a given instance, it is because you did not take into account and/or do one or more of the ten things you should have taken into account and/or done in that situation, you are physically or intellectually challenged, or success is humanly impossible to accomplish under those circumstances. Under these circumstances, all you can do is to continue to repeat the steps of ACTINEMAS because that is the best thing one can humanly do under those circumstances. Circumstances will change with time and ACTINEMAS will work again as soon as circumstances permit, as long as you do not run out of time!


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