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In my letter to President Bush, the Presidential Candidates, and all Americans, dated September 21, 2008 that appeared in the Niagara Gazette, I said I would justify everything I had said in it in an addendum that I would publish at this website. This is that addendum. My letter introduced the concept of ASET. ASET is the shortcut for using Einstein's Philosophy in everyday life and Democratic Governance that president Bush helped me develop unknowingly. In this letter, I shall introduce the concept of ACTINEMAS, the complete version of ASET. ACTINEMAS is a ten-step algorithm for discovering and taking into account, the ten "things" Father's Advice requires us to "take into account" every time we think about anything or do anything. It will help us to eliminate the fallibility of Common Sense from everything in life and excel at everything we do, every time we do anything.

The last letter was long because I wanted to say everything I could possibly say about the subject of eliminating the fallibility of Common Sense from everything in life. I did not want to omit anything that a nitpicker could pick on and discredit my argument in favor of the concept I was presenting. I inserted it as a full-page advertisement in the Niagara Gazette to establish the precedent of having said everything I had to say.

I shall begin my presentation of ACTINEMAS and my justification of it and ASET by addressing the feedback I got from those who read my first letter and those who did not read it. My response to these comments will hopefully, enable you to understand better, what I have already said and what I am going to say. The feed back consisted of four points:

  • What was your point?
  • The letter was too long!
  • Who wants to make President Bush a soaring eagle amongst world leaders?
  • It is just your opinion!
The point of my last letter was to draw every ones attention to Einstein's discovery of the fact that Common Sense, the plan-of-action we use to do everything we do is fallible and that the fallibility of Common Sense is the fundamental cause for all our failures. I wanted to tell everyone about Father's Advice, the advice my father gave me when I was a child to teach me how I could do things Common Sense told me I could never do. Father's Advice enabled me to do everything Common Sense told me I would never be able to accomplish. Father's Advice had four Tenets, but in one sentence, the fundamental message of Father's Advice was; "Take ten things into account every time you think about anything or do anything because anything you do not take into account will prevent you form doing what you want to do and will eventually destroy everything you have already done." When I became familiar with Einstein's Philosophy, I realized that father had taught me how I could use Einstein's Philosophy in everyday life to do things Common Sense told me I could not do, when he gave me Father's Advice. The success my father and I enjoyed with the Tenets of "Father's Advice" was so overwhelming that I vowed to tell everyone in the world who would listen to me, about Father's Advice. The letter in the Gazette was my belated first step towards that end.

To those who said my letter was too long, I have the following comment. If one wants to overcome the fallibility of Common Sense from everything in life, solve problems that defy solution and make seemingly impossible dreams come true, there is only one way one could do it. One must learn to think like Einstein and to execute ones plans-of-action the way Surgeons respond to life and death surgical emergencies. Anyone who wants to do that in today's America will have to go through four years of college, four years of Medical School, four years of Surgical residency training, and eight or more years to obtain a Ph.D. in Physics, a minimum of twenty years. It took me forty years to do the things I had to do to be able to write that letter. My first letter tells you in forty minutes how you could think like Einstein while executing your plans-of-action at a moments notice the way Surgeons draw upon the "Totality of the Human Experience" all the knowledge and experience in existence to do the things they do in life and death situations. When you take this into account the forty minutes it takes you to read that letter becomes trivial! If I am wrong, all you have to loose is forty minutes. If I am right, you will gain the ability to do everything you always wanted to do but could not do, provided what you wanted to do is humanly possible to accomplish and it was the best thing you could have done under the circumstances!

In response to the comment "Who wants to make President Bush a soaring eagle amongst world leaders?" I say, "I do!" If Father's Advice for using Einstein's Philosophy to do seemingly impossible things could transform President Bush from a lame duck American President with the worst popularity rating in history into a soaring eagle amongst world leaders, just imagine what it could do for someone with the experience and fortitude of Sen. McCain or the charisma and enterprise of Sen. Obama? Besides, President Bush enabled me to realize that bipartisanship is the shortcut for implementing Einstein's Philosophy contained in Father's Advice in Democratic Governance to boost the efficiency of a Democratic Government from negligible to near one hundred percent and I want to give him credit for it. In addition, the predicament we are in today, from the war on terror to the meltdown on Wall Street, is not the fault of any one individual including President Bush. It is the effect of the cumulative failures of all our Common Sense based plans-of-action in the setting of Democratic Government.

There is only one way we could reverse this process. We must incorporate Einstein's Philosophy for elimination of fallibility from Common Sense into all our decision-making processes personal and public. When President Bush becomes a lame duck American president, he will become the only person with the ability and the means to take the first step towards this goal of eliminating the fallibility of Common Sense from everything in life in general and Democratic Governance in particular. That step consists of changing our present paradigm of using Common Sense to do everything we do, to one using ASET, the shortcut for using Einstein's Philosophy in Democratic Governance that President Bush enabled me to appreciate. All President Bush has to do is make everyone aware of the concept of ASET and initiate the process that will replace the use of Common Sense in Democratic Governance with the use of ASET by making bipartisanship mandatory in all democratic decision-making processes. If he does that, everything will simply fall into place and President Bush would have redeemed himself for the undesirable events of his Presidency!

Here is how Father's Advice and Einstein's Philosophy put together work to eliminate fallibility from Common Sense. When one takes the nine simple steps of the Surgeons' Algorithm in everyday life situations, one will gain the ability to draw upon "the Totality of the Human Experience" to find nine of the ten things one must take into account to meet the requirements of Father's Advice. When one takes these nine things into account one will have the best understanding humanly possible to have as to what is going on. At that point, there will be only one thing left that one could "take into account." It will be "the opposite of everything" as defined by the first nine steps. At that point, Common Sense will forbid one to take the "opposite of everything" into account in ones plan-of-action simply because it is contrary to everything Common Sense dictates. Common Sense will tell one to ignore, reject or eliminate in any way possible, the opposite of everything. If one succumbs to this dictate of Common Sense, one will abort the plan-of-action one was making and destroy (loose the advantage of) everything one had done until then as predicted by Father's Advice. This is the fundamental cause for the fallibility of Common Sense. It takes one right up to the best thing one could do in the situation and then prevents one from taking that final step! It leaves all problems half solved and all dreams half realized. If, at that point, one goes ahead and takes the opposite of everything into account in ones plan-of-action as required by Einstein's Philosophy or by the tenth step of Father's Advice, it will jump-start ones plan-of-action that was about to abort and enable one to enjoy an explosive success. If one does not do this, the plan-of-action will go on to abort or worse, it will lead to a problem that defies solution, a nightmare and yes, even terror! To those who do not believe me, all I have to say is, invest the time it takes to read my letters make the effort required to understand them and try it for yourself. If you do not succeed, it means one of three things:

  • You did not take one or more of the "ten things" into account that you should have.
  • What you are trying to do is humanly impossible to accomplish, or
  • You have taken into account something you should not have taken into account and the plan-of-action you are pursuing is not the best one possible under the circumstances!
To those who say that everything I have said is simply my opinion, I say that my personal opinions are different from everything I have said in my letters! Every statement I have made is a mathematically deduced product of coordinated thinking. My opinion is one factor in it as yours is whatever it might be because ASET works by taking all opinions possible into account in all decision-making processes! Coordinated thinking consists of finding the ten different fundamental thoughts about the subject that are humanly possible to find and deploying them on a set of Cartesian Coordinates and allowing the solution to the problem to find itself. If I were to use less than all ten facts in arriving at my conclusion, the conclusion I draw would be my opinion. The difference between an opinion and a product of Coordinated Thinking is that there are as many opinions as there are people on this planet whereas if everyone used coordinated thinking to draw conclusions, everyone will arrive at the same conclusion about every thing in life as it happens in the sciences.

In this presentation, I shall justify everything I have said by expressing as algorithms the pathways taken by individuals who have accomplished remarkable successes or routinely accomplish such successes the way professionals do. When I do this, you will see that all these algorithms are the same algorithm, ACTINEMAS, making ACTINEMAS the algorithm for success at everything. ACTINEMAS is the ten-step Algorithm for implementing the jump-started version of Einstein's Philosophy contained in the Tenets of Father's Advice. When I am done, it will become obvious that all failures result from failure of individuals to implement one or more of the ten steps of ACTINEMAS and that includes Einstein's failure and that of Father's. Here is the list of things I shall do to justify ACTINEMAS and ASET in this presentation:

  • I shall describe the problems Common Sense told me I could not solve that Father's Advice enabled me to solve and enumerate the dreams Common Sense told me I could never realize that I was able to realize using Father's Advice.
  • I shall tell you about the problems that common Sense dictated father could never solve that father solved and the dreams Common Sense dictated he would never realize that he was able to realize using the Tenets of Father's Advice.
  • I shall tell you what the nine steps are of the Surgeons' Algorithm, the plan-of-action Surgeons use to solve problems that seem to defy solution in surgery and make their patients' seemingly impossible dreams come true.
  • I shall tell you how navigators navigate their way through the highways and the byways of space and show how we could use their method to navigate our way through the highways and the byways of our minds to navigate intellectually, our way to the best decisions possible every time we make a decision without being a navigator.
  • I shall tell you how Engineers build and break down physical structures and how we could use their methods to build and break down thoughts and concepts in our mind with maximum efficiency without being an engineer.
  • When things go wrong, I shall tell you how anyone could "diagnose" what went wrong the way doctors diagnose disease, and how anyone could "treat" the problem with the diligence with which surgeons perform surgery without having gone to Medical School.
  • I shall describe the steps Einstein took as he discovered relativity and enable you to think like a genius in situations where Common Sense does not work simply by aping Einstein and taking the steps he took. When you learn what the eight steps are that Einstein took, you will realize that Einstein discovered relativity by examining a beam of light and relativity using eight of the nine steps a doctor uses to diagnose a patient's illness! I shall tell you what the secret of Einstein's success was, what the cause for his failure was, and how we could use the secret of Einstein's success to remedy the cause for his failure, jump-start Einstein's Philosophy, make it work again and use it in everyday life to do things we cannot do today using Common Sense.
  • We shall diagnose why Einstein's Philosophy "became sick" and stopped working using the Surgeons' Algorithm for diagnosis and make Einstein's Philosophy well and work again by "transplanting" into it, the two steps of the Surgeons' Algorithm missing from it and go where Einstein could not go, to the realm of Total Relativity, relativity as it applies to everything in life. This is what everyone must know about relativity, because it is relativity as it applies to everyday life. In a world in which there are nuclear bombs this knowledge must become mandatory. Theoretical Physicists should have recognized Total Relativity a hundred years ago. Today they refuse to recognize it when placed before them. The failure of Common Sense in enabling comprehension outside the domain where Common Sense works prevents them from doing so.
  • I shall tell you how a kitten taught me the lesson I had to learn to determine why Einstein failed and what I had to do to go beyond where Einstein had gone!
  • I shall tell you how father realized his seemingly impossible dream of unifying all religions into one religion using the fact that they are all discourses on Metaphysics. Then, I shall tell you what the Philosophy of Metaphysics is, express it as an algorithm and show that the authors of the scriptures authored the scriptures using ACTINEMAS as their plan-of-action!
  • I shall describe how father realized his second seemingly impossible dream, that of unifying the best of everything all different forms of governance have to offer into a single most efficient form of government. The ideal government father described was one that would solve people's problems that defy solution and make people's seemingly impossible dreams come true instead of being a source of problems that defy solution and nightmares second only to religion, the way governments are today.
  • When I am done, you will realize that all successful philosophies or plans-of-action consist of the same ten steps, the steps of ACTINEMAS, the unabbreviated form of ASET, the plan-of-action Einstein used to eliminate fallibility from Common Sense and discover relativity.
At this point, the pro bono part of this presentation ends. The rest of this presentation is a manual that will tell you step-by-step how to think like Einstein as he discovered relativity, how to think and act like a surgeon as s/he diagnoses and treats patients, how to engage in coordinated thinking like a mathematician, and how to put everything together and go places Einstein could not go! You will also learn how the authors of the scriptures thought as the authored the scriptures and learn an aspect of the scriptures that is the best-kept secret of all time, a secret Einstein rediscovered and used to discover relativity without realizing that this is what he had done! You do not need all this information to eliminate the fallibility of Common Sense from everyday life and from Democratic Governance. I have already told you everything you need to know to do those things and that information is free and will always remain free. To go beyond this point, there is a fee of $20.00. It will allow you to access and download the information once. I have the copyright for this material and you may not reproduce it or use it for commercial purposes without my written permission.
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