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Obamagate, The Allegation. “the Brain-mapping Initiative” Is An Act Of Government-sponsored Plagiarism, A Cover-up & A “catch 22” Fiasco!

May 28, 2014

In my last blog on "Obamagate, The Story" last week, I said that my next blog would be on "Obamagate, The Allegation." Here is that blog. The next blog will be on "Obamagate, The Evidence. The Twenty six Facts That Prove Plagiarism)." It will be posted here within one week.

One year ago, in April of 2013, President Obama appointed a "Dream Team" of "University Professors," approved a hundred million dollars of government funds and authorized the implementation of a "“BRAIN-Mapping Initiative,”" that he claimed was going to have an impact on the American future as significant as that of the human genome project. Like its predecessor, he said he expected it to create jobs, stimulate the economy and turn the country around. He claimed that this “Initiative” would work by enabling Americans to understand the pathways along which the brain works as the mind thinks, thereby enabling them to think more effectively, become more productive, innovative and entrepreneurial and do things they are unable to do today, long before others can even imagine such things can be done. He joked and said that this “Initiative” might even tell him why "some of the things that go on in Washington" happen, and hopefully, "prescribe" something for it. He hinted that he hoped this "Initiative" would become the legacy of his Presidency.

With all the respect that is due to the office of The President of the United States, the person of President Barack Obama, and the hierarchy of “University Professors” who have taught us everything we know, I have to make the following allegations against him and the “University Professors” he appointed to lead his “Dream Team” to implement their "“BRAIN-Mapping Initiative,”" that I shall refer to henceforth simply as “The Initiative.”

"The Initiative" is an act of government-sponsored plagiarism, a cover up and a “catch 22” bastardization of the only scientific concept that could have turned this country and this civilization around permanently from their current, century long, downward spiral to disaster. The bastardized concept is Einstein’s “principle of relativity.” It is the dynamic super-concept that turned the world of Newtonian physics and the everyday life of yesteryears around from the science of “the horse and buggy days” of Newton, into today’s explosively progressive digital atomic age enabled by Einstein's work, as it pertains to democratic governance. This concept could have done the same for us in our everyday lives had President Obama paid it the attention it deserved instead of doing all the other near-ineffective things he has done.

"The Initiative” is an act of government-sponsored plagiarism, the unethical use by an elected officer, of intellectual property given to him in good faith, because the concept he wants his "Dream Team” to invent, discover, develop and implement, has been invented, discovered, developed, implemented, proven to work and expressed as algorithms anyone could use by Einstein, all professional people, entrepreneurs, innovators, perfectionists like my father Dr. T.K.N. Trivikram, and practicing surgeons like myself. This concept was described for him in eight "Letters to the President" that were sent to him in the first two years of his first term by yours truly, letters I shall refer to henceforth simply as "The Letters."

In "The Letters," I had formulated for President Obama, the algorithm I have namedACTINEMAS, that defines the intellectual pathway (philosophy) along which the minds and brains of Einstein and the individuals just enumerated functioned in the past and continuer to function today, as they thought of and think about, solved and continue to solve “problems that cannot be solved any other way” or "problems that seem insoluble" as "The Dream Team" has chosen to refer to them. In addition, these people have used these algorithms to do all the other incredible things they have done, and continue to do to this day. I had given President Obama information as to what the algorithms of ACTINEMAS and ASET, the shortcut for using it are, and how he could use the them, especially the latter, to solve the country's "problems that seem insoluble" rapidly, repeatedly, and consistently to the best of his ability as required of him by the oath he had taken upon assuming office.

The following four facts taken together, makes “The Initiative” an act of plagiarism by definition.
• the fact that “The Concept" of "The Initiative" was identical to "The Concept" of "The Letters," (the concept that we will be able to turn our country around in the long run only by making a paradigm shift in the way we think and act in this country based on an understanding of how the brain works as we think, understand, remember and solve problems),
• the fact that President Obama did not acknowledge receipt of “The Letters,” (the only documented source of this "Concept" predating "The Initiative"),
• the fact that he did not acknowledge receipt of the concepts of ACTINEMAS and ASET, (the algorithms for implementing this concept), and
• the fact that he did not credit Einstein and the other original authors of this concept listed earlier.

The fact that President Obama authorized a hundred million dollar government grant towards the implementation of "The Initiative" makes it a "government-sponsored act."

The fact that there is one difference between the plan-of-action formulated by the “University Professors” heading "The Dream Team" he has authorized to implement “The Initiative” and the one recommended in "The Letters” for the implementation of "The Concept" of "The Letters," the fact that they are mirror-image opposites of one other, while it could be construed to be evidence against plagiarism by President Obama and his "Dream Team," is a moot point because this difference makes “The Initiative” a “Catch 22” variation of the plan-of-action that constitutes “The Recommendations” of “The Letters.” This point is moot because it transforms the process of extending the use of the most vibrant concept that fired up the physics of days gone by, the "principle of relativity," to everything in life, into a fiasco that has no logistical chance of ever succeeding! The fact that relativity, relatively the opposite of everything based on common sense and conventional wisdom, can revitalize plans-of-action that have failed and stopped working, has been proven to be true by the experiences of Einstein and all the others who have ever solved "problems that seem insoluble" in all other areas of human interest. These people have proved that the pathway defined by ACTINEMAS and ASET is the only straight and narrow pathway through the "wormhole" through which one must crawl intellectually if one wants to solve "problems that seem insoluble" provided of course, they are amenable to solution by human beings!

President Obama ignored all "The Letters," and "The Information" they contained and "The Five Consequences" I had predicted in "The Letters" would materialize if he ignored this "Information," began to materialize and prove the veracity of the information that had enabled these predictions to be made. This happened during the second half of his first term. Instead of acting upon this “Information” on any of the numerous occasions on which it was given to him or when its validity became apparent by the materialization of any of "The Predicted Consequences" of ignoring it, President Obama continued to ignore it and the warnings about further predictable consequences that would ensue if he continued to ignore it, until all but one of "The Predicted Consequences" had materialized. The one consequence that did not materialize is "the total collapse of everything we cherish." All other consequences leading up to this point-of-no-return, up to and including the temporary shut-down (paralysis) of the central government, which if it occurred repeatedly would precipitate the final catastrophic event, the paralysis of everything, did materialize. As a result of his inactions and actions, President Obama has essentially allowed the country to totter on the verge of what can be considered preventable disaster, during his entire term!

Four years after he had received the first of “The Letters,” towards the end of his first term, after all but one of "The Predicted Consequences" of ignoring "The Information" they contained, had materialized and proved them to be true, President Obama decried the fundamental components of this "Information” as the first thing he did in his second term and said they would not work! He did this during his 2013 “State of The Union Address.” He did not say why he was making these statements or recognize the source of the concepts he was denigrating. He did not justify his remarks with as much as a single argument, or give the only reason he could possibly have given for making these statements, the fact that they had been made in "The Letters," the only documented source of this "Information.”

A few weeks later, he announced that he had appointed his "Dream Team" of “University Professors” and authorized the implementation of his "BRAIN- Mapping Initiative."

There was just one problem with this "Initiative!" All three of the fundamental components of the plan-of-action for the implementation of "The Initiative" were identical to the three fundamental components of the recommended plan-of-action for implementation of "The Concept" of “The Letters,” with the one difference already noted, the two sets of plans were mirror-image opposites of one another. This difference made "The Initiative" a "catch 22" variation of "The Information" contained in "The Letters" a variant that had no chance of working because it was the opposite of the plan-of-action that has been proved to work by the totality of the experiences of Einstein and all the others who have ever solved such "problems that seem insoluble" in the past.

This transformation of the most vibrant concept in science, the principle of relativity, into a “Catch 22” fiasco that could never work, occurred for one reason and one reason only, the fact that President Obama had ignored another one of “The Warnings” given to him in “The Letters,” the warning-cum-recommendation that he should have “initiated the orchestration of the paradigm shift required to implement 'The Concept' of 'The Letters' by himself, by an executive act, and not relegated or delegated this responsibility to ‘University Professors’ or relied upon them to make it" for him.
President Obama was given this warning because "University Professors" are logistically incapable of making paradigm shifts.

"University Professors" are logistically incapable of making paradigm shifts because the making of a paradigm shift entails saying and doing things that are contrary to everything these pundits have professed, practiced and preached as gospel truth (the old paradigm) their entire lives. In addition, the hierarchy they belong to considers it heresy punishable by ostracization to even mention such thoughts! I arrived at this conclusion based on the following three facts;
1. Max Plank, the father of the quantum theory, recognized this fact to be true a century ago when he said; “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light but rather because its opponents eventually die and are replaced by a new generation (that) grows up that is familiar with it!”
2. Prof. Bernd Craseman, now “Professor” Emeritus of Physics at the University of Oregon, who was then the Chief Editor of Physical Reviews A, confirmed this problem to be true for me personally when he rejected a paper I had submitted for publication in his journal based on conventional wisdom on the need for extending the paradigm shift Einstein made in the world of theoretical physics (based on the principle of relativity), to everything in life, by recognizing its role in everything (all our experiences). After I had rebutted every objection he raised and he had nothing more to say, he still rejected my new and original concept based on the recognition of the role of relativity in the success of surgery, a fact I had learned by being a surgeon familiar with relativity, with finality by saying; “You and I will not see eye to eye IN THIS LIFETIME!”
3. In this specific instance, Donald Stein of Emory University vicariously recognized the need for a paradigm shift in the way the “University Professors” like the ones heading the “Dream Team” think, when he opined about this “Initiative” and said “technology should follow the concepts rather than the other way around.” This was his polite way of stating the reality that “The Initiative” is a “cart before a dead horse” scenario!

(N.B. Prof. Craseman's remark convinced me of the validity of Planck’s statement, made me realize what Prof. Stein said years later, and made me recognize the futility of depending on “University Professors” to make the paradigm shift someone in a position of authority had to make to turn our civilization around from its current downward spiral to disaster to one of steadfast recovery and continued mind-boggling success. It made me turn my attention to the only other person who could do this for me, my country and my civilization, the sitting President of America, the leader of the most powerful democracy in the world, the only person who could orchestrate the required paradigm shift democratically by executive action, for reasons I have enumerated in “The Letters.” These thoughts made me write my first "Letter to The President" to President Bush who was then entering his "lame duck session." this action was prompted in addition, by the fact that Einstein had written to President Roosevelt requesting him to develop the atom bomb, the physical product of his genius, before the enemy did. Roosevelt, unlike Presidents Bush and President Obama, was able to appreciate the wisdom of Einstein's request and initiated the process that made the paradigm shift that made America the most powerful nation in the world and propelled this civilization into its current digital-atomic age. So, even though I am not an Einstein, I wrote the first of my “Letters to The President” to President George W. Bush because there seemed to be no one else on the horizon willing, ready or able to take such a step. Therefore, I wrote to President Bush and requested him to "implode Einstein's Intellectual Bomb," or "The I-Bomb," in America and extend the use of the "Intellectual equivalent," of Einstein's famous equation e=mc² to thinking, to "implode" problems that seem insoluble" and solve them in everyday life and democratic governance in America. I did this because I had exhausted all other avenues of doing this and someone had to do it before it was too late. All indicators seemed to point to the fact that it is was already getting too late at an alarming rate. "Imploding The I-Bomb," was the term I had coined for the process of informing everyone with "explosive efficiency" about "problems that seem insoluble," how Einstein and others have solved them in the past by imploding common sense and conventional wisdom, making a paradigm shift to using the principle of relativity to solve "problems that seem insoluble" and how everyone else could do the same using the algorithms Einstein and others have used to solved such problems. I recommended this process to President Bush because he could have initiated the process of making the required constitutional Amendment during his “lame-duck session" without fear of personal political repercussions. I sent copies of this letter to both “The Candidates,” posted it as a full page advertisement in "The Niagara Gazette," and at a website I had created at Then, I inserted an advertisement in the Washington Post on October 22, 2008 inviting everyone to go to my website and read it.)

President Obama’s unethical use of "The Information" contained in "he Letters," given to him in good faith, by authorizing its plagiarization after denigrating it, after all but one of the predicted consequences of ignoring it had materialized and proved its veracity, without acknowledging his role in this matter or accepting responsibility for his actions and inactions, makes this "Initiative" a cover up.

The fact that he allowed the only scientific method of solving “problems that seem insoluble” to be bastardized into a “Catch 22” fiasco that could never work, in spite of being warned of this eventuality, without evaluation of this information, makes his authorization of “The Initiative” an unpardonable act of negligence and his “BRAIN-Mapping Initiative” the actionable intellectual equivalent of the “Watergate scandal.” It makes it “Obamagate!”

In my next blog that I shall post within one week, I shall provide twenty six pieces of incontrovertible evidence to prove the validity of the allegations I have made here.


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