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A Surgeon's Recommendations For The Physical Containment Of Covid 19 And Its Varients At Warp Speed With 100% Success 24/7/365 Based On Universal Surgical Precautions

AUGUST 27, 2021

In my last blog titled "Fauci-ism is Medical Malpractice, Res Ipsa Loquitur," ( I listed over twenty surgical reasons why Dr, Fauci’s handling of the COVID 19 epidemic in America or Fauci-ism, was blatant medical malpractice and could account for all its failures.

We are more than a year into the COVID 19 epidemic, and its delta variant is wreaking havoc in some states and its lambda variant is beginning to create problems in California.

If Dr. Fauci were to be in private practice, all his patients would have left him by now. He would have had so many lawsuits filed against him that his license would have been suspended if not revoked.

There are no lawsuits against Dr. Fauci because he is a federal government employee and cannot be sued.

President Trump should have fired him but did not because Dr. Ben Carson, the only surgeon on his team did not have what it took to stand up to anyone leave alone Dr. Fauci. President Biden will not fire him because he cannot do so without admitting he had made the mistake of endorsing him himself. So, we Americans are on our own.

Therefore, I am going to repeat a summarized version of the recommendations I made in my last blog. They are the ten things any surgeon would have advised Dr. Fauci to give to all Americans on day one or any time, thereafter, had he the humility to ask for the surgical consultation medical ethics required him to request.

This is a list of what surgeons do and require everyone else to do in the Operating Room (OR) 24/7/365, to establish and maintain physical control over infections of all kinds at warp speed with 100% success. They are the steps they would take, recommend, and require everyone else to take during a pandemic caused by a respiratory virus to duplicate their success at the physical control of infections at warp speed with near total success in worlds outside the OR. It works by requiring everyone to consider the whole world as an OR and thinking and acting like surgeons.

These steps may seem superfluous overkill. But the choice is between something that involves mild inconvenience, transient discomfort, costs next to nothing with no arguments, and works 100% of the time as opposed to Fauci-ism. Fauci-ism costs trillions of dollars, causes untold amounts of physical, mental, and financial distress to everyone, generates unending debates, disputes, controversies, and non-compliance that allows infection to spread unfettered.

Here are the ten steps of the surgeons' universal precautions that will enable anyone and everyone to think and act like surgeons and control infections of all kinds in one’s own life and the lives of those around them at warp speed, every time and all the time with neat total success …

1. Everyone must wear a three-layer reusable cloth mask or a disposal surgical mask continuously for the duration of the epidemic while in public as if it was a weather associated requirement. In private … masks must be worn if there are immune-compromised people or people sick with fever, cough, cold and sneezing within arms-length. Immune compromised people must preferably use anti-viral masks.

2. The “business area” of the mask, its fabric, must never be touched. All viruses the mask has protected one from, will be trapped on this surface. Grabbing it here, will contaminate one’s fingers. If one then picks one’s nose, rubs it, rubs one’s eyes, eats finger foods, or licks ones fingers, without washing ones hands, one will infect oneself. If one touches the nose, mouth, eyes, or food of an immune compromised relative or care recipient, without washing ones hands, or kisses such a relative/friend without washing ones face, one will infect them. Therefore

3. Everyone must wash/sanitize one’s hands just before touching anyone’s face during an epidemic. People must not touch/kiss anyone’s face without washing/sanitizing hands and/or washing one's face. Viruses enter our bodies through our noses, mouths, and eyes via droplets, or are introduced physically through them by contaminated fingers … one’s own, or those of family members, care givers, children, and by pets the way butterflies and bees pollinate flowers.

4. Masks may be moved when needed for … eating, drinking, bathing/grooming and when “alone” … defined by the fact that there is no one within arms-length of ones face.

Masks must be moved to below the chin if soft, or up over the forehead if stiff, by holding its strings or edges. It must never be grabbed by its front fabric, be crumbled, put in the pocket, or anywhere else the way President Biden does every time he promotes mask use on TV because Dr. Fauci had not warned them not to do this.

5. Small children and adults incapable of following mask-etiquette must not be forced to wear them for the scientific reason that they tend to touch and fidget with masks and that makes them super-spreaders. They will be protected, and we will be protected from them if everyone capable of following instructions, uses masks and washes hands per surgical protocol. Failure to observe the above protocols, makes masks and their misusers, and mistiming handwashers, super-spreaders of infection.

6. Surgeons use masks to prevent transmission of infection by droplets and to eliminate the need for social distancing. Social distancing paralyzes everyone and prevents everyone from doing everything one must do to fight an invisible enemy.
To win a war against an invisible enemy, everyone must do everything one could possibly do, to prevent infections perfectly i.e., without making any mistakes 24/7 as dictated by the requirements of the “surgical universal precautions.” Therefore, mask up and go on doing everything while observing “surgical universal precautions.”

7. “Surgical universal precautions” requires everyone to consider everyone and every surface in the world as "contaminated" i.e., covered on the surface with every deadly organism in existence. then, it prevents cross infections between people by observance of the steps of ”surgical universal precautions.”

This assumption eliminates the need for all the following requirements of Fauci-ism” … frequent testing, contact tracing, work stoppage, social distancing and the hysterical cleansing/disinfection of surfaces in the environment. It eliminates all uncertainties associated with Fauci-ism such as wastage of time, effort, and resources, as endeavors in futility in which uncertainties and risks far outweigh the benefits.

Surgical universal precautions also eliminates the risk posed by the deadliest lie of Fauci-ism … his statement that vaccinated people cannot infect others and need not practice universal precautions.

Surgical universal precautions considers vaccinated people as contaminated as anyone else and as capable of contaminating/infecting others and requires them to wear masks and wash hands per protocol.

8. Those who do not wear prescription glasses must wear goggles to prevent droplet infection enabling viruses to enter their bodies through their eyes via the nasolacrimal ducts

9. Disposable masks must be discarded on removal. Non-disposable ones must be laundered or sanitized after each use.

10. All adults and teenage children must be vaccinated beginning with the most vulnerable population … the immune-compromised.

Children who are liable to develop Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) must not be vaccinated until it has been proven that vaccination will not cause MIS-C.

People must be advised that vaccination works by promoting and augmenting natural herd immunity, and that epidemics subside only when herd immunity has been accomplished by vaccination, natural exposure to the virus, or by recovering from an infection, and that the benefits of vaccination, far outweigh the risks. Then, no one in one’s right mind would object to immunization.

Vaccine hesitancy and mask controversy were created by Dr. Fauci with two of his opening lies that there is no such thing as herd immunity and that masks are useless as they allow viruses to pass through. He must own up to his lies, deficiencies, and his malpractice, confess and redeem himself by admitting to the facts enumerated, and reverse the damage he has done by his spoken words that cannot be erased.

Wars against invisible enemies are won by everyone working as hard as one could, doing everything one could possibly do, and doing all of it with perfection i.e., making no mistakes. Such wars are not won by hiding and making every mistake in the book as often as one could … the way Fauci-ism makes people do

There is no guarantee that surgical universal precautions described here will contain the epidemic, but it will give everyone else the best chance at controlling all infections physically until herd immunity augmented by vaccination aborts the epidemic. It will reassure us that we have not made avoidable mistakes.


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