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Einstein And The American President, Why I Am Fixated On Them?

October 15, 2012

I have often been asked “Why are you fixated on Einstein and the American President?" I have answered this question many times and in many places at my website and in my letters to Presidents Bush and Obama, but I shall repeat the specifics here and now.

I am fixated on Einstein because he discovered something that every man, woman and child living on this planet must know about. His discovery was of the most fundamental fact-of-life, the fact that common sense (and conventional wisdom), the plan(s)-of-action we use to do everything we do (understand everything we understand and make all our plans-of-action and decisions), is unreliable and fallible, that it will eventually fail every time we use it (on the fourth occasion following three successesses) and that its failure is responsible for all our difficulties. Einstein also proved that we can get out of these difficulties by simply thinking thoughts and doing things that are the opposite of everything dictated by common sense (and conventional wisdom). This is a process that will jump-start our minds that have stalled from the failure of common sense, implode all concepts that have stopped working, rebuild new concepts that will work eminently well under the prevailing circumstances and enable us to think again with enhanced vim and vigor and make us functional and successful again.

I am fixated on the American President because s/he, as the leader of the most resourceful and enterprising democracy in the world, is the person who must initiate the process of informing every man, woman and child living in the free world by initiating the process in the US, solving problems that seem impossible to solve using conventional methods and set an example the rest of the world can follow.

Towards this end, a sitting American President, preferably the next one, must make himself/herself familiar with the algorithm Einstein used to eliminate fallibility from common sense (ACTINEMAS) and the shortcut for using it (ASET), make every American familiar with them and make the use of ASET mandatory in all democratic decision-making processes, especially those of consequence, by making bipartisanship mandatory in all these circumstances.

In its simplest terms, using ASET (and bipartisanship) consists of recognizing opposing factors and forces at work in a given situation causing problems by working against one another (by listening and looking), recognizing the commonalities shared by the opposing factors and forces (by feeling) and unifying the opposing factors and forces and making them work together in unison or in sequence, by using the shared commonalities (the laws of nature and relativity which is essentially the opposite of everything based on common sense and conventional wisdom).

I shall end this blog with a request. If you agree with me that this line of thought needs to be pursued, go to my website, msake yourself familiar with ACTINEMAS and ASET, tell all your friends, relatives and your enemies (yes, your enemies too because they will become your friends and allies if you tell them about ASET) about it. If you disagree with me, please tell me why you disagree with me. Remember, arguments based on common sense and conventional wisdom are not acceptable for the reason given above and arguments based on the opposite of common sense and conventional wisdom are also not acceptable because they too fail after three consecutive successes when common sense will take over and begin to work again. Therefore, if you disagree with me, you are essentially chasing your own tail! If you agree with me, you are using your tail (that you do not even possess physically, but you do possess it intellectually in the form of your imagination and your intelligence) as the whip that can and will drive you if you enable it to do so by using ASET and ACTINEMAS, and enable you to intellectually navigate your way to where you want to go in your world.

NB. Everything I have said here, everything I have said in the past and everything I shall say in the future has been and will be derived from the “Intellectual Universe of the Human Mind” using the mind as a computer and ACTINEMAS as the algorithm for extracting information from the mind that cannot be obtained any other way. This is how Einstein used the same algorithm to extract relativity from his mind. This material and all original ideas expressed at this website are copyright and may not be quoted without acknowledgement or reproduced without permission for commercial purposes. ACTINEMAS™ is a trademark in the process of being registered.

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