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Benghazi Occurred Because The White House Still Cannot” Join Dots!”

November 2, 2012

Two years have passed since the underwear bomber boarded the plane for Detroit at Amsterdam and President Obama correctly recognized the cause for the problem as being the inability of security personnel to “join the dots,” but did nothing about it.

A letter was sent to the White House to draw President Obama’s attention to the fact that this was a great opportunity for him to teach everyone how to find the dots one must find and join to prevent similar problems from recurring in the future and that the most reliable method for finding dots and joining them was the generic algorithm Einstein used (ACTINEMAS) to find and join the dots he had to find and join to discover relativity.

The letter was entitled “Undetected Breaches in Security at the White House,” purportedly signed by “The I-Bomber,” and mailed by registered mail with return receipt requested, to insure that it would get to the White House and get the attention it deserved!

This letter was ignored by the White House Staff and by President Obama proving that one could send a bomb threat to the White House by registered mail, be received there and acknowledged and still it would go unnoticed.

Had the White House Security Staff drawn President Obama’s attention to this letter and had President Obama paid its contents the attention it deserved and “imploded Einstein’s I-Bomb in America” as it suggested, the way President Roosevelt imploded the A-Bomb in America at Einstein’s suggestion, then maybe, the Benghazi event may not have occurred and we would have been well on our way to recovery.

Key Words: Benghazi, I-Bomb Einstein's I-Bomb, National Scurity, White House, President Obama, Recovery.

NB. Everything I have said here, everything I have said in the past and everything I shall say in the future has been and will be derived from the “Intellectual Universe of the Human Mind” using the mind as a computer and ACTINEMAS as the algorithm for extracting information from the mind that cannot be obtained any other way. This is how Einstein used the same algorithm to extract relativity from his mind. This material and all original ideas expressed at this website are copyright and may not be quoted without acknowledgement or reproduced without written permission for commercial purposes. ACTINEMAS™ is a trademark in the process of being registered.

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