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Ajit Trivikram M.D., F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S.
General Surgery and Vascular Surgery
151 Buffalo Ave, Niagara Fally N.Y. 14303

September 26, 2009

Dear Mr. President and Fellow Americans:

Sub: Justification of everything I have said in my last letter.

In this letter, I shall justify everything I have said in my last letter to you Mr. President, with absolute finality. In order to do that, I must define absolute finality by enunciating the unwritten scientific and Mathematical law of nature that I shall refer to as "Law of Ten" that defines absolute finality and enables one to meet its requirements.

Nature’s "Law of Ten," requires one to "take ten steps" every time one does anything in order for the outcomes of ones actions to meet the criteria of having been done with "absolute finality." Therefore, in order for me to justify everything I have said in my last letter with absolute finality, I must give you ten reasons for each statement I want to justify in this manner. The ‘law of Ten" requires one to take ten steps every time anyone does anything with absolute finality because everything in life has ten potentially different attributes, perspectives, aspects or things that define them and make them what they are. If one wants to do anything about anything in life with absolute finality, one must take into account all ten of these "aspects" of what one is dealing with, every time one thinks about it or does anything with it. If one abides by this "law" one will be able to do ones best every time one does anything by doing everything humanly possible to do that one could have done every time one does anything (and thereby striving for perfection) and accomplishing what one set out to do with absolute finality. Accomplishing anything with absolute finality insures absolute success. Absolute success is success that leads to more success. Less than absolute success leads to failure every time and repeated failure leads to predicaments from which escape will be impossible.

One of the most important reasons for doing anything with absolute finality is the fact that it makes it possible for everyone including enemies and friends with opposing views, to accept and agree upon matters that anyone has done with absolute finality. It makes disagreements and disputes impossible by insuring that anything that meets the requirements of absolute finality includes all possible perspectives, factors and forces. Absolute finality eliminates differences of opinion in critical situations such as those that concern survival. Most importantly, it enables everyone to do everything together in ways that will benefit everyone, get everyone out of predicaments and keep them out of predicaments. It will enable everyone to do everything rapidly, repeatedly and consistently with maximum efficiency and minimum expenditure of time, and resources and wastage of human life.

Doing things with absolute finality will enable people to do the following ten things that seem impossible to do any other way today, using conventional methods of doing things (using Common Sense and Science), even though there is no reason why these accomplishments ought not to be within the range of human attainability. Amongst such accomplishments are:
  • Understanding matters that seem impossible to understand today using conventional methods for enabling comprehension but ought to be comprehensible;
  • Doing things that seem impossible to do using conventional methods of doing things but ought to be "doable;"
  • Solve problems that seem impossible to solve using plans-of-action based on Common Sense and Science, Science being the best of everything Common Sense has to offer.
  • Make dreams come true that seem impossible to realize today using any other method known to us, but ought to be within our ability to realize.
  • Make the best choice possible under circumstances where choices are difficult if not impossible to make.
  • Discover or create choices where choices do not seem to exist.
  • Enable one to get out of predicaments from which there seem to be no escape
  • Determine the best thing one could do when one does not know what to do.
  • Establish the algorithm for doing ones best under all circumstances and
  • Eliminate differences of opinion in critical situations to enable enemies to unite and work together as friends and allies who help one another to get out of predicaments and stay out of them.
Having made the general statements about the Law of Ten that I have made, I shall now make the ten specific statements I must make to justify the following two statements that I have made in my last letter with absolute finality as required by the Law of Ten.

Here are the ten reasons I must give to justify my first statement that "we must implode in America today, the I-Bomb Einstein imploded in the world of Physics a hundred years ago."
  1. The successes we have enjoyed in our efforts to emerge from our current predicaments must not lull us into believing that we have succeeded in our efforts because our accomplishments, significant as they are by themselves, fade into insignificance compared to the sacrifices we have made. In addition, what remains for us to do is astronomical, and the risk of running out of resources before we stop running into predicaments, is real.
  2. The fact that we are getting into predicaments every time we try to do anything in all areas of human interest, must prompt us to ask and answer the question as to why we are getting into predicaments in general before we try to do any thing to get out of predicaments in specific situations. If we do not do this, will keep on getting into predicaments no matter what we do.
  3. Einstein was one of the most perceptive men to have lived in recent history. He noticed this phenomenon occurring in Physics and recognized the need to ask and answer this question just asked, in the world of Physics. Einstein asked and answered this question with scientific accuracy and mathematical precision. Scientists have since confirmed with absolute finality the validity of his answers by experimental verification and observation of natural phenomena.
  4. The time has come and long gone for us to ask and answer in our world of everyday life, the question Einstein asked and answered in the world of Physics, and express the pathway he took to escape from his predicament as an algorithm everyone could use to get out of all predicaments in all areas of human interest.
  5. We as Americans have the responsibility for asking and answering the question just asked because we are the wealthiest, most resourceful and most entrepreneurial people in the world. We are the only people with the ability, the attitude and the means required to do something of this magnitude, scope and significance.
  6. We are a nation founded by people who left their homes in the old world to escape from its predicaments and did everything they did and made all the sacrifices they made to get out of predicaments and to gift us a life free of predicaments. As their descendants it is our duty to complete the work they started by defining completely, the art and science of getting out of predicaments and staying out of them so that we, our children, and all the children of the world, may enjoy the kind of life about which our fore fathers could only dream.
  7. The President of America, as the leader of the most enterprising and innovative Democracy in the world, is the only person in the world who has the mandate of the people, the resources and the ability to eliminate fallibility from Common Sense and thereby eliminate predicaments from everyday life with absolute finality.
  8. The only way the President of America can lead Americans in the endeavor of eliminating predicaments from everyday life with absolute finality, is by doing in America what Einstein did in the world of Physics to deliver the most intelligent men to have ever lived, from a predicament from which they were unable to escape any other way.
  9. Einstein developed and used a plan-of-action that enabled him to deliver Physicists from their predicament, soar into realms of success and do things Common Sense dictated he could never have done. He solved "problems that seemed to defy solution" and make "seemingly impossible dreams" come true. Then, he returned to the safety of the world of everyday life without crashing into another predicament the way Common Sense makes us do every time we use it. Einstein’s success in Physics must make us realize that we could enjoy the same success in everyday life by using the algorithm or pathway Einstein used to do the things he did.
  10. Einstein gained the ability to do the things he did by "Imploding his I-Bomb" in the world of Physics. Therefore, we too must implode in our world of everyday life, the I-Bomb Einstein imploded in the world of Physics, if we want to duplicate in it the success Einstein enjoyed in the world of Physics.
Now I shall give you ten reasons why you, Mr. President are the only person in the world who has the personal attributes, the opportunity the ability and the audacity required to implode in America the I-Bomb Einstein imploded in the world of Physics! In order to do this I must borrow terms from the titles of your books. Please forgive me for doing this because it is the most effective way I can make the point I must make with absolute finality.
  1. When you made your election-winning campaign promise that you would make "a change" in America that would deliver her from her predicaments, you promised Americans to make the change in America that Einstein made in the world of Physics, because that was the only change that was going to enable you to deliver on your promise. To deliver on your promise now, you must harness the forces you have unleashed and use them to deliver this nation and this civilization from current and future predicaments with absolute finality. In order to do this, you will have to ask and answer the question correctly, as to what Einstein would have advised you to do today if he were alive because he is the only person who has the experience to do this. If Einstein were alive today, he would have told you to implode the I-Bomb! Therefore, if you fail to do this, if you fail to implode the I-Bomb and control the forces you have unleashed, they will explode uncontrollably and consume you and the world alive as its inevitable scientific, mathematical and biological conclusion. If you succeed in this endeavor to implode the I-Bomb, you will transform this inevitable explosion into an implosion the forces of which will enable you to commandeer America and the rest of the world out of our current and future predicaments and steer us towards the most desirable of goals possible under the circumstances.
  2. You, Mr. President, are be the only person in history who could ask and answer this question today because you have the opportunity, the obligation engendered by your promise, the mandate the people have given you by electing you, and the personal attributes required to accomplish something of this nature, magnitude and significance.
  3. Your success at becoming the first African American President of America reveals your ability to make "seemingly impossible dreams" come true because you have made one of such dreams, one of the "Dreams from My Father," a dream your father inspired you to dream, come true. Your success proves that you have the proclivity to dream "seemingly impossible dreams," and the ability to solve the "problems that seem to defy solution" that one must solve to make such dreams come true. If you express the steps you took to make your "seemingly impossible dream" come true you will gat the steps of Einstein’s Philosophy, the algorithm Einstein used to solve the "problem that seemed to defy solution" that he had to solve to make his "seemingly impossible dream" of delivering Physicists of his generation from their predicament, come true.
  4. The fourth step I must take is to thank you Mr. President, for proving the validity of my "Father’s Advice." "Father’s Advice" is the advice my father gave me as to how I could use Einstein’s Philosophy to make the "seemingly impossible dreams" of my life come true by solving the "problems that seemed to defy solution" that I had to solve to get out of the predicaments that kept me from my dreams. You will find a detailed description of Father’s Advice, how it delivered me from my predicaments, and how anyone could use it to solve "problems that defy solution," and make "seemingly impossible dreams" come true in the "Open Letter" I had written to President Bush, to your Mr. President, and Sen. McCain when you were candidates. I have archived this letter at Anyone who expresses as an algorithm, pathway, or plan-of-action, the steps you took on your way to victory, will get the steps of ACTINEMAS. ACTINEMAS is the algorithm of the ten steps one must take to use Father’s Advice for invoking Einstein’s Philosophy to benefit from the mathematical promise of "success at everything" by accomplishing what seems impossible to accomplish using Common Sense.
  5. The fifth step I must take is to draw your attention to the fact that Einstein has already defined in complete scientific and mathematical detail, the change you must make, the change you promised to make during your campaign, and request you to make that change in America before you do another thing. Many months have passed since your victory. You have made many little changes but you have not yet made the "Big Change," that you have no choice but to make, the change in our paradigms of thought and action from one based on Common Sense to one based on the "Totality of the Human Experience." You must make that change before you can hope to accomplish anything substantial with absolute finality! The first thing you should have done upon winning the election was to use the momentum of your victory to keep your promise and make "The (big) Change" because nothing you were going to do was going to work unless and until you made that "Change!" In order to make "The (big) Change," you have no choice but to implode Einstein’s I-Bomb in America and make every man, woman and child living in this country and this planet, aware of the role of the Einstein’s Philosophy and the Principle of Relativity, the opposite of everything, in all our affairs of life and living! This will enable everyone to solve all "the problems that defy solution" that everyone must solve to make the "seemingly impossible dreams" we must realize to enable us to get out of predicaments and stay out of them. The I-Bomb will, when imploded in the minds of people in distress caused by predicaments, enable them to dismantle predicaments intentionally and use all the resources they possess and those liberated by the "implosion" to convert disasters into the greatest opportunities for success available under the circumstances. It will provide every man, woman and child living on this planet the information they need to get out of predicaments and stay out of them. Every man, woman and child living on this planet must have this information because it takes just one individual unaware of how to get out of predicaments to create predicaments for everyone else. History has proved this with every one of its predicaments.
  6. The sixth step I must take is to recognize the need for AUDACITY in the person who will lead the free world as it makes the change in its paradigms of thought and action that it must make to move forward at this point in its history when moving forward seems impossible to do. You Mr. President have recognized the importance of "AUDACITY" when you authored your book entitled "The Audacity of Hope" and demonstrated the fact that you have the audacity to put your convictions into practice by your actions so far.
  7. The seventh step I must take is to recognize the fact that hope, audacity and capability, while they are three essential requirements to get out of predicaments, are not enough to enable you or anyone else to blast us out of our predicaments and enable us to soar to the maximum success possible under the circumstances with absolute finality. You must know with equally absolute finality, the precise steps of the only plan-of-action that will work in the setting of a predicament, a situation in which all known plans-of-action have failed and a single wrong move will spell disaster. Fortunately, Einstein has already defined that plan-of-action, implemented it with audacity and proved with absolute finality, its effectiveness in the setting of a precedent in Physics. My father has had the audacity to do what he had to do to adapt Einstein’s Philosophy and make it work in everyday life. All you have to do is to use your audacity to adopt the product of the combined audacities of Einstein’s and my father, ACTINEMAS, the algorithm for using Einstein’s Philosophy in everyday life, as the plan-of-action for bailing out of the predicaments and staying out of them. Then, you will be hitching a piggyback ride on the impeccable intelligence, reputation integrity and success of Einstein made "most immaculate," by subjecting it to a second "baptism by fire" by my father. America gave you a blank check to "make the change" you have to make to get the job done when she elected you her President. The time has come for you to cash in that check for the only plan-of-action that has the greatest chance of success humanly possible to attain. If you adopt any other plan-of-action created any other way, you run the risk of having your mission in life derailed the moment any of your plans-of-action fail the way all plans of action based on Common Sense and Science will eventually do. You will expose yourself to an assault based on your lack of personal experience and the lack of precedent. Einstein’s Philosophy provides you with the experience, the precedent and the map of the straight and narrow path that is scientifically, mathematically and biologically correct. It points your way through the wormhole of the passage that Einstein defined and took to get out of the "black hole" of the predicament he was in and burst out into the "White Hole" of enlightenment and success. You have two options at this point. You could reinvent the wheel that Einstein discovered to take him on his journey, or adopt his method. If you Mr., President choose to reinvent the wheel of success that Einstein discovered by a process he called "creative invention," by trial and error the way you have set out to do, it may take you forever and you may never succeed. When you do finally succeed, no one will accept your discovery until you prove it physically, and no one will allow you to prove your plan by putting it to work without proof of success. The only way out of this "Catch 22" predicament is to adopt the wheel Einstein had already invented without trying to reinvent it, and give him the credit for having done so. It will only take you a few seconds of your time to do this and Einstein’s plan comes with the imprimatur of genius and the proof of success that no one can dispute. In addition, it will give you the absolute justification you need for doing all the controversial things you must do to get your job done.
  8. The eighth step I must take is to answer the question as to why Einstein’s Philosophy for escaping from predicaments remains an unexploited resource today, the final objection anyone could use to object to your using Einstein’s Philosophy to get out of current and future predicaments. Einstein’s Philosophy remains unknown and unexploited because Einstein stopped using it after he bailed physicists out of their predicament, and came face to face with a predicament of his own! After enjoying all his successes in Physics, Einstein realized that he had to extend the use of his Philosophy and relativity to everything in life but he was unable to do this! All he had to do to extend the use of his philosophy and relativity to everything in life and blast out of his new predicament was to actively repeat the steps of his Philosophy for getting out of predicaments and implode an I-Bomb one more time! He had to implode the version of Einstein’s Philosophy that had stopped working and rebuild a rejuvenated reactivated version of it that would work under the new and altered set of circumstances. Had he done this, he would have extended relativity to everything in life. Instead, he chose to bail out passively and parachuted to the safety of the world he had left behind by reconciling passively with the Common Sense that he had implode and rebuilt earlier! Einstein did not blast out of his new predicament because he realized that this would take him into a new world, the world of Metaphysics, the world of Theology, where he would have to deal with the concepts of Gods and Devils and everything in between, matters that are imperceptible to the senses, to science, to instruments and to mathematics. Einstein did not enter the world of metaphysics because he realized that he would have to do the opposite of everything he had done based on relativity until then. Einstein was not an atheist and did acknowledge the God Concept but he felt that he "had no use" for anything else in metaphysics because he was a scientist and a mathematician and could not deal with metaphysical entities using instruments, scientific experimentation or by mathematical computation. Einstein did not have the option of making the choice he made because the worlds of every day life, Physics and Metaphysics overlap one another. There are matters in everyday life that one cannot deal with using science and mathematics that do have an effect on the outcomes of everything in life, matters like thoughts and feelings, matters that cause all our predicaments! The only way we can gain the ability to deal with matters we cannot deal with using Common Sense, Science or Einstein’s Philosophy, is to implode all three and use the rubble to rebuild a new philosophy of metaphysics that combines the positive attributes of all philosophies, abolishing in the process, all their undesirable, negative attributes. This is what my father did when he gave me Father’s Advice and defined the steps of ACTINEMAS for me!
  9. The ninth step I must take is to summarize for you the fundamental facts-of-life, science and mathematics, that Einstein taught me by his life, work, actions and teachings. These are the facts-of-life that enabled you to win the election and become the first African American President of America. Einstein taught me that all plans of action, in all areas of human interest (Common Sense, Science, medicine, engineering, navigation, all Philosophies including Einstein’s own Philosophy, music and dancing), have eight fundamentally different steps (notes for music, steps for dancing) that one could take and enjoy progressively higher levels of success. When one has taken eight steps using a given plan-of-action, one would have accomplished everything one could possibly accomplish using that plan. If one takes another step, the ninth step, using that plan-of-action, one will cause an "explosion" to occur. Everything one was doing in the present and had done in the past, will collapse and one will not be able to do anything else that one wants to do and one will begin failing in ones endeavors. If one does not understand what happened, why it happened, and how one could prevent overcome, or take advantage of it by reversing the process, one will end up in a predicament. If one continues to use steps of the failed plan-of-action in attempts to get out of the predicament, one will make matters worse and sink deeper into trouble, panic, become terrified and terrorize others. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  10. The tenth step I must take is to describe for you how Einstein addressed the problem of the explosive ninth step of Common Sense so that you may be able to do the same in everyday life and deal with the inevitable explosions (predicaments) of life with the same degree of efficiency with which Einstein dealt with them in Physics. Einstein took the ninth step boldly, deliberately and audaciously. He caused the inevitable explosion to occur intentionally in his mind under the controlled circumstances prevailing there and thereby transformed it into an implosion over which he had complete control since he could use his imagination and do anything he wanted to do in his own mind. Einstein did this by ignoring every thing based on COMMON SENSE. Having triggered the implosion, Einstein used its force to demolish everything based on Common Sense and Newtonian Physics. He accomplished all this essentially by ignoring everything based on Common Sense. By this maneuver, Einstein demolished everything society and he had built in his mind (everything life had taught him to believe in), until then. When he did this, he his superior intellect enabled him to realize that there were some "things" he could not "demolish" intellectually by ignoring the world according to Common Sense because they were not governed by the tenets of Common Sense and Newtonian Physics. The matters that he could not demolish had one thing in common. They were matters that were opposite of everything he expected them to be based on Common Sense and Newtonian Physics! Thus, Einstein discovered a new world that existed within and around the old world. It was a world in which everything was the "mirror-image-opposite" of everything in the world in which he had lived his whole life. Thus, Einstein unmasked the world of relativity and discovered it. He realized that the "mirror-image-opposite" effects of this "mirror-image-opposite-world’ were responsible for matters in the real world of everyday life that no one was able to understand, account for, or use until then. The world of relativity was one he could account for, understand and use only by using his mind, his imagination, and mathematics. Einstein expressed his discovery in mathematical terms as his Theory of Special Relativity. He was able to use this theory to make discoveries no one could make and do things no one could do using Common Sense or the conventional science of Newtonian Physics. Then, Einstein realized that relativity, the sum total of all his discoveries, shared something in common with everything else in physics, the Laws of Physics. He expressed his second discovery as his Theory of General Relativity, the fact that the laws of Physics are the same in both "mirror-image-opposite" worlds of Physics. Finally, Einstein wanted to extend relativity to everything in life outside the realm of Physics but he was unable to do this. Years later, an unknown Indian determined how one could extend general relativity (the fact that laws of Physics are the same everywhere) to everything in life using the fundamental principles of Metaphysics which is essentially the opposite of relativity and Common Sense. He did not realize that this is what he had done and passed on without being able to make his discover public. That man was my father. Your father encouraged you to dream the kind of (seemingly impossible) dreams. My father taught me how to make such dreams come true!
Father had the audacity to implode Einstein’s Philosophy in his mind without realizing that this is what he had done and rebuilt it incorporating into it the best of everything Common Sense, Science, Einstein’s Philosophy and Metaphysics, the opposite of everything based on Einstein’s Philosophy had to offer and obtained "Father’s Advice." Father did not have the resources required to implode the I-Bomb in the world of everyday life, the resources only the sitting President of America, the leader of the most powerful and innovative Democracy in the world possesses. Father did communicate with Professor Einstein who was six months away from his own demise and did not respond. He communicated his thoughts to Professor Dirac, the father of Quantum Mechanics. Prof. Dirac agreed with father in principle but disagreed with him on details father could not address because father was a Doctor, not a mathematician and only a mathematician can address these details. Father did not consider communicating with the sitting President of the United States and he passed on without gaining for his work the recognition or the publicity it deserved. The absolute need for making father’s work public and the insurmountable obstacles that make this a seemingly impossible task, landed me in my predicament, the predicament that has prompted me to implode an I-Bomb in your mind and in the minds of all Americans by writing these letter as the next step of my plan-of-action.

At this point, you, Mr. President, have two choices. The first choice is to ignore Einstein’s Philosophy, Father’s Advice and these letters the way your predecessor chose to do. If you choose this option, all your Common Sense based plans of action will inevitably collapse as all Common Sense-based plans-of-action are wont to do eventually. When that happens, you will join your predecessor as a contender for the unenviable title of the "most-bungling" President in history, the second consecutive President who blew the opportunity of making the world the best it could be. Your other option is to implode the I-Bomb in your mind and in the minds of all Americans and use the force liberated to catapult yourself and America out of current and future predicaments, and propel us into a realm of success of unprecedented "Einsteinian" proportions. You will then fulfill the promise you held out of becoming one of the greatest Presidents of America and one of the greatest leaders of the free world, the person who took the work started by Lincoln, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr., to its next level of accomplishment!

Yours sincerely

Ajit Trivikram MD, FACS, FICS.
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