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Obama’s Criminal Plagiarism Not Trump’s Brutal Honesty Responsible For Insanity, Prejudice, Division And Dysrationalia In America

OCTOBER 15, 2020

Former First Lady Michelle Obama called sitting American President Trump a RACIST in an unprecedented YouTube rant in her purported desire to end RACISM in America.

I am an agnostic. But I consider her rant a gift from God to America because it gives me the opportunity to say; “If she is truly that keen on ending RACISM in America … she must ask her husband … former President Barack Obama … to confess to the REAL Obama Crime and agree to work with President Trump to reverse the damage he has done by committing it and covering up by perpetrating the REAL Obamagate Hoax. He must do it immediately before word about his criminal acts of plagiarism become public knowledge if he wants to salvage any kind of legacy worth salvaging.

I have made the above statement because the REAL Obama Crime was the criminal act of plagiarism and reversal of the brilliant concepts Einstein used to eliminate INSANITY, PREJUDICE, DIVISIVENESS and REAL DYSRATIONALIA (the inability to think rationally) … from science … and using the FAKE products of his plagiarism to solve the country’s problems ... causing them to explode in America the moment his Presidency ended … making everything in America FAKE!.

This is not a joke … nor is it a right-wing conspiracy theory!

It is a preview of information from a book titled “The REAL Obama Crime” that I have been waiting to publish. I have not been able to publish it sooner because I needed President Obama and one or more of the leaders of his DREAM TEAM who helped him cover-up his REAL Crime … to make self-incriminating statements by blaming others for their actions. I needed that to make my allegations stick. I did not dream that the former FOTUS would lend me a helping hand! For that I am grateful.

President Obama obliged by blaming President Trump for ALL the problems he himself created by his tirades reported on in USA Today on May 9, 2020. Prof. Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health who headed President Obama’s DREAM TEAM and helped him cover up his REAL Crime by perpetrating the REAL Obamagate Hoax … just obliged on 9/11/2020 anniversary of 9/11 … an auspicious day for him to come out and reveal his complicity in President Obama’s criminal acts of plagiarism. He did this in a CNN Interview reported on in Washington Post while commenting on a Trump Rally asking “how did we get here etc.?” … when he knew very well, he was the one who got us here. He to must confess to his plagiarism and agree to make amends before President Trump finds out and fires him for plagiarism because we cannot afford to have a plagiarist in charge of our coronavirus vaccine development program!

The real Obamagate Hoax was a grandiose “give-a-dog-an-ill-name-and-hang-him” type of scheme. It was concocted by President Obama, Prof. Francis Collins, and Prof. Cori Bargmann. It involved the performance of a FAKE experiment that had no logistical chance of ever working ... blaming its failure on Einstein's Algorithm ... and flushing it down the drain as "a red herring." It was done to cover up the fact that President Obama had committed the gargantuan blunder of plagiarizing and reversing it while committing the REAL Obama Crime and had consequently failed at everything he attempted.

President Obama committed the first act of his REAL Crime when he was still a “Candidate” in 2008. He did it to generate FAKE scientific-sounding concepts for use as rhetoric in his campaign speeches. He used these FAKE pseudo-scientific concepts to dupe his trusting and unsuspecting and devout followers into thinking he was the Einsteinian scholar who was going to make in America an “Einsteinian paradigm shift” and turn her around ... when all he really was … was a garden variety plagiarist who happened to be an exceptionally talented orator.

Plagiarism is not ordinarily considered a crime per se but President Obama's plagiarism became a REAL Crime because he used the FAKE products of his plagiarism for formulating plans of action for solving the country’s seemingly insoluble problems and made them infinitely worse ... to the point that they became responsible for EVRYTHING that has gone wrong is America and in the free world in the last ten years. in the process he caused irreparable harm to the country and to all Americans and made his actions criminal.

By committing the REAL Obama Crime … President Obama caused the very same problems of INSANITY, PREJUDICE, DIVISION, and DYSRATIONALIA he was trying to eliminate from America … to explode with a vengeance when his Presidency ended.

The first to explode was INSANITY. It exploded the moment he left office because he was no longer there to maintain the FAKE aura of SANITY he had maintained by his executive presence and actions.

PREJUDICE exploded next with the “murder-by-PREJUDICE” of Mr. George Floyd. DIVISION and DYSRATIONALIA had been plaguing America and Americans forever … but they too exploded soon thereafter.

Here are the FIVE major problems President Obama caused that he blamed on President Trump … and … how he caused them … revealed with surgical precision.

1. INSANITY. President Obama blamed President Trump for having caused INSANITY in America when he said, “the U.S. response to coronavirus pandemic is an ‘absolute chaotic disaster.’” That was equivalent to calling it INSANITY!

The scientific fact is … it was President Obama who caused the INSANITY that exploded in every aspect of life in America the day his Presidency ended. And he caused it by founding everything he said during his Candidacy and did during his entire Presidency on a plagiarized FAKE definition of INSANITY attributed to Einstein that Einstein never authored! In doing that, he was criminally negligent for not having confirmed its veracity before founding his Presidency and his country’s fate on it! He founded his everything on this fake definition during his "Acceptance Speech" at Denver when he said “ … the greatest risk we can take is to try the same old politics with the same old players and expect a different result.”

That FAKE definition of INSANITY on which he based that statement says … “INSANITY is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result each time.”

This definition is FAKE for three reasons …

a. Einstein never authored it!

b. It is the opposite of what Einstein would have said if asked what would happen if one did the same thing repeatedly. His answer would have been that one MUST EXPECT a different result each time because the only thing that is the same all the time, everywhere, for everyone, is the speed of light … his theory of special relativity! Everyone knows that!

Everything else will be different … because the circumstances are constantly changing.

c. If asked to define INSAITY, Einstein would have said that … “INSANITY is using common sense to solve problems conventional wisdom cannot solve! (Page 2, Einstein’s book on “Relativity” … “Everyone can Understand” … CROWN Publications).

Founding everything he said and did on a FAKE definition of INSANITY that was the opposite of what it should have been scientifically, made everything Obama said and did during his entire Presidency become the opposite of everything he should have said and done to prevent INSANITY in America scientifically. It caused the very INSAITY he was trying to prevent … to explode in America … the day his Presidency ended.

That INSANITY was the one Rep. Maxine Waters blamed on President Trump the day he got elected! It was the INSANITY for which House Democrats ultimately impeached him. It was an INSANITY President Obama had caused for which President Trump and the whole country paid the price.

2. PREJUDICE. President Obama blamed President Trump for the PREJUDICE that exploded in America upon the death of George Floyd with his statement that the racism responsible for the “death of a black man in police custody … should not be normal in 2020 America;” (CNN News May 29, 2020). Mrs. Obama reiterated her husband’s allegation in her YouTube rant in which she called President Trump a RACIST.

The scientific fact is … it was her husband President Obama who spawned, nourished, catalyzed and fanned the PREJUDICE to the point of exploding and becoming normal in 2020 America!

President Obama caused PREJUDICE that had been festering in America … to explode … by plagiarizing and reversing the two brilliant scientific steps Einstein took to eliminate PREJUDICE from theoretical physics forever!

The first brilliant step Einstein took to eliminate PREJUDICE from theoretical physics was to recognize the fact that the “conventional wisdom” (Newtonian physics and Euclidean geometry) that physicists had always used to do everything … was lacking facts required to solve new “seemingly insoluble problems” that were developing in physics at that time.

For the above reason … Einstein took his first brilliant step and determined that conventional wisdom was unable to solve seemingly insoluble problems because information necessary to solve them was missing from it … because this information was imperceptible using common sense.

Therefore, he branded conventional wisdom and common sense as … PREJUDICE … a bunch of decisions made using incomplete information i.e., they were “pre-judgments made based on incomplete evidence.”

Then, Einstein dumped conventional wisdom (common sense + science) as PREJUDICE by ignoring it the way PREJUDICE must be ignored.

When Einstein ignored conventional wisdom as PREJUDICE … he precipitated a chain reaction in his head that can best be described and understood in today’s computerized world language by saying that it was as though he had hit the RESET button of the “intellectual computer” in his head that his brain was to him and his body! Einstein could not say that because electronic computers did not exist then.

A complete description of this chain reaction will be contained in my book.

All I am going to say here to enable comprehension of how Einstein made mind-boggling progress whereas President Obama made an equally mind-boggling blunder is by saying that dumping conventional wisdom as PREJUDICE enabled Einstein to eliminate PREJUDICE from theoretical physics ... but it also left a huge void in his head … because conventional wisdom was essentially the totality of his personal experience on this planet.

Einstein filled that void by discovering his theory of relativity and using it to generate a new wisdom that became the new conventional wisdom. We shall refer to this new wisdom as "relativistic wisdom," conventional wisdom of the twentieth century onwards or simply as "relativity."

Relativity could do mind-boggling things conventional wisdom could not do ... like answer unanswerable questions ... solve seemingly insoluble problems ... predict the future ... and ... eliminate errors of judgment from decisions made using conventional wisdom. in addition, it could permit pin-point accuracy in GPS devices that conventional wisdom simply cannot do.

Obama plagiarized Einstein's first brilliant move to eliminate PREJUDICE from science and botched it up on September 16, 2008. He did it during the campaign speech he gave at Golden Colorado on that day. During that speech, Candidate Obama imitated Einstein and dumped the conventional wisdom his predecessors had used to solve the country’s seemingly insoluble problems unsuccessfully by calling it … “an IDEOLOGY THAT intentionally BREEDS INCOMPETENCE in Washington and IRRESPONSIBILITY on Wall Street.”

He did not call what he was dumping as “conventional wisdom” or the reason for dumping it as being “PREJUDICE” … because that would have exposed his plagiarism! It would have ended his run for the Presidency ... the way plagiarism ended his Vice President’s 2004 bid ... and should end his current run as well!

This seemingly brilliant “Einsteinian” move by Obama … was a blunder of gargantuan proportions because the conventional wisdom Einstein dumped in 1904 was the conventional wisdom of the nineteenth century! It was REALLY PREJUDICE because relativity was missing from it. Einstein had not discovered it yet!

As opposed to the above … the conventional wisdom Obama dumped as “old, failed ideologies” in 2008 was the conventional wisdom of the twenty-first century! It was the conventional wisdom from which Einstein and professional problem-solvers who followed, had systematically eliminated PREJUDICE from it by providing the missing information using Einstein’s theory of relativity and algorithms based on it! Thus … with this colossal blunder … Obama essentially dumped Einstein’s theory of relativity from all considerations in everyday life and democratic decision-making in America!

The magnitude of this blunder can only be appreciated if one recognizes the fact that Einstein’s rules of relativity based on his theory of relativity, determine the outcomes of everything that happens in out Digitized, Computerized Nuclear (DCN) World. This is because our DCN World is a product of professional problem-solvers solving seemingly insoluble problems using Einstein’s theory of relativity.

21st century conventional wisdom was not working for President Obama and his predecessors because they did not know how to use it and they had not bothered to learn how to use it despite the fact that ALL professional problems-solvers have been using it for the last hundred years. The only professional problem-solvers who do not use Einstein’s algorithm one way or another are politicians, the clergy, shyster lawyers and shyster salespeople.

Then, Obama committed his next huge blunder in which he plagiarized Einstein’s second brilliant step towards elimination of PREJUDICE from science and botched it up by reversing it! He did this on October 27, 2008. He did it in the campaign speech he delivered at Canton Ohio when he said … “I believe that Democrats, Republicans and Americans of every political stripe were hungry for new ideas, new leadership, and a new kind of politics, ONE THAT FAVORS COMMON SENSE over ideology!”

With that thundering blundering rhetoric, Candidate Obama committed his next colossal mistake! He replaced Einstein’s theory of relativity that he had dumped as he committed his previous blunder … with common sense!? The same common sense that Einstein dumped along with conventional wisdom by calling it a collection of PREJUDICES … as the first thing he did towards eliminating PREJUDICE from science!

With this huge blunder, Obama made the common sense that Einstein defined as "a collection of PREJUDICES acquired by age nineteen" ... the cornerstone of his Presidency!

That second gargantuan blunder of Obama’s ensured that everything he said and did from that point on would infuse unmitigated PREJUDICE into everything in America … because all his decisions became decisions and statements made using incomplete information provided by common sense! Obamacare was and is the prime example and the epitome of that blunder. Details as to why Obamacare was a blunder … in my book.

While on the subject of common sense, it must be admitted that Einstein did revert to using common sense as his the last step of his Algorithm … but there is a colossal difference between Einstein’s reversion and Obama’s.

Einstein reverted to using common sense AFTER he had discovered relativity and solved ALL seemingly insoluble problems using it … he did it as his last step. Obama reverted to using common sense as his second step! He did it BEFORE solving a single seemingly insoluble problem and used common sense to solve problems conventional wisdom could not solve! Thus he did the very thing Einstein predicted would end in INSANITY … he used common sense to solve problems conventional wisdom could not solve!

In addition, the common sense Einstein reverted to … he piggybacked on relativity … so that it could move at the speed of light on demand and he had perfected it by eliminating mistakes from it using his algorithm for eliminating mistakes … details in my book. In contrast … the common sense Obama reverted to was the old prehistoric common sense that Einstein had dumped as PREJUDICE!

3. DIVISION and TRIBALISM: The third concern Former President Obama expressed and blamed on President Trump was “DIVISION and TRIBALISM in the country and abroad.”

Once again the problem with this statement is the fact that it was he, not President Trump, who caused the DIVISION and the TRIBALISM that are consuming us alive! And he did when he committed the same blunder of making common sense the cornerstone of his Presidency during his Canton Ohio speech as described above.

Adopting common sense as the main problem-solving method he was going to use to solve all the country’s seemingly insoluble problems as described above was a huge blunder on a second count because COMMON SENSE IS SCIENTIFICALLY, NOT A PROBLEM-SOLVING METHOD AT ALL! It is a fact-finding method. Common sense is by definition … information we obtain using our senses of perception!

The concept that common sense solves our problems is an illusion caused by the fact hat we cannot see our brains at work. The fact is, it is our brains that solve our problems … and our brains use relativity … not common sense … to solve our problems. We did not know that until Einstein told us.

Common sense finds facts … by DIVIDING everything repeatedly until it has found the three to nine facts our brains and our minds need to solve our problems. Our brains cannot handle more than that at any given time.

If we use common sense inappropriately beyond that point, as a problem-solving tool that it isn’t … we will be using it to do something it was never intended to do i.e., process information that involves unification of facts. Therefore, it will go on doing the only thing it can do … it will go on DIVIDING everything when it should be unifying … until everything is shredded and there is nothing left to divide or unify!

If for any reason, common sense cannot provide or brains with the information required to solve problems … like what happens if that information is imperceptible to our senses … common sense will go on dividing whatever it can divide and go on generating useless information that cannot solve the problem at hand! It will cause an information overload, proliferation of opinions, differences in opinions, arguments, chaos uncertainties, and confusion. It will pit people with different opinions against one another in unending arguments, unending debates, unending fights, unending investigations, and unending wars. It will not solve a single problem but will make all of them worse. It will create more and worse seemingly insoluble problems and make them proliferate geometrically and explode every time they exceed critical mass. They will cause … INSANITY, death, and destruction of everything we cherish … like what is going on in America in our Congress and in the free world today.

Einstein eliminated DIVISION and DIVISIVENESS of common sense from physics by dumping it along with conventional wisdom as PREJUDICE. Then, he replaced it with “relativity” … and the use of the algorithm based on it ... “Einstein’s Algorithm” … for doing everything. Einstein's Algorithm solves problems by unification of everything that is humanly possible to unify. That was how Einstein eliminated DIVISION and PREJUDICE at the same time from science. That was how Einstein scored a mind-boggling success at everything he attempted. That is how we must accomplish unification in our lives ... by making Einsteinian paradigm shifts from using common sense and conventional thinking for doing everything to using Einstein’s Algorithm.

Details about how our brains solve our problems using Einstein’s algorithm … how Einstein discovered these facts and learned how to use them to do all the incredible things he did and how we could do the same by learning and using Einstein’s Algorithm … in my book. My book will also describe how President Obama messed them all up by plagiarizing cliches from the internet instead of learning how to use the REAL thing from Einstein’s original statements and teaching everyone else how to do it for themselves.

4. DYSRATIONALIA … is the inability to think rationally … i.e., … to think using facts instead of opinions, hopes, desires, beliefs, political needs and/or anything else … while doing anything that requires thinking … understanding … explaining things and/or solving problems.

President Obama accused President Trump and the Trump administration of having exhibited and caused DYSRATIONALIA in America when he said the United States response to coronavirus pandemic has been “anemic and spotty.”

The scientific fact is it was President Obama who exhibited and caused DYSRATIONALIA in himself and in America and he did it by abolishing his and our ability to think … leave alone think rationally.

As already explained, he did this when he dumped twenty-first century “relativistic conventional wisdom” during his Canton OH speech. On that day, he dumped the most efficient method of rational thinking under all circumstances known to man … Einstein’s theory of relativity. he did it by calling it "old, failed ideologies!" Then, he replaced it with common sense that is not even a method of thinking!!

And that brings us to the next allegation President Obama made against President Trump.


In their 2020 DNC speeches, President Obama, V.P. Biden and his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris accused President Trump variously for not finding common ground required for dealing with coronavirus … showing no interest in finding it … failing to unify the country … not “growing into his job,” … and … “getting it all wrong from the beginning” (Sen. Kamala Harris).

The scientific fact is, NO ONE is ever going to find common ground for doing anything … or unify anything in America … leave alone unify the whole country of people with three hundred million opinions. This is because those things can only be accomplished by engaging in rational thinking using Einstein’s theory of relativity and Einstein’s Algorithm for implementing it.

The fact is ... Einstein's Algorithm is the universal common ground on which anyone can unify anything and everything that is humanly possible to unify … including three hundred million opinions that includes opposites … in a jiffy ... at the speed of light … if s/he uses Einstein’s Algorithm. Details in my book.

President Obama abolished our ability to find common ground and unify anything when he dumped relativistic 21st conventional wisdom and replaced it with the divisive and destructive common sense at Canton Ohio, on October 27, 2008 a date that deserves to go down in history as a day of infamy for all of humanity.

That brings us to Sen. Kamala Harris’ remark about getting it all wrong from the beginning. All I am going to say is that we have proven above that it was her hero, President Obama, who got it all wrong from the beginning … from 2008 to be exact … when he made his debut on the Presidential stage. That was the time he started plagiarizing idea after idea of Einstein’s and others and modifying them to justify and promote himself and his FAKE unscientific opinions, hopes, desires and goals.

Sen. Kamala Harris’ inability as a District Attorney to determine who got what wrong and when … her support of quixotic concepts like destroying monuments and erasing history to solve the seemingly insoluble problems of PREJUDICE and RACISM from history ... her support for defunding the police and her sponsoring bail-outs for violent criminals ... to address police brutality and problems of the future … are manifestations of DYSRATIONALIA in herself that are manifestations of DYSRATIONALIA President Obama has unleashed upon our younger generation! No one would say such things if President Obama had made an Einsteinian paradigm shift instead of the FAKE one going the opposite way that he did make.

She needs to be reminded of the age-old adage … the one that says … “physician heal thyself” … before you try to heal others..

Sen. Harris said, “there is no vaccine for racism.” The fact is … there is. It is known as Einstein’s Algorithm. Prejudice is an intellectual computer virus that infests the brains and minds of prejudiced people. It can be eradicated in a jiffy by inoculating the only specific vaccine for it … Einstein’s Algorithm … via the senses of perception by simple instruction as to what its steps are and how to take them. The good news is that this one vaccine will eradicate INSANITY, PREJUDICE, DIVISION and DYSRATIONALIA in one shot!

If President Obama had learned and taught all Americans on the use of Einstein’s Algorithm for dealing with all situations … especially solving seemingly insoluble problems … I have no doubt that Mr. Floyd and all the black men who have died from choke holds, or from being shot in the back while fleeing or while being in police custody … would not have died! I say so because … Einstein’ Algorithm requires one to stop doing whatever one was doing and hit the RESET button of ones brain the moment one realizes whatever one is doing is not working and/or new seemingly insoluble problems are developing … like someone on your watch is finding it difficult to breathe.

Einstein’s Algorithm ... unbeknownst to most people, is for all practical purposes identical to the Surgeons’ Algorithm … and to the CPR algorithm in which all police officers are expected to be certified. Both require everyone to stop doing whatever else one might be doing … hit the RESET buttons of ones brains … and ensure that anyone who says “I can’t breathe” can breathe again ... before doing anything else!

The fact that ex-officer Chauvin did not lift his knee of Mr. Floyd's neck, … the fact that those around him did not physically take ex-Officer Chauvin’s down or at least knock his knee from Mr. Floyd’s neck … the debate between officers regarding what to do next as someone was dying before them ... are manifestations of the malignant and universal DYSRATIONALIA … the total abject inability to think … caused by the REAL Obama Crime. It was not caused by any action or inactions on the part of President Trump. Michelle Obama owes President Trump an apology for calling him the racist.

Deaths of people being arrested happen because President Obama abolished our ability to think as individuals, as a society and as a nation … instead of maximizing it when he had numerous golden opportunities to do it in the eight years in office. The fact that he did not do it despite being reminded of this need on more than six occasions in those eight and continues to go about as if these things did not happen is incomprehensible … unless one grants that he is himself a victim of his own DYSRATIONALIA!.

The aim of his blog was to establish the fact that former President Obama committed the REAL Obama Crime and caused ALL the fundamental problems he has blamed on President Trump and I think this has been accomplished completely,

In my next blog, that will be titled “The REAL Obamagate Hoax, and Collinsgate, I shall give a preview of my description of the REAL Obamagate Hoax from my upcoming book and reveal how Prof. Collins, Director of the NIH., helped President Obama cover-up the REAL Obama Crime, and summarize what must happen next irrespective of who gets elected President..


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