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Hillary Clinton Declares "I Believe In Science" … "Not So" … Say Galileo, Newton And Einstein!

September 28, 2016

Sec. Hillary Clinton declared "I believe in science" during her acceptance speech and at her rallies and her supporters cheered and declared that she has won the debate …NOT SO … say Galileo, Newton and Einstein, the three people who made the science she claims to believe in, and our world, what they are today!

Let us for a moment imagine what would happen if we were to have a short Presidential mini debate in which Galileo, Newton, and Einstein were allowed to ask her and Mr. Trump one question each in view of her declared belief in science!

GALILEO: "Sec. Clinton, common sense is what totally misled us in my time by informing us that the earth is flat, it is as rest (not moving) and that the sun, moon and the stars revolve around the earth, until I developed the telescope and proved the opposite to be true! Can you tell me, if you really believe in science, why you are promising to use such an unreliable method of solving problems like common sense, to deal with matters of life and death that were caused by the unreliability and fallibility of common sense in the first place?" Just saying that you believe in science will not solve any problems. It is doing what science dictates that solves problems.

SEC. CLINTON: "… err … I never thought of it that way …. You know, I am not a scientist … I am just interested in it, yes? Maybe! … really, no one told me about it … I guess I did the best I could ... with the information I had ... or did not have ...

MR TRUMP: "I am not a scientist and I do not claim to have an interest in science. I am a businessman and a practical problem solver. I do what my education, intuition, and experience tell me I must do in a given situation to solve the problem at hand that must be solved, as long as I am not breaking any law. I am glad to see that you agree with me that everything that "makes sense" is not necessarily true. When common sense does not work, I use my brains, brawn, gut sense, or whatever it takes, if I am convinced that not solving the problem is worse than solving it. In my experience, most of the time, just threatening to do the opposite of what common sense tells everyone to do, gets the job done because no one wants the opposite of what common sense dictates, done to them! The most important thing is not to go on doing what has not been working.

SIR ISAAC NEWTON: Sec. Clinton, my third law of motion states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. That means everything you do while trying to solve problems will have a backlash the effects of which will have effects that will be the opposite of the effects that you want your actions to have. These reactions will annul what you have accomplished, reverse everything and make things worse than what they were! This is the scientific truth. If you believe in science, why do you ignore this fact? Why are all the solutions to all problems you propose, open-ended recipes for failure that bleed the benefits of your actions without addressing their disastrous reactions? The laws of nature are universal and total in their application. One cannot pick and choose which one, one likes, or wants to use. They are not matters of opinion and cannot be chosen by their popularity rating without deadly consequences!

SEC. CLINTON: "… err … I never thought of it that way …. You know, I am not a scientist … no one told me about it … I am just interested in science … etc., …"

MR. TRUMP: Again, I am a problem solving businessman, not a politician or a scientist. It is not my idea to become the winner of a popularity contest, I want to start solving problems someone must start solving at this time before it is too late, as you say, before everything bleeds out. I solve problems that need to be solved and move on and keep things working. Solving problems is a painful process. Not solving them is worse, and will hurt those one wants to protect the most. Solving problems is not fun, games and/or entertainment and these goals must not become the priority. If they can be fun and games, well and good, otherwise … NOT. When I find that common sense, science, or whatever everyone else is saying and doing is not working, I do whatever I think will work as long as I am not breaking any law. That is why I say and threaten to do things that do not make sense, when things that "make sense" based on common sense, do not work. As Galileo has proved, things everyone believes in is most often, the opposite of truth.

PROF. EINSTEIN: Sec. Clinton, my theory of relativity has answered the question as to why common sense eventually fails every time we use it. It is because the speed of light and things moving very, very fast, do not obey the laws of common sense, but abide by rules of relativity that are the opposite of the laws of common sense. When things start failing and problems start developing, they start moving fast and the faster they fail, the less they will respond to the use of common sense. I have also proved that this problem could be understood and solved easily by simply using relativistic sense and thinking thoughts and saying and doing the opposite of what common sense dictates. In fact, this is also just what one must do to address the undesirable reactions predicted by Newton's third law of motion! The reason why common sense fails in our digital age, is because transmission of information as e-mails and tweets and all other forms of electronic communication and information processing by computers occur at the speed of light, a speed at which common sense just does not work. To deal with information moving and being processed at the speed of light, one needs a turbo-charged method of thinking, that will give you information you need before you need it, not an obsolete method that gives you information after the disaster has happened the way obsolete common sense does! I have established that "evidence-based common sense (common sense based on past experience), DOES NOT WORK at the speed of light because it moves at snail's pace when everything else is zipping past at the speed of light. In fact, the most convincing proof of this is the debacle at Benghazi where your inability to predict, prevent or abort that attack resulted in death and disaster. As I have proved, such explosive problems occurring/developing at the speed for light can and must be dealt by taking preemptive action based on prediction of the immediate future made using past and present experiences as reference points for engaging in coordinated thinking, not as final pieces of "evidence." Relativity has been around for a hundred years and has extended its influence to everything in life over the last fifty, and all the problems you will have to solve are going to be problems developing and progressing to explosions at the speed of light. Yet, you are not even talking about how you are going to incorporate relativity into your decision-making processes! How many more disasters must strike, and that includes random acts of violence like school shootings, before you switch from using common sense to deal with such problems after they have occurred rather than preventing them before they occur by taking preemptive action based on predictions of such events made by thinking at the speed of light using "relativistic sense?"

SEC. CLINTON: … err … I never thought of it that way …. You know, I am not a scientist … no one told me about it … etc., …

MR. TRUMP: I do not know what you are going on about Professor. I am not a physicist or a mathematician. I do what my intuition tells me to do and it has worked so far for me and enabled me to survive every storm I have encountered. When what I am doing stops working, I do the opposite or whatever else it takes and in my experience, it works every time!

MORAL OF THE STORY: At this point in the evolution of our civilization and our country, the only consideration that must matter is that our next President must be able to solve "problems that seem insoluble", problems that cannot be solved any other way using common sense, or conventional wisdom, the methods we use today, methods that have stopped working. The next Presidential debate must focus on this one issue, and nothing else. The person who gives the best answer based on science, mathematics, biology and logistics must get the vote of every American. We can go back to playing fun and games after we cross this point. If we don't cross it, there will be no more fun and games for us or our children.

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