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Sec. Clinton Fails "Twitter Test" On Nomination Day!

September 29, 2015

Dear Mr. Trump;

I predict that the secret of your success, your trademark, will eventually get you fired by everyone in the world unless you trade it in for mine ACTINEMAS. ACTINEMAS is the algorithm for coordinated thinking used by Einstein and all professional people to think most efficiently. You should not have any objection to this proposition because ACTINEMAS is essentially a variation of your trademark piggybacked on the algorithm used by Einstein, surgeons, and all professional people to solve "problems-that-seem-insoluble" like the ones you will have to solve if you become our next President. Therefore, I request you, in the interests of the country, all Americans, Republicans, Democrats and everyone else, prove me wrong or to trade in your trademark for mine. If you refuse to do either Sir, you leave me no choice but to say "You are fired" in the interests of the country and actually, in the interests of your own reputation that I know you cherish above everything else. I am forced to say this to you in spite of the respect I have for you and your accomplishments, for reasons I shall enumerate after I make the following disclaimer.

Before I say another word, I make this disclaimer. ACTINEMAS is my registered trademark but I do not have a patent on it and never will apply for one because, like water and air, it belongs to everyone and it is not right for anyone to make a profit on it. It is the algorithm that makes our brains function like computers and knowledge of it will enable us to use our brains like computers the way Einstein did to discover relativity and I and all surgeons and all professional people do as we practice our professions to earn an honest living. I have no objection to anyone using it as long as that person gives credit where it is due, to Einstein who discovered it and to my father, Dr. T.K.N. Trivikram, who extended its use to everyday life and democratic governance as the subject of his Ph.D. thesis and taught it to me in terms a child could understand when he gave me the advice I have named "Father's Advice," and to yours truly for having defined ACTINEMAS. I defined ACTINEMAS by piggybacking the algorithm Einstein used to solve all the "problems-that-seemed-insoluble" that he solved in physics upon that used by the brains of surgeons like myself and all professional people, to solve "problems-that-seem-insoluble" in all other areas of human interest successfully every time it has been used in the past. I can guarantee that anyone who takes the steps I took, the ones Einstein himself recommended one must take "to understand his method," will arrive at the same or very similar algorithm. Everything I say here and have written in the past is documented at my website at This website was set up pro bono publico. It is not spam even though I have an e-book on the story of my life that I posted for sale at the outset that I have not removed because I do not want to make changes to anything I have done in the past. I guarantee that all the technical and scientific information described therein has since been published in greater detail as blogs at my blog site at Anyone can access all this information anytime for free.

By "the secret of your success," I mean the making of "politically incorrect statements" followed by your trademarked phrase "You"re fired" and the promise of using your thus-far successful common-sense-conventional-wisdom-based business acumen to solve the country's "problems-that-seem-insoluble." This plan-of-action will eventually get you fired by everyone because it is logistically impossible to shoot ones mouth off every time one opens it and not eventually shoot oneself in the foot, something that I can assure you as a surgeon will happen and when it does, it will be a deal breaker. In addition, it is logistically impossible to solve "problems-that-seem-insoluble{" using "common-sense-and-conventional-wisdom" based plans-of-action, without eventually explosively destroying everything one has accomplished, no matter whose brand of common-sense-conventional-wisdom it may be, especially after making free standing, uncompensated, politically incorrect statements. The question is not "if" but "when" that will happen and I can assure you sir, you do not want it to happen on your watch!

The basis of my prediction is the fact that all the problems that you Sir, will be called upon to solve if you are elected President, including the problems of illegal immigrants, terrorism, the deficit, and everything else without exception, are going to be "problems-that-seem-insoluble." ACTINEMAS, is the only algorithm in existence today that has been proven to solve such problems in the past and continues to do so in the present, and therefore holds the greatest promise of enabling the next President to solve such problems in the future.

If you Sir, do not believe what I have just said, the following piece of information, the best kept secret of the Obama Presidency, should help you change your mind!

When President Obama was a candidate, I wrote an>"Open Letter" addressed to him as I am writing this one to you now. It was addressed in addition, to President G.W. Bush and Sen. McCain. Therein, I gave them precisely the same information, recommendations and predictions given here as they applied to them and the details required for them to use ACTINEMAS, and ASET,, the shortcut for using it, to solve the "problems-that-seemed-insoluble" that were plaguing the nation then. These problems continue to plague us today, eight years later, with increasing severity, number and magnitude because none of them acted upon these evidence-based recommendations. President Bush and Sen. McCain ignored them altogether with the predicted consequences. However, Candidate Obama did act upon them, but unfortunately, he chose not to implement the recommendations, but to plagiarize all the concepts, fragment them, eliminate the part dealing with Einstein's Philosophy that did not agree with his brand of common-sense-conventional-wisdom-based philosophy, being contrary to it. Finally, he rearranged the remaining parts to meet his personal need of justifying his thoughts and actions based on his brand of conventional-wisdom-based-problem-solving philosophy. He did this in spite of having been warned had common-sense-and-conventional-wisdom had no chance of ever succeeding at solving any of the country's problems and that attempts to force this issue would make matters worse. He used the first fragment he obtained by his act of plagiarism that recommended that he should "make a change in America if elected," his battle cry and won the election and a Nobel Peace Prize in the bargain without doing a thing to deserve it. That should give you an idea as to how potent Einstein's Philosophy is! Just mentioning it, even without mentioning Einstein's name, can get the ball rolling in the right direction with tremendous force! Then he botched up his act of plagiarism by fragmenting and modifying a philosophy that has zero tolerance for fragmentation or modification without becoming ineffective or a "catch 22" proposition in the process because ACTINEMAS, represents an intellectual wormhole through which one must crawl to solve "problems-that-seem-insoluble," a tunnel that will collapse if anyone tampers with it. Then, he set out on a crusade to use his botched up version of the proven philosophies of Einstein, surgeons and all other professional people who have ever succeeded at solving such problems in the past, as his plan-of-action to solve the country's "problems-that seem-insoluble" and gave us Obamacare, Benghazi, the Iran Deal, his BRAIN 2025 Initiative,, etc., etc., etc., all "catch 22" propositions that had no logistical chance of ever working. The summary of what, President Obama did with the recommendations given to him are described in my blog on "The Real Cause of Dr. Carson's Success is President Obama's BRAIN Initiative, a "catch 22" proposition that will make him fail if he does not fix it now" that can be viewed at

President Bush, ignored the information given to him and by not acting upon it, he blew the only opportunity he had to undo the damage caused by the Iraq war and turn the in the middle-east into a huge success story. He ended his Presidency by having a shoe thrown at his head. Sen. McCain ignored the only piece of information that could have neutralized Candidate Obama's thrust and won him the Presidency but instead, handed him his victory on the proverbial "silver platter."

The secret of your runaway success at the popularity polls in your bid for the Republican Party's Nomination for the Presidency, is the fact that you Sir, have no qualms making politically incorrect statements and making a politically incorrect statement" is the first step of ACTINEMAS, and ASET, the shortcut for using it!

All the intelligent and reasonable Americans who support you have realized, the way you have Sir, that the fundamental reason why we are unable to solve the "problems-that-seem-insoluble" confounding us is our requirement to be politically correct all the time. Einstein, who solved the first "problem-that-seemed-insoluble" in science has proved that the first thing one must do to solve such problems is to disrupt the status quo by saying things that are "politically incorrect" because they are contrary to the dictates of common sense and conventional wisdom that we use to do everything we do, the failures of which he recognized to be the cause such problems in the first place. This step defines the problem in the absolute terms in which it must be defined before anyone can solve them. Einstein did this by making the "politically incorrect" statement that "common-sense-and-conventional-wisdom are fallible," an act of heresy that warranted ostracization at that time as it does now, and recognized the fact that their failure was responsible for the development of "problems-that-seemed-insoluble" plaguing the brightest minds of that time in physics.

All the problems that we will ever have to solve in everyday life, science and governance will always be of two kinds, "problems-that-ARE-SOLVABLE" using common-sense-and-conventional-wisdom and "problems-that-will-SEEM-INSOLUBLE" using common-sense-and-conventional-wisdom. The former can be solved by anyone using common sense and conventional wisdom, the latter cannot. The latter can and has been solved in the past only by people like Einstein, surgeons and professional people, by thinking thoughts, saying and doing things that are contrary to (the opposite of) everything dictated by common sense and conventional wisdom.

Einstein and the others have also proved that, as soon as the "problems-that-seem-insoluble" have been solved, one must immediately revert to using common sense and conventional wisdom until the next "problem that seems insoluble" develops when the process must be repeated. Engaging in activities that are the opposite of common-sense-and-conventional wisdom in the absence of a problem-that-seems-insoluble except for their prevention, will cause an explosion that will destroy everything.

The fundamental reason why we are being deluged with "problems-that-seem-insoluble in every aspect of everyday life and democratic governance is the fact that we do not distinguish between the two kinds of problems in everyday life and governance and use common-sense-and-conventional-wisdom indiscriminately to solve problems of both kinds.

To make matters worse, common sense and conventional wisdom actually forbid us from saying things or doing things that are contrary to their dictates and consider such statements as "politically incorrect" and such actions as "criminally negligent behavior" punishable under the law, except when engaged in by professional people. "Politically incorrect" statements are considered to be such because they cause "Intellectual Bombs (Einstein's I-Bombs)" to go off in the minds of people, intellectual explosions that will translate into explosively destructive actions and reactions that will destroy everything involved. This will happen unless the whole process is orchestrated by someone who knows exactly what s/he is doing. It must be done along straight and narrow pathways dictated by the algorithm for solving such problems (ACTINEMAS,) implemented immediately before and after imploding (Einstein's I-Bomb)" rapidly before any actual damage is done by the explosion of the intellectual bomb caused by the politically incorrect statement. In addition, it must be done in total collaboration with all involved. All it takes is just one person unfamiliar with what is happening to disrupt the whole process and the process will then explode and consume everything and everyone involved and "eat them alive."

"Problems-that-ARE SOLVABLE" using common sense and conventional wisdom can be solved easily by anyone using these philosophies. This is why there are as many solutions (opinions) for them as there are people living on this planet. It is also why there are as many solutions as there are Congressmen in the Congress and candidates in democratic elections.

"Problems that seem insoluble," on the other hand, cannot be solved by anyone using common-sense-and-conventional-wisdom, period! There is only one solution for each such problem, the one derived by using the algorithm required for deriving it. It must be derived along the one and only straight and narrow path that will lead to it as defined by doing the opposite of everything dictated by common-sense-and-conventional wisdom. This must, in addition, be done rapidly as a single continuous step by using the pre-established algorithm. There is no room for differences in opinion while solving a "problem-that-seems-insoluble" making it a point where everyone can agree, unify and solve the "problem-that-seems-insoluble" before going back to business as usual. This fact should have been established by "University Professors" as soon as Einstein discovered relativity but they did not do it then and have not done it since because it involves thinking, saying and doing "politically incorrect" things that are contrary to everything they have professed, preached and practiced all their lives making it logistically impossible for them to do it. In addition, they have made matters still worse by proclaiming it to be heresy punishable by ostracization to even think such thoughts leave alone mention them or act upon them. This is the fundamental reason why our President and Congress are unable to solve the problems-that-seem-insoluble." No one has been able to solve them in the past, and no one will be able to solve in the future either until our leader, the President, recognizes this fact and orchestrates the change required to make the use of ACTINEMAS, mandatory for solving "problems-that-seem-insoluble."Then, these problems will solve themselves. The President will have to orchestrate this change by initiating it by an executive action aimed at making a constitutional amendment recognizing "problems-that-seem-insoluble" to be an entity in its own right. S/he must make the use of the algorithms that must be used to solve them mandatory while solving such problems. President Obama was requested to use his executive power "to make this change" as the first thing he did on getting elected. Instead, he orchestrated Obamacare and now spends his last days using his executive privileges to micromanage chosen "problems-that-seem-insoluble" using his brand of common sense and conventional wisdom and taking them closer to the points of no return without solving anything.

Here is how I obtained ACTINEMAS, my trademark. I made a list of the steps Einstein took to solve the "problem that seems insoluble" in physics that he solved, and expressed them as the steps of an algorithm the way he had himself recommended one should do to learn his method. This was something "University Professors" should have done but have not done, refuse to do and will not allow anyone else to do! When I made this list, it became obvious that algorithm I got was identical to the one surgeons, like myself, use to do everything we do with differences that could be eliminated by piggybacking the two algorithms on one another and eliminating duplication, to obtain a single jointed algorithm in which one took over from the other when it failed. I also realized that other professional people, especially engineers, navigators, people who have solved and continue to solve "problems-that-seem-insoluble" use essentially the same algorithm to solve such problems in their own chosen fields. I named this algorithm, ACTINEMAS, the acronym for Algorithm for Coordinated Thinking, Intellectual Navigation, intellectual Engineering, intellectual Medicine And intellectual Surgery, because it enables one to perform all these functions in ones mind with ones thoughts simply by adhering to its steps even though one has no knowledge, training or experience to do any of these things, the way algorithms, by definition, are expected to do!

ACTINEMAS, requires and enables one to think, say and do the opposite of everything common sense and conventional wisdom dictates preemptively and/or retroactively until the "problem that seem insoluble" has been prevented or solved. Its first step consists of making the "politically incorrect" statement required to "implode the intellectual bomb (Einstein's I-Bomb)," that one must implode in ones mind and in the minds of others, required to disrupt everything based on common-sense-and-conventional-wisdom that is not working and has caused the problem-that-seems-insoluble to develop. This will create the circumstances and lay down the ground-work required for one to do the things contrary to the dictates of common-sense-and-conventional-wisdom that must be done to solve the problem-that-seems-insoluble that one is trying to solve. After that problem is solved, ACTINEMAS, will steer one back to using common sense and conventional wisdom until the next "problem that seems insoluble" develops when one must repeat the process. The problem with shooting ones mouth off and saying things that are "politically incorrect" without preventing damage by immediately following up with the remaining steps of ACTINEMAS," is that sooner rather than later, one will shoot oneself in ones foot or worse.

What has just been said raises the question as to what you will do Sir, if you, as the Republican front-runner becomes elected President. Your comments and actions of the past suggest that the second thing you will do after you have caused the intellectual explosions to occur in the minds of people with your "politically incorrect" statements will be the following;
1. The fact that you consider "you're fired" as your trade mark, suggests that the second thing you will do will be to say what your brand of common-sense-and-conventional-wisdom tells you to do and say; "you're" fired," to the person you have just identified as the cause for the "problem-that-seems-insoluble" whom you have recognized with statements like "you're ugly," "You're stupid" and/or "you're an idiot.
2. Then you will micro-manage the solving of that problem using a common-sense-conventional-wisdom-based course of action prompted by your experience as a successful businessman, like building a wall to control illegal immigration, manipulate taxes and killing every last terrorist one way or another.

The problem with these two courses of action is that they are based on your brand of common-sense-and-conventional-wisdom at a time when all philosophies based on common-sense-and-conventional-wisdom, irrespective of their specific brands, have failed, stopped working and are collectively responsible for the sea of "problems-that-seem-insoluble" in which we are drowning.

By now it must be clear that firing someone who is a victim of a failed method for solving "problems-that-seem-insoluble" makes a scapegoat of that person and firing him/her, or firing a shyster taking advantage of the flaws of the system, will not solve the problem caused by the failure of common-sense-and-conventional-wisdom but both steps will make matters worse. Firing the innocent person will create a new and insoluble problem caused by the destruction of that person's life and career and firing the shyster without fixing the problem that allowed the old one to milk the system will leave the door wide open for the next one to take over and milk the system still further for his/her own benefit. The right solution to this problem is for the person in the leadership role like yourself, to correct the problem at its source, the problem-solving tool itself, and give the victims of the problem the second chance they deserve to right the wrong that has occurred due to the fault of the system not their personal actions.

The second problem with firing people for something that is wrong with the system is that you will end up needing to fire everyone because everyone will eventually become a victim of the system and will be forced to act like an idiot sooner or later by the foibles of the system. Sooner or later, when you have fired everyone, you will have only yourself to fire because, by then, you will realize that you too have failed. The chances are, someone else will fire you sooner when you have fired enough people or when you fire one person whom you should not have fired. If you have any doubts about this phenomenon, all you have to do is take a second look at Ms. Carly Fiorina whose beautiful persona you mocked with your first politically incorrect statement. She used that statement to propel herself from second to last position, to second from the top, overnight. The British fired Gandhi from South Africa and he fired them from India and the rest of the world.

Likewise, a specific common-sense-conventional-wisdom-based plan-of-action like forcing Mexico to build a wall to micro-manage the problem of illegal immigration caused by the global collapse of common sense and conventional wisdom cannot logistically be expected to work. Mexico will not listen to you after the politically incorrect things you have said about her and destroyed your relationship with her leadership and all Mexicans in Mexico and here. Americans will not build the wall for you and Congress will not allow you or them to do it either because each Congressman and each American has his/her own common-sense-conventional-wisdom-based concept as to how this problem-that-seems-insoluble should be solved making it impossible for us to agree upon anything. This is the fundamental reason why we are in trouble and unable to do anything about anything in the first place. If the next President does not fix this problem as the first thing s/he does, s/he will not be able to so anything and you, Sir, like your predecessor, will not be an exception to this rule.

If you somehow force the issue and fail like your predecessor did, or get the wall built and the wall does not solve the problem of illegal immigration because of all the other "problems-that-seem-insoluble" on both sides of the fence that you have not addressed, you will have your first failure handed to you. It will be your equivalent of Obamacare and President Bush's Iraq War and the honeymoon with America, Americans and the world will be over. Everything will go downhill thereafter.

On the other hand, if you set in motion the process of making the paradigm shift required to enable us as Americans to think most efficiently as we do anything and everything, especially solve "problems-that-seem-insoluble," and set the example others can and must follow to solve such problems and tell everyone about the common algorithms everyone must use, all these problems will solve themselves the way they always do and you will have set the stage for going on succeeding as long as success is humanly possible. The need for a wall to separate people will suddenly disappear and people will begin to work together across the imaginary wall and a physical wall will only get in the way of such collaboration the way the Berlin Wall did. Remember the old adage "if you make a better mouse trap, the world will beat a path to your door?" Guess what, it is still true!

Einstein and all professional people who have solved "problems-that-seem-insoluble," solved them by overcoming all these problems by preemptively orchestrating a paradigm shift in the way everyone involved thought as the first thing they did. Making a paradigm shift is itself a "problem that seems insoluble" and must be accomplished by giving everyone a crash course beginning with the implosion of the "Intellectual bomb" accomplished by making the "politically incorrect" statement and saying that "common-sense-and-conventional-wisdom" and whatever version of it they have been using had stopped working. Then, one must follow through by informing everyone how to say and do everything contrary to the dictates of common sense and conventional wisdom until the problem at hand is solved and then revert back to using common sense and conventional wisdom using the force liberated by the implosion of the "Intellectual bomb" to accomplish everything. This is what the next President must do and the next President-to-be must start doing now, during the campaigning process. S/he must start talking about making the paradigm shift, the "big change" President Obama promised to make but did not make upon getting elected.

In my original letter to President Obama and all follow-up correspondences, I had predicted that his failure to heed these recommendations would result in his failure in all his endeavors and would make matters worse, a prediction proved by Obamacare, Benghazi, etc. and his inability to solve any "problem-that-seem-insoluble" during his entire term.

For all the above reasons, I am making you this offer you cannot refuse. Please prove me wrong or accept my proposition to trade in your trademark for mine. You really have nothing to lose because your trademark is a variation of the first step of mine. If you refuse to do either Sir, you will leave me no choice, in spite of all the respect and admiration I have for you and your accomplishments, but to be the first person to tell you officially in writing that as far as I am concerned, "You're fired!" In keeping with the spirit of ACTINEMAS," I shall be most happy to say "you are rehired" any time you are willing to take me up on my offer.


Ajitkumar Trivikram, MD FACS @actinemas

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