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President Obama Negligent In Spread Of Ebola To Nurse

October 22, 2014

When a person in charge of health care delivery to a population ignores a recommendation made by a board certified specialist and bodily harm results to one or more individual/s in that population as a direct result of that act of omission, the person who ignored the specialist's recommendation is negligent based on the principle of "res ipsa loquitur" until proven otherwise. This is not a matter of opinion, it is a matter of law. It is a textbook case of negligence.

The spread of Ebola to the nurse wearing a hazmat suit while caring for an Ebola patient because she was unaware of the algorithm for using it, is a textbook case of culpable negligence on President Obama's part. This is so because President Obama had been advised and warned by a board certified surgeon, myself, five years earlier, that he should have made every man, woman and child living in this country aware of one concept. That concept was that of ACTINEMAS, the basic algorithm for solving "problems that seem insoluble," determining what to do when one does not know what to do, and the algorithm for survival in all unexpected situations in our digital-atomic age. He was advised to make awareness of this concept universal as the first thing he did, before reforming health care delivery.

President Obama was advised to do make knowledge of this algorithm universal by "Imploding Einstein's I-Bomb in America" before he enforced the enaction of "Obamacare." Had President Obama heeded this recommendation, not only would this nurse not have contracted Ebola, "Obamacare" would have been an ideal piece of legislature and the quality of health care delivery in America would have improved beyond imagination. The overall incidence of medical errors would have reduced to the minimum possible and the cost of health care delivery would have reduced significantly. In addition, everyone would have been doing what was required to make health care available universally because that is what this algorithm would have prompted everyone to do every time any one did anything involving in health care delivery, instead of thumbing to the thousand plus pages of Obamacare that does not even mention innumerable issues it should have addressed!

The letters containing the information in question were sent to President Obama by registered/certified mail, return receipt requested, as required by the law. They were received at the White House as evidenced by the signed and returned receipts. The fact that President Obama was aware of their contents is evidenced by the plagiarized statements he made in his speeches as detailed in "Obamagate, The Evidence." The first Letter was an Open Letter To President Obama. It was sent to him on September 26, 2009. The second one was titled Einstein's I-Bomb" and was a request to view a video clip I had posted on You Tube that conveyed the same message in another format. It was sent in October of the same year.

Both the letters and the video informed President Obama that he should have "orchestrated in America, the paradigm shift Einstein orchestrated in physics and replaced the use of "algorithms based on common sense and conventional wisdom for doing everything we do" with the use of ACTINEMAS" in place of conventional wisdom "and ASET, the shortcut for using ACTINEMAS," in place of common sense. ACTINEMAS" is the name I had given to the basic algorithm used by Einstein, surgeons, all professional people, innovators, entrepreneurs and perfectionists to do everything they do as they solve "problems that seem insoluble" any other way. President Obama was advised that he should use these algorithms for doing everything he did because all the problems he was ever going to have to solve were going to be "problems that seem insoluble." All "problems that seem soluble" would have been solved by others and would not need his attention. In addition, people get into trouble every time they do, because they do not know how to solve "problems that seem insoluble." Controlling Ebola, like winning the war on terrorism, or controlling violence in all forms, is a "problem that seems insoluble."

Hazmat suits like the surgeons' OR (Operating Room) attire are assets that prevent infection as long as the people who use them are aware of and abide by the algorithm required to make them work. Failure to abide by this algorithm for any reason, will make these suits liabilities and hazards in their own rights and cause spread infection that would not have occurred otherwise as this tragic case has proved. Those who are aware of how to use this algorithm can function just as efficiently without hazmat suits by simply using masks, goggles, gloves, soap and water and dispense with the suits except in extenuating circumstances. This was how we used to do things before hazmat suits became "fashionable." Pardon my use of the word fashionable, but that is what the use of this suit becomes if people using them are unaware of how to use them.

The brain is the greatest barrier to the spread of infection. It is what makes hazmat suits functional by prompting the user to take the steps of the algorithm the brain and mind use for all their communication needs, ACTINEMAS, and ASET, the shortcut for using it, algorithms that were described for President Obama in "The Letters."

It is logistically impossible for people in third world countries to practice infection control the way we do it in this country. Even in this country, it is logistically impossible to practice infection control by simply using hazmat suits as this tragic case has proved. If we do not learn how to control deadly infections most efficiently with minimum resources using our brains and the algorithms that enable us to use them as built-in computers, and teach everyone else to do the same, such infections will become impossible to control abroad. They will spread to this country and get out of hand here also unless every citizen here is aware of how to think and act in everyday life to prevent such "problems that seem insoluble" from developing or spreading.

This Ebola epidemic like all the previous ones, will end, but there is a lesson to be learned from this episode that could help us address all "problems that seem insoluble," not just this passing epidemic. It would be a tragedy if we did not learn this lesson as the only benefit to have accrued from this heroine's suffering, the silver lining to this dark cloud of Ebola. Tragedies are unique opportunities for improvement that we must not waste.

President Obama has shown no indication that he is going to do what he was asked to do years ago for scientific reasons, things he must do today. Instead, he has already wasted all the time he had plagiarizing and bastardizing this algorithm into a "catch 22" proposition. Then, he asked Prof. Collins to reinvent it in its bastardized form as his BRAIN-Mapping Initiative and authorized him to implement it as described in my "Blog No. 100". In this blog, I alleged that President Obama's BRAIN Mapping Initiative is an act of government-sponsored plagiarism of the original, trade-marked concept of ACTINEMAS™ given to him in my "Letters," and the bastardization of a scientific concept into a "catch 22 proposition that has no chance of success and requested him, Prof Collins and his Dream Team members to refute these allegations or accept and act upon the recommendations on which they were based.

President Obama has not responded yet. Prof. Collins had his Press Secretary sent me a ridiculous personalized form letter thanking me for my concern that "BRAIN' is an act of government-sponsored plagiarism and advising me to go to the BRAIN website and familiarize myself with the concept I had alleged is an act of plagiarism of my original idea! I have responded to this letter with the response it deserves but I have not heard from Prof. Collins or his Secretary yet. I do not think am going to hear from them because the only response possible is the one they do not want to give!

I have complained to Speaker Boehner, Cong. Conway, Chairman of the House Ethics Committee and Sen. Barbara Boxer, Chairperson of the Senate Committee on Ethics about the unethical aspects of President Obama's and Prof. Collins' actions but they have not even acknowledged receipt of my complaints. I am running out of ideas on how to convince President Obama to stop doing the destructive things that got us in trouble in the first place and make the paradigm shift required to get us out of the mess we are in. Meanwhile, the clock on the time bomb that will explode and destroy everything we cherish continues to tick and more proof of the validity of my allegations continue to materialize. The latest of these are the spread of Ebola to a caregiver and the "metastasis" of terrorism in the middle east that threatens that to happen here. All the while, President Obama remains clueless on what to do next and continues to implement the most ineffective, costliest "catch 22" propositions the human mind can conceive, like appointing a Czar to address the Ebola issue without giving him the algorithm the Czar needs to succeed, the algorithm President Obama has been sitting on, the algorithm he should have made public knowledge and implemented by himself five years ago.

It looks as though nothing is going to happen unless we, the people do something more than hang around and complain. So I am going to request the thousands of people who I know read my blogs, if you agree with this, please do your best, do everything you can possibly do to insure that "every man woman and child in this country and abroad" that you know, become aware of this information. You can begin by expressing your support here and by twitter, and face book and in person by calling, writing, and e-mailing President Obama, Speaker Boehner, your Congressmen and your Senators, friends and family members and asking them to join in this endeavor and do what we all must do. We must do this before another health care worker gets Ebola, another innocent person dies in our war on terror and terrorism, another school shooting or act of mass murder occurs or terrorism metastasizes here. Let us implode the "The Intellectual Bomb" ourselves and transform our seemingly hopeless situation into the greatest opportunity for success we may ever have because we may not get another chance to do what we should have done in the first place.


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