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Sec. Clinton Fails "Twitter Test" On Nomination Day!

August 3, 2016,

On Nomination Day, I decided to give Sec. Clinton "The Twitter Test." It was an acid test of her ability to deal with information travelling at the speed of light, the speed with which information travels and causes disasters to occur in our digital, atomic, computerized age, an ability she had to have to be successful as the President of the United States, if elected. Her score was a perfect zero!

The aim of this test was to use a tweet as a model of information travelling at the speed of light and use it to cause a hypothetical disaster, and demonstrate how the debacle at Benghazi occurred because Sec. Clinton had no idea of how to handle information moving at the speed of light, the deficiency that made her ignore both pieces of information and caused debacles.

The second purpose of this tweet was to show that Sec. Clinton's inability to deal with information travelling at the speed of light was the direct consequence of President Obama's failure to provide her with information she needed to do this, information he had been given, concerning algorithms for dealing with information travelling at the speed of light, required for survival and success in our digital-atomic age. President Obama had been given this information with the request that he share it with everyone as the first thing he did upon assuming office. He had been given this information and recommendation because it had become vital for survival even then, over seven years ago.

Sec. Clinton's "Twitter Test" was conducted by sending her a single tweet containing a critical piece of information like the messages contained in the e-mails of Benghazi, with the difference that this tweet contained information that was going to impact what she was going to say at her acceptance speech.

It contained information she had to rebut or agree with, and information that would make her not say things she had planned to say and not say things she should have said but had not planned to say.

Sec. Clinton failed her test and scored a perfect zero as she did none of the three things just mentioned! In fact, she did the opposite, and made everything she said, obsolete on delivery!

The "Twitter Test" was given to Sec. Clinton with the hope that her inevitable failure would serve to draw attention, hers, Mr. Trump's and the nation's, to the fact that she, and we as a nation, are totally unprepared to handle things happening at the speed of light, and to give her, Mr. Trump and everyone a chance to remedy the situation along lines described in that blog, hopefully by election day.

To give Sec. Clinton her "Twitter Test," I tweeted her six times, starting at noon on Nomination Day, every hour on the hour. The tweet contained a piece of information she had to process, make a decision on, rebut or accept and remedy, before or during her acceptance speech.

Before describing this test and its results, I must add that I was not being unfair to Sec. Clinton by giving her so little time to react. I did this because this is precisely what happens in real life when information travels at the speed of light.

One gets next to no time to react to such information upon receipt, and entails processing a ton of information in less than the moment in time one gets to process it, make a decision, and act upon it in that moment, because things will be happening at the speed of light, a speed with which the human body and mind cannot cope.

The only way the human mind and body can cope under such conditions is by learning to think faster than the speed of light, something that can be done only by "predicting all the outcomes that could happen in the immediate future" using algorithms that enable "coordinated (rational) thinking" (thinking by finding and joining dots) discovered by Einstein and perfected by professional people. These algorithms enable people to take "preemptive action to promote desirable outcomes and prevent undesirable ones" rather than react to disasters after they have happened that way common sense and conventional wisdom force us to do.

This was "The Information" (on the role of relativity in everyday life) that was given to President Obama that he not only concealed from Sec. Clinton and all Americans, but plagiarized, bastardized and castrated by omitting the relativistic components of the algorithms given to him as described in "Obamagate" posted at

Besides, I had tweeted her and informed and warned her about the posting of my blog soon after I had posted it a week earlier. These last minute tweets were just reminders.

Before saying another word, I must also add the following disclaimer.

It is not my intent to favor one Candidate over the other. I do not care who becomes the next President. The only thing I care about, and everyone else must care about, is that s/he must be able to solve "problems that seem insoluble" because every problem s/he will have to solve if elected, will be such a problem.

Everything else and I mean EVERYTHING, including tax returns, charm, likeability, color, race, religious beliefs, country of birth, citizenship and/or past history, is absolutely without exception, immaterial at this point. We cannot afford to have as our next President, a person like President Obama or Sec. Clinton the way she is today, who does not know how to solve "problems that seem insoluble" that develop and progress at the speed of light, considers his/her own brand of common sense superior to Einstein's Theory of relativity, and/or condones plagiarism as acceptable behavior.

We cannot tolerate the status quo for another day, leave alone a term, because we do not know when everything will collapse without notice, at the speed of light, like one huge Benghazi debacle, that we will not be able to handle unless we all learn how to prevent disasters that occur at the speed of light and prevent them. They cannot be dealt with once they occur.

I was not fear-mongering when I said what I just said. Not to fear what must be feared is not bravery, it is the purest form of stupidity. It is not fear that we must fear as Sec. Clinton quoted what FDR said seventy years ago. Things have changed since. Professional people have defined what we must fear and how to deal with those factors and forces that are amenable to human manipulation using Einstein's theory of relativity.

What we must fear is people telling us that everything is fine when it is not, and we are surrounded by factors and forces ready to devour us alive if we do not reverse the situation, the way Sec. Clinton said in her speech, and that brings me to my tweet to Sec. Clinton ...

My Tweet to Sec. Clinton was: "@ HillaryClinton Pl. prove U can deal with info travelling @ light speed by responding to allegations by tonight!"

The "/blog/133" referred to in my tweet was titled "Sec. Clinton Blew the Whistle on President Obama, herself, Donald Trump ... etc. ... at the Benghazi hearings ... etc."

In that blog, I had alleged that the debacle at Benghazi occurred because Sec. Clinton had no idea of how to deal with information travelling at the speed of light, the speed at which information travels and causes disasters to occur in our digital-atomic age. It recognized the cause for this problem to be the fact that President Obama had withheld from her and all Americans, information concerning the algorithms required for one to be able to deal with such information, algorithms that surgeons and all professional people use routinely to make similar determinations and avoid disasters if ignored, in the practice of the professions. These are algorithms professional politicians do not use at present, that they must start using, if they are ever to prevent such debacles in the future, and solve "problems that have seemed insoluble" to them for years.

My allegation was based on the scientific and mathematical principle (fact-of-life) proved to be true by Einstein that the speed of light (and anything travelling at that speed) does not obey the laws of common sense, but that they abide by the rules of relativity that are the opposite of the laws of common sense. As a result, such "problems that seem insoluble" can only be solved by doing the opposite of everything dictated by common sense, things common sense forbids one from doing, to reverse the process, followed by doing everything dictated by common sense executed with perfection "at the speed of light" immediately thereafter to solve the problem, and all this must be done "at the speed of light" because that is the speed at which the situation will deteriorate into an explosion, if it is not prevented.

All professional people are required to take these principles into account every time they do anything under penalty of the law and by the constraints of societal convention. The only people who still do not abide by these requirements are professional politicians like herself, President Obama, and some "professors of conventional wisdom" for reasons detailed in my blog that I shall not repeat here.

The contention of "Blog 133" was the fact that Professional politicians do not take these facts into account, that this was the reason why Sec. Clinton was unable to prevent the debacle at Benghazi and the reason why the Congressional Committee investigating her came to the wrong conclusion that she had done no wrong and the FBI concluded incorrectly that her only misdemeanor was to have used a private e-mail server to service classified information. The problem was not that she used a private e-mail service, the problem was something that did not exist in the vocabulary of Congress or the FBI. It was the fact that she had no idea how to deal with information travelling at the speed of light! Congress and the FBI need to incorporate this definition into their vocabulary before they do another thing if they are to be effective in the digital-atomic age to prevent random acts of violence and/or terrorism, that are essential the same thing.

The effect of relativity on information travelling at the speed of light is that knowledge of it will enable solution of problems that seem insoluble by those (leaders, followers and professional people) who know how to use it as opposed to becoming weapons of mass destruction of everything we cherish, in the hands of those (leaders like President Obama and Sec. Clinton, and followers who follow leaders without questioning their methods, like terrorists and gang and cult members) who don't.

Sec. Clinton failed the "Twitter Test" for the following specific reasons;

1. In her speech, she did not demonstrate any evidence that she was aware of the fact that all the problems she will have to solve as President if elected, were going to be "problems that seem insoluble," problems that cannot be solved using common sense, problems caused by information traveling at the speed of light, or the fact that they and disasters like the one at Benghazi, could ensue if one used common sense based methods to solve such problems. She did not exhibit any awareness of the existence of algorithms used by professional people to solve such problems, or even the fact that these such problems and solutions for them even exist!

2. Her entire speech was a list of all the "problems that seemed insoluble" to all her past male predecessors that she promised to solve somehow, using methods based on her brand of common sense piggybacked on the conventional wisdom of the Democratic party, used by President Obama and her predecessors. These are methods that have not worked as evidenced by the fact that none of these problems have been solved yet in spite of over a hundred years of trying!

There is no reason to believe that methods that did not work for male Presidents in the past are going to work for her just because she happens to be a successful woman.

Her ability to get up every time she fell in the past that was rightfully recognized by everyone who praised her, as a commendable trait in an individual as evidence of her tenacity, but it is not a measure of her ability to solve "problems that seem insoluble." The "science" she claimed to have "an interest" in, required her to ask why she was falling after her third fall, and to fix the problem before trying to solve more problems. She had to demonstrate that she had learned the algorithm for preventing falls by not falling again, ever. We cannot afford to have as our President, a person who took a tumble every time she did anything, has shown no evidence of having learned the algorithm required for preventing tumbles and falls intellectually, and actually took another tumble the last time she was called upon to act as recently as at Benghazi, even though her President and she, shared the responsibility for her last fall.

3. Her statement "Our country needs your ideas ..." was empty rhetoric." There is no way any American citizen who has a good idea, unless it has a vote-getting potential for her, President Obama, or her Party" can get her, or her President's attention. It does not matter how important it might be in its own right. I know. I have been trying for the last eight years to convey to President Obama the fundamental idea that common sense, by itself became obsolete when Einstein discovered relativity and replaced it with "relativistic sense," common sense piggybacked on or coupled with, the rules of relativity. All I could accomplish was to have my idea plagiarized and bastardized into a "catch 22" double whammy of a proposition consisting of common sense piggybacked on his own brand of common sense, by President Obama who went so far as to make this proposition the basis of his BRAIN 2025 Initiative. The only thing he accomplished was to make that Initiative a scientific hoax as it does not have the rules of relativity incorporated into it for it for it to be functional in the digital-atomic age.

4. She described how "13 unruly colonies" ... met in Philadelphia "... and ... somehow ... began listening to one another, compromising, finding common purpose ... and ... had begun to see themselves as one country ... " and implied that she was somehow going to accomplish the same ... if elected!

She made no mention of the fact that she had been informed in the blog referred to in the tweet, that a hundred years after that meeting in Philadelphia, a Swiss patent clerk in Berne named Albert Einstein, discovered in science, how to use the velocity of light as "common ground (shared commonality) to unify opposing factors and forces scientifically and mathematically and make them work together to solve "problems that seemed insoluble" any other way at the speed of light. She showed no awareness of the fact that over the next fifty years, professional people (all except professional politicians like herself and President Obama) used the same algorithm or adaptations of it, to unify opposing factors and forces in the practice of all the professions; or, that she had been informed that she, if elected, could use the same algorithm to find common ground between all races, religions, concepts and countries of the world.

5. She did not rebut the allegations she had to rebut or accept and remedy, like the ones that said that she did not know how to deal with information travelling at the speed of light, that President Obama is a plagiarist, and that common sense had become obsolete with the discovery of relativity, that rule by the will of the majority had become obsolete as there are as many opinions as there are people in the republic and members in Congress and had to be replaced with mandatory bipartisanship for solving "problems that seem insoluble" all of which she had to rebut or accept if she wanted to be considered credible.

6. She did not rebut or accept the statement that all the religions are versions of relativity, discovered by the authors of the scriptures and used to derive algorithms for solving "problems that seem insoluble" to them two thousand years ago at a time when Newton's laws and the rules of relativity were unknown, and that this fact could be used as "common ground" by the American President to initiate a dialogue between religious leaders of all faiths.

7. She did not accept or rebut the proposition that she had to orchestrate a constitutional amendment to make bipartisanship mandatory for solving "problems that seem insoluble" but instead, paid lip service to unification while promising to fight for everything she was going to accomplish. Unification by fighting is an oxymoron in action.

8. She promised to make a constitutional amendment to make "Citizens united," the only organization advocating unification, unconstitutional because its brand of common sense was in disagreement with hers.

This is no better than the Republican party promise to dismantle Obamacare because it is at variance with their brand of common sense.

The fact is that both have problems associated with them caused by the fact that they are both based on common sense, problems that can and must be solved by piggybacking them on the rules of relativity to make both functional, and efficient. Neither should be dismantled, but both must be revised and made functional using algorithms based on "relativistic sense."

9. She castigated Mr. Trump for fear-mongering and justified her complacency by using the statement FDR made seventy years ago that "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." What she did not say is that a few things have happened since FDR made his statement. Professional people have defined the factors and forces we must fear, determined how we could address them, harness them and make them "friends and allies," not foes, to work for us instead of against us, using the algorithms professional people have developed to do this with everything that is amenable to harnessing.

There is only thing worse than fear-mongering. That is to tell people there is nothing to fear when they are surrounded by factors and forces waiting to devour them alive, without informing them about methods of taming those factors and forces that are available, the way Sec. Clinton did repeatedly in her speech because doing otherwise would have inculpate her and her mentor. This was a suicidal situation she could have prevented, by taking preemptive action. She will not be able to do this after the situation explodes.

10. I could go on and rebut every statement made by Sec. Clinton but I shall not, as it is unnecessary and wasteful.

Therefore, I shall conclude by giving my response to one more of her statements, the one that said: "A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man you can trust with nuclear weapons." My response to this statement justifies my initial contention; "A woman who cannot handle a tweet does not know how to deal with information travelling at the velocity of light and is not eligible to be the President of America unless and until she proves she had corrected the situation by meeting the ten requirements recommended in the blog on which the tweet was based that can be viewed at


On Nomination Day, Sec. Hillary Clinton was given "A Twitter Test" to prove she had no idea how to deal with information travelling at the speed of light and causing disasters at the same speed. She flunked the test by scoring a perfect zero!

This "Test" proves that information travelling at the speed of light and disasters (problems that seem insoluble using common sense)occurring at the speed of light do not obey the laws of common sense but abide by the rules of relativity, that are the opposite of these laws. Therefore, they cannot be dealt with using common sense.

Einstein and Professional people have established that "problems that seem insoluble" can be understood and solved by "engaging in the pursuit of perfection" and doing everything one could possibly do(everything dictated by the opposite of common sense and everything dictated by common sense) enabled by taking the steps of (asking and answering the few simple questions of)ASET or ACTINEMAS continuously, rapidly and repeatedly, instead of instead of using common sense and conventional wisdom, that consists of learning and using innumerable algorithms, one for each task, required for using common sense and conventional wisdom the way we are doing now.

President Obama was given these algorithms with the recommendation he inform everyone about them as they had become essential for survival in our digital-atomic age, but plagiarized and modified this information to suit his personal needs and did not tell anyone about these algorithms. Had he informed everyone as requested, Sec. Clinton would have known about them and used them to avert the debacle at Benghazi and she would have used them to compose her acceptance speech. She would not have said any of the things she said and would have said a lot that she did not say.


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