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What Does Trump Share With Einstein That Clinton Does Not Have That Makes Him Preferred And Her Disqualified? Relativistic Sense!

SEPTEMBER 26, 2016

Relativistic sense is a method of solving "problems that are insoluble using common sense" and consists of common sense piggybacked on the opposite of it, so that one takes over from the other when it fails, followed by flip-flopping between the two at lightning speeds until all the problems that must be solved are solved, those common sense can solve, and those it cannot.

Problems common sense can solve occur at snail's pace whereas those it cannot solve occur at the speed of light and explode, like Benghazi, random acts of violence and all the other problems confronting us now that no one has been able to solve for the last quarter of a century. They persist forever, and their effects cannot be reversed. They cannot be addressed using evidence-based information obtained using common sense after they have occurred. They can, must, and only be prevented by pre-emptive action determined by predicting the immediate future using relativistic sense.

When Einstein discovered relativity, he discovered that common sense stops working every time it is used a few (three) times and leads to the development of "problems that seem insoluble" using common sense, problems no one can understand or solve using common sense, no matter how long or how hard one tries.

Einstein proved that "problems that cannot be understood or solved using common sense can be understood and solved by thinking thoughts that are contrary to those dictated by common sense, and by saying things that are contrary to those dictated by common sense (making politically incorrect statements), followed by actually doing those things, and resuming the use of common sense as soon as the "problem that seemed insoluble" has been solved.

Einstein's discovery has been proved true scientifically and mathematically by himself and by physicists, and by the works and experiences of all professional people like surgeons, engineers and navigators, over the last hundred years.

Donald Trump has the ability to use Einstein's method and the one professional people use, instinctively, as exhibited by the way he reacts to "problems that seem insoluble." The moment he encounters one, he thinks, says and does the opposite of what common sense dictates as a gut reaction, followed by the threat to do the opposite of everything dictated by common sense. This may sound crude, crass, dangerous, and ignorant to those oblivious to the existence of "problems that cannot be solved using common sense" like the "wise men and women" who support Sec. Clinton in her commercials, and the "wise men" who said the same things about Einstein when he announced his discovery of relativity. However, those who earn a living dealing with such problems, like surgeons, and professional problem-solvers, these facts are fundamental facts-of-life. They are acutely aware of the fact that "problems that seem insoluble" must be dealt with the moment they occur, preferably preemptively before they actually occur. I know because I am a surgeon and this is what surgeons do every time they do anything, especially in life and death situations. Such drastic measures are necessary because such problems occur at lightning speed, dissipate just as fast, persist and go on recurring forever, destroying everything in the long run, or explode and destroy everything instantaneously at lightning speed when they accumulate and attain "critical mass." When they explode, there will be no time for niceties as proved by Benghazi, all random acts of violence irrespective of cause, riots and other expressions of political and social unrest.

Mr. Trump's "politically incorrect statements," may seem unpresidential and unprofessional to the uninitiated, but for solving "problems that seems insoluble," those who deal with them in emergent situations know that any statement contrary to the dictates of common sense will suffice because it will trigger in the minds of all involved the "implosion of Einstein's Intellectual Bomb" that will implode, eliminate, and/or may even solve the problem before it can dissipate or cause the ultimate explosion. Problems that seem insoluble develop and progress at the speed of light and at that speed, all common sense based differences just disappear. Mr. Trump threatens to follow up his politically incorrect statements with actions that are contrary to the dictates of common sense but most of the time, in social situations, such actions will not even be necessary if the politically incorrect statement is delivered unequivocally, unambiguously and forcefully in the most uncertain terms, because no one wants things contrary to the dictates of common sense done to them. Such a threat is the greatest deterrent for preventing undesirable behavior by the unscrupulous who would rather inflict such behavior on others rather than suffer it themselves. This method has been referred to as "tough love" and that is precisely what it is.

This method has been proved to work by Einstein, scientists, surgeons, and all professional people who have been solving such problems using it for the last hundred years. The only people who call themselves professional but never use it are the so-called "professional politicians" of whom Sec. Clinton and President Obama, are the most outstanding advocates for whom generalized ignorance of this phenomenon has made such behavior a requirement for survival! Whether they behave this way with noble intentions, unaware of the consequences, or do so deliberately for personal reasons, is anyone's guess. The failure of professional politicians to adopt what all the other professional people have accepted as required standard behavior, makes such people unprofessional by definition, and their actions professional negligence or malpractice irrespective of intention.

Promising to remain "rock steady" as she did while answering her Commander-in-Chief forum questions, and promising to go on doing things that have not worked for any of the past Presidents, or "doing nothing" and claiming to have done everything when she should have "done everything she could have possibly done" preemptively, before sending Americans into harm's way as she did or did or rather did not do at Benghazi, exhibits precisely, the total lack of understanding of the relativistic sense for survival that Sec. Clinton needs, to survive and help us survive the explosions of "problems that seem insoluble" in our digital-atomic age. Remaining rigidly immobile when flip-flopping at the speed of light is required for survival is a recipe for guaranteed death and disaster every time it is used. It has been so since the beginning of time and will be so forever.

Einstein defined stupidity as doing the same thing repeatedly expecting a different result each time. To that, I would add, "especially if the repeated attempts have consistently yielded the same disastrous result! We are expected "to learn" after the third mistake or failure or be eliminated from the contention, the lesson every sport played in childhood is supposed to teach us.

The facts just enumerated, make Mr. Trump the preferred candidate for President and disqualifies Sec. Clinton by scientific, mathematical, biological and logistical standards.

I challenge Sec. Clinton, President Obama her most ardent supporter, the leaders of the "Dream Team" he appointed to prove the veracity of his obsolete common-sense-based concepts using instruments based on relativity that have no logistical chance ever functioning in the digital-atomic-electronic age, to disprove this statement with scientific, mathematical, biological and logistical evidence before the general election, before continuing to mislead the public with promises to solve the country's "problems that cannot be solved using common sense," using the very common sense that caused them in the first place and can never, ever solve them."

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