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Trump Has Einstein’s Gut Sense That Biden, And Harris Do Not Have

OCTOBER 18, 2020

President Trump’s greatest asset is a gut sense that makes him think say and do what Einstein would have thought, said and done under the circumstances every time he is confronted with a seemingly insoluble problem … a problem no one can solve using conventional wisdom.

President Obama’s greatest liability was that he did not have an Einsteinian gut sense. That made him do the opposite of what Einstein would have said and done in every case. Joe Biden is a plagiarist. He has a plagiarism sense that will make him plagiarize, say, and do whatever his immediate needs dictate.

The difference between President Trump and Einstein … is that Einstein was a physicist and a mathematician. He was able to get away with saying the most bizarre of things anyone could say because he was able to justify himself by giving an equation and an algorithm. President Trump gets clobbered by his opponents despite his remarkable successes … because he is neither a mathematician nor a physicist. Therefore he cannot defend himself with scientific or mathematical justifications.

in addition, President Trump is unable to defend himself because he does not have Einstein’s Algorithm for doing this. For details see Obama’s Criminal Plagiarism … etc..

I am a surgeon who has a working knowledge of relativity. I would like to justify for President Trump the things he has said and done so far by deriving what Einstein would have said under the circumstances using my “surgeons algorithm” because it is identical to Einstein’s Algorithm for all practical purposes.

The fact is … everything President Trump has said and done so far is perfectly justifiable by the requirements of Einstein’s Algorithm as the following considerations will prove.

I am taking the liberty of speaking for President Trump because it would be the greatest tragedy of a lifetime and a travesty of justice for him and the country if he loses the election … after having done everything he should have done … just because he was unable to justify himself … and … because half the country was unable to understand him.

the only thing worse would be the fact that Obama and Biden would have beaten him by blaming him for doing the right things and promising to do the worst things they could possibly do from the scientific standpoint.

The first incident I shall deal with is the one when Gold Star Family father Mr. Khizr Khan held up a copy of the U.S. Constitution and asked President Trump … “Have you read this.” I shall deal with his problem first because it answers the question that must be addressed at this point about our Constitution.

I am not going to get into what President Trump said or did to trigger that question from Mr. Khan, or the debate that ensued.

All I am going to say is that the most appropriate answer to Mr. Khan’s question would have been for President Trump to hold up a copy of Einstein’s book on “Relativity Theory … A Clear Explanation Anyone Can Understand” … and ask Mr. Khan …. “Have you read this?”

Since he did not have a copy of this book, he should have asked Mr, Khan if he had read that book - and if not, to please read it and return. Then, we can resume this discussion.”

If Mr. Khan had read and understood just the first chapter of Einstein's book … he would not have asked that question. He would have known the answer. He would have been one of President Trump’s most ardent supporters!

The scientific answer to Mr. Khan’s question within his question is as follows. The US Constitution was written in 1787, a hundred and nineteen years before Einstein discovered relativity in 1904 and changed the world.

When the Constitution was written … common sense and conventional wisdom were the only methods of rational thinking available for solving all problems.

Einstein changed that. His gut sense told him, and he confirmed it by engaging in coordinated thinking … thinking rationally using the mathematics of GPS systems to find ones way while thinking … and discovered that there was a third category of problems that neither common sense nor conventional wisdom could solve … “problems that seem insoluble.”

Then he proved that these problems can be solved easily and permanently with mind-boggling success using his theory of relativity and doing the opposite of everything common sense dictates!

All the country’s problems that have seemed insoluble to past Presidents belong to this category of seemingly insoluble problems. This is a fact no one seems to have realized.

President Trump’s gut sense … that of the super-successful businessman he is, has prompted him this fact and made him think outside the box.

That is what President Trump has been doing … and that is what he should tell everyone who accuses him of not abiding by the constitution.

Our Constitution is outdated and non-functional. It needs to be amended to reflect the fact that the world has moved passed using common sense and conventional wisdom to use Einstein’s algorithm.

All we must do to amend our Constitution to reflect Einstein's discovery of relativity is to piggyback our constitution on Einstein’s theory of relativity so that relativity takes over whenever conventional wisdom fails.

President Trump is the only one who is trying to make our Constitution functional again. The next President whoever that might be must make in America an Einsteinian paradigm shift as the first thing s/he does to correct this situation once and for all. If s/he does not do this, nothing else s/he does will matter because everything s/he does will fail the way everything President Obama did failed. President Obama won the election because he promised to make an Einsteinian paradigm shift. He failed because he made a paradigm shift going the wrong way.

2. “You are lying.” Answer: All the problems we must solve at present are problems that seem insoluble using conventional wisdom like the ones Einstein solved.

The first step Einstein took, and we must take towards solving such problems the ones he solved was to think, say, and do the opposite of everything common sense and conventional wisdom dictated. That solved such problems instantaneously. That is what President Trump is doing.

Therefore, he is not lying when he says things that are the opposite of what “The experts” are saying.

He is doing what the Einsteinian gut sense in him is telling him to do.

Einstein discovered relativity because the experts and the Professors who preceded him could not solve for decades the problems he solved in the blink of an eye. The joke is therefore on those who laugh at President Trump.

President Obama tried for eight years to solve such problems using common sense and the advice of experts and proved once and for all time ... that common sense does not work, and experts make mistakes … gargantuan ones. In fact, Einstein has predicted that using common sense to solve problems conventional thinking cannot solve will drive us to INSANITY. That is what Obama did and it has driven us to INSANITY..

Joe Biden promises to revive the Obama legacy. He is promising to do what “the experts” tell him to do. Dr. Fauci is proving every day that the advice of experts will not kill the virus, but it will kill more people than the virus … it will kill the country and our civilization as we know it.

The answer to the question: “How would Einstein say we must deal with the coronavirus pandemic” in my next blog regarding "The Mistake Dr. Fauci Made.".

3. He is not doing what the experts tell him to do: Answer: Einstein discovered his theory of relativity to eliminate mistakes made by the Professors of conventional wisdom and experts of his time from theoretical physics.

If you want to know the difference between a conclusion arrived at using conventional wisdom and one arrived at using Einstein’s theory of relativity, all you have to do is take good look at your GPS device.

A GPS Device programmed to work on conventional wisdom will be as far off mark as Dr. Fauci’s first pitch! It will never take you to your destination. It will take you somewhere else. GPS devices take you to your destination with pin-point accuracy because errors inherent in conventional wisdom have been eliminated by relativity.

That is what President Trump’s gut sense tells him to do when he “downplays” what the experts tell him to do. For details … see my next blog on “The Mistake Dr. Fauci Made!”

4. “He is not Presidential.” Answer: It is better to be not Presidential and do the right thing rather than be Presidential and dich the country the way President Obama and President Bush did before him.


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